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Cody & Kyle's Tamagotchi Dual Hatch!

fun tamagotchi log

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Posted 01 April 2013 - 10:31 PM ( #1 )

Here today April 1, 2013 to start a dual log between me and my brother's tamagotchis! Mine is a V4 Red with Paper Cranes:zadhEdt.jpg?1 Isn't the egg very cute?

Here is Kyle's V3 Silver:j34s07M.jpg?2

And then here they are together!   ~fK18SjJ.jpg?2

V4's First Updates:

My egg turned into a baby:lsxMFBz.jpg?1kOJPcma.jpg?1

As you see I named her Lexi, because Lexi just seems like a really good name!


Lexi was feeling SUPER FAT, so I took her to play a game or two of jump rope!   ~prnJnBc.jpg?2

After that Lexi took a poop and since it was late she fell asleep for the night!   ~7BwxAFU.jpg?2 It was a doozy!

That's all for today on the V4 side... lets see what Kyle is up to!


V3 First Updates:

Kyle's egg also turned into a baby...SHOCKER!!!   ~HTaA6e0.jpg?2 He named his little guy.... KAIRU!! Kyle does love Japanese!

Next after a minute or two Kairu got SICK!   ~XzVzghI.jpg?2

So a few minutes after that Kairu did...wait for it... THE POOPY DANCE!!!   ~2prpZxN.jpg?2  Then Kairu fell asleep!

That is all for today on Kyle's end... Now for the wrap up!



As you can probably tell things are going along very smoothly... but wait are the tamagotchis opposite genders?!?! That is all for today, see you tomorrow for some more updates!

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01 Apr 2013

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