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Kero's Log! <3 (Of Tamagotchis, BTW) :D

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Posted 12 February 2013 - 08:53 PM ( #1 )

Hi, welcome to my second log (for some reason my other one wouldn't let me access it :P)! Hopefully this one will be as successful as the last one... But let's get started! First off, here's the "cast" (as I like to say) of the log at the moment: Cody, a Hinatchi on my v3, Kyoto, a Young Mimitchi on my v4, Koby, a Memetchi on my Ketai, and June, a Makiko with her husband (KuroMametchi), and baby boy on my Tama-Go :)

v3 (Cody): So Cody is officially the first Tama to be featured on this log. So that's good. Well, let's see... I don't know if you read my previous log or not, but if you have, you would probably remember that he's Abby's son on second gen. He's two years old and a teen, Hinatchi (the penguin Tama, not Hinotamatchi). Right now, he's happily taking a bath. I used to never figure out what the bathing animation was until about a year ago (I used to think it was making a soup of itself :lol:) Oh, and as an adult, I would like him to be a Hidatchi :)

v4 (Kyoto): Before I get to anything else, she JUST got her School Mail, and chose... Mr. Turdlepedia as a teacher! (I want a Mimitchi really bad :P) And yeah. So, she is on the third gen, being Blue's daughter (again, Blue is from my other log). But yeah! So that's all for Kyoto ^_^

Ketai (Koby): He's doing great since the last update- er, where I left him on my first log :) except that he evolved into an adult in that time- a Memetchi! Not exactly an adult that I picture as a male, but at least he's a good care adult. And an adult all together.

Music Star (Amber): ...Yeah. I just did that. I started a Music Star in the middle of a post, so BWAH! But anyways, she's a girl, and I got all of her Skill Points up past 100 already! She's taking her nap right now :)

Tama-Go (June & Co.): Like I said, she's married now, to a KuroMametchi! I was hoping she'd marry him. First, there was a Shimashimatchi, next a Kuchipatchi, and then KuroMametchi and then :wub:

June: Ohmygosh I missed you guys SO MUCH!!!
Koby: ... Why did you start a new log anyways, Kero?
Me: Because my other one crashed and wouldn't let me post on it.
Cody: Hiiiii I'm Cody, I like bacon and kite flying. YAY NOW I KNOW MORE PEOPLE!!!!
Kyoto: Quiet down! Gosh I'm trying to watch TWILIGHT over here...
Me: ... Wait a minute... Did you steal my TV? And how do you have Twilight in Tamagotchi... World or wherever you live?
Kyoto: Ok, so see that KuroMametchi? That's Edwardtchi, that creepy monkey-vampire-snowman thing. Oh, and that's Bellatchi, the Chantotchi over there. She has problems. And there's Jacobtchi, the Togetchi. He likes to be shirtless.
Me: ... Okkkk...
Me: Yessss... Hitodetchi!
Amber: Look, Kero! I have ARMS!!! Now I can slap you annoying peop- zzzz....
Me: Annnddd she's asleep. Well bye!
Everyone: Byyyeee!! Thanks for reading!
Kyoto: TWILIGHT!!!!

So, that's my first post for this log. I'll try to post more often, but I can't post on Thursdays (volleyball practice, and EPSECIALLY this Thursday because it's the Valentine's Day dance at my school :wub:), but either way, thanks so much for reading!

Me: Shh!!!
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12 Feb 2013

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Posted 13 February 2013 - 10:48 PM ( #2 )

Thanks to CheesyNoodleTama for liking and following! You rock!! Also, thanks to those who rated. Much appreciated! ~Kero <3
Hi everyone. Welcome to the second post of my log! Nothing major happened today, sadly. Everyone except for Amber was paused, and she's overdue to evolve... she hasn't even gotten her Preschool Mail yet! Since nothing happened, I'll just skip ahead to the part of the log you crazed virtual pet fans love no offence, right? I mean, we're ALL crazed virtual pet fans here.: The part where my Tamas act totally crazy and sometimes annoy me... The talking part!! :D :D :D
Kyoto: Well THAT was shorter then usual.

June: I agree...

Amber; OOH OOH OOH let me guess.... Kero got typing lessons?

Me: Uh, no...

Amber: Baha I can type faster then you!!! jklcdegvuyoqlv.

Me: Says the :hitodetchi: who can't spell <_<

Amber: Says the is there a human icon on here? Kero who can't protect her fridge from her Tamas ._.

Kyoto: Or CD's of Twilight.

June: Or eyeliner.

Me: Wait... WHAT?


Kyoto: Well I can do :newmametchi:

Koby: HELLOOO!? Am I invisable?

Me: Oh, your still here? For some reason I thought I took your battery out ._.

Koby: *Gasp* :wacko:

Amber: RAINBOW!!!!

Me: Random but ok. Well, we gotta go now, so-

Everyone: BYYYEEE!!!!!

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Posted 15 February 2013 - 02:10 PM ( #3 )

Hey guys! Before I start, there have been some "minor changes to the cast" of this log, and I really don't feel like explaining why, so... Basiclly, here you go: Cody the Hinatchi (v3), Drip the Harutchi (v4), and Amber the Ichigotchi (Music Star). I hope you're satisfied.


v3 (Cody): Today was a somewhat quiet day so far, besides calling for disipline you naughty little penguin. Right now, we're playing Bump, and....  he lost on the second round, gaining 80 points. But anyways, he may be evolving tomarrow because he's 3 years old now, and I really hope its Hidatchi. If not, something cute  :lol: 


v4 (Drip): ... Ok, I can read your mind and you're wondering what ever happened to Kyoto. Well, I gave her to my freind for a day, (she wanted to get Tamagotchis and I let her raise Kyoto for a day) and she fed snacks instead of meals (she thought hunger went up from that as well), and didn't know how to pause her (I showed her how to do everything, by the way). I think you know how this story ends. If not, go up to someone in your school and say, "how does Kero's story about Kyoto end?" and who knows? Maybe you'll find a REAL LIVE TamaTalk member! ;) But yeah. This time around, I was going for a Togetchi, but I got Harutchi, the Mame family toddler, so Mametchi it is!! Maybe. Oh, and Drip's a boy, by the way. So that's all for him.


Music Star (Amber): If I didn't mention it already, Amber evolved into an Ichigotchi! :ichigotchi: Annnd I just realized I never told you what instrument she has :o Well, she has a kerioke how do you spell that? machine, an I'll give the rest of the info below:


Name: Amber

Age: 2 years

Weight: 29 pounds :P

Hunger: 4/4

Happy: 4/4

Stress: 13

Tone: 194

Rythm: 164

Original: 203

Genre: Latin music

Band name: TamaBeat (creative, I know  B))

Band members: Amber the Ichigotchi, Dino the Hinotamatchi, and Thu the Ringotchi.

Instrument(s): Karioke (Amber and Dino), and violin (Thu)


Well that was a long update. Now everyone's yelling at me because I "took too long at typing" and they haven't talked yet, so... apperently like 8 minutes is a long time <_<


Cody: HEY!! I'm only being impatient because I didn't get to talk yesterday.

Drip: Me too! What, do you think I was BORN YESTERDAY? Appenently so, because I was being ignored.

Amber: Me too!!!

Me: Guys! Cody, I'm sorry, but you were asleep. And Drip, you weren't born yesterday... you were born today. Amber, i think you talked a little TOO MUCH on the last post.

Everyone: <_<

Cody: IM A BRONY!!!

Me: What's a brony?

Cody: A man who likes My Little Pony. Bro+Pony=Brony.

Me: Ohhh, that show that you always watch.

Cody: OH HUSH THE MATCHMAKER MIGHT HEAR!!! You know she watches you all the time. And then she matches you up with someone like you. What if they match me up with a MLP addict!? :P

Me: ...I'm scared. Bye peoples, I have to check my room for the Matchmaker now :o

everyone: Bye!!

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Posted 16 February 2013 - 02:46 PM ( #4 )

Yay! Everyone evolved!! (=^.^=)


As you might be able to tell from the "headline" up there, everyone evolved!!! We now have 2 adults and a teenager ^_^ I'm pretty happy with what everyone evolved into, especially Amber. Speaking of Amber, I'll only be doing stats for her, because there's so much to say about her, and I might forget. So yeah! :)


v3 (Cody): Cody is now an adult: Dorotchi, the ghost Tama! I was going for Hidatchi, but, you know. Dorotchi's cute as well :lol: I just fed him a drumstick, and earlier he had some fruit juice, and he bought a drum and played for it awhile. Then I guess he didn't find it that fascinating and sent it over to Drip via connection :3 Here's a closer look at him, look at the character chart for the v3 http://tamaboy321.wo...ess.com/page/3/. DISCLAIMER: I do not own this website. Scroll down to the section that says, "Character Chart" and find Dorotchi, if you'd like :ichigotchi:


v4 (Drip): Drip is the one and only teen on this log at the moment, Young Androtchi!! Or Young Robotchi, if you will ;) Visit here to find out more about this cute little robot: http://tamagotchi.wi...Young_Androtchi DISCLAIMER: Again, not my site. I think that's all for drip for today, hopefully we'll see a Mametchi in our future... *Hint, hint to whoever decides what Tamas evolve into...*


Music star (Amber): Like i said, I'm most exited about her adult form: Mimtchi!! ---> :mimitchi:  She's adorable! AND her band members evolved into Mametchi and Chantotchi (I think that's what she's called :P) That's the trio of perfect care adults! Here's a growth chart for the Music Star: http://clubpenguinra.../tamagotchi.php. DISCLAIMER: it's not my website :) Here are her stats:


Name: Amber

Character: Mimitchi!

Hunger: 4/4


Stress: 1

Tone: 370

Rythm: 363

Original: 480

Instument(s): Karaoke machine (in use), violin.

Toy(s): Bear (in use), helicopter.

Band name: TamaBeat

Members: Dino the Mametchi (karaoke), Thu the Chantotchi (violin).

Star Ranking: 999th

Tama Fans: 1,920.

Genre: Pop music :D


As you may have noticed, TamaBeat hasn't passed Pro Debut yet... third time's the charm, I guess. We'll see what happens on the third try.


Amber: Hellllooo my loving fans!!

Me: You're not that famous yet.

Amber: Well, I have to get used to calling them that, don't I?

Me: As long as it makes sence to you.


~Everyone jumps~

Me: What was that!?

Cody: I'm working on scaring people. Because I'm a ghost.

Drip: OH MY CHEERIOS A METEOR HIT RUSSIA!!! How dare you Russia? Getting in the way of my epic quest to push the meteor back!!

Me: ....

Drip: OH OH OH there's another one heading our way!! I'm off!!!!

Me: Wait Its going to fly past us, and by the way, you can't-

Drip: ~Launches into stratosphere~

Me: -Fly. :o


Me: What's that horrible racket?

Amber: I'm practicing singing for Pro Debut.

Me: Well you don't have to YELL!!

Amber: OOH the Mailman!! Hi Joe the Mailman!! Oh. I got an omelet!!

Cody: What's that in the sky?

Amber: It's a bird!

Cody: Its a plane!

Me: It's SUPERMAN!!! Oh wait... That's just Drip <_<


Me: Ok, I'm ending this now. This is getting too ridiculous.

Everyone that is not Kero: BYYYEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amber: SO READ OUR LOG NEXT TIME MAYBE!!! (Call me Maybe parody :D)




Newsflash: Of course, RIGHT after I hit post, Drip got his School Mail. He chose Mr. Turtlepedia. Thanks again for reading!! ~Kero<3

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Posted 17 February 2013 - 03:46 PM ( #5 )

*Thanks to CheesyNoodleTama, Kuchitama001, and everyone who rated for the support!! (=^.^=) Also, thank you, readers, for making this log have nearly 90 views by the fourth post!! TamaTalk or non-TamaTalk, you guys all matter!! ~Kero :wub:


Log Updates: So, I'm starting this this called, "Log updates". It's kind of like what I used to do, announcing who evolved and whatnot before I acually wrote the post, but here, the difference is... wait, there is no difference its titled :) Well, three things today: Amber FINALLY passed Pro Debut yesterday, I've started up a v4.5 again, and there will be a special surprise on Monday/Tuesday, so stick around ;)


v3 (Cody): He's still doing great. Today, we played Sprint twice and won "champion" once, had some soda and a sandwich, connected with Drip, went to the shop, ate a pear, went to Japan (Lucky :P), and had a drumstick. Right now I'm typing and playing Sprint again at the same time :P We're on the last round against Kuchipatchi, and... he won!! Champion again :D


v4 (Drip); Is also doing fine. Today we had some pasta (his favorite), played Shapes, played with a ball, used a fishing pole and caught 500 points, had a soda (which I learned was his most hated food shortly thereafter -_-), won Jumping Rope to get all of his happy hearts up, and connected with Cody. All is going well in Drip land! Cody: Dripland? Let's go there for vacation!!


v4.5 (Micky): I acually started him up for the Long Lived Oldie's Hatch: http://www.tamatalk....d-oldies-hatch/. Hopefully I can beat the record of 145 Tama years!! But anyways, not too long ago, he evolved into a Tamatchi. He's pretty cute, but I was craving for a Kuchitamatchi for some reason. Now I want a Crackertchi '-' that's all for Micky ^_^


Music Star (Amber): Finally, the judges realized what the term "amazing music" means and how to recognize it  <_< But yeah!! TamaBeat is now successful. Amber's practicing her music right now... I won't do the stats today because they haven't changed much from yesterday. Excepting skill points, age, weight, Tama fans, and ranking.


Amber: Helloooo my loving fans!! See Kero I told you.

Cody: Helloo people who read this and think that I'm epic!!

Drip: Helllooo people who.... who think I'm awesomer then everyone else. If not, stop reading here.

Amber: Are you TRYING to chase my loving fans off?

Drip: No, its just that why would someone be reading this if they don't like me?

Amber: Whatever you say, Squirt.

Drip: Its DROP!!! ... Wait no DRIP!!!

Me: Are you for reals, Drip?

Drip: I have some chicken in the oven, if you don't mind. It was my mother's chicken. So I'll be going now.

Me: Wait, how DO Tamas keep their food from getting bad from whole generations of lying around?

Cody: *Turns into that creepy owl from the Tootsie Pop commercial* The world may never know.

Me: AAAUUUGGGHHH!!! Micky save me!!!

Micky: ~Awesome toddler power punch~

Cody: What happened?

Me: The punch went through him. He's a ghost, remember? <_< There's only one thing to do...

Amber, Micky, Drip, and Kero: GHOSTBUSTERS!!!! DUN DUN DUN DUN *Epic theme song*

Micky: There's a creepy lady next to me. she just gave me a backpack and started singing to me. KERO HELP MEEEE!!!

Me: That's just the Preschool teacher. Calm down!!

Amber: Ooh! I have a concert!! I have to go!! End the post OR ELSE!!!

Me: Ok, everyone, say bye.

Everyone: BYYYEE!!!


Thanks for reading!! RAINBOW!!!!!

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Posted 18 February 2013 - 10:13 PM ( #6 )

Hey guys!! Today I have an AMAZING surprise for you all: PICTURES!! These will be the first photos featured in any of my logs EVER!!! Thank you What? for the help. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to figure out how to separate the pictures, so they're all together in one "slideshow" thingy, but you have to press the arrows to scroll through :P: http://s1323.beta.ph...html?sort=3&o=0. Yay!! The first one is of Amber the Mimitchi, the second one is of Drip the Mametchi, the third one is of Cody the Dorotchi (Sorry for the bad quality on that one!), the fourth one is of Micky the Crackertchi, and the last one is all of them together!! Note: This will be a very short update because I'm tired <_<

So yeah! You might have noticed from the pictures that Micky and Drip evolved, both into what I wanted them to be! Apparently, Drip evolved a day early, but that's alright. I'll let the crew say a few words for this post though. I hope you likes the pictures!!


Amber: Aren't I BEAUTIFUL!?

Everyone: *crickets

Drip: Yay! I'm a Mametchi!! Now I can STUDY HARD AND LEARN!!!

Me: Is it just me or every Mametchi I've had is CRAY CRAY!?

Amber: No, its true.


Me: Ow! what was that?

Micky: I'm a Crackertchi!!! I have to barf up confetti, DUH.

Cody: -_-

Me: What's wrong?

Cody: I'm mad because my picture is in bad quality AND you were going to post the picture of me wearing a bow!!

Me: ... Well, I didn't so hush. Plus, it was YOUR CHOICE to wear the bow.

Cody: I'm going to bed.

Me: Goodnight.


Me: :o Ok, ok.

Amber: I'm tired too. Can we go now?

Me: Yep. Say bye, everyone.

Everyone: BYYYEEE!!!

Micky: RAINBOW!!!

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Posted 23 February 2013 - 12:07 PM ( #7 )

Hi guys, sorry I haven't posted in.... let's just say, a while :P Well, sorry to say that this won't be an acual log post, just a short update. The real log post will be later in the afternoon when I get my pictures done. Also I have a volleyball game an then I have a song to record for a hip-hop dance class, which they'll use in their live preformance. But anyways, onwards with the update!

Drip is still a happy little Mametchi with a job at the Tama Science Lab! That's my favorite job on the v4/v4.5 aside from the job at the Tama Hosptial, so I'm glad with what he got! He is also 6 years old today, but I don't know if the Matchmaker will come today because I paused him a lot... but even if she dosen't, at least I'll still have the little cutie around :)

There are literally no changes with Amber. She is currently 9 years old and at 1st rank, but she hasn't had her last concert yet. So basiclly, next concert she'll get the award for 1st ranking. Which is nice.

Micky evolved into an Ura Mamatchi, which I'm also glad about. He is 5 years old today, with no job offers yet, but I have a feeling one might happen today ^_^

Of all the Tamas, Cody has gotten the most change. First off, he got married to a Warusotchi, the not-so-cute horrible care pinapple looking thing. It was funny because I've always pictured that character as a male, even though I know the v3 characters weren't assigned genders. But anyways, he had a baby girl and left last night. I named her Aika, meaning "Love song". She is currently a Muzitamatchi, the water droplet looking one.

SO those are all of the short updates for today, there will be pictures of everyone later today. See you guys later! Bye!!



EDIT: Auto correct was being really weird :o

EDIT 2: Drip just got a visit from the Matchmaker, got married to a Mimitchi, and had a baby girl! Name suggestions please? :wub:

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Posted 24 February 2013 - 04:51 PM ( #8 )

Oh my cheerios. I am SUCH a promise breaker <_< But, in my defense, I was SUPER busy! Though I do have something to make up for my absence... pictures! And I'm going to do it right this time. The pictures will be at the end along with the talking part, so stay tuned! I have a lot of pictures this time... I don't think you can control the epicness of them ._. Oh, and before I forget, shoutout to tamagirl1017 for liking a bunch of my posts! I'm glad people like this as well :) Oh, and huge shoutout to Izzyd07 for following! You rock :lol:
v3 (Akia): I don't know if I told you guys yet, but Akia is what I named Cody's baby girl. The name means "Love song" in Japanese. She evolved into a Nikatchi today, thanks to me oversleeping. yeah, I acually woke up after 10am. o.o  But other then that is was a pretty quiet day today.
v4 (Drip): He's doing great. He recently got a job as a scientist and got married yestarday to a Mimitchi! I think they're a cute couple :wub: He now has a baby girl, who I might name Cream but we'll see. Maybe a name of a flower... I don't know. PM me with any name ideas if you want :) Drip looks really weird in a hat. You'll see in the pictures :D
v4.5 (Micky): Doing great as well. He recently evolved into an Ura Mametchi, and he got a job at the TV station yesterday. Does anyone know how to play the TV station minigame? I can't seem to figure it out :P He is 6 years old today, but I'll be rejecting the Matchmaker because I'm still participating in the oldie's hatch. More on him next post. 
Music Star (Amber and Co.): Yep, she got married! And she won first ranking! And had a baby girl! All in the same day :) She is now married to a Togetchi and has a baby girl I'll name Taylor. Also, I now have the award for Pop Music! (As much as I wish, the award's on the Music Star, not in real life :P)
Picture Time!!!!
Amber: That is my awesome family listening to me practice!! I'm so talented :')
Drip: those are all pictures of me being as awesome as usual, and- Kero! Why did you put the really weird hat picture on here!?
Me: Um, oops?
Drip: <_<
Amber: OOH OOH OHH!!! I forgot this one! These are my awesome pencil skills!!
Micky: And there I am. I'm Drip except with a more visable tounge and a tail :) Only epic Tamas get tails.
Akia: And there's me! Kero, let's but Cody in there too.
Me: Mm... that cake looks good. I want some cake. I'm gonna go. Say bye!
Everyone: Bye!
Me: Hope you liked the pictures! More to come ;)

Edit: Typos :P

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Posted 26 February 2013 - 09:20 PM ( #9 )

Hey guys. It's been so long since my last log post :P Sorry to say that this post won't have pictures and that I decided to tab up my v3. I don't know, life is really chaotic these days. So that just leaves Micky, Alice (Drip's daughter), and Taylor (Amber's daughter). So hopefully three is as fun as 4 :D

v4 (Alice): So. I'm pretty sure that if you read the heading up there, I decided on Alice for Drip's little girl. This time around, I want a Ponytchi. Alice is currently a Puchitchi (The cutest toddler ever! Along with Mizutamatchi :P) So yeah. That's really all for Alice for today, hopefully she'll be a teen by tomarrow. :)

v4.5 (Micky): The little guy is doing great. At 7 years, he's still single and happy as ever. He still has his job at the TV station, which pays him well. 3 more days till an oldie :)

Music Star (Taylor): Oh my cheerios! Can you believe that Amber left? For some reason I was really attached to her... Until I realized she left her kid with me and took her money <_< But at least Taylor still has 245 skill point on each of the categories. But still. Anyways, here are Taylor's stats:

Name: Taylor
Character: Hitodetchi :hitodetchi:
Instrument: Violin (in use), kareoke machine
Toy: Bear (in use), helicopter
Genre: Classical
Skill points: 245 (all)
Band: N/A

Kero: ... I feel like I'm forgetting to mention something in your stats, Taylor.
Taylor: *GAAASSSSP* Really!?
Kero: Um, honey, are you doing ok?
Taylor: YUUUUUUUUP. How are you, Kero? I think your doing good. Considering I live with you. HEYYYY LOOK THERE'S ALICE OVER THERE!!!! Say something, you silly goose!
Alice: WELL. I would talk, if you'd just shut your piehole and-
Taylor: PIIIEEE!? I love love love love love love love love love love love love love pie!!!
Alice: Nevermind. Kero, is it her bedtime yet?
Kero: Sadly, no.
Alice: Then change the time for her.
Taylor: *GAAAAAAASSSP* That would be SO evil!!!
Micky: .... Am I not allowed to talk anymore, or...
Taylor: KERO!!! You wouldn't do that! And Micky, you silly goose, you have to talk to be able to talk.
Micky: Well, I have an exiting announcement for you readers. On Fridays, Tamas that have left us will return. Like Flame the Minotchi, Jake the Mametchi, Kayla the Megatchi, ect. (All from my last log :P)
Kero: Guys, let's go. Thanks for saying that for me, but I have to go eat dinner and-
Taylor: BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE See you guys next time!! (Whenever that will be :P)
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