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What the tama?

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Posted 01 February 2013 - 02:05 PM ( #1 )

Why, hello there! This is my log, and this is my first log post in my log. And this is the second sentence in my first post of my log. But, first things first, I'll talk about how often I'll update this log. I might go on every time I go on the computer for math homework, which is pretty much everyday, but all last week there was worksheets for homework in math class. So, what I;m saying, is I might be on 3-4 times a week if I'm feeling responsible. But, I may leave for weeks at a time, but I hope not. So, after thats out of the way, I'll start my actual log. (Bold is what I will put in a normal log post.)

So, I might need to catch up on some days, so I will start with the date.
I always assume that you know the year (2013 for now~)

Then, I will put in big events that happened that day.

Hello, so today I started my tama, which was my v.4. I had to restart, because starting a log would be boring if it started in the middl of a generation. It was a boy, which I named Simon, after one of my favorite youtubers (Yogscast woo!). He looked like a tiny piece of tama-poo to be honest, but I liked him all the same. After an hour (like all other tamas) he evolved into a toddler. But, he evolved into a... a... uhm... to be honest he looks like a young Mamechti. But he's not. (at least, he shouldn't be with such small stats.) He literally just got accepted into a preschool, so he should gain something from that. That is pretty much all that happened today...

Now, a log post like that would be boring, (I'm not saying I would not do one like that from time to time) so I will add a little chat section, featuring My tamas I'm running and I. (and I might add a new tama that I don't have from time to time, so be warned) and I've seen people that had different colors for each person or tama, but I just type the name (I would forget the colors anyway)

Me: Hello! Simon, this is your first talking, do you know what to do?
Simon: Mmm... I tjunk wl
Me: No, you stepped on the wrong letters... go back and check your Gotchi to english dictionary...
Simon: *flipping through dictionary* Hmm... I think so
Me: That sounds better.
Simon: Yeah, maybe it deos.
Me: *trying not to correct grammar*
Simon: Actualy, i think I'M geting the hag of t.
Me: rrrrrrrrr...
Simon: n Fact, i tink I might go tak to oher peple!
Me: NO! I mean, why don't you go back to preschool to study the english language.
Simon: Bu I no what wurds 2 tipe@
Me: I think you might need some help typing.
Simon: NO! I GO IT!
Me: Here, I'll type for you. Get back in your Tamagotchi. Once you can speak fluently in english, I'll let you come out.
Simon: bt i dont wanna-- Ok, dear caretaker.
Me: I think I make you sound better.
Simon: Indeed you do, Bear.
(Oh, yeah, about the bear thing, My dad calls me Hallie-bear, and hallie(my name) couldn't fit so I put in bear)
Me: Thank you, Simon.
Simon: Ok, I think now I can speak in english.
Me: Ok, I'll let you try a sentence. If it's good, I'll let you type for yourself. But if it's bad, I will keep typing for you.
Simon: OK, I check through my dictonary and I can speak english now!
Me: Hmm... minor details, minor details. I think you are doing exceedingly well for a baby.
Simon: You mean Toddler.
Me: Oh yeah, I meant toddler.
Simon: And what does well mean?
Me: It's the grammaticly correct word you would use instead of good.
Simon: Why is there different words for good?
Me: It's the difference in grammar. One way I learn the difference is that Superman does good fighting crime, Superman does well on a test.
Simon: Oh...
Me: That's alright, just remember that and you have better grammar then 90% of people on facebook!
Simon: Facebook?
Me: Uh... nothing.

Then I put the stats...

3 hungry
3 happy
1 training
0 pencil
9 sparkles
21 flowers
0 years
11 pounds

Then I would answer questions people pmed me, but since no one could, I say goodbye and it's over.

Goodbye! Don't forget to PM me questions, comments, or hatemail! (But make sure it's grammaticly correct.)
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01 Feb 2013

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29 May 2013


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Posted 01 February 2013 - 10:43 PM ( #2 )

Well, today there was quite a bit of stuff that happened in the, oh, maybe 8 hours that was between my first log post, and this one, so I think I'll make a new post (if you're reading this I carried out my plan and decided to make a new post) So, I would like to thank Izzyd07 and Khipmunk (I can't do the hearts, but imagine a heart at the beggining and end of that) for following, and thanks to Cheesynoodletama for liking my post. Quite a bit of attention this got in 8 hours, if I do say so myself.
But, anyways, Tama wise, some stuff happened too. I checked out tamatown for my v4 (the american version didn't work, so I went to the european site) and I got a new car for it being the 1st of a month, which is pretty sweet if you ask me. And, I might not of told you, but Simon got accepted into Preschool. (I'm so proud he has gotten so far in his life) and, I found out that he's likely to evolve into a mame family, maybe meme family, but not kutchi family. Dangit, I wanted a nonbirdochi (or whatever it's called... the one with a nest on it's head) Hmm... I made him have like, a billion times the amoount of pencil points he had. But, sadly, 0x1000000000 is still 0. But, actually, it is now 4 or something. Hmm... I think he'll evolve sometime tonight. Oh yeah, I forgot, I found out a way to get a nice amount of points to the king. The trick is, you have to give him 500 every time you reach something that ends in 500. (ex. When you get to 1500, donate 500, then don't donate until you reach 2500, then donate 500. etc.)

Me: It's time for chat, so get ready for Simon!
Simon: ...
Me: Ready for Simon!
Simon: ...
Me: For Simon!
Simon: ...
Me: Simon!
Simon: ...
Simon: ...
Simon: ... Huh, Ah!
Me: Ok, now that you are, or at least should be, ready for Simon, here he is!
Simon: Uh... hi?
Me: Ugh, if you're going to say something, say it right, Simon! Capital letter after every sentence. *Hi
Me: Actually, I could just type for you...
Simon: NO. I mean, no thank you, I can type fine by myself.
Me: Good.
Simon: But you can't stop me from using my bad grammar if...
Me: If what?
Simon: IF I RIDE IN MY CAR! MWAHAHAHA *drives away in car*
Me: *facepalm*
Me: *double triple ultra deluxe facepalm*
Simon: *crashes into random tree* UHHH I CAN USE *ahem* I can use good grammar now.
Me: Good boy.
Simon: Soo... I can go now?
Me: No, you crashed this car, so you will get it fixed.
Simon: Oh... Umm... Like a good neighbor, Statefarm is there!
*random violetchi pops up*
Violetchi: You're covered, Simon.
Simon: So, is it safe to drive?
Violetchi: Well, you don't really have fingers... Oh! I know, you can let her drive! *points at What?*
Me: Uh, sorry I cant really driv-
Violetchi: Of course you can! Now, see ya!
Me: Wait!
*Violetchi pops away*
Me: Awww...
*Violetchi pops back*
Violetchi: Oh yeah, drive safe!
*Violetchi pops away*
Me: You mean safely, right?
Simon: Well, Bear, looks like your in a pickle. I'll be in my tama in your pocket while you get us home.
Me: ***YOU'RE!!

3 hungry
4 happy
3 training
2 pencil
21 sparkles
34 flowers
0 years
16 pounds

Ok, PM stuff:

Thank you to SpainishTamaLover86 for the compliments on my log!

That is all the PMs for the time between this post and the one before it!

Goodbye! Don't forget to PM me comments, questions, or hatemail! (But make sure it's grammaticly correct.)
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Posted 02 February 2013 - 08:34 PM ( #3 )

Hello and welcome, to thhe new, the exciting, the best log ever, What the tama!

What do you think of my introduction? I made it myself, you know, But, anyways, tama stuff. Today Simon became a young Mametchi, I'm not sure if I told you. I was hoping that my tama would break the rules and become a kutchipatchi family teen so I could get him to become the one with a birds nest on his head, because that would be cute. But, because I still want him to be a speical character, and the oonly speical character for the mame family is tensanatchi, which needs 350 pencil points, I picked his teacher to be Mr. Turtle, and now his pencil points are up to like, 70 or something. I played it for like 45 minutes straight. And, I think that might be it, except for one thing, since I donated so much to the king tama, I got 1500 from him in the mail, and I found out that I have a mailbox that can talk! I shall name him. Hmm... what to name, what to name... Ah! I will name him Charles... Charles the mailbox... Anyways, I bought a huge robot toy for Simon (cost me 2200, he better enjoy it) and he just sat there, staring at it until I pressed a button. I'm begginging to think that if I don't press a button, will he just sit there, not stopping to eat or drink or talk, just stare into the robots eyes, like nothing is happining in the world, like the robot is his life line, keeping him alive, making him immune to starvation and thirst, by just sitting there? I don't know... I just hope it was worth the 2200 points, because if it hypnotizes him into destroying the world, it would be a 2200 points badly spent. But, if it makes him happy, it would be well spent. But, anywho, let's get starting on talking to Simon. :rolleyes: Oh, and to whoever rated this, thank you! And to Khipmunk, who liked both my posts.

Me: Simon, come on and talk to the nice people of TamaTalk!
Simon: Awwhh... do I have to?
Me: Well, no, but I would like it!
Simon: But... I won't if i don't have to.
Me: Well, guess this gameshow idea is a bust.
Simon: Gameshow?
Me: I got an idea for a gameshow, and it just so happens that there is Charles...
Simon: what does Charles have to do with it?
Me: Capital 'w', Simon.
Simon: *sigh* What does Charles have to do with it?
Me: Good. He would even the teams out, because I would ask questions, and you would answer them, but now you can compete against Charles, the mailbox.
Simon: Wait, Charles is a mailbox?
Me: Well, duh!
Simon: Ok, then...
Me: So, I take it you're playing the game?
Simon: Sure?
Me: Ok, let's get this started!

How well do you know Bear?

Simon: Well, this sounds boring.
Me: Hang on, let me get Charles...
Simon: So, how does this work?
Me: Just a sec, here's Charles!
Charles: So, how does this work?
Me: I will ask three questions about me, whoever gets the most right will win.
Simon: This sounds boring.
Me: Shut up. I'll say the first question now.
Charles: The suspense is killing me!
Me: You shut up too. Ok, first question!

What is Bears favorite animal?

Simon: BZZZ!
Me: What are you doing?
Simon: You did'nt give us buzzers, so I'm buzzing.
Me: Ok, what is your answer?
Simon: Bear.
Me: False. Charles, your answer?
Charles: I don't know... Cat?
Me: False. The answer is, I don't pick favorites, because I am a fair person.
Simon: Well, that makes sense. (NOT!)
Me: Be quiet, my friend. Ok, next question!

What is Bear's favorite color?

Charles: Phbbhtbht
Me: Is that a buzzer?
Charles: Yes...
Me: Ok, what is your answer?
Charles: Blue!
Me: No, that is my favorite color of tamagotchi, but not my favorite color.
Me: Simon... what is your answer?
Simon: Purple.
Me: Huh, that's right, how did you know?
Simon: Your shirt. It's purple.
Me: Uhhh, next question?

Why did Bear name her tama Simon?

Simon: ...
Charles: ...
Me: Anyone?
Simon: Oh, that's me! BZZZZ!
Me: Yes, Simon.
Simon: Because you like to watch Yogscast, and their names are Simon, Lewis, and Duncan, and your favorite is Simon, then Lewis, then Duncan.
Me: Surprisingly correct! You have a good memory, Simon.
Charles: What about me?
Me: Hmmm... Nah.
Charles: *sad pouty mailbox face*
Me: You lost.
Charles: *Sad pouty mailbox face x2*
Me: You know nothing about me.
Charles: *evil grin* You got a letter, Simon!
Me: Open it!
Simon: Yay! A letter! *le open* EWW
Me: What?
Simon: Look!
Me: *looks in* EWW POOP
Simon: I haz a sad noaw.
Me: Charles!!
Charles: It's not like it's from me or anything!
Me: Bad sport.
Charles: *sticks out tounge*

Simon wins because he knows me and Charles doesn't!

Me: Ha, there Charles.

4 hungry
1 happy (he actually did get a poop in the mail)
4 training
70 pencil
35 sparkles
40 flowers
1 year
21 pounds
2570 points

Goodbye! Don't forget to PM me questions, comments, or hatemail! (Just make it grammaticaly correct)
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Posted 03 February 2013 - 12:26 AM ( #4 )

Ah blah blah blah blah blah... I'm so bored, so may my boredness wash away with the carefree magic of making a log post! I'm making double posts so far because one day I may just be like, Meh, I give up on my log. So, before that happens, I will (try to) Make double posts. And I may not post tomorrow because of superbowl. Not saying I follow football (american, not futball) but I like the commercials. Anyways, I got pet cats today, and that means 2 new additions to my family! Their names are Neechi and Xander. I would like the names Millie and Skittles personally, but I'm a kid, so I don't choose. Anyways, Tama stuff. This is a tama log. Uhhh... I think that it would be easier to log if my brother wasn't playing black ops next to me. But, Simon fell asleep at 8:00 pm, and that is pretty much it... Oh yeah! I went back to tamatown and went to the school, so I played the word search, typing game, and the towel thing. I can't think of anything else that happend that was earth shattering important. Oh, besides that I'm also almost at 100 views! Ok, at 80 something views, I'm pretty glad about myself. Also, huge thanks to Khipmunk for liking all my logs. Also, get ready for Simon! (With special guest star Charles)

Me: Simon get up.
Charles: Simon get up.
Me: Wait, how are you up?
Charles: Wait, how are you up?
Simon: I'm up already.
Me: Well, say something so funny and intresting it will captivate the eyes of my readers.
Charles: Well, say something so funny and intresting it will captivate the eyes of my readers.
Me: Shut up, Charles!
Charles: Shut up, Charles!
Me: I will buy a new mailbox.
Charles: ...
Simon: what just happened
Me: *ahem*
Simon: Oh... What just happened?
Me: I threatened Charles into stop copying me.
Simon: Ah.
Me: I think that he learned his lesson.
Charles: I think ill go to sleep now.
Me: Not until you say it grammatically correct.
Charles: *rolls eyes* I'll
Me: You'll what?
Charles: I'll go to sleep now.
Me: Good.
Simon: Why can he go to sleep?
Me: Becasue he's tired?
Simon: Can I?
Me: You can...
Simon: Cool see ya.
Me: Ah-ah-ah! You can, but you may not.
Simon: Is that a grammar thing?
Me: You think?
Simon: *sigh* What do I have to do to go to sleep.
Me: Help me prank Charles.
Simon: How?
Me: Think up a funny prank?
Simon: Well, how?
Me: Uhm, I dunno.
Simon: *le gasp*
Me: Wha?
Simon: *le double gasp*
Me: Whaddya want?
Simon: *le double triple mega gasp*
Me: Just tell me for goodnes sake.
Simon: Your grammar...
Me: What bout it?
Simon: Its, well, to be blunt, terrible!
Me: It is very terible!
Simon: Aren't you going to fix it?
Me: im trying
Simon: Oh no, It's getting much worse!
Me: Just a sec
Simon: Fix it!
Me: Im trying!
Simon: Here, drink this! *hands bottle*
Me: Uh.... whats good grammer stuf goin 2 do?
Simon: Just drink it!
Me: *drinks* Mmm! that tastes really good!
Simon: How's your grammar?
Me: Let me test... You're cool, your cool notebook.
Simon: Well?
Me: Seems legit! What happened?
Simon: Does this have anything to do with it? *holds up bottle*
Me: Hmmm... bad grammer drink nao... Seems like it would make my grammar bad.
Simon: But who would be maniacal enough to give this to you, of all people!

Charles: MUAHAHAHA Bear suspects nothing!!! I can't believe I tricked her into drinking that stuff!

4 hungry
4 happy
4 training
70 pencils
41 sparkles
40 flowers
1 year
20 pounds
4470 points

Goodbye, please PM me about anything because I am so alonee!! (Grammar doesn't matter in your guys's PMs anymore!)
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Posted 03 February 2013 - 03:35 PM ( #5 )


Yay 100 views! Ok, today I decided to start up my id L, or Idl, or idl, or IdL, or whatever. But, I will get to that after I tell you about Simon. Ok, hes two years old now, still a teen, but he is still a young mamtchi too, so the next couple days will be boring on his account. Oh, we made it to donating 5000 ponts to the king, so maybe the king will sow us his castle or let us go on a trip to somewhere. Anyways, now I can go on to my id L. I may not be able to run it for long, but anyways, It is a girl, who I have thought about names, and decided on June. Of course, I dont know japenese, so I could of typed in 'poop' as her name. Anyways, she was the baby with a pink bow on her head, but then after an hour or so, she evolved into a Rolutchi? She looks like a cinnamon roll with a dallop of whipped cream on her head. Anyways, this is supr bowl sunday, so I probably wont be able to get another post in, so if I don't get another one today, I'll try to get a post in on Monday, but no promises! Oh, and thanks to KeroPyontchi for liking some of my logs.

Me: Ok, so I'd like to introduce June, a new addition to my tama family.
June: Hello!
Simon: Hi...
Me: Ok, go say something, Simon!
Simon: Uhh, Boy's rule, Girls drool?
Me: Simon!
June: It's quite fine, Bear, I can handle this. *Ahem* The only way boys will rule is when they can use proper grammar, It should be Boys rule, not Boy's rule.
Simon: Whatever, Grammar doesn't matter when your awesome.
June: Actually, it does! But besides, I won't bother you with words, you probably can't pronounce any of them.
Me: I'll leave now, I'll come back when someone won the arguement. (I'm rooting for the girls!)
Simon: Hey, I went to school, my tama has that ability, thus, making it better, and me better.
June: I'm sorry, what? Yours is better?
Simon: Yep, I can go to school, you can't.
June: Sorry, what? I couldn't hear you over me going to the park.
Simon: I can get a job. You'll probably be living inthat park.
June: At least I knw that in and that are seperate words.
Simon: Yeah, Because Bear has been all over you and teaching you everything.
June: You said you didn't need it because you have school!
Simon: *sigh* Fine, your tama is better.
June: And what does that mean?
Simon: *evil eye* Uhh, fine. You're so much better.
June: See?
Me: Ok, looks like I was right in the way that June won.
Simon: Yeah, but my tama is your favorite, right?
Me: I don't pick favorites because I am a fair person.
Simon: *rolls eyes* Yeah, but then why did you oogle over June while I was alone?
Me: Because June was a baby, and needed my help. You, on the other hand, are a teen, and that means you can take care of yourself.
Me: Gosh you sound like a car alarm. Can't you tell us there's mail?
Me: car alarm. Now, what is the mail?
Me: How much, and don't caps lock it.
Charles: 200 POINTS!
Me: Sheapsake... I donated 5000...

4 hungry
4 happy
6 training
94 pencil
41 sparkles
40 flowers
2 yrs
20 pounds
4420 p

3 bowls
half full happiness
1960 p
0 years
8 g
1 gen

Thanks to Khipmunk again for the nice compliments on my log!

Anyways, PM me with your stuff
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Posted 03 February 2013 - 08:56 PM ( #6 )

Ok, before I start, I'd like to send out a thank you to Cheesynoodletama for liking a ton of my log posts! and also a Thank you to Khipmunk for liking all my posts! Ok, I like this log thing. Lots of people like it, and that makes me feel good. And that theres 100+ views already, so that is very cool. Now, Tamawise, I have some bad news. I know that I just started up June, but I had to turn her off. Goodnight, sweet June, and may I open you up again soon. I'll probably start her up again during the summer, when I have the time and energy to have 2 tamas. Or, maybe if you guys are lucky, I'll start her during Spring break. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you guys that. Now, for your pleasure, I will post a chat. Oh yeah, i was donating to the king, and the stupid buttons stuck, so I donated 5000 instead of 500 -_-

Me: Simon! come here and talk.
Simon: Capital C, Bear.
Me: Ooh, nice catch! You're getting to become quite the intuectual, Simon.
Charles: Yeah yeah yeah, he's smart. Now where's June? I wanted to tell her something.
Me: Oh, uhh, she is on a vacation! Yeah, she'll be back in spring break or summer.
Simon: I know what happened, She got-
Me: *evil eye*
Simon: -she got a free trip to San Fransico! Is'nt it great?
Charles: What did she do? Win on price is right?
Me: Actually...


Me: Simon, do you want some Starbucks pacaged coffee?
Simon: Sure--
June: Actual retail price, $2.50
Me: Not quite, it's $3, But what are you doing?
June: Training for Price is right!
Me: Ok, then...
Simon: Can I have my coffee now?

1 month later...

Me: Congrats on winning, June!
Simon: see ya spring break or summer!
June: Capital S, Simon! See you later!

End flashback

Me: ...And that's what happened.
Charles: I'll ask her when I see her, that is, if you don't reset me too!
Me: Reset? I never reset!
Charles: Then why is June gone?
Me: Did you not read the flashback?
Charles: Oh, I was supposed to read that?
Me: Yep.
Simon: And did you ever give me that coffee?
Me: I would never give you coffee, you get too hyper.
Simon: *evil blackmail glare*
Me: I mean, I guess I forgot! But, your bedtime is in 1 hour, if you're tired eat an apple.
Simon: *evil blackmail glare x2*
Me: Uhh, Charles, I think it's your bedtime now, though.
Charles: Uwwhh... Fine...
Me: Night!
Charles: *mumble*
Me: What was that?
Charels: I said, I don't think you can use bad grammar if you wanted to.
Me: That's what I thought.
Simon: *Yawn*
Me: Simon, eat an apple. You have some games to play.
Simon: Ugh fine.

3 hungry
4 happy
7 training
102 pencil
41 sparkles
43 flowers
2 years
22 pounds
870 points

I made one spelling error in a name, in this post. Find it, PM me, and the first person to PM me gets a spiecal shoutout next log post.
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Posted 06 February 2013 - 06:08 PM ( #7 )

2/4, 2/5, and 2/6

Ok, Thanks to Khipmunk for liking every single one of my posts! And to KeroPyontchi for following! And don't forget to thank CheesyNoodleTama, Kutchipatchi.is.blue, and Mimitchi ^o^ for the nice comments!

Ok, so this is going to be kind of a rushed log, so don't excpect a long chat. Anyways, Simon evolved into an adult the other day! Guess which one? If you guessed Maskitchi, you are wrong. But, the first letters M and A are right... But, if you guessed Mametchi, you are right! With 150 Pencil points, no doubt Simon would become a Mametchi. And, he also got a job! He is now officialy a teacher at the elementry school. So, if you're playing your V4, next time a teacher comes up that's a Mametchi, don't say it's a glitch, it's just Simon ready to teach as a substitute. Anyways that's everything major that happened over the past couple of days, so let's talk to Simon!

Me: So, how do you feel about being a teacher?
Simon: Well, you see, as a teacher I have a need to correct people.
Me: That's nice, And how are you about being a Mametchi?
Simon: Swell, I like the fact that I have more big ears that I can move, unlike young Mametchi, who couldn't move his ears at all.
Me: Speaking of which, how does it-
Me: Ugh, what is it now Charles?
Charles: Someone sent you a heart!
Simun: Oh! I should marry that person!
Charles: Hahaha nice one Simon!
Me: He's not kidding, He gets married tomorrow.
Charles: Oh...
Simon: Well, I gotta go hit on chicks.
Charles: Uh... I'll come too? (I thought abuse was illegal?)
Me: Well, now seems like a good place to wrap up! Maybe you'll hear about their adventure tomorrow, when I feel more creative.

3 Hungry
4 Happy
7 training
177 pencil
41 flower
43 Sparkle
5 year
37 pounds
2070 Points

There is another spelling error in the names, in this log post. If you find it first, you get a shoutout. If you find it something other then first, you get to be in the runner ups spot.

Mimitchi ^o^ found the last one, go check her log out!

Runnner ups
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Posted 07 February 2013 - 10:12 PM ( #8 )

When you're on your sixth (or seventh?) post in a log, and have had so many good comments and nice people reading, I like to continue my log. So, I am going to contiinue my log, rain or snow (mainly because my computer is indoors) and whatever character I get... Hopefully. Well, Thanks to KeroPyontchi for the shout out in 'My (hopefully) amazing attempt at a log!' Anyways, I slept on my tama today apparently (-_-) and he got paused for maybe 6 hours. But, thanks to school, I have him at six years old, and maybe getting married *eyebrow wiggle*. That's about it, be prepared for the most irrelevant (or maybe most relevant) and maybe short, maybe long chat. Because, I can. And, I don't want Simon to know about my new music star coming in the mail- Whoops, said to much.

Simon: What's this I hear about a new Tamagotchi?
Me: Uhh, Nothing, can you read? There's no new tama coming while you're here.
Simon: While I'm here!
Me: Yeah...
Simon: Well, let's just say that I can read, and leave it at that.
Me: Ooh...
Me: You sound like a 3rd grader... Anyways, Simon and I have to talk.
Simon: Yeah, so be quiet!
Me: So, Simon, I hear that you believe that I am getting a new tama.
Simon: You heard? I told you I read it in your log post above!
Me: Yes, and?
Simon: You might get rid of me!
Me: I would never get rid of you.
Simon: I knew it.
Me: (But your children...)
Simon: *evil glare*
Me: I mean, I will take care of them until the month is the first prime number, and the day and year are 10+3.
Simon: Fine, that's enough for like, one more generation.
Me: You mean a hundred generations.
Simon: Seriously, you think I can't do math, that date you implied was Feburary 13th, 2013.
Me: Yeah...
Simon: Well, just take car of them until then.
Me: You keep saying this like you're leaving.
Simon: I am.
Me: But, you hve so many days to look forward to!
Simon: I will survive. I will get married tonight, for my generations sake.
Me: *sniffle*
Simon: Aww maybe I'll stay another day.
Me: Why?
Simon: Because you're crying.
Ne: It's cold and flu season.
Simon: Oh yeah, of course.

3 Hungry
4 Happy
7 Training
194 pencil
41 sparkles
45 flowers
6 years
41 pounds
1670 Points

I have made yet another spelling mistake in a name, in this post. Find it, PM me, and get a shout out.
KeroPyontchi found the last one, check out 'My (hopefully) amazing log!' Or something along those lines.
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Posted 09 February 2013 - 05:26 PM ( #9 )

Ok, this is going to be short, but hopefully sweet. I just have some quick news.

I am going to deactivate my v4 (which simon had a baby girl, by the way. Her name's Lucy) because this weekend is going to be busy and Monday is school, and Tuesday I'm going to get my v6. But, I can't fully deaactivate it, so it's going to be on pause for this weekend. So, I might unpause it enough for Lucy to become a toddler, but maybe not. So, I might log quick ones like these until Tuesday, but I might not log at all until Tuesday. So here's a chat

Simon: Hi!
Me: Time to go on a walk. See ya Tamatalk.


No one found the misspelled name in the last post, so if you find it PM me and I'll shout out you sometime Tuesday-ish at latest.
I might be on Tamatalk on the things that don't take half an hour, so see ya around?
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Posted 11 February 2013 - 08:51 PM ( #10 )

OK, today
Ok, so
Ok, meanwhile
Gosh I need to start with something other than 'Ok'... Let's try again.

Well, today

Ugh. I'll make up a word to start my logs, how about?

So! I'll type 'Jurve' where I start my log.

Jurve, I'm still not running Lucy. Well, until I run a tama, I'll just go straight into the chatting. And, I'm supposed to get my Music star tomorrow...

Me: Simon, Lucy, get down here.
Simon: What?
Me: We need to formally introduce Lucy to the wonders of Tamatalk.com.
Simon: You say stuff, and Bear will type it. Or, if you want to be big like me, you can type it yourself.
Lucy: I'll get Bear to do my work, thank you.
Me: Hey, I heard (and typed) that!
Lucy: Oh, I thought said something in my head.
Me: *squint*
Simon: Well, you said it outloud. So, let's move on.
Me: Yes, Let's.
Simon: So, after you say something, it cannot be erased, just as in a conversation. And, you may not get on the keyboard unattended.
Me: Well, I'll let you guys get aqcuanted while I leave the room.
Simon: See Ya!
Lucy: Bye!
Me: *leaves*
Me: *comes back* Ahem, Lucy?
Lucy: Sorry...
Simon: I put her name down right before you left, like youasked!
Me: Yeah, ok?
Luce: I was fooled!
Me: Mmhm, and you fell for it, too.
Lucy: *pouty face*

Ok, I put another name spelling error, so find it, PM me, and get a shoutout.
Kutchipatchi,is,blue found the last one, so check out her log!
Runner ups
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Posted 14 February 2013 - 08:38 PM ( #11 )



Jurve, I'm not going to chat with Lucy anymore. I might still with Simon because chatting with one person is boring. Why might I say chatting with one person is boring? Because it is. And whre did this one person come from? The mail. But that's all for now. They are a baby boy, and that's all you need to know. Except for the fact that I got A BRAND FREAKING NEW MUSIC STAR! ^0^ His name is Duncan. Also, if I hadn't already said Thank you to Kutchipatchi.is.blue for following! Well, now I have.


Duncan: Wahh I was a baby born less then a hour ago.

Simon: Well, You type goodly, so Bear shouldn't get mad.

Me: Goodly?

Simon: It's a rough translation of the word 'Eshkaber' in Tamese.

Me: Really?

Duncan: Eshkaber? What's that?

Simon: Goodly. Anyways, why is he so good at typing?

Me: Because I'm typing for him.

Simon: Ah. I won't bring it up again.

Me: That would be nice.

Duncan: What's typing? I want to try!

Me: No, sweetie, you're too young.

Simon: Oh come on, let him try!

Me: (Are you on my side?)

Simon: (Let him have this)

Me: (But he'll be as bad as you!)

Simon: (Which is not bad!)

Me: (Check the first post)

Simon: (Ugh fine)

Me: Ok, I might let you when you're older, Duncan.

Duncan: Ugh but I want to now!

Simon: (I sucked)

Me: (I told you, so help me distract him)

Simon: (I'll think of something)

Me: (Well hurry, he's starting to notice us)

Duncan: Hello?

Me: Sorry, just talking to Simon.

Duncan: But you were just staring at each other.

Me: Uh, you'll understand when you're older.


Me: Really?




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4 hungry

3 happy

5 stress

30 tone

30 rhythm

36 original

Rock and roll (Can some one inform me on what this means?)


3000 Points


I DIDN'T make a mistake in this post, so don't look for one.


Kutchipatchi.is.blue found the last one. Go check her log out!


Happy Valentine's day, everyone!

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Posted 15 February 2013 - 06:43 PM ( #12 )



Jurve, today I won't fix any mistakes I make, so expect a badly made log post. So, I actually make squite a bit of mistakes, so many, in fact, thta i automatically fix them. so, tehre would be more, but some I just auto-fix. Actually, I'll just fix mistakes as I make them. So, you can have a sentence that doesn't have fixed mistakes. Anywho, I accidentaly left Duncan at home unpaused while I left for school... So, I came back home, and, thank the tama lord, he was alive. Except, he wasn't very happy with me. But I understand. If you were left in a room with nothing but your own poop for 7 hours, you would be mad at me too. And, his stress rose up to like 50 or something. So now it's in the 30's, but still! Well, that's all I have to rant about. So, before I forget, Thank you to Khipmunkfor liking my last post! :wub:


Me: So, How about we play a game?

Simon: Like the game 'Get to know Bear'?

Me: Yeah, not really bit a gameshow like that.

Simon: Does it have questions?

Me: Yeah...

Simon: About you?

Me: They're not the same three ones!

Simon: Ugh. I'm not playing.

Me: Well, I guess Duncan automatically wins...

Simon: So? Where is he, anyway?

Me: He's in his room. And the winner gets a icecream sundae.

Simon: Oh, well, I guess playing a little bit won't hurt.

Me: I thought you'd say that. Now, I'll get Duncan. DUNCAN! COME DOWN!

Duncan: Sheesh, I'm coming.

Me: Good. Now, I started a gameshow a long time ago that was called 'Get to know Bear' Or something. I ask questions about me, and you answer them. Simple, right?

Duncan: Right?

Me: Now, last time was Simon and Charles, but Simon is gone and so is Charles, so it will be Simon and you.

Duncan: Ok?

Me: So, I think I'll make this a thing. Every day that a toddler is turning into a teen, or already has, I will have a gameshow.

Simon: Ugh...

Me: Anyways, let's start.


How well do you know Bear?


Me: Ah, so that's what it's called.

Simon: I thought that sounded better.

Me: Anyways, I'll tell you the rules now Duncan.

Duncan: Yeah?

Me: So I ask three questions, all relating to me in some way.

Duncan: Ok?

Me: And then you answer them, first person to two, wins!

Duncan: That sounds easy enough.

Me: Ok, first question!


What grade is Bear  supposed to be in?

Duncan: Oh! I got it!

Me: Make a buzzer noise.


Me: Uhh, Duncan, what is your answer?

Duncan: 7th?

Me: No. Simon?

Simon: Shh. I am thinking.

Me: That's a first.

Simon: Be quiet. Anyways, I got it. 8th?

Me: No I didn't get held back. Anyways, I keep going back and forth until some one gets it. So, Duncan?

Duncan: First?

Simon: Second?

Duncan: Third?

Simon: Fourth?

Duncan: Fifth?

Simon: Sixth?

Me: STAHP! Simon got it, sixth.

Duncan: Grrg...

Me: Next question!


What is Bear's favorite tamagotchi character?


Simon: BZZZ

Me: Yes?

Simon: Mametchi, 'cause that's what I was.

Me: Nope.


Me: Uh, what?

Duncan: Kutchitamatchi?

Me: No!

Simon: Memetchi?

Me: No, I'll just give this one to whoever can think of the number in my head between one and ten.

Simon: 1?

Duncan: 2?

Me: Stop! It was one. So Duncan, you won.

Simon: But I guessed one!

Me: But it wasn't your turn! NEXT QUESTION!


What will Bear's next tama be called if it is a girl?


Simon: Ooh! BZZZZZ!

Me: Yeah?

Simon: Gull!

Me: False, but nice boy name!

Duncan: Oh! I got it! Hannah!

Me: Correct!

Simon: Awh, how did you guess that?

Duncan: Well she seems to like Yogscast, so I decided on the only girl  in Yogscast that I know of!

Me: Nice attention to detail, Duncan!


Duncan won! Haha Simon!



0 years

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3 hungry

2 happy

36 stress

81 tone

75 rhythm

185 original

rock n roll


5000 p


Don't forget to PM me any questions, comments, or concerns with my log!

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Posted 16 February 2013 - 09:55 PM ( #13 )

2/ Uhh, what is it now, 16?


Jurve, I found out just how big of an impact leaving your tama at home unpaused while going to school can be on it's growth. So, of course, Duncan became a bad care teen. Nonopotchi, or was is Poponotchi? I'm not very good with names. Anyways, it's the penguin with the coatish thing. So, he is a teen, which means he gets a band. And his band consists of a Kikitchi (monkey one) named Dino, and a Ichigotchi (strawberry) named Penny. And I named it Jurve, because I can. Anywhat, I don't really have any other earthshattering news, so enjoy this chat. c:


Me: Ok, Dunan?

Duncan: Yeah?

Me: I have to tell you something.

Duncan: What is it?

Me: Simon... He...

Duncan: Left? Yeah, figures. His generation stopped like, 2 weeks ago. About time he left, in my opinion.

Me: How did you know?

Duncan: Uh, there was no noise from his room, duh!

Me: Oh, yeah that...

Duncan: Soo...

Me: Oh, yeah, so if you get lonely, feel free to invite your band over.

Duncan: Ok, cool. *pulls out phone* Hey, Dino! Get Penny and come to my place.

Me: Yeah and bring snacks!

Duncan: *snaps phone shut* Good idea.

Me: Oh, I almost forgot, you can type by yourself when your friends are over, and type for them too. I think you can do it.

Duncan: How's this?

Me: Great, now I think that's them at the door.

Duncan: *opens door* Oh hey Dino and Penny! Want to practice our song?

Dino: Oh, I don't know, my voice is kinda hoarse.

Penny: I could play the mic!

Dino: But who would do the guitar?

Duncan: You could, Dino.

Dino: But I suck at it...

Penny Oh, I'm sure you'll be fine.

Duncan: Yeah, just try it!

Dino: Oh fine. But it's not my fault if the song is horrible.

Duncan: Ok... Well, let's start!

Penny: ...

Dino: *on guitar* Dun du de duh du duh du duh du duh du duh duh dun du de duh du duh du duh du

Penny: Don't fear the reaper!

Duncan: Cut! No, you don't say that yet.

Penny: But I don't know the lyriks!

Duncan: Uhh, with a C not a K

Penny: I cnow!

Duncan: Well, then fix it!

Penny: i kant!

Me: Oh, don't worry Penny! Hurry and drink this before it gets worse!

Dino: How'd you get here?

Penny: *drinks* Ahh, much better. Thanks, Bear! What was that, anyways?

Me: It seems as though someone gave you bad grammar juice. Someone snuck it to me before, but it was a while before Simon found out what happened.

Penny; Oh, well, I should get going now...

Dino: Uh, I'll leave too...

Duncan: I would leave, but this is my house.




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rock and roll


7710 points


Sene me a PM because I'm alone... so alone...

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Posted 18 February 2013 - 01:20 PM ( #14 )



Jurve, sorry I didn't post yesterday. You see, I was an extra in a movie! I was there from 9:30am-5:00pm. It was called 'Draw, don't speak' and there was no dialoge. But, anyways, I couldn't really watch Duncan for very long, since I was busy eating the free donuts and pizza when I wasn't filming ;) But, turns out that Duncan evolved yesterday, and I thought it was like 3 days before a teen evolves into an adult. And he... evolved... into... a... Shimashimatchi! He's so adorable. And his band, Jurve, evolved too. Penny the Ichigotchi evolved into a Masktchi (not very lady like looking) And Dino, the kikitchi, evolved into the... (uh I forgot the name just a sec.) Uh, the one that looks like a circut  board. And no, they didn't make Pro debut yet. But theres always today. Thank you to Khipmunk for liking my last post <3


Duncan: Can my band come over again?

Me: Hmmm... Maybe

Duncan: Ugh, why not?

Me: I said maybe, not no!

Duncan: But maybe means no...

Me: Uh, no it doesn't... It means I might say yes, but I might say no.

Duncan: Oh... So can I?

Me: Fine. Call Jurve over.

Duncan: That's what you called our band?

Me: Yeah, you didn't know that?

Duncan: No, but you say Jurve every post since you don't want to say Ok...

Me: Yeah?

Duncan: So our band is technically called Ok...

Me: So?

Duncan: Maybe the judges see that our name is Ok and decide they only want good bands, not ok ones.

Me: Ugh Duncan... If everything in life were technical, technically I would be a sixth grader. But I'm not. I am in seventh grade.

Duncan: Fine... You win.

Me: What was that?

Duncan: You win...

Me: Good. Now call Jurve over.

Duncan: Ok, *opens phone* Jurve, you're needed. *closes phone*

Me: So are they coming?

*ding dong*

Me: I guess so.

Duncan: *opens door* Hi Dino, Penny.

Penny: What, no Hi for me?

Duncan: I said Hi to dino, then paused, and said your name. So technically,

Me: *rolls eyes*

Duncan: *glare* So, I said Hi to you. you guys pretty much shared the one Hi I said.

Dino: Well, sharing is caring...

Duncan: Besides, I didn't hear a hi for me!

Penny: Hi Duncan.

Dino: I can't stay long, I have lunch in ike 5 minutes.

Me: Well, you can eat here?

Dino: No, my mom wants me to go home soon.

Me: You still live with your mom?

Duncan: I thought your mom leaves when you're a baby...

Dino: Not for me...

Penny: Well, we should go.

Me: Well t was nice meeting you, Penny and Dino!

Dino: See ya

Penny: 'mBye!

Duncan: Bye you guys!

Me: Ok, this is over...



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Star ranking: 999th

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Posted 18 February 2013 - 06:21 PM ( #15 )

Erhh... I'm so bored that I will add a log post that's just chat. Nothing happened, but I'd like to thank you, yes you specifically, for opening this link. I almost have 300 views! (297 as of this moment) So since I'm bored, enjoy a chat. But if you enjoy having a paragraph to read, I'll tell you what happened during the maybe hour since I last posted.Ok. I played sing a song, and won. Then I bought him like 3 kebabs, and he ate 1. Then I played sound block, and he won 16 original points. And I forgot the rest. Oh, and in the hour or so it took me to write the chat, my band made Pro debut! ^0^


Me: Ok, Duncan, call Dino and Penny to see if they're done eating and ready to come over.

Duncan: K, but aren't we supposed to have a long paragraph before we start talking?

Me: Don't ask questions. Just call them over and be funny and weird.

Duncan: Ok, I'll ty to be weird.

Me: You have to try? Well, I'll call Simon over while you call your band.

Duncan: Ok, well, I'll call them and tell 'em what's happening. *opens phone and leaves room*

Me: *opens phone* Simon? Yeah, it's bear. Duncan needs help being weird. Ok, you can bring it. Well, he doesn't have insurance... Hes only 3, Simon. Yes, you can bring it for yourself. So can you come over? Good. You too. *sigh* Fine. I love you too. See ya soon, Simon. Bye. *closes phone*

Duncan: You done yet?

Me: Yes, I'm done.

Duncan: Ok, now, let's set up some snacks.

Me: Why?

Duncan: Well, obviously it's a party. And what's a party without snacks?

Me: Oh, if it's a party, I'll invite more people.

Duncan: You didn't know it was a party? Ugh you can be so dense sometimes.

Me: Oh, be quiet. I'm going to call some people. You open the door when your friends come, then hang out in your room until I call you down. Meanwhile, set up some snacks. I'll be in the nursery.

Duncan: There's a nursery?

Me: That's where I raised you into a toddler, now go!

Duncan: Ugh fine... See ya.

Me: Godspeed, Duncan!

Duncan: Whatever... *leaves*

Me: *opens phone* Yes, Lucy? Yeah, this is Bear. Of course I have a phone! Yeah, so can you take a break and come over? Oh, as soon as you can would be great. Oh, neat! Be sure to bring it to show the kids. Yes, they're adults... But whatever! Yeah. Mmhm. Cool, see ya! *closes phone*

*Ding dong!*

Me: Duncan! Your friends are here!

Duncan: Just in time, too.

Me: Go upstairs!

Duncan: You done yet?

Me: Almost.

Duncan: K, I'm going up to my room with my Buddies. Comeon, Dino and Penny

Dino: Thanks for havin us over, Mrs. Bear.

Penny: Yeah, thanks.

Me: You guys have fun.

Duncan: How many calls do you have left?

Me: 1. See ya *opens phone* Charles? Oh, sure you are. Whatever. Well, can you come over? Today. I'll pay for your 'flight'. You ok? Yeah, see you in 5 minutes. M'bye. *closes phone* Duncan! You can come down now!

Duncan: Ok, who did you call, anyways?

Me: Oh, you'll see.

*Ding Dong!*

Me: Duncan, can you get that? I'm going to make a cake.

Duncan: Ooh, cake. I'll get the door *opens door*

Me: Who is it?

Duncan: *looks outside* Um, I don't see anyone.

Me: Oh, I think I know who it is. Leave the door open for now.

Duncan: Ok.

Me: Do we have any cake mix?

Duncan: Um, I don't think so.

Me: Huh. I'm going to the store to grab some. I'll knock three times when I'm back, to let you know it's me.

Duncan: Ok. Me and my band will just hang out.

Me: Oh, yeah, and open the door to anyone who knocks three times really fast, like knockknockknock.

Duncan: Ok. And, the doors shut now.

Penny: Oh, I was getting a bit chilly. I hope you don't mind.

Me: Oh, It's fine. If I see him I'll tell him to knock three times.

Dino: Him?

Me: Yeah, it's a guy. Problem?

Penny: Is there any girls coming?

Me: Uhm, One.

Penny: Eh, better then none. See ya Bear!

Me: I'll be back soon with cake mix.

*Ding Dong!*

Me: Oh, that must be him. I'll let him in. See ya guys!

Penny: Bye!

Dino: Bye!

Duncan: See ya.

Me: *opens door* There's snacks on the table, I'll be back with cake mix.

???: K, thanks Bear. I'll introduce myself to the younger people.

Me: M'Bye.

Duncan: Hello?

???: Oh, hey there Duncan, who are your friends?

Penny: I'm Penny...

Dino: Dino here.

Duncan: And you are...?

???: Oh, I almost forgot. I'm Simon.

Duncan: Aha! I thought I knew you.

Penny: Wow, a real Mametchi... My owner is such bad care I have never seen one.

Simon: Ugh, I hate bad owners. They're intentions are good and all, but...

Penny: Yeah.

Dino: Hey, I think I know you.

Simon: Yeah, your kind of Tama are on my type of Tamagotchi.'

Dino: Cool.

Duncan: If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

Simon: Oh, didn't your mother tell you that s=asking someones age is impolite?

Duncan: Oh, sorry...

Simon: Ah, I'm kidding. I'm like 17 now.

Duncan: Wow, you're old! I mean-

Simon: Oh, it's fine. now I can drive, though.

Dino: Sweet!

Simon: Want to see?

Penny, Dino, and Duncan: Yeah!

Simon: Bear wanted me to show you, but not let you try it.

Duncan: Awh...

Simon: When you're 16, I'll let you try. I got this *pulls out car* When I was two years old, and I sucked at driving. So your, what,

Duncan: 3.

Simon: And an adult already? Wow. Well, no offense, but you might not be that good.

Duncan: None taken.

Simon: Well, let's take this baby for a spin! *starts driving* Wee!


Duncan: Ah, let me get the door.

Dino: Don't stop for him, keep driving.

Simon: Ok.

Duncan: *opens door* Oh, Hey?

???: Hey guys.

Simon: *stops driving and puts car away* Lucy? is that you?

Lucy: Yep.

Dino: O, you look familiar!

Simon: That's not because she's on your tama, she's--

Penny: I've seen you on Price is right!

Lucy: *smiles* Yup, I'm pretty much the champion.

Simon: It looks like you've evolved from a baby!

Lucy: Well, it has been like 13 days. I'm an adult now!

Simon: What is your type called again, a...

Lucy: I'm a Seribetchi.

Simon: Ah, that's it.

Dino: Wow, you're pretty...

Lucy: *chuckles* I'm a tad old for you, Dino.

Penny: You must of had a good owner.

Lucy: *looks at Simon* Yeah, I must of...

Simon: Well, is everyone here for the party?

Duncan: No, Bear isn't here, and she called 3 people, so you, Lucy, and one other.


Simon: I have a feeling on who this is...

Lucy: I'll get it. *opens door* Umm, who are you?

???: You don't remember me? I guess you were a baby...


???: Is that Bear? I suppose she should remember me. *opens door*

Me: Ah, Charles, you made it!

Charles: Yes, I made it from my trip to Japan.

Me: Sure. Well, I'd like to introduce every one to every one.

Duncan: Ugh, do we have to?

Me: Yes, Now shush. I'd like everyone to say their name, what version tamagotchi they are, what your owners name is, and something intresting about yourself. Duncan, you start.

Duncan: Fine. I'm Duncan, I'm from the Musicstar, My owners name is Bear, and something intresting, I look like a bee.

Penny: Do I go? Ok, I'm Penny, I'm from the Music star, My owners name is Cake, and I look like a guy.

Dino: I'll go. I am Dino, from the Musicstar, my owner is Jhon, and I play the Mic.

Lucy: Ok, I am Lucy, My owner is bear, and I won on price is right.

Simon: I am Simon, from the v4, Bear is my owner, and I am named after a youtuber.

Charles: I'm Charles, from the v4, my owner is Bear (technically) And I'm a mailbox.

Me: Ok, I'll finish. I'm Bear, I don't live in a tamagotchi, my owner is myself, and I am a human.

Simon: Ok, did you get the cake?

Me: Yup. I got funfetti.

Penny: Oh, I have to watch my weight. Do you have a fruit by any chance?

Me: Here *tosses banana*

Penny: Thanks.

Me: Ok, who knows how to bake?

Simon: ...Uh, girls?

Penny: Nope, sexist.

Lucy: Well, I won price is right...

Dino: So?

Lucy: I won a cake maker...

Me: Oh my gosh! Did you bring it?

Lucy: Yep! Here it is! *pulls out cake maker*

Me: OMG. I'll make a cake. You guys do whatever. Simon, stay here though. Everyone else, to the living room with you.

Simon: Ugh, I have to stay?

Me: No, I just wanted to tell you that you should use your clone now.

Simon: Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I'll show them now. I also brought some honey, so you can add that to the cake. *sets honey on table*

Me: Uh, no. *gives back* that's like a love potion.

Simon: Dangit.

Me: Yep, so go show off your clone. Actually, use it here, then go in once, then get your clone to go in later.

Simon: Oh, you ingenious human. Great idea. *uses clone*

Me: See ya Simon. The cake will be done it a bit.

Simon: See ya! *walks to living room*

Simon 2: Umm... Should I go now?

Me: Wait a couple more seconds... and NOW!

Simon 2: K, bye.

At the living room

Simon: K guys, I'm here.

Lucy: What did Bear want, Dad?

Simon: Oh, nothing sweetie. She just asked  if I had any sugar, so I helped her find some.

Lucy: Oh, cool.

Simon 2: *walks in* Hi guys, what did I miss?

Everyone: Ah!

Simon: What?

Penny: Who is that?

Simon: Who is who?

Simon 2: Me?

Penny: Yes, you!

Simon 2: I'm Simon!

Simon: Uh, I'm Simon!

Simon 2: *whispers to Simon* I'm wearing off. I have maybe 5 more seconds.

Simon: *out loud* I will banish you to the depths of the basement for impersonating me! *waves arms*

Simon 2: Nice one. *poofs away*

Lucy: *gasp* What did you do?

Simon: Nothing.

Dino: *phone rings* Just a sec, guys *leaves room*

Duncan: What happened, Simon?

Simon: Nothing!

Dino: *comes back* I gotta go, I'm sorry guys, but my owner is getting sad, thinking I left. I hope she didn't reset it yet. See ya.

Penny: I should go too. Bye everyone... Thanks for the food, Bear! It was yummy.

Me: *goes into living room* Yeah? Oh, you're leaving? I'll pack you some cake. *packs cake* Here you go, guys! Thanks for visiting!

Dino: Thanks Bear! Bye! *leaves*

Penny: Bye! *leaves*

Me: Ok, roll call!

Duncan: Duncan!

Simon: Simon!

Lucy: Lucy!

Me: Charles?

Simon: Where did Charles go?

Charles: *from kitchen* I'm over here!

Me: You better not of eaten any cake!

Charles: Don't worry, I don't eat, I'm a mailbox. Anyways, I gotta run too. I have mail to deleiver, you know...

Me: Oh, Charles. Well, delevier this cake slice to an unsuspecting v4.

Charles: Thanks. Maybe I'll send it to a user here.

Me: Oh, that would be perfered. Bye Charles.

Charles: Bye! *leaves*

Me: Ok, who's ready for some cake?

Simon: Me! *runs into Kitchen*

In kitchen

Simon: Is anyone here? No? Good. I'll just slather some honey on Duncans piece, and Lucy's piece, and there. Just in time, it seems.

Me: Simon, are you talking to yourself?

Simon: No, I just was setting the table.

Me: Awh, that's sweet. Ok, lets sit.

Simon: Here, Duncan's spot is here,

Duncan: Thanks!

Simon: Lucy's is here,

Lucy: Thank you, Simon!

Simon: And Bear's is here, and mine is here!

Me: That's sweet. But, I like sitting where Lucy is sitting, so if you don't mind Lucy,

Lucy: Oh, ok, I'll move.

Simon: No! stay there.

Me: Why? Did you put honey on the cake? ^_^

Simon: Yeah...

Me: Well, Duncan is a music star, so it wouldn't work him. And I'll eat this *switchs plates with Lucy* because it doesn't affect humans, either.

Simon: Fine.*phone rings* Yeah? Uh, I'm busy. Pfft, no. Well, But, Can this wait? Ugh fine. *closes phone*

Me: Leaving?

Simon: Yeah, Substitue teacher job.

Lucy: See ya, Dad, I should go to, Bear. I have an episode of PIR to be on.

Me: Bye you guys.

Simon: Bye *leaves*

Lucy: We should do this again! *leaves*

Me: Duncan, I guess it's you and me. Duncan? Duncan?

Duncan: *from room* Thanks for the cake, Bear!

Me: Ugh. Guess the party's over. See ya, Tamatalk.



3 years

30 pounds

3 hungry

4 happy

27 stress

432 tone

387 rhythm

689 original

rock n roll

13560 points

149th star ranking

21,617,260 fans *-*


PM me about anything, from Tamas to vegtables, to chat ideas, to my log, because I am still bored.

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Posted 19 February 2013 - 08:02 PM ( #16 )

Thanks to Khipmunk for the liking of all my posts and the very nice compliments about my log :wub:

so I told you that Duncan got Pro debut, right? If I didn't, well, he
did, and that's how he got so many fans. Anyway, he now has close to 200
million fans, and hes like #3 in star ranking! I'm proud of him. But, I
hope he gets enough concerts to become #1 by tomorrow, because he'll
get married and then I am not sure if he can do oncerts or not. I took
him to school today (not accidentaly leave him at home unpaused) and he
got to hang out in my jacket pocket :P Well, thanks for clicking!


Me: Duncan! Come down, it's time to log!

Duncan: What? I just got up here.

Me: Just, as in 1 hour ago?

Duncan: Has it been that long? Ugh, I'm coming down.

Me: Good. I'll get some leftover cake.

Duncan: Good, you owe me something from all the not caring for me today.

Me: What? That's called school.

Duncan: You practicaly missed my whole 4th birthday!

Me: Every day is your birthday, Duncan...

Duncan: Yeah, but...

Me: Anyways, don't act like you were the ony bored one. I was hungry and un-happy too.

Duncan: Yeah, but you're alive! I'm not.

Me: That's your excuse?

Duncan: At least you had something to do! I just sat.

Me: Well, here's cake then.

Duncan: This makes up for maybe one hour.

Me: Ugh...

Duncan: What? It was torture!

Me: Ok, explain it to me in detail.

Duncan: Well, I was always bumping around the first period...

Me: That would be me walking around the classroom when I finished my work in science...

Duncan: Then you would sit, then stand, then sit, then stand, then sit, then stan-

We get it. That was math class, where the teacher thought it would be
fun to get us to walk around and explain various algorithms to other

Duncan: Then there was a video playing, and you sat for a long time.

Me: Social studies, we were learning about India.

Duncan: Then there was walking around off and on...

Me: Art class, the teacher puts all the art stuff in various places around the room.

Duncan: Then there was a good smell, and you sat and talked for a loooooong time.

Me: Lunch...

Duncan: Then it was very quiet.

Me: Recess, I went to the library. Maybe next time I'll take you to the gym.

Duncan: Then it was quiet again.

Me: Ahh, writing class. We finished up a test.

Duncan: Then there was more silence...

Me: Reading class, we had another test. (Same teacher, he was sorry he made us take two tests)

Duncan: Then even more silence.

Me: That was P.E... You were in my locker, in my pants pocket.

Duncan: Then I was home. And it was still quiet.


Duncan: Try to read louder, then.

Me: Pfft impossible.

Duncan: Well, I'm done with my cake, that was a nice talk, Bear.

Me: See ya, Duncan!

Duncan: mBye.



4 years

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2 hungry

1 happy

41 stress

568 tone

557 rhythm

857 original

Rock N Roll

712080 points


3rd place in star ranking

Fans: 207,224,700 *-*


Thanks for clicking! PM me about anything!

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Posted 21 February 2013 - 08:19 PM ( #17 )



Tomrorrow is 2/22 O... M... G... Also, about the repeating number thing, won't it happen in nine years? I mean, Febuary second twothousand and twenty two, per chance? (2/22/22 or even the second, 2/2/22) But, anyways, I'm here to talk about tamas, not repeating dates. And I'm sorry for no post yesterday, I wasn't able to because, well, I could make up excuses all day, starting with...

-The goverment isn't allowing me to tell you, sorry!

- I met this man who called himself 'The Doctor' and he took me into this big blue box, and he said it was a 'TARDIS' but I personnaly think he borowed sugar from the wrong person.

- My dog ate my tamas.

- I had homework.

- My teacher is actually a serial killer killing only people with straight 'A's, so I had to get protection.

- I didn't want to get cought with a old laptop i nfront of friends.

That's some of them... PM me if you want more? But, the real reason was I had homework, then I got caught up in this really good book, (it's called Elsewhere, I would highly recomend it.) then Wednesdays are youth group, so I left at 6:30 and cam back at 8:00, but my dad stopped at dairy queen (<3) and I came home at bedtime.


But, my tamas are fine. Duncan got married to a Kuniotchi, or however you spell it. And he had a baby boy! I think I will call it... Hmm... I have a name in mind, but I will only use it if I get no name suggestions, and if you suggest a name, I might use it. Or maybe I'll name it my favorite suggestion, or maybe I won't like any of them? I doubt it. Anyways, that's all that happened tamawise, except for I got #1 star ranking!!!


Me: Ok, Duncan, Introduce me to your new wife, the ninja cat.

Duncan: Well, I might if you promise to take perfect care of my little son here so he becomes a Kuromametchi.

Me: Well, I can't promise you that, because personnaly I was going to go for a Togetchi, or something...

Duncan: Like Dino?

Me: Well, yeah, but he would be the same as you, except different generation. His gen is even, yours was odd.

Duncan: Pfffft... Fine. My wife is named... uh... well, she doesn't have a name, to be honest...

Me: Well, Duncan's wife, what is your name?

Duncan's wife: ...

Duncan: I'll talk to her. *gets into a hushed conversation with wife* whisper whiper...

Duncan's wife: ...mutter mutter...

Duncan: Ok, her name is Marigold, but Mary for short. I also told her she can talk to you, because her owner was very bad and she ran away...

Me: Oh my gosh, Mary, I feel so bad, what do you want to do? Name it.

Mary: Well, a nice diet soda would be nice...

Duncan: Oh, was that yours? sorry...

Mary: Oh, Duncan... Well, I could use a good meal, maybe do you have a Loco Moco?

Me: Actually, yeah! Let me get you one.

Mary: Thanks, Bear.

Me: No worries.'Tis what I do.

Duncan: Honey, what should we name our baby?

Me: Well, I was thinking-

Duncan: Oh, sorry Mary, I thought you were my wife! (hint hint)

Me: Ok...

Mary: I was thinking the name 'Cole' sounded nice.

Me: Cole? Like, from Infamous? Well, Togetchi would be fitting...

Duncan: Sounds awesome. Cole it is!

Me: But I don't really like-

Duncan: Just a sec, Mary. *hushed conversation with Bear* Listen, if you don't like it, don't use it! Mary and I will be gone by the time you need to name him, so just name him whatever. Until then, just play along, please? For Mary?

Me: Ok, fine. Hey, Cole, want to try to type? I'll let you have one try, if there is less than 5 errors, I'll let you type for the rest of this post.

Duncan: Ready little guy? Try to type 'Hello Bear, nice weather, huh?'

Cole: heklo BEart, nucre Weather,Huh/

Me: Let's see, helko should be Hello, 2 there. Duncan, keep track.

Duncan: 2!

Me: BEart should be Bear, 2 there.

Duncan: 4!

Me: nucre should be nice, 2 there...

Duncan: 6?

Me: Weather should be weather, 1 there.

Duncan: 7... sorry Cole.


Me: See ya TT, no time for stats, sorry!

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