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What the tama?

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Posted 23 May 2013 - 08:39 PM ( #35 )


(Lol I put the wrong day)

Ahem. Cough cough cough. Awkward choking noise. Ugh, I think I'm drowning in the blood of this dead log. But, it's alright, because I can just make up a lame excuse for not being able to post! Right? Right? Right? WRONG. I am not the type of person that does that. You will never see me say 'Oh, I was too busy' or that boring stuff. Instead, I say long, elaborate, thought out excuses. Needless to say, I was just to lazy to post, but that's not what you'll hear from me! Oh, no.

Hey guys! Sorry I had to be gone for so long, but I met this alien who called himself The Doctor, and he had a funny blue box called a TARDIS that was bigger on the inside an could travel through time and space. He promised me I would be back home by the next day, but instead he took me back today, two months later. But you should be happy, because he once was off by twelve years.

Anyways, it's a little embarrassing because I am cleaning my room, and I put my Musicstar down, and now I can't seem to find it. Heheheh... But, I reset it from Chell, so now it's a boy named Tom. And Tom just evolved into a toddler until I lost him. Whoops. He is a Kutchitamatchi, so I think that's a bad care toddler. Double whoops. But, I have a feeling he's covered in blankets.

Me: Tom! Tom! Tooom!
Tom: Over here!
Me: Where?
Tom: Here!
Me: That's not helping!
Tom: I'm under a ton of blankets!
Me: Hah! I knew it!
Tom: Yeah, cool. Now get me out!
Me: Just a second! There, you're free.
Tom: About time, I was under there for like an hour.
Me: Yeah, whatever. I suck. Now, what do you want to do?
Tom: Hmm, can we play a game?
Me: We sure can-
Tom: Awesome! Let's play Music note.
Me: Let me finish, We can, but may we?
Tom: Urg, May we play Music note?
Me: Sure.

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Posted 24 May 2013 - 04:19 PM ( #36 )



Thank you to Triforceman for liking a ton of my posts!

Hello! Tom has not evolved yet, but because my brother is having a random get together with his friends, I will be on TT a lot more often today. So yes, I will post a log post when Tom is a teen, but no, he is not a teen yet. I hope he is a Kikitchi, because that is the cutest. And perfect care, which would make him only the second tama teen with perfect care, but whatever. Oh, and at school, one of my frinds saw him, and she said "Tamagotchis are for babies. I have three" I kid you not, she was being that hypocritical. That kind of annoyed me, but you know, haers gonna hate. And she is really nice all the time, it was just we were just talking trash, in the way that only friends can. And none of my other friends sitting there knew what a Tamagotchi was. So, that's pretty much all for today.


Me: Yo! Tom! Get down here!

Tom: What up?

Me: This is the day you become a teen, and you know what that means!

Tom: No, actually...

Me: Well, normaly I would get your legal guardian to compete against you in a game show, but since you are the first in a generation, you are all alone.

Tom: Stop rubbing it in...

Me: I'm kidding. But technically Chell is your mom...

Tom: Who's Chell?

Me: Oh, just some old Dangootchi, she is like, 50 or someting years old.

Tom: Wow, and that's the oldest you have?

Me: No, I can show you the oldest. Just a second. *leaves room to kitchen*


In kitchen


Me: *opens phone and calls Simon*

Simon: Yo?

Me: Yo!

Simon: Yoooooooo!

Me: Yooooooooooooooooooo!

Simon: Sooooooooooooooooooo what do you want?

Me: I was wondering if you could make a guest appearance at my place.

Simon: Eh, I have nothing better to do. I'll be there in a-

*doorbell rings*

Me: See ya Simon, someones at the door. *goes back to living room*


In living room


Me: Oh, hey Simon!

Tom: I hope you don't mind that I let him in.

Me: Yeah, this guys over 100 years old.

Simon: Yup, that's me.

Tom: Wow! 100!

Simon: Yeah, can I go now?

Me: *sigh* Fine, if you must.

SImon: Bye. *leaves*

Tom: Well that was anti-climatic.

Me: Yeah, laugh it up.

Tom: Well, wasn't there a gameshow?

Me: No, I'll do it once you're a teen. Which may be tomorrow...

Tom: Aww...



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Thanks for letting your eyes glance over this! Have fun with the rest of the site after you leave a like!


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Posted 24 May 2013 - 09:14 PM ( #37 )



Well, as promised, I am updating my log again because Tom has evolved. He turne into that one fireball tama, Hinotamatchi? I don't know. All I know is that he's OK care, because Kikitchi is perfect, and Nonopotci is horrible. Anyways, he should join a band any minute now, so I will wait. Also, is it weird that he never went to preschool as a toddler? I am pretty sure he'll be okay, though. Anyway, that's it for the past couple hours.


Me: Tom! I have a gameshow for you now!

Tom: Oh boy! I love gameshows!

Me: But first, I am really in the mood for toast...

Tom: Oh not this again...

Me: It's such a shame that my toaster is broken...

Tom: Ugh...

Me: And if only there was another fire source around here...

Tom: Ugh FINE! *rubs bread against face* There!

Me: Thank you!~

Tom: Ok, gameshow?

Me: Yes, so I will ask three questions that relate to me, and ten ou will compete against your parent or legal guardian to try to get 2 questions right.

Tom: But you're my legal guardian?

Me: Shh... I already called someone, they'll be here in a second.

*doorbell rings*

Me: That's her! *opens door*

Chell: About time I came back here!

Me: Sorry, but we're playing my game with Tom!

Tom: Hi?

Chell: Hey Tom, ready to lose?

Tom: Ok then...

Me: Oh be quiet Chell...

Chell: I have never lost a game!

Me: You've only played once!

Chell: Bu-



How well do you know Bear?


Me: Question one, please!


Who is Bear's favorite teacher!



Me: Chell!

Chell: Your science teacher!

Me: No... Tom?

Tom: Your fifth and sixth period teacher?

Me: Correct!

Chell: How was I supposed to know that?

Me: The same way that Tom knows.

Chell: Which is?

Tom: I knew because she seemed more relaxed in his class.

Me: Fair enough?

Chell: Fair enough...

Me: Next question!


What is the meaning of life, everything, and the universe?



Me: What?

Chell: 42.

Me: Nicely put, Chell.

Tom: Hey!

Me: Next question?





Me: Yes?

Chell: Why what?

Me: Wrong!


Me: Yes, Tom?

Tom: Why not?

Me: Correct!

Chell: I just don't know why that makes sense?


Chell: Fine then...

Tom: IN YO' FACE!!!

Chell: SIgh...


Congrajudilations to Tom!



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I have hidden three Doctor Who references in this post, find all three, PM them to me, and you will get a shout out by Tomorrow. If no one PMs me in time, I will reveal them, and do something different. As always, thanks or reading.

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Posted 25 May 2013 - 09:50 PM ( #38 )



Oh my gosh, completely disregard the date on both of the last two posts. I think I may have been drinking. The dates are off, but now I have the right one. :rolleyes: Well, anywho, nothing really happened between my tama and me. He got a band! So, they are as follows- Penny the Ringotchi, Lois the Kikitchi, and Tom the Hinotamatchi! I called them the Derps. Because you know, Derp... Well, besides that, nothing happened. I stayed at home, played my phone, and did stuff like that. It's a three day wekend for goodness sakes! Anyways, I think Tom will evolve Monday? I am not positive. He desn't evolve today, though. I know that much.


Me: Tom!

Tom: Yessir!

Me: We have to talk about something!

Tom: Sir what sir!

Me: Oh shut up, Tom, just talk normal.

Tom: Ok, so what d we need to talk about?

Me: Well, whether you like it or not, you're going to have a baby in less than a week.

Tom: Huuh?

Me: Well, you're going to marry a baby who wll then make a baby. And, you know what babies need?

Tom: To be thrown off a cliff?

Me: Yes! Well, no. Babies need a name.

Tom: And?

Me: We need to think of one!

Tom: Why are we doing this now?

Me: Because I need something to type Because all my past generations have spent hours fighting over what to name their baby, but we can have an unwavering decision!

Tom: Soo...

Me: Let's think of one!

Tom: Well, I don't like unisex names, so let's think of two. One for a boy and one for a girl.

Me: That's the spirit!

Tom: Ok, let's do this!

Me: Yeah!

Tom: Yeah!

 Me: YEAH!

Tom: YEAH!




*five minutes later*


Tom: Let's figure out the boy names first!

Me: Joshua!

Tom: No!

Me: Michael!

Tom: No!

Me: Ethan!

Tom: Maybe!


*five minutes of sorting later*


Me: Ok, we are down to the top three. Are you ready, Tom?

Tom: Yeap!

Me: Ethan, Noah, or Anthony!

Tom: Hm... Anthony!

Me: Alright! And if it is a boy, then we can go through the alphabet which would be fun.

Tom: Sounds good! Now, let's think of girls names!

Me: I'll get the computer!


*five minutes later*


Me: Ok, Amy!

Tom: Maybe!

Me: Chloe?

Tom: Maybe!

Me: Ava?

Tom: No!


*five minutes later*


Me: Ok Tom, final three again, ready?

Tom: Sure.

Me: Amy, Pond, Chloe!

Tom: Hm... I like Amy and Pond, can we do both?

Me: You ave no idea how happy I am to hear you say you want your kid named Amy Pond!

Tom: Fantastic!

Me: Ok, let's go write these down.

Tom: Ay aye, captain.



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Daily word of the day!

(This might be fun, I'll put a word here and tell you what they mean.)

Unisex- Of, designed, or suitable for both sexes. (Boys and Girls)


Ok, no one PMed me about the Doctor Who references, so I'll tell you where they were. In the random letters that Chell was saying, she said TARDIS, TIMELORD, and VOTEFORSAXON, which are all related to Doctor Who. Anyways, have fun, and as always, thanks for reading.


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Posted 27 May 2013 - 04:07 PM ( #39 )


What! May is almost over! What now! But, I am sorry for not posting yesterday, maybe I can think up an excuse later. But a lot of stuff happened yesterday! First of all, I lied about Tom not evolving. He evolved in the middle of the night, I'm guessing around one am. He evolved into a, drumroll please, Mametchi! Crazy, huh? But that's still not all! His band members evolved all into perfect care, which is pretty rare. They are a Kuromametchi and a Cantotchi? I don't know what the last one is called. She looks like a big Chamametchi. Anyways, the reason I brought up their band is because try got Pro debut! Yes!!! That's all that happened, but that doesn't mean it's not cool.

Me: Yo Tom!
Tom: What?
Me: Get your friends to come over!
Tom: My band mates? Sure.
Me: Here, use my phone. *tosses phone*
Tom: Thanks! *calls all band memebers* Yo! Come here!
Me: Are they able to come?
*ding dong*
Tom: That's them!
Me: Wow. That's fast.
Tom: Yeah.
Me: Hey Penny and Louis!
Penny: Hey.
Louis: What up?
Me: Ok, Stand still.
Penny: What?
Louis: I'm sorry?
Me: Dont be. I'm disabling the traps. *waves sonic screwdriver around*
Tom: What's that?
Me: Nothing. Now, you can move.
Penny: Im still confused but ok.
Louis: I think I'll just leave now...
Me: Wait stay!
Louis: *leaves*
Penny: Uhm, He's my ride home. Sorry! *leaves*
Tom: Now look what you did!
Me: Sorry...

Daily word of the day!

Redundant- (adj) When something is repeated twice or more times. Ex- DAILY word of the DAY

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Posted 29 May 2013 - 09:40 PM ( #40 )



Hey there, today Tom got a year older. Not much besides that, really. I am making a short post today, so don't be afraid. I just wanted to let you know that I am alive and well.


Daily word of the day!

teacherly- Of or pertaining to the traits or personality of a teacher.



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Sorry for the short post, but thank you for reading it!

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