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Welcome all, to "Rayman and Chama's Tamas"! Today, we are discussing our little child, Ly, from our nifty Floral Print V3. Unfortunately, we sort of took bad care of her and she evolved into Pirorirotchi. We felt upset, but we hope she'll become a Tamagotchi that suits her personality. Maybe a nice Kuchipatchi, perhaps. We'll see when she becomes an adult. I can hardly wait! How about you, Chama?


I can hardly wait either, Rayman. It's all about care! I wonder if she will evolve into Kuchipatchi, since she is about 61 pounds in weight. Here's an in-depth story of Ly, the Pirorirotchi!



~Ly's In-Depth Story: With Rayman and Ly~


I'd like to welcome our first guest of this in-depth story, Ly!


Thank you, Rayman! I am happy to be here!


It's my pleasure. Now, as me and Chama were talking, what do you think you might become after all the care we tried to give you?


Well, I might become a Tamagotchi that might be based on what kind of care you gave me. I know I am a little chubby, but I don't care. I'd love to become a Kuchipatchi or any other character!


We'll see what happens in two days, my little lady! If you become the Tamagotchi of your dreams, we'll post it right here on "Rayman and Chama's Tamas" for all viewers to see! We'll see you next time on "In-Depth Stories of Tamas!", Tama Fans!



~Thanks for Watching!~


Thanks for watching the first episode of "Rayman and Chama's Tamas". We'll see you next time with all-new events and evolution news! Good-bye, and have a Tama-riffic day!


See you next time!

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25 Feb 2013

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~Welcome Back!~


Hello, and welcome back to the next episode of "Rayman and Chama's Tamas". I'm your host, Rayman. This is my co-host, Chama.




Today, I'll let Chama take over for a while, and talk about Ly and how she is doing. Chama?


~Ly's In-Depth Story: With Chama and Ly~


Thank you, Rayman. Today we have Ly again. She's still in her teen form, but she'll evolve tomorrow! Let's have a bit of a chat with her.


Hello, Chama! I'm so glad to see you and Rayman again for the second episode! I hope I'll evolve soon.


Ly, how was it like to have me and Rayman as your new mom and dad?


I was excited to be taken care of by you and him. You two have shown massive amounts of love toward me. I love you both!


Aw, thank you. That's really nice of you to say! How about a treat?


*munch* Mmmm! That was delicious, daddy! I hope I can be useful when I evolve! Well, I have to go!


Bye, sweetie! She was such a peach.


~New Updates!~


On March 1st, we're going to introduce a new addition to the family! Don't miss an exciting new episode of "Rayman and Chama's Tamas", where all the Tamas are about!


~New Tamagotchi? Why?~


Reason is, Ly can get lonely, so we will be running a new Tamagotchi on March 1st! She'll either have a baby brother or sister! It's all going to happen on March 1st!


~This Has Been Fun!~


Well, looks like time's up! Thanks for watching the second episode of "Rayman and Chama's Tamas". We hope you'll enjoy the third all-new episode that will be coming on March 1st! See you next time, Tama fans!


Bye now!

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