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What the tama?

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Posted 22 February 2013 - 07:00 PM ( #18 )



Jurve, sorry for not finishing my post yesterday, I would normally put the stats right here, but... i can't do that because this morning, around 7:30, Duncan's little baby boy popped out of his egg! I decided not to call him Cole, and since no one sent me a name, I decided on Gregor. So, little baby Gregor is now a toddler, due to evolve tomorrow. He is I think a Kuribotchi. He looks like a cookie with a dallop of chocolate on him. Anyways, not much happened, but Thank you to Khipmunk for liking my posts!!!


Me: Duncan! Gregor!

Duncan: What?

Gregor: Hm?

Me: Duncan, I just want to say that you are staying here until your baby, Gregor, is a teen and has a band.

Duncan: Oh...kay...

Me: Ugh you sound so agravated.

Gregor: Uh...

Me: Mad, honey.

Gragor: Ah.

Duncan: Well, I want him to be happy and not lonely, but i mean, can I still hang with Simon?

Me: Hmmm... Not right now... Actually, maybe.

Duncan: Because, I mean, Gregor can be with you, and me and Simon-

Me: Simon and I.

Duncan: Simon and I could be hanging out somewhere.

Me: Nah, you can stay here with me.

Duncan: Uh, can I invite Simon?

Me: Eh, sure. We probably won't be seeing him besides from partys, so sure, invite him. Maybe I will invite some one too...

Duncan: Is it someone I know?

Me: Have you been reading my log?

Duncan: *cough* Umm... well...

Me: Then you wouldn't know her. But, she is Lucys role model.

Duncan: How so?

Me: In that she also went to Price is right.

Gregor: What's Price is Right?

Me: Oh, nothing.

Duncna: Ok, you call her, I'll call Simon?

Me: Well, I don't have to really call her...

Duncan: Huh... Well, can I call Simon?

Me: Sure. Gregor, can you go up to your room while I get someone?

Gregor: Sure...

Me: Ok, thanks sweetie!

Gregor: Bye *goes to room*

Duncan: *pulls out phone* Bye Bear, see ya in a sec *leaves*

Me: Ok, see you. *looks around* Ok, let me get this out before anyone sees. *pulls out id L* Ok, needs new batteries first. *pulls out batteries from drawer* Ok, download, and...!

id L: *beep beep beep beep beep beep*

Me: Shh! Shh! Ok, ity should work now.

Duncan: Hey Bear, I finished talking to Si-


Me: Is that him? Ok, Gregor! Come on down!

Gregor: Coming!

Me: Ok, I'll get it *opens door* Hey Simon!

Simon: Hey guys. How is it going?

Me: Hey! I was just finishing up something... I'll be right back. *grabs id L and leaves*


In Bear's room


Me: Ok, almost ready. Hello?

???: Hi? Where's Simon?

Me: Oh, he's downstairs.

???: Ok, cool.

Me: Well, come on down! *goes downstairs*

???: Heh, coming!




Me: Ok guys, I'd like to introduce you to... June!

June: Hey, I thought you said Simon was here!

Simon: Uhm, here!

June: But Simon is a young mametchi, not a real mametchi.

Simon: Oh, June! What is the last thing you remember?

June: Being introduced to you...

Simon: I'm sorry June...

June: Why? Who are these people! Why is a Shimashshimatchi and a Kuribotchi here?

Duncan: Well, I'm Duncan.

Gregor: And I'm Gregor.

June: But, why do I not know you?

Duncan: Well, Bear, care to explain?

Me: Well, um, I, uh, I gotta go. *leaves to room*


At Bear's room


Me: Oh, I'm so sorry June. *pulls out batteries of id L*




June: Oh, I'm not feeling well, I think I'll lay down.

Simon: There's a couch right over there.

June: Thank you-- *disapears*

Simon: Oh!

Duncan: BEAR!

Me: Coming! *comes downstairs*

Simon: Uh, Care to explain?

Me: Um, maybe this is best not public...

Simon: Fine. This isn't over, Bear!




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Bye everyone! PM me for any reason at all!

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Posted 24 February 2013 - 11:48 AM ( #19 )



Jurve, sorry I hadn't posted yesterday, but I was kind of busy. And lazy. And on my dad's computer. Which has Half-life... So, I didn't get around to doing my log post. But, I figure that I am a bad carer, because Gregor became a Nonopotchi, which I have heard is the horrible care teen. But, I think he turns into a adult today, or tommorow. So, yeah. He also got a band, which I named Smiles, because I had to do something, and I alo had to name my band, so... Horriible name commence. There is Thu, a Chamametchi, David, the fireball thing, and Gregor, a nonopotchi. But, whatever. I'll take whatever adult I can get with Gregor. Also, have i told you the instruments and toys of my V6? I don't think I have. So, Duncan had a Helicoptor and bass, and Gregor has a Rocket and Saxophone.


Me: Ok, yesterday Gregor evolved into a teen. Do you know what this means?

Duncan: That rhymes a tinybit?

Gregor: To be blunt, no.

Me: *rolls eyes* It's time to lay How well do you know Bear!

Duncan: Oh that thing.

Gregor: Uhh...?

Me: Ok, so I will ask three questions relating to me, or my tamas.

Gregor: Ok?

Me: Whoever answers 2 questions right, wins!

Gregor: Ok, what do they win?

Me: Braggng rights.

Gregor: Ah.

Duncan: Shall we start?

Me: Sure!


What Music star game does Bear like most?


Duncan: BZZZ

Gregor: What was that about, Dad?

Me: Oh yeah, you must make a buzzer sound if you want to answer. ANyways, Duncan?

Duncan: Sound block!

Me: Nice! One for duncan, none for Gregor.

Gregor: But how am I supposed to know that?

Me: Oh, by telling which stat you have the mosy of, and which game gives you that stat.

Gregor: Oh.

Me: Ok, next question!


What type of syrup is Bears favorite?


Gregor: BZZZZ

Me: Gregor.

Gregor: Maple?

Me: Correct!

Duncan: Oh, so he wants to know how to figure out the favorite game, but can figure out favorite syrup?

Me: Well, Gregor, how do you figure?

Gregor: It was the only syrup I knew about.

Me: See?

Duncan: Ugh fine.

Me: Next question!


Why did Bear name Gregor, Gregor?


Gregor: Bzzzzzz

Me: Gregor?

Gregor: From Gregor the overlander?

Me: Nope.

Duncan: Bzzz

Me: Duncan?

Duncan: Because some one suggested it?

Me: Who?

Gregor: BZZZZ

Me: Yes?

Gregor: Brother?

Me: Nope.

Duncan: BZZZZ

Me: Yeah?

Duncan: Dad?

Me: Correct!


Duncan wins, sorry Gregor!



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thanks for clicking! Don't forget to PM me with comments, questions, and concerns!

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Posted 26 February 2013 - 08:22 PM ( #20 )



Hey there, sorry I haven't been posting recently. Just stuff has been happening... And, I don't know if I've told you, (although I probably have) But, Gregor is a Androtchi, the robot one. And, (I know I haven't told you this because it happened like 1 hour ago) Gregor got Pro debut! Yess! But, nothing else has been happining, but my friend has taken some intrest in what I am doing during Social studies, and Math, and Science, and Lunch, and Reading, you get the idea. So I told her it was a Tamagotchi, and she seems intrested! She even told me that she has one somewhere! I am excited about that.


Me: Gregor! Come down here.

Gregor: Whaat?

Me: You may be getting reset.


Me: I'm kidding, Gregor. It's just if my friend has a v5 or lower, you won't be able to connect.

Gregor: And if she has a higher one? 

Me: You will!

Gregor: Ah kay...

Me: So, I'm going to reset you if she doesn't have a v5 or higher.

Gregor: Ah...

Me: But, the v5 came out when I was around 8, so if she had tamas at an age younger than that, she would have a v4.5 or lower, I'm assuming.

Gregor: Oh, so she will have a v5 or higher.

Me: Then you can get married!

Gregor: Yay!

Me: But, until then, I'll give her this site url, and my log url, so she might know a lot about you.

Gregor: Yay?

Me: Oh, whatever. You'll be fine, G.

Gregor: G?

Me: I'm tired of typing Gregor, so I'll type G.

Gregor: Ok, B?

Me: Whatever.

Gregor: Also, what happened between like 1:00 and 1:45?

Me: Oh, I dropped you on the ground by my desk and didn't notice until I was halfway to the P.E room, so I ran back and picked you up before I forgot.

Gregor: You don't sound responsible.

Me: I got a Androtchi...

Gregor: You mean me?

Me: Yes, you. You are the effect of what happens when I take bad care of a tama.

Gregor: Ah...

Me: Well, I am running out of creativity, so I'll end this. Bye!



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Bye! Pm me!

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Posted 27 February 2013 - 05:58 PM ( #21 )



Jurve, today some stuff happened. And by some stuff, I mean stuff about Gregor. And that stuff is that he got married! Yay! He got married to a Onuputchi? She is the music not with a flower in her head. I don't know what she is called, except for what she looks like. So, maybe Musicnote-chi? I don't know. But, they had a beautiful baby girl. I am not sure what to name her, although you guys can help me with that, right? I mean, PM me with your name ideas, but if not, I'll call her something I think of. I mean, I do have almost 2 days left. Anyways, thats about it.


Me: Gregor! Come down and introduce me to your wife.

Gregor: *comes down with wife* Hi Bear, this is my wife, Stacey.

Me: Hey Stacey.

Stacey: Hey there, Bear.

Me: So, who's the little baby?

Stacey: *glances at Gregor* Well, we were thinking about Britt, short for Brittany.

Me: That's actually pretty cute... Although, she sounds like she is british ,with a name lilke Britt.

Stacey: Yeah, I guess so... How about Em, short for Emily?

Me: That's pretty, what do you think, Gregor?

Gregor: Huh? Oh, I was thinking of naming her after my mom...

Me: So... Marigold?

Gregor: Yeah, or pretty much any type of flower...

Stacey: Oh, how about Daisy? Or Lily? Or Petunia?

Me: I kind of like Daisy...

Gregor: Whatever.

Me: Hey, um, Gregor. Can we talk?

Gregor: Sure. Stacey, can you go upstairs?

Stacey: Ok, see ya. *goes upstairs*

Gregor: Ok, what?

Me: Um, what would you really like your daughter to be named?

Gregor: I REALLY want her to be named Dolly, but Stacey hates it.

Me: Well, did you know that your mom wanted you to be named Cole?

Gregor: What? Cole? ew, that's ugly.

Me: I know, so I waited until her and your dad left and then I named you Gregor.

Gregor: Oh, so can you do that again?

Me: Of course.

Gregor: Thanks. But won't my wife get mad when she visits?

Me: No, your spouse never visits here again after they leave. They wait for you at the tama tree.

Gregor: Oh...

Me: Good talk. Now, Stacey can come down.

Gregor: Sweet. Stacey! Come on down!

Stacey: *comes down* Hey, wheres Daisy?

Me: Oh I don't know... (what did you do to her, Gregor)

Gregor: (I didn't do anything I thought you were the caretaker!)

Me: (you're supposed to take care of her until you leave!)

Stacey: Uh, hello?

Me: Oh, let me check the tamagotchi. *pulls out tama*

Stacey: Is she there?

Me: Yeah, shes fine. *shows tama*

Stacey: Ok, good. Well, I'm tired... I'll go to bed. *goes into tama*

Me: Ok, there she goes... Umm, Gregor, you done here too?

Gregor: Yup.

Me: Ok, see ya.



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See ya TamaTalk! Hope you send me a PM with a name suggestion, because (no offense Gregor) Dolly doesn't sound good.

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Posted 28 February 2013 - 10:38 PM ( #22 )



Happy end of Februrary! Geez, I'm behind on thank-yous. Thanks to Khipmunk for liking all my posts! and Thank you to Nyle2009 for liking a ton of my posts! If I forgot to thank you, then please PM me and I'll thank you tomorrow. And Gregor is proud of his new daughter, but she is still not named (by any of you guys at least) But, you're probably not going to PM me by 9:00, but if you do, your name might be used. Any time after that, I wouldn't count on it. I might use the name generator, though. And I have an instagram where sometimes i post pictures of my tamas (maybe 4/10 photos have tamas) But it's not like a log or anything. Anyways, Gregor has like, 2nd place in star ranking, and he's bound to fall asleep any time now, so I don't think he'll get 1st and an award. So, this is the last night I'll take care of Gregor, but he'll stay here until my baby girl is a teen. Anyways, I have like 10 minutes to do this, so excpect a short chat.


Me: Gregor, what have you guys decided on naming your baby?

Gregor: *mumble*

Stacey: What was that, Gregor?

Gregor: Nothing...

Stacey: Oh, I thought you said 'Dolly' for a second there...

Gregor: Well, Dolly and Lily sound alike.

Stacey: Yeah, I understand wanting Lily, but I think Daisy would be fun.

Gregor: Rrrr...

Stacey: Are you... Growling?

Gregor: YES! Ugh, I mean Yes. I want her ot be named Dolly, all right?

Stacey: Well, you could of just said so! I think Dolly is beauiful name!

Gregor: Really?

Stacey: Yup.

Me: See, Gregor? You could of just said so.

Gregor: Well, I mean...

Stacey: Oh, Gregor, how long did you want her name to be Dolly?

Gregor: Since i was born, I knew that Bear would make me have a baby. I decided to name it Dolly if it was a girl.

Stacey: What if it was a boy?

Gregor: I would name it George.

Me: That's actually a neat name, but I would name it Gull.

Gregor: Gull?

Me: Yup.

Stacey: Thats a... Intresting name.

Me: Oh be quiet, Daisy.

Stacey: Daisy is a beautiful name!

Me: Yeah, whatever. I will name her what I want, anyways.

Gregor: Shh!

Stacey: What do you mean, whta you want?

Me: I could name her 'poopy' and you couldn't do anything about it.

Gregor: Poopy?

Stacey: You wouldn't!

Me: I wouldn't, but I could!

Stacey: *gasp*

Me: Oh, be quiet, or I'll put you in your tama.

Gregor: That was rude.

Me: Whatever. She should leave tonight, anyway.

Gregor: Don't speak about my wife like that!

Me: Oh, do I need to put you in your tama now?

Gregor: Ugh...



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Posted 01 March 2013 - 06:42 PM ( #23 )



Hello! So, Gregor left, so his daughter is all alone. And, can you guess what I named her? If you guessed Hannah, you're wrong. I thought about it, but decided against it. I decided to name her... Drum roll please, Chell! And if you don't know who that is, then I would suggest playing Portal 2, or even Portal 1. Anyways, Chell started out a petecthi, no surprise there, and evolved into a tamatchi! I think that is a bad care toddler... It's probably because she has 55 stress... But, anyways, I hope to get Chantotchi, or I think Mimitchi is the odd generation. Anyways, that's all I can think of, oh, except for Thank you to Khipmunk for liking my last post! Ok, now I am done.


Me: Chell? Hey, how are you?

Gregor: Fine, thank you.

Me: Um, Chell?

Gregor: What, you don't care about me anymore?

Me: No, I care, just not as much.

Gregor: Well, you're nice.

Me: I know, huh?

Gregor: Humph.

Me: Chell?

Chell: What!?

Me: Come down, I am going to introduce you to Tamatalk!

Chell: Fine, whatever.

Me: How about we play a game of sound block, then we can introduce you.

Chell: Whatever, as long as my stress goes under 50

Me: Fine.

*one game of Sound Block later*

Me: Now can we introduce you?

Chell: Ok, so, how does this work?

Me: Well, the best way to see is to do it!

Chell: Oh... Kay?

Me: *ahem* Attention TamaTalk! I have a new addition to my tamas under my care! 

Chell: *whispers* Do I say anything?

Me: *glare* New Tama, please tell the nice people your name!

Chell: Um, I am called Chell, but my dad wanted me to be Dolly, and my mom wanted me to be Daisy.

Me: And that is my new Tama!

Gregor: I don't see the point of that.

Chell: Me either.

Me: Well, I am done with this.

Gregor: No! Don't make us leave yet!---



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Thanks for reading! Have a nice day and weekend! 

Also, the instagram I was talking about yesterday- boringapple

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Posted 01 March 2013 - 09:35 PM ( #24 )



Ok, I am still bored! So, I shall let my boredom wash away while I mold the perfect chats out of my pure imagination. But, if you like this kind of paragraph thing, then i would suggest to skip this post (It's going to be like the party I had about a week ago.) Thanks to nyle9009 for liking all my posts, and sending me a pm!!!


Me: Ok, Chell, Gregor, I am going to throw a party. I will invite all my friends. I should go make some phone calls!

Gregor: And some friends...

Me: Don't think i didn't hear that, Gregor.

Chell: But, who will you invite that speaks tamaese?

Me: Well, other tamas.

Chell: Like?

Me: You'll see. I got to go. *leaves to kitchen*

Gregor: Eh, well shes gone.

Chell: You don't say?


In side kitchen


Me: Ok, I should invite Simon, since he's my first generation. *opens phone* Simon?

Simon: Yeah?

Me: Ah, hi Simon. I need you to come over, there is another party going on.

Simon: Do you have cake mix this time?

Me: *sigh* Yes, of course.

Simon: I'll be there! *hangs up*

Me: Well, that was abrupt. Anyways, I'll call... Lucy! *Opens phone* Lucy!

Lucy: What?

Me: Can you come over?

Lucy: Why?

Me: Because I am bored, and I am throwing a party.

Lucy: Sure, and are you getting rid of the connecting words, like I'm?

Me: I am not.

Lucy: *giggles* Well, Ok, what time do you want be to be there?

Me: Oh, I would think now would be fine...

Lucy: Oh alright... I'll be there in a flash.

Me: See ya!

Lucy: Bye. *hangs up*

Me: Ok, Simon... Check, Lucy, check... Hmm... Ah! Duncan! *opens phone* DUNCAN!

Duncan: Geez, what?

Me: Come to my house.

Duncan: Now?

Me: Yes.

Duncan: No use arguing... See ya soon *hangs up*

Me: Ugh, now... Is that it? Yup! *goes back into living room*

Gregor: Wow, that was quick.

Me: I only invited, let's see, 3 people!

Chell: Only 3?

Gregor: Yeah, it isn't a party with only three.

Me: Well, there's us three, so that makes 6.

Chell: Oh...

Gregor: Oh, don't worry. Teens automatically know how to do math.

Me: Really?

Gregor: Yeah.

*ding dong*

Me: Ah, I'll get it. *opens door*

Simon: Hey!

Me: Hey Simon!

Simon: Hey, Gregor, right?

Gregor: Uh... Who are you?

Simon: Uh, your great uncle!

Gregor: ... And...?

Simon: Simon!

Gregor: Oh! So your the one who could double himself!

Simon: Huh? Oh, yeah. I... Can...

Me: *whisper* The clone you brought to the party; his dad was there

Simon: Oh.

Gregor: So, can you do it again?

*ding dong*

Simon: That's the bell! I'll get it. *opens door* Ah, she wouldn't invited me here without you.

Lucy: Yeah, probably.

Me: Oh, be quiet you guys...

Simon: Oh, sure...

Gregor: So, Simon...

Simon: Oh! Bear, I heard you have cake mix?

Me: Yup.

Simon: Lucy, do you still have the cake maker?

Lucy: Well...

Simon: Ok, Gregor, you can help Bear make it!

Me: What?

Gregor: What?

Simon: Yeah! And then me and Lucy and...

Chell: Chell.

Simon: Chell can get to know each other!

Me: Ok, Simon.

*ding dong* 

Simon: I got it. *opens door* Oh, hey bro!

Duncan: Sup, Simon!

Gregor: Hey dad!

Duncan: Hey Gregor!

Me: Ok, so, Gregor, cake?

Gregor: Yeah. bye guys *goes to kitchen*

Me: I should help. *leaves*

Chell: Quick, guys, leave!

Duncan: What?

Simon: Bye! *leaves*

Chell: Lucy? Duncan?

Lucy: Why are we leaving?

Chell: Because. *pushes Lucy out*

Lucy: Hey, Wait! *forced leave*

Chell: You too, Duncan!

Duncan: I can leave on my own. *leaves*

Chell: Ah, alone at last. 

Me: Hey, Chell, how's it going?

Chell: Good!

Me: *comes into living room* Woah, where is everyone?

Chell: They just left...

Me: *glare* Well, we may as well eat cake.

Chell: Well, can we eat without being logged?

Me: Ugh, fine.



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0 points... still...

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Posted 02 March 2013 - 06:53 PM ( #25 )



Jurve, Thank you to Nyle9009 and Bigdaddy46 for following!


So, today was a big day for Chell. Today, I got my first perfect care! At least, on my Music star. Chell became a perfect care teen, Chamametchi. This puts her in the hall of fame for two reasons. First, she is my first Music star girl, and second, she is my first Perfect care music star. Other tamas in my hall of fame are- 

Simon the Mametchi- My first v4 to be logged.

Duncan the Shimashimatchi- My first Music star to be logged.

And that's it. Anyways, I'll add Chell the Chamametchi later. Anyways, that's pretty much it that happened today.


Me: Ok, Chell, you are one of the three tamas to get into my Hall of fame!

Chell: So?

Me: Do you want to see what I am going to put up?

Chell: Sure?

Me: Here it is! *pulls out poster*

Chell: *reading poster* Chell the _________- My first Girl on the music star, first perfect care teen.

Me: What do you think?

Chell: Why is there a blank?

Me: Because I put in the adult you will be, and your a teen now.

Chell: Oh.

Me: Speaking of which, you became a teen today!

Chell: And?

Me: Do you know what this means?

Chell: Dad?

Gregor: Oh, is your gameshow a thing now?

Me: Yup.

Gregor: Oh... Dangit

Chell: Did I miss something?

Me: You're going to be in a gameshow.

Chell: Oh, cool!

Me: There is going to be 3 questions about me; first to 2 right wins.

Chell: Oh... Cool...

Me: Yeah, so I'll start. Also, make a buzzing noise if you have the answer.

Chell: Ok...

Me: First question!


How well do you know Bear?

What is Bear's favorite band?


Chell: Bzzphbtbbtbtbzzz

Me: Chell?

Chell: The Beatles!

Me: Yup!

Gregor: How would she know that?

Me: Chell? How did you know that?

Chell: Well, they're my favorite band...

Me: And?

Chell: I assume everyone would like them...

Me: Is that good enough for you, Gregor?

Gregor: Yeah, sure.

Me: Ok then, next question!


What is Bear's favorite number?


Gregor: BZZZZ

Me: Yes?

Gregor: )!

Me: Without shift held down, please.

Gregor: 01

Me: No...


Me: Yeah?

Chell: $

Me: No shift...

Chell: 4!

Me: Yeah! How'd you know that?

Chell: Your birthday... 4/4...

Me: Oh... Next question!


Why is Bear called Bear?


Gregor: Bzzzzzzzzz...

Me: Yeah?

Gregor: Can I phone a friend?

Me: Uhhh... Sure?

Gregor: Ok, I'd like to call Simon.

Me: Ok, *opens phone* *hands to Gregor* Here you go!

Gregor: Simon!

Simon: Yeah?

Gregor: Why is Bear called Bear?

Simon: Because her dad calls her Hallie bear, and Hallie wouldn't fit.

Gregor: K, Thanks. *hands phone to Bear* Because your dad calls you Hallie bear, but Hallie wouldn't fit?

Me: Correct! And coongrats Chell, for winning!

Gregor: But...

Me: I let you phone a friend because you already lost. Chell got the first two right!

Chell: Yess!

Gregor: Awwww...


Congrats, Chell!



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PM me! And follow me! And rate 5 Stars! Please!

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Posted 03 March 2013 - 11:14 PM ( #26 )



Ok, I have so many (3) thank yous to give out, I'll make a list.

- Khipmunk, for liking my posts

- Nyle9009, for liking my posts and for the nice PM.

- You! For reading this and getting it to 500 views.


Anyways, I have a short-ish post, so don't excpect a well thought out chat or anything. Anyways, Chell is now a Mimitchi, which is perfect care adult. So the hall of fame template says:

Chell the Mimitchi- First girl, and perfect care on my music star.

Well, shes asleep now. She goes to bed at 8:45 now. And, her band evolved too! Wait, I haven't told you about her band, have I? Well, it's called Hamod, and there is David, a togetchi, and Toby, a taroktchi. 


Me: Chell! Congrajudulations!

Chell: What did I do?

Me: You became a perfect care!

Chell: Which is...?

Me: A Mimitchi!

Chell: Ok, and?

Me: Being a perfect care makes you pretty...

Chell: Oh, so what does me being pretty mean?


Chell: Woah, I was kidding.

Me: Well obviously being a perfect care doesn't make your humor perfect...

Chell: Ooh, I just got burned...

Me: Well, I'm done. Bye!



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Posted 05 March 2013 - 06:38 PM ( #27 )



Sorry for not making it to the computer yesterday, I had stuff to do. Anyways, before I start, I would like to Thanks KeroPonytchi and Khipmunk for liking my post Well, tomorrow I will marry Chell off, although I am wondering whether to let her stay, or not. PM me your opinion. But, she hasn't made Pro debut, so I probably won't get another #1 award anytime this week. But, she still has fun with Hamod, so I guess that's all that really matters. Well, I don't have much else to say.


Me: Hey, does anyone want to play--

Chell: Anyone? I am the only one here, so you could shorten it to 'Chell, do you want to play'

Me: Well, I was going to say, do you want to play Minute to win it?

Chell: Sure, I guess...

Me: If you win, you get a slice of cake!

Chell: Let me get a timer.

Me: No need, I got everything right here. *motions to wall*

Chell: Where?

Me: Oh, I haven't taken that down yet? *starts moving hands along wall*

Chell: Err...

Me: Ah! Here it is! *pulls open wall*

Chell: Woah...

*a huge minute to win it gameshow set*

Me: What do you think?

Chell: I think I want to know how you got the money to do this.

Me: Well, after a new generation, all the old generations money is gone...

Chell: And?

Me: I kind of take it from them.

Chell: Well, you're not getting my money!

Me: No, not like that. When you leave, you have this urge to leave your money with me.

Chell: Sure, well, at least it went to a good cause.

Me: I thought you'd think that.

Chell: Well, I think we should play.

Me: Cool, we should, because the grand opening is on in about *checks watch* 5 minutes.

Chell: What? How about We only do one round, then.

Me: Ok, whatever. I have this open, so I could come here and play anytime.

Chell: So, if I wanted to play in 5 days, I could come over to your place and play Minute to win it?

Me: Sure, but you'd have to call.

Chell: Well, I might want to give you my money to keep this going for a long time.

Me: Well, that may help. 

*tons of tamas start pouring in*

Me: Get ready, we're on in 5.

Chell: Five whats?

Me: ...4

Chell: Oh, I'm ready.

Me: 3... 2... 1... We're on!

Chell: Uh, what do I do?

Me: Sh! Hello, and welcome to the grand opening of Minute to win it!

Audience: *cheering*

Me: Now, this lovely Mimitchi next to me is called Chell, and she will be playing one round with us.

Audience: *more cheering*

Me: Ok, Whats the first round?

Computer: Chocolate unicorn. Chell will have to stack 6 snack cakes on her forehead like a unicorn's horn.

Me: Ok, Chell, are you ready?

Chell: *squeak*

Computer: The game begins in 3... 2... 1...

Chell: *starts stacking snack cakes*

Me: Ok, shes starting, she has 55 seconds left, and already has one, so at this rate she should be done by the half minute mark.

Chell: *keeps stacking*

Me: Ok, shes up to two in 40 seconds left.

Chell: *stacks faster*

Me: Wow, up to 4 with 30 seconds to spare.

Chell: *finishes stacking*

Me: Wow, she finished with 20 seconds left! Great job Chell! I think I owe you a piece of cake!

Chell: Thanks, I should go now. *leaves to living room*

Me: Ok, thanks for coming!

Audience: *copious amounts of cheering*

Me: Bye! *leaves*

Chell: Ok, how was I?

Me: You were good, and what cake do you want? We have Chocolate and vanilla.

Chell: Vanilla, Thank you.

Me: You are welcome. Do you want to do that again soon?

Chell: If you keep me alive, I might.

Me: Gotcha. I might just do that.

Chell: Cool.



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Posted 05 March 2013 - 10:19 PM ( #28 )



Hey! It's been a while since I have made two posts in the same day, but i have some earth-shattering news! I have found out how to put pictures on! Woot! Here is one (sorry about the link)






Well, that's the earth shattering news. Have a chat.


Me: So, Chell, what do you think?

Chell: Well, I think you could of gotten an action shot of me doing like, something.

Me: Oh be quiet. I'll do it later. 

Chell: I won't speak until you do it.

Me: Oh fine, Bam! There's an action shot.

Chell: Sunglasses? You sure?

Me: Deal with it.

Chell: Oh, you silly human...

Me: Oh, you silly Mimitchi...

Chell: Well, I think it's getting close to my--

Me: Your what?

Chell: ZzZzzZzZzZz

Me: Ah. Goodnight.



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Posted 07 March 2013 - 07:57 PM ( #29 )


Hey, turns out, Chell got pro debut without me knowing! Maybe I was doing something else when she finished her audition or something, but when I checked her star ranking today, it was... 3rd! I am proud of my little Chell-Spot. Oh, yeah I haven't showed you her costume. Bam!






There you go~! She is six today, and as you can tell from the no husband or baby, she still hasn't gotton married. That's right, I am trying to break the world record! But, I may get bored of having the same Mimitchi or oldie after a while, and reset or marry her off. But, I will try to last at least a month. Or, Ooh I have an idea. I will let her stay until my birthday at least, which is coming up! April fourth, and then she can leave if she wants to. So if you are bored of Chell, come back April fifth, and then she might be gone. Anyways, I am done with this boring paragraph...


Chell: Hey

Me: Hi there, Chell. That is like the first time one of my tamas spoke before me.

Chell: Ruff.

Me: Yeah, I can see your dog costume.

Chell: Ruff.

Me: Yeah, you can stop.

Chell: Ruff!

Me: I get it! You have a dog costume on!

Chell: *starts writing*

Me: What are you writing?

Chell: *shows paper*

Me: I... am... a... dog.

Chell: Ruff!

Me: Cute, Chell.

Chell: *starts writing again*

Me: Hm...

Chell: *shows paper*

Me: This... isn't... a... joke.

Chell: Ruff!

Me: Whatever... Do you want to play minute to win it?

Chell: Sure! I mean... Ruff!

Me: Caught ya, Chell.

Chell: Awww, whatever. I had you fooled for a second, I could see it in your eyes.

Me: Yeah, cool.

Chell: So, Minute to win it?

Me: Nah, I was just trying to get you to admit to not being a dog.

Chell: Why?

Me: Because you were making yourself look bad.

Chell: Well, yeah...

Me: But I forgive you. And do you want to know how I knew you wern't a dog?

Chell: How?

Me: You said hey at the beggining at the post.

Chell: Well...

Me: But, whatever.

Chell: You're actually pretty forgiving.

Me: That's sweet of you to say, Spot.

Chell: Ruff...



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Posted 08 March 2013 - 08:40 PM ( #30 )



Heh, oh I just accidentally posted only the date... But I am, editing this in right no, so more than just a date now. Well, you know how I told you that Chell made pro debut without me noticing? Well, she also made 1st place, but this time with me noticing. So, she did bump Duncan out of the rock and roll first place, but what are you going to do? Well, Thank you to Khipmunk for liking my last two posts! Ans also, sorry for not posting the other day.


Me: Chell!

Chell: Urgh what?

Me: Well, I want you to know that you will stay here until my birthday.

Chell: Which is?

Me: In a month.

Chell: But that's like, 30 years with you!

Me: Well, sucks to be you. 

Chell: That remark was very motherly of you.

Me: Oh be quiet. Anyways, want to do something fun, since it's friday?

Chell: Capital F, and sure?

Me: Nice catch.

Chell: So, what do you want to do?

Me: Want to visit your ancestors?

Chell: Sure?

Me: Sweet, get in my pocket.

Chell: Okay? *climbs into shirt pocket*

Me: Ok, you can look out if you'd like, but I am just going across the street.

Chell: Sweet.

Me: *walks outside and to the tree across the street*

Chell: Uhm, Bear, this is a tree.

Me: Look under the roots. 

Chell: *hops out and looks under roots*

Me: See anything?

Chell: Yeah, like a mouse hole... I could fit in if I wanted to.

Me: Go in, and if you see a big red button, push it.

Chell: Ha ha... *goes in hole*

Me: How is it like?

Chell: Uhm, I see a button.

Me: Is it big and red?

Chell: Want me to push it?

Me: You think?

Chell: Ok. *pushes button*

*tree splits open*

Me: Ah, this seems right.

Chell: *comes out of hole* Hey, what happened?

Me: Nothing, come on! *grabs chell and goes down hole*

Chell: Eek!

Me: Hold on!

Chell: How? You're holding me!

Me: Almost there! *lands on floor*

Chell: Uh, how will we get out?

Me: I'll ask around.

Chell: Who will you ask?

Me: These tamas out before us.

Chell: What tamas?

*tons of tamas step out of shadows*

Me: These. the are my old generations, starting with Simon.

Simon: Hey, Chell? Is it?

Chell: Uh, yeah.

Me: Duncan,

Duncan: Hey Chell, are you from that one game?

Chell: Uh...

Me: Gregor,

Gregor: Hey sweetie, welcome to our tree!

Me: And Lucy, 

Lucy: Hey Chell! I am finally not the only girl here.

Chell: Oh, I am not staying here. I live across the street.

Me: Yeah. I still care for her.

Lucy: Really? after a week?

Simon: Well, you came unannounced, so we ere in the middle of something...

Me: Oh geez, sorry. Hpw can i come out?

Simon: That button *points to big blue button*

Me: Thanks, come on Chell.

Chell: Fine.

Me: *pushes big button*

Chell: Urp, I feel sick *closes eyes*

Me: Eww, don't barf on me *closes eyes*

Chell: Actually, I feel better now. *opens eyes* How did we get home?

Me: *opens eyes* Uh, I dunno.

Chell: Whatever. I'll be in my room.

Me: Bye.



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Posted 10 March 2013 - 02:11 PM ( #31 )



 Hey, sorry for not posting a lot recently... I had stuff to do. But, nothing much happened to Chell, she changed music genres from rock and roll to hip-hop. SHe is 8 years old, and I want her to be an oldie soon. But, besides that, nothing happened.


Me: Chell, why are you so boring?

Chell: How am I boring?

Me: You don't evolve or anything now.

Chell: I am an adult, so I can't evolve more except when I am a oldie.

Me: *an

Chell: Ugh, an oldie.

Me: Yup.

Chell: But, that might not happen until Wednesday.

Me: Ugh, I have to wait that long?

Chell: You sound like a baby.

Me: Oh be quiet, I am still older than you.

Chell: By like, three years.

Me: What?

Chell: I am 8.

Me: In tama years.

Chell: Yeah, and how old is that in human years?

Me: About 2% of a year.

Chell: Oh. So technically, I have been with you for 0.1% of your life?

Me: Technically, yes. What formula did you use?

Chell: x/365/11

Me: Yep. That seems right.

Chell: So, I am bored.

Me: It's because you are so boring!



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Posted 10 March 2013 - 03:47 PM ( #32 )



Ok, I know this is a second post in a day, but that's because I feel sorry for not posting as often. Also, I have pictures! One is a collection picture, and the other is Chell with herself. Also, I am going to try to embed it in the post.




Theres my tamas, all 5 of them, in a recycled hamburger helper box.




Ok, there's Chell playing with her clone. Anyways, is these don't work, I will edit it back to a link. If they do, then Hurrah!


Me: Chell, how was it playing with yourself?

Chell: ...

Me: Chell?

Chell: ...

Me: Chell, are you okay?

Chell: ... I am mad at you...

Me: How come?

Chell: That second picture.

Me: Oh, well, it does look like a wedding.

Chell: Rrrr...

Me: Oh be quiet, it did.

Chell: Why would I marry myself?

Me: Because, you might be narcissistic?

Chell: ...



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Posted 12 March 2013 - 08:07 PM ( #33 )



Hey, I am sorry for neglecting this log like a bad tama... I haven't had time because I think the teachers at my school are gaining up on just me, and are giving my classes tons of home work. Hmph. Anyways, I may not be able to post that much during weekdays, but I will still try. On the weekends, I may be able to post more often, but I still may not be able to get it every day. I would expect every other day, so when there is two in a row, you can be surprised. But, anyways, Chell evolved! She became a oldie right after my last log post, but it was almost time for bed. Lets see, she is called Dangoobatchi. I know, bad care oldie, but she is kind of cute. I would post pictures, but i can't right now. Well, short chat today!


Me: Cehl.

Chell: You spelled my name wrong.

Me: Waht r u diong?

Chell: Excuse me?

Me: Cehl.

Chell: What?

Me: Stahp.

Chell: Oh, that thing. 

Me: Well, how is it being a oldie?

Chell: Well it is weird, considering I am your first oldie.

Me: Well, how do you feel?

Chell: Old and tired. I want to sit down and knit and watch soap operas... 'o'

Me: Well, that is normal for an old person.

Chell: I would also enjoy a toy a girl should get!

Me: Sorry, it's not my fault I can't find out how to get you toys?

Chell: Yes, it is.

Me: Well ok...

Chell: Random emote time! ;)

Me: >:U

Chell: )':

Me: >: D

Chell: D':

Me: 'u'

Chell: <(^u^<)

Me: ;u;

Chell: {: 

Me: :o

Chell: d:p

Me: What was that?

Chell: A guy in a baseball cap.



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Posted 17 March 2013 - 08:36 PM ( #34 )



Geez, sorry for not posting in so long. I have been keeping Chell alive, but she has been paused this weekend. Not much is going on besides that. Short post today.


Me: Chell, you have five lines.

Chell: Five whats?

Me: Five lines, and now four.

Chell: What are lines?

Me: Times to speak. You now have three.

Chell: Oh, well then... I can't think of anything to say.

Me: Well, you have two left for today.

Chell: Uh, I should be older?

Me: Good, now I would recommend signing off.

Chell: Bye?

Me: Thank you.



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Sorry for the short post! Hopefully there will be a longer one tomorrow!

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