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TMGO Jumping game tips

tmgo game jump jumping game tips

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Posted 31 March 2013 - 09:30 PM ( #1 )


So, I have done this since almost the very start of when I got my TMGO, and I've found it quite useful. It's for the jumping game.

Have you ever been in one of those incedents where all of a sudden a whole bunch of jumps come up with only one square to land on inbetween them? You know that button A makes a small jump, button B makes a medium jump and button C makes a large one. It looks like you'll need a medium jump for this one (two squares missing) so you go and push button b, but find out that you've jumped too far because all the jumps before it kept making your tama closer and closer to all the squares' edges!

Well, If that's ever happened to you, I have a quick and easy solution!

Say if it is a medium jump, like in the example, instead of pushing button b, make sure you're on the very edge of the platform and press a (the smaller jump). Your tama will still make it! I don't sugggest doing this unless you have to though, otherwise there's really no point. This helped me get better scores. It also works if you have to do a large jump, you can go to the very edge and press the medium jump button! It might take some practice, i'm not sure because I started doing this ages ago.


I hope this helps! :)






31 Mar 2013

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