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V5 TamaTown not working

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Posted 23 February 2013 - 05:45 AM ( #1 )

Please don't lock this topic, the other one is about problems with V6 TamaTown. This is a problem with V5 TamaTown and is not discussed on the other topic.


I've found various ways of getting on V5 TamaTown, including the link on the BanDai page and the one on tamagotchieurope.com, but it just doesn't work. It comes up with an error message saying the page is not found.


Does anyone know a link that works, or a browser that doesn't come up with the error message? Please test before you post. Thanks!






23 Feb 2013

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23 Feb 2013


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Posted 23 February 2013 - 06:50 AM ( #2 )

Along with the shut down of the V6/7 Tamatown, the 3 other Tamatowns have also been shut down.

On Tamagotchieurope, the V3 and V4 Tamatowns are still open, possibly because they use a different address to the American Tamatowns. Think of it this way; the V3 and V4 Tamatowns were each uploaded to separate servers- one for America and one for Europe. Then, the V5 server was shared between the two regions, as was the V6/7 server. This meant that the shut-down of the American servers also led to the shut-down of the V5/6/7 Tamatowns entirely, even in Europe.

So, unfortunately, the V5 Tamatown will now remain closed, if my theory is correct.


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Posted 23 February 2013 - 10:12 AM ( #3 )

Unfortunately, the tamatowns have been pretty much shut down. It has been closed and Bandai America has sent thanks to loyalty.

Hwd45, has pretty much covered it.

We still require you to visit the main topic. It has had other discussions about other tamatowns.

We created the topic to avoid so many topics about tamatown. Regardless of which version, we still ask you visit this topic for issues.
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