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My Little Akim' s Log

tamagotchi log

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Posted 01 March 2013 - 02:27 PM ( #1 )

Okay, to get this straight this is my first log, ok, so no hatin', please!


So, first of all, Akim is my Tama. I have many more, but I left the them at my friends house, -_-  and I'm going to pick them up today.


Akim is actually MY Tamagotchi on my BROTHERS Tama Go. 


I know, it's like "cray-cray"! But pretty much, I left ALL my Tama's at my friends house (they're probably dead  :( ) and my bro doesn't use his, so I'm taking care of it.


Now to get back to the actually log...


Akim's bouncing off the walls right now. He doesn't seem to be sick or anything, so I might as well check his stats.


Akim's a year old. Which (for all you smarticle particles) means he hatched yesterday. What, did you think I was going to reset a Tama just for a log? Well, you thought WRONG then!


Sorry. In advance, I must tell you that I am:


1. Hyperactive. I will sometimes go cray-cray while typing.


2. Random. I will sometimes post the weirdest things on here.


3. Typo-prone. You might see ALOT of typos.


and Numbah 4... Off topic. I will CONSTANTLY get off the subject. 


You have been warned... * tries to reach for the doorknob and fails*  :P


Back to what I was ORIGINALLY talking about...


Akim's a year old (Tama years, mind you).  Akim's a Ahirukutchi, so he's still a child.



3/5 Hunger

4/5 Health

Weight: 25 lb


I'm such a great parent. Owner. I don't know what it's called!  :huh:


I've played heaps of games with him and he's still greedy and uber-fat


Akim: :angry:


I mean... he's perfectly fine! hehe.., cough.


Akim: :rolleyes:


I promise I'll feed him. (gosh I sound horrible right now)


Akim: (In beeps) Yah, ya do.


Shush! No one asked you!


Just fed him the average 'Pork and Beans'. With some milk to top it all off!




Akim: Beep beep!


Daww. How cute. Ya see that? (Metaphorically, for all you literal people) 


Akim just said bye. About time too. See y'alls (hope I got that right) later!


Ronnitchi and Akim are out! Peouce! <--- (peace for all of yous who don't think)

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01 Mar 2013

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Posted 01 March 2013 - 02:29 PM ( #2 )

I sound so rushed....  :P


Well, I was, but still...

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