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I'm at it again!

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Posted 20 February 2013 - 08:08 PM ( #1 )

Ok, this would make my third or forth time making a log on here but after making logs for so long last time (all summer and part of fall) I just lost interest in it and my tama's (still only have the same 3 right now), but I figure this will give me something to do when i have nothing better to do (besides caring for ryusei and kitsune)... which would tell you that YES! I am caring for my tama's again!


I've been caring for little Kitsune and Ryusei for a while now (if you haven't seen my update you'll find out why here in a few), I started with Ryusei over a month ago when I missed my little mimitchi's presence in my life so I started him up and after a long week I managed to get him back after a few months of not caring for any of them which made me very happy... very happy indeed^-^

P02-20-13_19351.jpgYes, that is indeed his actual age. No Pausing, No Aging or anything like that... true to god he is VERY hard to deal with but he doesn't seem to want to leave me for some reason (which i don't mind at all). Well when he was 24 I wanted to get another tama going so I grabbed Kitsune, my Angelgotch, and started him up. Now normally my angelgotch never lives past 15 or so but this time around things have changed... I started him up and went for my fav character as usual (Ginjirotenshi) and after 3 days got him like normal. Now he should of long since died and i'd have another ginji angel in his place but things are never as they seem with me...

P02-20-13_19352.jpgKitsune is 21 today and just as needy as poor ryusei but i told myself (and them) that i would not give up on them and just let them go so with that the last week or more has been very hard going on me with these two needing constant attention (just durring typing this log ryusei beeped a total of 25 times and kitsune a total of 30). I'm now just waiting for them to go to sleep so i'll have some rest from them for the night at least (and hopefully they make it to bed).






20 Feb 2013

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