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Posted 18 February 2013 - 05:58 AM ( #1 )

Hi all and welcome to my NEW and IMPROVED Tama Log! I will start when I get home tonight because I must leave in 15 minutes.






18 Feb 2013

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31 Dec 2013


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Posted 31 December 2013 - 02:55 PM ( #2 )

Ok... I didn't start but I'm starting now, running my v4, a toddler boy named Alex, who I will be trying to make into a Togetchi or that potato guy with no arms and a mohawk. ANYWAY, Alex is due to become a toddler today at about 7:40 pm EST, so stay tuned!


Ahem. Is it my turn to speak?


I guess...?


Well, I am a Puchitchi that currently excels in kindness and style, my dream is to become a world famous hairstylist, and if you're wondering how I can type, it's because I can jump out of my machine and into the real world.


Actually, I'm typing for you, because I speak beepeise.


But I could if I wanted to! I just have a headache that makes it difficult to come out. Now, I also run an online segment on this blog called toddler tattler. I get all of the town gossip to share with you guys.


*Intro music plays and Alex fades into veiw*



WELCOME to Toddler Tattler, where we get the latest gossip delivered right to your door!


  Now, our newest story is on my girlfriend Kiama. Now, I saw her in the store with her ex while I was buying flowers for our second date. I leaned a bit closer and it went like this...


But, Kiama! We are perfect for each other. Why have a poor man with love over a rich man with an obsession?


Because love is pure, obsession is artificial, and I'm surprised you body can hold you up with that fat head on it.




No, not today, and not ever. Goodbye Agneo.


And that's it for today's Toddler Tattler!


*Outtro music plays as the screen fades to black*




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