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Indigo's Movie/Television-Related Virtual Pet Log! (with pictures)

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Posted 20 March 2013 - 05:11 PM ( #1 )

Hey everyone! So I've recently decided to start collecting virtual pets which are themed around media; meaning movies or television shows!


So far, I have:


*Star Wars Yoda Giga Pet

*Star Wars R2D2 Giga Pet

*Pokemon Pikachu by Nintendo

*Alethiometer virtual pet from The Golden Compass

*Rugrats Giga Pet Plus

*Toy Story Virtual Pet


I'm hoping to get more soon. But, I'm gonna do probably just one virtual pet at a time, and I would like to start with Yoda!


** Star Wars Giga Pet -- Yoda **


Basically, with this pet, you get to take care of your own personal mini-Yoda form the Star Wars series; BUT, instead of you teaching him tricks, he teaches you!


So, here is the packaging:




After asking me for a name and the time, my Yoda appeared on screen.


b47677bb-9c43-4a2a-850a-7c55f1e4679a_zps   as you can tell, there are 8 icons, much like Tamagotchis. 


In order from left to right, here's what they are: (top) Feed, Train, Ask Yoda, Teach. (bottom) Clean, Sleep, Score, Attention.


Under the Feed icon, there are two options:


abacbb95-4973-44d3-81f1-4413f79b1f93_zps   The soup will keep him healthy, and the bread sticks will keep him happy. 



The Train button seems to be sort of like the mini-games on the Tamagotchis. You can play one of three games in order to improve your Jedi Training


947B496D-7D63-4899-AF7B-E3835071E442-593 in alter, you try to levitate a rock by pressing the left and right arrow buttons quicklyd011dd2c-c6da-42d5-9f2d-fbd27ba9acfc_zps


690f793a-1ebe-48ae-87f6-4fad465fbde1_zps in sense, you try to guess the hidden shape   f8498671-4227-4a83-8a9d-ad02fdbc46ad_zps


182bf56a-eb8c-49d7-9dcb-047a10c87ab3_zps    in control, Yoda cycles through shapes and you have to press enter immediately when you hear it beep.



The Ask Yoda option is supposed to let you like ask yoda things, but whenever I try it, Yoda just quotes something mysterious and philosophical to me.


c4405bd5-a6bb-4223-9c5f-4a08a97150e7_zps   and the Teach option seems to do the exact same thing.. I need to learn more about that..

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20 Mar 2013

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Posted 20 March 2013 - 05:12 PM ( #2 )

The Cleaning option just cleans the room - though there is no visual sign of it being dirty like there is with Tamagotchis, so you kind of just have guesstimate when he needs it. This is what it looks like when you use it:




You are able to put Yoda to sleep whenever you want by selecting the Sleep option. He lets you know if he is tired by doing this:




Then there's the Score screen - this is sort of like a stats screen.


It shows the name I chose for him (yes, I was very creative) 48c130f1-5f4a-4a05-bb67-a2d1d98ac9e9_zps


His hunger score - it's out of 100. He won't eat if it's at 100, and if it's at 0, he is famished. 468055cb-a089-41c8-9341-4e0fcb265eaa_zps


What day it is in his life cycle 510d98fa-9399-47ad-abb3-32664bb9ae3e_zps


and my Jedi score, which maxes out at 100 b9e0b5ff-ee2c-4f5a-9dd9-1073f417149b_zps I guess I raise this by doing my training and stuff.


Well, I'm gonna go feed him and see if I can't improve on some of these games! I'm a little bit better at the "control" than I am at the others. 


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Posted 21 March 2013 - 10:14 AM ( #3 )

Alright, here are his stats this morning after eating, cleaning, and playing:


2584A26C-7749-4BCE-990C-50BAD5F9CEE6-654   16F670B8-F95A-4065-9B77-010BB1EBF484-654   4C251F5C-A11C-4241-A87D-029A9394B1EB-654


How we got form Day 0 to Day 2 in only one day is beyond me.. I think that maybe, since you can't change the date, it just keeps track of the date based on how many times it turns past 12 AM; and that would make sense, because I switched it to bed time when I went to work yesterday so that I wouldn't take any chances of him dying, and then I switched it to bed time again when it was actually bed time. 


I also think that the Ask Yoda thing is more like a "magic 8 ball" sort of deal - you just think of some sort of question in your mind, and he gives you a very broad, philosophical answer.. or simply a "yes" or "no".


Here are some examples: 


"Decide, you must."

"Always in motion is the future."

"Difficult to see."

"Clear your mind of questions."

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Posted 22 March 2013 - 03:03 PM ( #4 )

Yoda's words of advice for the day (taken after I chose the "teach" option):


"You will know the answer when you are calm."


Not much has really changed since yesterday - right after he woke up, I fed him, cleaned his room, and played some games with him again until both his scores were back at 100. I don't have any new discoveries yet, although I have been getting much better at the training games! I can usually get a perfect score on them every time now.. except for the sense one, because I'm pretty sure that one is just luck. I have tried doing the "teach" option right before I play it, thinking that maybe that is how you get the computer to pick the same shape you did, but that didn't work. So I honestly think that one is just a game of chance; still fun though. :-)


Here's a cute picture to tide you over:



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