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Tamagotchi VideoGame- Mini Game Ideas

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Posted 13 April 2013 - 11:37 PM ( #1 )

I realised we had like 3 ideas for mini games so please help and think of ideas. If we continue on the other topic, we won't notice it as much as here. So please suggest ideas and sprites and music etc. will go in the other one. Thanks


This is what Tamatown123 sent me a while ago:


Balloon POP:

Oh no! (Insert Tama Character)'s party shop is a MESS! There's balloons floating all over the place that you can't even see what you want to buy! Will you help her? With just a click of your mouse, you need to pop all the balloons which are floating everywhere! Remember not to pop/click the Tama-Flies or you'll get less points! Look out for the special RAINBOW balloon and if you pop it, you get a bonus!

Fly High:

©'s supermarket has SO MANY items that some are very hard to reach! He dosen't have a ladder to climb and get the stuff either! Using your arrow keys, you can control Mametchi AND 4 other Characters so you can climb on each other and Mametchi can grab the items! Remember there's a time limit, and the more levels you reach, the more items there will be on the top shelves! 

Restaurant Rush:

You've just came to help © with his restaurant! Since © hasn't got much Gotchi Points to hire waitresses, he needs your help! So he cooks, and you serve! The Tamagotchis sitting on the tables will have a picture of the food they want in their speech bubble. © will put the items on a table, you take the meal and serve it! Remember to take the money as well AND go to the people who are waiting to come into the restaurant!

Cleaning Chaos:

While © is mopping the floor of her shop, you have to clean the walls! This isn't so easy so instead, you will be throwing water balloons at the walls! It's all about the way you aim..If your balloon hits a painting or food..© won't be happy! You'll lose points! If your balloon hits a customer, they'll complain and never come again! You'll lose EVEN MORE points! If you throw at the dirtiest points, you get bonus points! Good luck!


© = Tamagotchi Character. Since I don't know which characters you are putting in the Game yet, I just used this icon. I didn't feel the need to ask about the characters because I am not making anything.



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Posted 14 April 2013 - 05:02 AM ( #2 )

Anyone who helps will be rolled in the credits! Please help!!!