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Posted 03 March 2013 - 01:46 AM ( #1 )

So today I suddenly remembered about Tamagotchi's and got nostalgic for them, since I had several when I was younger (A Tamgotchi which I think was V2 since it had a plant thing, and a rabbit thing, that's up there at the top left corner of the page, I also had an original Digimon, a weird red Dinosaur thing, and a Godzilla one that I couldn't figure out, they are still in my room, but I haven't used them in over a decade.) anyways I decided to look online for information about them, lo and behold I found that there was a MOTHRA Tamagotchi! I absolutely love Godzilla, and Mothra (My Mom showed me the first Godzilla movie, when I was like two and I have been a huge kaiju fan ever since.) so I just HAD TO HAVE IT!!! I went right on Ebay and found the cheapest "new" one that I could find, now I'm just waiting for it to come.

I'm pretty excited for it, but I have some questions.


#1: Is there a way to pause it? I have a full time job now so I can't have it with me all the time.


#2: Are there any specific techniques to get certain adult stages? like is there something specific for getting Battra, or Makora (Which I thought was hilarious, it looks like Mothra couldn't get out of the Cocoon so it fused with it, and grew a face, and legs.) since they both seem to be "bad" ones.


#3: How do you get the "secret" characters? this was something that I could never do on my Digimon or my Tamagotchi, I always wanted that Alien thing, but even though I made my Tamagotchi the weird floating bunny eared thing and cared for it as much as I possibly could I could never get it! since I was just a little kid, I might have just really sucked at something so simple and never figured it out, but I would like to know if there are specific ways to do it.


Thanks for any help! I'm really tempted to get out my old Tamagotchi, and put some batteries in it, but the sound doesn't work on  it anymore, and I don't want to have several Tamagotchi's running at once.

Also sorry if this was the wrong forum for the topic! I didn't know where else to post it.






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Posted 06 March 2013 - 01:22 PM ( #2 )

Well - I have a Mothra and I last ran it several years ago so my memory of the game is not great!


I started using this chart from Tama Square - I found it quite useful: http://www.peppersou...uare/mothra.php


We also have a simple growth chart created by -Ra- posted in our Library / Reference Section: http://www.tamatalk....t/#entry2975957


As for PAUSE - I don't remember pausing mine - I wonder if (like the V1) you can press the C button and it will pause the tama?  I do remember that the Mothra tama is not as demanding a game as other tamas so I didn't feel the need to pause it - but it was useful to have it with me (in my pocket for example) so that I could discipline it when it was attacking a building!


I am not aware of special techniques - I think a lot of it is just trial and error.  I also think how to get the "secret characters" is still a secret!  I haven't found any published info on care strategies for them either!


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Posted 06 March 2013 - 03:19 PM ( #3 )

Ok thanks, when I say pause I mean on my old Tamagotchi I would go to the clock part, and then press the buttons for it to say "set" and that would pause it when I needed to leave it alone for awhile.

Another reason why I would want to pause it is because I usually sleep in pretty late, I'm doing a job that goes from 11am to 9pm, so I usually stay up until around 2am and get up around 10am (Or later if it's a day off.) and I don't want the Tamagotchi to die because I slept in too late!


As for the secret characters, I will just have to experiment and try to see if I can get them somehow, I thought you just had to take perfect care of them to get the secret characters, but then I read about the Deviltchi and how you need to do some pretty specific things, so I don't know.


Also thanks for the links, but I already read everything I could about the Mothra Tamagotchi before making this thread.


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