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my most romantic part with my partner <3

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Posted 02 April 2013 - 11:41 AM ( #1 )

wow... dunno if this ever happened to anyone before in pmd explorers of sky/darkness/time and im also not meaning to brag lol.

well, it was that night in my cousins room. just finished the game. i was skitty and my partner was shinx. after the credits roll on and i saw this....

you know after the credits roll, bidoof tels youre partner you have returned and he/she come running for you?

well when shinx came running for me... omg... he KISSED me! like litterally kissed me! no joke! i think there was some minor glitch causing the sprites to get to close and that happened! i showed this to my cousin sitting right next to me and she was shocked too! it was the most exitinf and romantic moment ever....

has anyone ever encountered this minor glitch?






02 Apr 2013