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libbytchi's totally amazing story of cats!

libbytchi why not? cats amazing random

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Posted 13 March 2013 - 12:02 AM ( #1 )

hello ppl! this is the story of my cats! thank you ppl so much for reading. this story is mostly a reply to TAMAmaybeth comment on ''the kitten'' topic i made. once again ty for reading. 

it was a dark and stormy night.... oh wait, wrong story. it was i think 2010 the we got our first cat. it was plains day. it was like a fair type of thing but a lot smaller, there were no rides say for some bouncy houses . there were stand of ppl selling candy, dolls , food and that sort of stuff. me and my friends were walking around talking, then we saw a small crowd of kids so we went over too see what it was about. there stood a girl with a tiny little kitten in her hands. the girl looked to be about 12. i was ten at the time and i had never owned a cat before in my life. at our old house in PA there was no place for cats. we had dogs and birds but no cats. my sister was one of the first kids too see the kitten. '' look look!!!'' she said too me. she leed the girl too my mom and my mom took pity on the poor thing. it was a hot day and there were kids all around wanting too see ans holed the kitten. and it was a very little kitten. so my mom said we could keep it. i was soo soo happy! so for the rest of the time my mom helled the kitten keeping it nice and cool. we were helping put away some of the stands when my dad called me and my sister over. he stood next to a man in a pick-up and in the back of it were 3 puppies. my brother did not want one soo me ans my sister took them.so a long time went by and puswuuge ( the cats name ) was the full cat size you could say. but the 2 dogs ran away. soo now the only one to play with was puswuuge. she really liked me and my mom even know it was my brothers cat. she was like my one of my best friends . then later one of my friends cats had 3 kittens. one day we were having a party and they stoped by with the 3 kittens. soo finally after some hours of begging my mom and dad for the kittens they said yes. so each of us kids got one. my brothers was to only black one. she is the oldest cat i have today and her name is blacki. my sister got a white one with lots of extra toes named cream but over time his name got turned into whitey . and i got a little white girls. she was small her whole life and she was slow because she was stepped on when she was little. her name was sprikle but we called her slowanna and sometimes captin slow ( like james may off of top gear ). she lived for about a year and a half and then she pasted away. i am not sure if whitey died, he just ran away. and like i said blacki is still here today. anyways to make a long long LONG story short, there were a lot of litters of kittens, and today i have about 12: blacki, suki, barry, hugo, lois, muush-cotta, pickles, gerkin, silest ( cant spell today XD ) , tubby custerd. and i kinds have two more, they are pretty much visiting and there names are peaches and marmalaid. i will try to make another post to tell you about there stories. thank you guyz for reading!!!  :)  ^_^  sorry for the spell errors. BYE BYEEEE! ~ libbytchi  :wub: 






13 Mar 2013

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