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Weird Tamagotchi P2?

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Posted 18 March 2013 - 04:31 AM ( #1 )

Hi guys,

I've been following this community from the outside cause there are a lot of useful information, although I decided just now to join, so here I am as brand new member.

Anyway I would like to be straight. I'm writing here to ask your opinion about a Tamagotchi I bought from eBay which arrived last week. I bought a "see-through" yellow Tamagotchi P2 white buttons.
As far as I know the European and USA P2 should have "Tamagothi" written on the top of the screen, whereas the Japanese version is plain, is that correct? The curious thing is that my P2 is plain as the Japanese one but it's not Japanese, is it possible? 
I attach a picture to better explain what I'm talking about: https://www.dropbox....k0/IMG_0827.jpg I would like to read your more expert opinions about this. 
One more thing: I read that one of the most difficult character to obtain is Pochitchi. Since I was at the elementary school I haven't been running a Tamagotchi, except for a Tamagotchi Connection V1 a couple of years ago. This means that I haven't been touching a Tamagotchi P1/P2 since I was roughly 8 years old. How come I got Pochitchi at the first try? I am not a lucky person at all! I guess now I've got to be extra-careful to keep it alive as it's so rare ahahahah!
So please, let me know what do you think, accept my apologies about any silly question and about my bad english (I am Italian after all).
Thanks in advance, 
all the best.

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Posted 18 March 2013 - 07:48 AM ( #2 )

It's always possible someone mixed and matched pieces for whatever reason (previous buttons could have been extremely worn).  It's very easy to swap shells and mix and match things to customize your own.


Regarding Pochitichi, I've noticed if you can get the early tama's to live past 20yrs they started becoming extremely needy and around day 26 or so they basically drop a heart every 5-10 minutes so by the end of the hour they will be beeping.  At this point, you can "cheat" by simply feeding them snacks to fill the hearts and get the weight up to 99lbs.  They won't get sick, at least they never have for me doing it this way.  I got a Mimitchi P2 to live for 32 days (!) this way until I finally pulled the batteries out as it was beeping almost every 5 minutes.


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Posted 20 March 2013 - 09:43 PM ( #3 )

I can tell you that I bought this very same one back in 97 or 98 and the clear yellow gen2 doesn't come with the tamagotchi logo on it.




If you go here and look at the tama on the 4th row, 2nd to last this is the exact same one your talking about.