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Should I buy Melody Land Smart Piano Pad ?

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Posted 21 March 2013 - 05:59 PM ( #1 )

On June, my mom said if I had good score on my exams, she promised me that I can order one tama from amazon, amiami or HLJ. I want to get Melody Land Smart Piano Pad ( I know the design is girlish ). Should I buy Melody Land Smart Piano Pad ?






21 Mar 2013

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21 Mar 2013


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Posted 21 March 2013 - 11:09 PM ( #2 )

Hmm I actually hadn't heard of this before until I read this! So I had to do some research, and I came across this post: http://www.tamatalk....n-japan/page-26


Ichiro.Malfoy sort of did a rough translation of the advertisement, which helps. Do you know anything more about it than what's written there? Is it just supposed to function like a piano? If so, do you need to know how to play piano in order to be able to use it to its full capabilities? It also seems like you need to have a P's with the new Melody Land pierce in order for it to have the full function.


Also, it seems like it isn't out yet. Obviously, you don't have to make any decisions yet, but I would definitely wait for it to come out and have a few video reviews pop up on youtube so that you can see exactly how it functions and if it is something that you would really want to use.