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libbitchi's tamagotchi log! my first one!

tamagotchi log log

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Posted 21 February 2013 - 01:50 AM ( #1 )

hello there! i am libby, and this is my tama log! so lets get tooo it! here a the tamagotchi's in this log, 

finn( dorotchi) father hugo ( mametchi), with his wife ellen(not sure) and baby girl hibiki, she is the 3rd G in the familly. they are on a music star and the bands name is montana! . 

then there is my tamago, since you cant name them i have called the user name bufi . i have just started her up.

then my v 4.5 , is a little girl. i just started her up too and her name is tetra. 

and i will be getting one of my v5s up and running when i buy some battaries .

not running tamas... two v5s and  v4 (one of the buttons is missing) . and i hav ordered a tamawalkie and a tamasuku to day, they should be here some time in march.

me: hello there and ty for reading my log! *bows*.
everyone: yes thank you very much *bows*
tetra: i like bacon!!!!
me: thats my girl!
bufi: tamatalk you are a wonder full website and the ppl on here are wonder full too!
me : awwww
finn: ME WANT SUGER!!!! * takes chainsaw and cuts open suger jar*
me: oh no! that is not good!
finn: *eats suger and runs around outside* IM WALKIN' ON SUNSHINE....WOOOOHOOO!
tetra: do grown ups really get to do dat? 
me: no
finn: *runs in to tree*
everyone: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: byebye and ty soo much for reading! sorry its so short i will try to make it longer next time! if you have any comments plz post them on my profile! ty!
everyone: BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps :had to edit real fast!

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21 Feb 2013

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22 Apr 2013


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Posted 22 February 2013 - 01:19 AM ( #2 )

hi there ppl!!! so anyways today tetra turned in a tamagotchi with uneven legs and stick like arms, she has got mail about 3 or 4 times, but nothing on preschool. she is eating well and likes tug of war the best. and she loves shopping.

ellen finn and hibiki are doing good too. they have awards in classical and b&p. i found out something new about them today too. for some reason when i press a button nothing happens. and ellen and finn are not in there beds ether...only the baby is, the parents are just leened up agesnt the wall and they look like they are sleeping . this is the first time i am seeing this. well i now have a ufo on it and it is pretty dang cute! finn's father (hugo), band was named pepper and i forget who was with him in the band but finn's band is called ''montana!'' and there is a girl named lisa and she is a memetchi, and a boy named paul and he is a kuromametchi, on of my fave tamagotchi's.

bufi has turned into a hoshitchi, its is very cute, and is doing good. i need to buy more figures for it , but so far so good.

(some of my life now): i have been doing well. my little sis got sick today, but is doing better. on the top of my tamagotchi list is a angelgotch. i got my new issue of cat fancy and i am eating A LOT as always.

tetra: i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored libbitchi!

me: not my fault. 
ellen: i have a plan!
finn: what is it????
ellen: lets watch SGT FROG!
everyone: SGT FROG!!!!!!!!!!
me:  wait a second, how do you guys jumped out of your little gotchi homes and grow to your normal size?!
bufi: you know.
me: no. no i dont.
tetra: shut up sgt frog is about to start!
everyone: SGT FORG!!!!!!!!!!
me: stop that!
bufi: ok ok.
tetra: i love tamama the best!
ellen: i like natsumi!
me: I LIKE DA SGT!!!!
ellen: we all like DA SGT!
*after some episodes of SGT FROG!!!!!........*
me:looooolz! that was fun!
tetra: ya it was.
me: ok bed time everyone! back too your tama homes.
finn: awwwwww
bufi: ok ok . good night *waves*


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Posted 23 February 2013 - 01:09 AM ( #3 )

hello everybody!!! so today was pretty good with my tamas...hibiki's in to asian music ans she tured into a hitodetchi :hitodetchi:  :hitodetchi:  :hitodetchi: ! now she goes to preschool. the lady there is very nice too. and she likes playing with the other kids. 
bufi is doing great! she tured into a chuchutchi! a cute little thing!. but i wish you could go to school and get a job on the tama go... oh well! i am planing on getting so figures for it too.
tetra, of couse, is doing great! she tured into a uramemetchi! very cute and now she goes to school. she is saving up money for a makeup set. i am trying to help her with that. 
i am doing good myself. i am trying to get some pics on here but cant seem to get the camera working. i want to show you guyz my collection. my v2 might be on the 25th! i hope it is, might not be but i can still hope.

so here is my collection (will have pics l8ter) : tamagotchi the movie in english, you can get its on amazon . com with a v6 for about 20$!!!.
v6 as you know! it homes my little hibiki. color: pink and white, music theme.
tama go and mametchi figure. that is were bufi lives. color: green and white.
v4.5, homes little tetra! color: earth theme, yellow,blue and green.
tama go tamatown disc.
four packs of two sheets each vintage tamagotchi stickers! 16+ years old!
tamagotchi corner shop one and two. for the ds.
3 v5's. color: cookie, cotten candy and red ruby.
3 collectable tamaotchi figures.
(the next 3 items have not arrived in the mail yet ): tamasuku 2 ( tamagotchi school) 
v2. color: yellow with butterflies.
tamawalkie. color: black and gray.
there all done! 

some random stuff: 

there ya go!

hibiki: my parents moved away today!!!!!! *tears*
me: awwwww its ok, i will be your mama!!! your parents had to go back to there home to tama planet.*wipes tears*
hibiki: you really will be my mummy?
me: of coures! 
bufi: here have some ice cream hibiki! 
hibiki: tank you!
bufi: your welcome.
tetra: we are like a big family!
me: yes ! yes we are , tetra is right.
me: to make it better i have invited some one to stay with us for a little while! 
*someone knocks on the door*
me:COMING!!!* opens door*
chamametchi: hi guyz!!!
everyone : hiyaaaa chama!
chama: what a nice welcoming! i will be staying with you all for a few dayz.
me: i have already made dinner!
chama: good i am hungry!!!
tetra: your gonna like mama's cooking!
me: thank you tetra for the comment!
tetra: ya welcome!
bufi: check it out i can write in color!!!!! moowahahaha!  :D 
hibiki: we can all see that!
bufi: i will stop now.
tetra: lolz i dont know why that iz funny!
me: dinners ready!!!!
*rings dinner bell*

chama: lets eat!
*after everyone eats*
me: bed time!
chama,tetra and bufi: OKAY!!!!

hibiki: mama can you read my a bedtime story?
me: sure honey bunny!
hibiki: yaaaaaay!
me: here is the story about the little girl that got a mommy
hibiki: im gonna like dis one!
me: i know.
*me wispers* good night everybody and ty for reading my log!


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Posted 24 February 2013 - 01:40 AM ( #4 )

hello there! and thank very much for reading! lets go!!!
today little hibiki tured into a ringotchi! tomorrow she should be getting her band. i forgot that taking care of over one tamagotchi was such a hard job!. but fun all the same, i do love my tamas. they fun to play with when you are bored and i love collecting them! ya she is getting bigger. she is sleeping right now. and she is only one year old...ugg! well i like her company. she is 38 ld she is pretty light .

tamago!!! bufi turned into a pipotchi! cute thing. she is getting bigger and i forgot when she is of age i can take her to the dating place! XD.  she is 3 years old. anyways i took some pics of my tamas ! my dad just needs to put the pics on the computer and i will put them on here. some time tomorrow i hope! she is 89 lb!

and of couse tetra! still a uramemetchi.she is 2 years old.  and is 77 lb! she now goes to school. i think i said that on the last post nut oh well! not much to report today. been pretty busy.

i love this song! makes me cry sometimes. sarah (tamagirl7663) is my bff and the angel by my side! LOVE YOU SARAH!

hibiki: i am a ringotchi now...kool!!!!!
me : yes it is very kool. you look nice too.
hibiki: tank you!
chama: *yawn* mornin' every one.
everyone: morning!
tetra: so cham-* gets cut off*
random girl: CHAMAMETCHI!!!!!
bufi:AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! *GRABS KNIFE*
hibiki: what the heck was that??!?!?!?
me: idk!!
tetra: easy there bufi.
chama: ok what wa-
random girl: CHAMAMETCHI!!!!!!
me: now thats creepy!
bufi: i think you might have a crazy fan chama!!!
chama ya me t-
random girl: CHAMAMETCHI!!!!!
chama: WOULD YOU STO--
random girl: CHAMAMETCH--
me: chama you hit here in the head was a pot!
tetra: *takes pot from chama* i have GOT to get me one of these!!!
bufi: looolz!
hibiki: what do we do with the fa-- she's gone!
everone: gasp!!!

me : why did i just says gasp?
bufi: i dont know!
tetra: it does not matter now! libitchi's going to go to bed wich means we have to go back too our gotchi homes !
everyone: awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!
me: no i am not atleast till we get to go on our road trip!
everyone: yaaaay!

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Posted 25 February 2013 - 12:22 AM ( #5 )

hello! i have to make this post fast! so anyways tetra turned into a sebiretchi and she did it her sleep! its pretty odd. and she got her band and i called it kitty n. i dont why. and bufi is the same XD

lolololololollolo!! so cute!

chama: i got to go home now guyz, mametchi just called.
tetra: awwwwww!
hibiki: and i just turned in to a adult!
me: its ok guys.
chama: ya i will come back and visit some time!
bufi: i hope that creepy fan girl does not come back!!
tetra: me too.
chama: *shudders* well anyways byebye!
everyone: BYE!!!!!!!!!
chama: *gets on bus and waves*
everyone: * waves*
me: *closes door* that was fun!
tetra: ya it wa-- *knock on door*
bufi: COMING!!!!!!
*opens door*
tamama: tamama reporting for duties! 
everyone: OMIGOSH ITS TAMAMA FROM SGT FROG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tamama: you know the sgt?!
me: YES WE DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tamama: you dont have to yell you know!
bufi: ya libbitchi.
me: *rolls eyes*
tamama: the whole crew will be setting up shop here!
me: oh no you wont! i just cleaned the floor!
*picks up tamama and puts him ouside*
me: stay here!
tamama: you can put me here but soon you will let me in! and my whole crew will rule the wo--
* me shuts door *
tetra: that was odd
bufi :ya it was
me : and there he goes! it was some kid in a costume! 
hibiki: your right * looks out window*
bufi: too bad i wanted to see tamama!
Me: so did i, *sigh* so did i.
me: i am happy you guys can come out of your gotchi homes and grow into the size you are on tamagotchi planet!
hibiki: me too! *hugs libbitchi*
me: awwwwww!
bufi: family hug!!!!
*everyone hugs*
tetra: i love our family!
me: so do i, *happy sigh* so do i!

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Posted 25 February 2013 - 10:51 PM ( #6 )

i got my v2 in! here name is daine and she has 7 friends already , she came like dis. my other tamas are doing very well! so this post is soo dang short i just wanted to do a fast update and sadly i cannot make a story.<br />

well i will have more on her tomorrow( she is asleep right now ) soo good night ppl! again sorry soo short! everybody: BYE BYEEEE!!!!!!!

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Posted 26 February 2013 - 11:06 PM ( #7 )

sorry the last post was so short. anyways now i will tell you about my new v2! so anyway as you know her name is daine. i got it used so she already had all the codes that if you type them in you get free stuff on it.
here are the codes:

BCBACABA = "Honey" Love Potion (later sold for 3000p)

ACBCABAC = Hair Potion (later sold for 400p)

CBAACABC = Stuffed Animal (later sold for 1500p)

ABBACBCC = Cake (later sold for 600p)

BACBCACB = Steak (later sold for 800p)

and my friend list already had 7 friends on it! kinda kool right?! its games are fun but are a little bit hard. well i think soo. its the 4th tama i have running soo i have a bunch to take care of it is like a full time job!!! XD!. and bufi is now married to a kuromametchi but she is a oldie. there is a small window of time after she turns 6 but before she turns into a oldie. ans its a hard time to catch!. tetra is the only one up right now and she finally has a job! before she got a job she had 8 intur views! thats a lot. she now works at a bakery. its a fun job too. but hibiki's band, ''sugar k'', has not yet had there band take off. so i need to work on that. next on my list of tamas i want is ether a angelgotch or a mori no. my collection is growing slowly.

daine: hi everabudday! 
me: awww isent she sooo cute?!
bufi: she is!!!! hello sweetie, this is my husband mike.
daine: hi dere mike!!
mike: you are just the cutest! here is a gift! its some ice cream.
daine: tank woo! * eats ice cream* 
hibiki: libbitchi her room is all done!
me: thank you hibiki! tetra is cooking dinner!
bufi: yaaay!
*after dinner*
daine: dat was gooob!
me: yes tetra made it.
tetra: me and kiki are going to bed . see you tomorrow.
me: ok!
daine: who is kiki?
me: oh kiki is hibiki's nick name.
daine:oh tay.
me: you should too sweetie.
daine: ok mama. umm mama..
me: ya?
daine: *hugs libbitchi* i wuv woo mommy! tank woo soo much for wuving meee!
me: awww you welcome! *hugs back* i will always and forever love you!
daine: your the best libbitchi ever!
me: your the best daine ever.
daine: see wooo ppl next time! *waves*


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Posted 03 March 2013 - 12:31 AM ( #8 )

hello ppl!  i have not poeted in a while and i am sorry about that. i have been busy with work and i have put all my tamas on pause. heres some bad news: hibiki died!!! TTT.TTT its very sad i know. i was so busy but i hate to pause my tamas and she died. also my v4.5 was acting all wired so i reset it (end of bad news) in to a little girl name ako! and and the new boy bubble and mike and bufi's little boys name is timmy. my tama suku and tamawalkie might get here in two days! around the time they get here i am not going to be soo busy and when they do arrive i will un pause my other tamas so i can start my log up again! every one is my house is feeling well and is doing good. well that is all for now! 

sorry had to put dat in here! byebye! see yall soon i hope! *waves* :wub:  B)  :)  ^_^


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Posted 03 March 2013 - 10:55 PM ( #9 )

guess what ppl.... MY LOG IS UP AND RUNNING AGAIN! YAAY! so ya . my tamawalkie came yesterday but i didnt go to the post office until today. it is very fun! you have to shake it a lot for walking around and helping ppl but i dont mind it. but i am not running my music star until i get less busy. but the others are back. mametchi is the one i am using for the walkie i am naming him jerry. and i found out if you leave your v4.5 alone for a while after in comes out of its egg i wont have a name if you dont name it. hope that makes sense to y'all. once again no pics i am soo sorry about that! well anyways there is not really any other news then that . my tamasuku might be here tomorrow so thats something to look forward too. 

ako: hello everyone! thats right i am talking to you dear reader! i am new here and it is very nice to meet ya!
jerry: i just crashed in the usa! Ahhhhh!
me: its ok i will help you get you ufo back together! 
jerry: thank you very much!
bufi: its almost time for me and mike to move out!
mike: ya it is, i think libbytchi can take care of our little timmy.
me: yes i can! i am great with tamagotchi's!
daine: ya she is a very sweet mama!!
me: thank you daine* hugs daine* you are a very sweet child.
timmy: i like candy bunnizz!!!
bufi: XD
me: XDDD
mike: so libbytchi how was your day?
me: it was pretty good! i got a new tama home. well more like a job, but the more the merrier!
daine:*sings random song*
ako: well we dont have much more to talk about do we readers?
daine:  :huh:  who are you talking too?!
ako: the ppl right there! *points*
bufi: i did not know there were there!!!
timmy: there listening to us!!! * smashes random stuff*
mike: i think they are gone now.
me: THAT WAS MY NEW WINDOW TIMMMY!!!!! *gets iron pan* 
timmy: OH CRAP SHES MAD!!!!! *RUNS*
ako: * takes a bite out of a carrot*  THATS ALL FOLKS!! * music plays*
B)  B)  B)  B)  B)  B)  B)  B)  B)

EDIT: i would just like to say that i am starting bubble up again!

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Posted 04 March 2013 - 11:56 PM ( #10 )

hiya! not much happened today with my tamas. i think my tamasuku came in the mail today but im sure. i need to get down to the post office, and i cant check the mail box because someone stole it. bubble turned into a nonopotchi. the rest are doing awesome as always. bubble's ban is called ''honey g''. i dont know why i called it that o.o . anyways its harder then it looks to take care of 5 tama's at a time. traveling with them, taking care of them, making sure they go to school or music school, making sure they are feed , clean and happy, making sure they dont get lost, making sure they dont die, ya there is a lot to do. and you have to make money to buy food and what not. but i think it is a lot of fun! they are like my babies <3. 

tamawalkie: it is a lot of fun! i like the jump rope on this one its faster then the other versions i know. its a lot of fun jumping around to make it walk around the states and some of canada to look for its ships parts. sure you can shake it but i found it funner to jump around with it. you can only pick from memetchi, kuchipatchi and mametchi to walk with but i dont mind at all! the screen will turn off after a while but all you have to do is press a botton to turn it back on. has 4 games in total they are all very fun! and i like the fact it is in english. overall its a great buy!

ako: it has too stop!
bufi: it will be over soon.
daine: OH MY GAWD!!!! *jumps behind tv*
ako: AHHHHHHHH *runs upstairs*
me:*runs after fat lady with cast iron pan* GET OUT NOOOOOW!!!!!
mike: she cant run that fast.
jerry: and there she goes! out of our house.
timmy: that was random.
ako: ya it was.
jerry: well im off!
ako: to where?
jerry: i need to find the parts to my UFO
me: ok honey * gives him some food * here this is to take with you, be sure to come visit ans dont forget to call.
jerry: ok i wont  :)  ^_^ 
me: byebye :wub: 
everyone: BYE BYEEEEEE!!!!!!!


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Posted 06 March 2013 - 12:37 AM ( #11 )

hello! MY TAMASUKU CAME TODAY! YAAY!!! it is totally awesome! i love it soo soooo much. it is very fun but it is japanese. witch makes it even more fun for me! i like the game. i am still trying to figure out somethings but it is still a lot of fun. my tamawalkie is moving at a slow pace. every one else is good. i have been playing spark city world lately. other then that there is not much to say. so bye bye ppl! see ya 'round the pond! sorry no story this time. watch sgt frog!


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Posted 15 March 2013 - 09:58 PM ( #12 )

hi ppl! I AM SORRY I HAVE NOT UPDATED FOR 10 DAYZ!!!  XD!!! anyways i have A NEW PROFILE PIC! can anyone guess who it is?! if you think ya know tell me on my profile plz! ty! anyways getting to the point...i have had 3 tamas paused for a while and now i am starting up 1 tama. thats right, my tama go. its just soo easy to take care of. i will be starting up my other soon maybe. oh what the heck i will start up my v2 now! and when i say ''start up'' i mean un pause. i am going to start up my music star for a while. it takes time too train it right AND you need to buy food for it or it takes for ever to feed.

i have had my tamasuku ( school ) running , i now have 33 students and counting! anyway some thing you should know are: 
play game with it and make sure you have at least 1 star on the happy chart or students leave
it will, if you have the time set right, act like a alarm clock in the morning for about 8 to 8:30 and yes i know that might be a little late for some ppl but not for me cuz i am homeschooled.

other then that i am waiting for my tamago to turn 6 so i can marry him.well now i like songs like angel with a shotgun, catch my breath and try. well anyways it late and tomorrow we have too be some where at 9 AM too help to do some work for at least 4 hours. but the GOOD NEWS is that  get paid! yay! 

everyone: BYE BYEEEEEE!!!!! ~ libbytchi



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Posted 17 April 2013 - 10:41 PM ( #13 )

i am baaaaaack!!!!! its been a while to say the least. anyways...well i only have my tamasuku running. but thats okay! cause soon i am going to order a tamagotchi p's soon!!! yaaay! well anyways about my tamasuku, i take it every where! i carry it on a tamagotchi leash that has memetchi and her family and dog on it. my tamasuku now has 50 students and thanks to some help i have found out how to mute it. i play games alot on it and i have a ton pf money as well. it is very fun once you learn it and i love playing with it. 

so ya anyways i now have some tamas that will be talking with me! they are my faves and whatnot. and there names/types are:

james the glasses mametchi! (i forget that name) 
sarah the inchigotchi! 
jake the kuchipatchi
mara the uramemetchi 
hugo the tamagotchi with a nest and bird on top of his head! (also forget his name)

thats all!

me: welcome back to libbytchi's tama log! thanks for reading!
mara: our school is growing everyday! 
me: yes it is mara!
sarah: i like it here at school! its sooo much fun. i have a lot of friends here!
me: thats great sarah! 
james: *pushes up  glasses* if you have a tama that you want to go to school then just call up libbytchi's school! 
hugo: i am very happy that i have came too this school! i study art.
mara: i study art too
sarah: i study jimnastics! 
jake: i study are too-tchi!
james: i study math!
me: sorry it so short ppl! 
everyone: BYE BYEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  B)  B)


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Posted 22 April 2013 - 10:51 PM ( #14 )

hello hello hello! here is a short update ppl! anyways i ordered my tamagotchi p's melody land set! can't wait untill it gets here, ppl tell me they are super fun so soon i will be finding out how fun they are for myself!!! this will be my first color tama ever!

my tamasuku now has 61 students. and is STILL growing. i am already (once i get some money, witch i will be getting soon) looking at another color tama. i also want a 3ds just so i can play animal crossing new leaf! yes sorry for the short update! 

everyone:BYE BYEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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