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My Best Friends are Pixelated

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Posted 07 February 2013 - 10:24 PM ( #1 )

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Presenting Eternal Mametchi Fan’s not-so fabulous millionth log in which we shall explore the world of her many Tamagotchi friends! Shall we begin? Let’s, let’s!

About this Log
My Best Friends are Pixelated will feature most of the connections, a few colors, as well as Tama-Gos and a P2. It will contain photos once a week and will hopefully be posted in every day, but maybe once every few days due to unfortunate circumstances. Not only will it be about the Tamagotchis themselves, but it will also contain a special section in which one can read anything Tamagotchi-related that EMF has been getting up to. This post shan’t have photos because my mama’s camera needs batteries. X_x

About this Member
EMF is a short-tempered girl who loves cats and the Tamagotchi anime, and does not get along with humans. However, she is very understanding to her friends and cares about them a lot. She looks awful. She has yucky olive colored eyes and her hair is so long she can sit on it. She is also laughing her head off right now because she simply loves making fun of her own appearance. She lives in Australia and hates it. The only thing she doesn’t hate about Australia is that the English Tamagotchi anime is on TV.


Hello! EMF is very happy to see you! She…wait a minute, why am I talking like Elmo? Okay, my P2 has shabby buttons and I break my fingers by pressing them, and thus I cannot take very good care of my Tamagotchi. I have that toddler dude who looks like Kinakomotchi. He is 2 years old and his discipline bar only has three marks.

My Tamagotchi is called Edam, which is a type of cheese if I remember correctly. I have a girl, the cute adult character who looks like a chipmunk or possibly a tiger. I forgot its name because I am hopeless. Edam’s 5 years old, her training bar is full, she is on generation 2 and has 1,415 Gotchi Points.

I have a 4-year-old Billotchi named Duke. His training bar is full, he is on generation 1, and he has 1,660 Gotchi Points. I entered all the V3 codes in existence and was rewarded with a weird costume that looks like Zukkitchi on a bad day.

I have a family that I named Yello because Yellow is the best color ever, but I had forgotten that the family name can only be up to 5 letters long. It is on generation 2 because my V5.5 recently reset itself. I have a family of adults, Mametchi, Chantotchi, and Kuromametchi, and their parents are Papamametchi and Mememamatchi. They are a Blended Family with only 30% bond. I leave the bond low on purpose so I can get Mametchi instead of all the cheesy special celebrity characters. Mametchi is the best! They have 4,480 Gotchi Points.

On my Music Star I just collected my final award, for R&B! Now that I have all 8 awards I expected something epic to happen but nothing did. I still run my Music Star anyway because it is the best version ever… after Tama-Go, of course! I have a 5-year-old Togetchi named Toshiba in a band called Geeks. His instrument is saxophone and his toy is a globe. The other members in his band are Colleen the Onputchi, who plays the Timpani, and Dino the Kuchipatchi, who plays the Bass Drum. Sadly Toshiba is only on Gen2. He has 10,360,000 Gotchi Points and all his skills are 999, and as you may guess, his genre is R&B.

I want to hug my Tama-Go because I love it a googolplex times more than anything else that is ever to exist. I actually have four Tama-Gos but this one was my first, it is a blue Memetchi one even though I would have preferred Mametchi because he is the best. My current faceplate is a handmade one, which is yellow with pink hearts and blue sparkles. Ew, so lame and girly!
I have Makiko. I am happy because I have never gotten her on Tama-Go before. She is 4 years old and is on generation 48, and I plan on wedding her to Toshiba. She has 7 training points and 243,756 Gotchi Points. Her room model is the special one that looks like a little cabin.

Princess Spacy iD L
I put batteries in my iD L and was disturbed to find that my Makiko was gone, and she had left a little note for me. So I had to start from generation 1. I have had my Princess Spacy for months, but I only have Mametchi and Uwasatchi in my book because I recently reset it without thinking.
My new baby was a boy, Yurapatchi.

I am on generation 16 but I only have 11 characters in my book: Mametchi, Naitotchi, Nandetchi, Doyatchi, Achitchi, Karakutchi, that weird frog dude in a red hat, Chouchoutchi, Kiramotchi, Kiraritchi, and the girl guinea pig with a magnifying glass. I have all 5 Tama Pets in my book.
Currently I have an epic Warutwutchi. She is 4 years old with three of her Puzzle Pieces, and shall receive her fourth later today. I turned all the rooms into the underwater theme so my house looks like an underwater palace. The only problem is, the lounge room now has a seal and a dolphin and I dread those two creatures.

In Other News…
I shipped my Kiraritchi Yume Kira Bag and am patiently waiting for it to arrive. I don’t even want it because Kiraritchi is ugly but I got it anyway because I’m curious as to what the flip it does.
I am also working on a Nanotchi plush but all I have is a faceless Nanotchi head, and his arms. I keep having nightmares about him coming to life and murdering my face in; I’ve had those types of dreams ever since I was a toddler and they have always scared my greatly. Perhaps that is why I prefer gadgets e.g. Tamagotchis over plush toys and dolls. Naturally I’d dislike plushes and dolls if I keep dreaming about them coming to life and killing me.
It is going to be Valentine’s Day in less than a week. I never get any valentine stuff because I don’t even know anybody in real life, nor do I want to. So this year I am making a card for Ikemen Mametchi. Yay!

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07 Feb 2013

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10 Feb 2013

Eternal Mametchi Fan

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 06:12 AM ( #2 )

I forgot to finish writing about my Princess Spacy! **facepalm** Okie, I'll only log about the Tamas in which something happened~

Evolved into...DUN-DUN-DUN! The bad care teen I forgot the name of XD

I made Mametchi marry Hotteatchi (what a rude name!) and they evolved into Papamametchi and Crystaltchi and they had three babies, so we are now on Generati on 3. They are toddlers now: Mousetchi, Mattaritchi, and Tororotchi with 10% Bond.

I was too lazy to make Toshiba connect with my Tama-Go a million times so I just made him marry Mimitchi. They had a baby boy. I bought a Boutique at the shop. How can I buy a shop at a shop?

Makiko married Kikitchi at the date place~

Princess Spacy
The Yurapatchi I forgot to finish logging about is Kuchipatchi. I found his favorite food and toy, but I cannot work out his favorite clothes! :s I bought all the clothes and tried them on, but to no avail X_X

I now have the snail boy teen, on generation 17, with the stamina skill and 3000 Gotchi Points. I hope I don't get Achitchi for the millionth time. T_T

In other news...
My Kiraritchi Yume Kira Bag MIGHT arrive tomorrow. I wonder what batteries it takes... Sorry this post has been boring, but I'll make good posts once a week. :P

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