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My Life with My Tama Spawn (slynnski's Log)

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Posted 20 April 2013 - 01:50 PM ( #1 )

Hi! *waves*


Soooo, I'm slynnski, and this is my Tama Spawn (that's what I like to call them  :P ) Laura:




She's a Generation One Urazukyutchi that is five years old! Her stats:


Training: 9/9

Funny: 75

Beauty: 44

Spiritual: 58

Points: 14410


Laura: Nobody cares about stats!!

Me: Yes they do! Well...at least I do.  :P 

Laura: *rolls eyes*


Anyways! I just ordered a new Tama Spawn off of Amazon because two Tamas is better than one. It should be coming within a week or so, so once it I arrives he/she will be joining this log of madness as well! Muahahaha!


Laura:  :o 


Oh yeah, and Laura is a Connection v4.5. The new Tama is also a Connection v4.5.


Me: So! What did we do today, Laura??

Laura: Uh...you worked. Like the dull human that you are.

Me: Laura!! Bad Tama Spawn! You can't be mean to your human, I take care of you!!

Laura: Tsch...  -_- 


Heh, she can be a little feisty sometimes. Oh well! But yes, I did have to work today. On a Saturday. It was so slow. I was bored to tears. Of course, that meant I got to spend some quality time with Laura, but there's only so much I can do with an independent adult Tama.


Laura: Oh shush it, you had fun and you know it. You got to go all googely-eyed at Sean whenever he walked by and gave you attention.  :D 

Me: *coughs* That's enough, Laura!  :mellow: 


Yeah, there's a guy I work with named Sean that I really like. Trust me, you will be hearing a lot about him in my log.  :D


Ummmm, and in case you didn't notice, my log is going to be like a conversation/diary type log. A lot of it will be about my day-to-day life with the activities and growth of my Tama Spawns mixed in.


Well, I will leave it at that for my first post. Besides...I'm hungry.  :P


Laura: What else is new...you're always hungry.

Me: No I'm not!!

Laura: Tell that to the weight you have gained in the past few months!  :D 

Me:  :angry: 


Talk to you later, folks!






20 Apr 2013

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Posted 21 April 2013 - 12:59 PM ( #2 )

Age: 6

Training: 9/9

Funny: 87

Beauty: 44

Spiritual: 62

Points: 20,110


Happy Sunday everyone! Last night was pretty interesting. I went to a country concert with my co-worker Yvonne. And, although I don't really like country music, it was a pretty good time. Of course, I took my Tama Spawn along.


Laura: Yeah, but I didn't get to do much! I was stuck inside of your pouch, and all I could do was hear the music--I couldn't see anything!

Me: Laura, you know the drill. I can't flaunt you around too much, people would look at me funny. Not many people have a Tama Spawn like I do.

Laura: Whatever!  :angry: 


After the concert we went to the bar with a few of Yvonne's friends...one of them was 24 like me. He bought me a drink and we exchanged numbers. He has been texting me all day and we are planning to hang out tomorrow night.  ^_^


Laura: Uhh, what about Sean??

Me: I haven't figured that out yet! I'm just going to play it by ear and see how things go with Vinny.

Laura: You're a player...  :rolleyes: 

Me: No I'm not!! I'm not dating either of them!

Laura: But everyone who knows you knows how much you like Sean...

Me: But everyone who knows me knows that things aren't really going anywhere with Sean anyways. It's just a crush.

Laura: Heh.

Me: Just stay out of it!

Laura:  :P 


Oh I can't wait till my other Tama comes so she has someone else to bug...


Laura: I heard that!


Anyways, today I've been pretty lazy. Laura got a fishing pole in the mail, which gave her 5,000 points. I'm going to Yvonne's son's 7th birthday party this afternoon so that should be fun.


See you later, folks! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! ^_^  


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Posted 21 April 2013 - 05:39 PM ( #3 )

I have to update again because...




Laura: Shhh! Geez, my baby is trying to sleep here!

Me: *whispers* Sorry!  :P 


So yeah, I'm really excited!! As soon as I got done posting the last update, my Tama beeped and I saw the matchmaker! Then, a Samuraitchi came on screen and that's who Laura mated with. Then *poof*! A wittle baby girl appeared. I'm going to name her Buffy after my favorite show.  ^_^


Here is a pic of Laura and baby Buffy:




Good night!


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Posted 23 April 2013 - 05:14 PM ( #4 )

I didn't get a chance to update yesterday, and a lot has happened. 


Laura left Buffy last night. *tear* I'm going to miss that sarcastic little spawn.


After being a baby for an hour today, Buffy grew into a Hitodetchi child. Her stats:


Age: 0

Training: 2/9

Funny: 9

Beauty: 32

Spiritual: 26

Points: 26,910

Generation: 2


Also, my second v4.5 shipped yesterday! I'm hoping it comes either Thursday or Friday.  ^_^


Now, without further ado...say hello to everyone, Buffy!


Buffy: H-hi...?


I think she is a little shy. So, at work today--


Buffy: Work?! Work. It was so loud. So much pounding and clanging. It was so scary!

Me: It's okay, Buffy. I work at a car dealership, and right next to the garage. It gets pretty noisy sometimes, but you get used to it and the noise won't hurt you.

Buffy: But, but, Mama never told me about that...

Me: It's okay. I promise I will take good care of you and keep you safe.

Buffy: Do we have to go back there tomorrow?

Me: Yes, we do. I have to go there five days a week. Your human needs money to survive. And work gives me money.

Buffy: Oh...  :mellow: 


*sigh* Good thing I have Buffy to keep me busy. I am so sad and lost and confused right now. I spent time with Vinny last night and it was really, really nice. He made me dinner and we watched a movie and cuddled on the couch. He treated me really well. I had a good time, and he is cute.




Sean refuses to leave my heart. Try as I might to let him go, that just doesn't seem to be meant to be. And my heart is sick and sad with the longing of wanting to be emotionally intimate with him.


Buffy: Is he the big man with the scary stuff on his face?

Me: It's called a beard, honey, and yes, that's him.

Buffy: I see. I see you look at him. And I see him look at you. And it seems like a special, magic thing to me.

Me: Sometimes. Sometimes it is so confusing though.

Buffy: Well don't make it confusing, then.

Me: I've tried...he's the one who makes it confusing when I am the one trying to simplify it.

Buffy: What?  :o 

Me: It's nothing.

Buffy: I is so confused...  :o 

Me: Told you.


Anywho, that's all for now...my tummy is telling me I need to eat and watching Buffy will cheer me up, as it always does.


See you later, folks!

Buffy: *squeak!*


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Posted 24 April 2013 - 05:33 PM ( #5 )

Hello hello hello!


Today I came home from work to a wonderful surprise! My new Tama v4.5 arrived a day before it was estimated to arrive! I'm so happy! So without further ado, meet Darla, my newest Tama Spawn!




Age: 0

Training: 1/9

Funny: 12

Beauty: 6

Spiritual: 6

Points: 1,600


And, Buffy's stats for the day:


Age: 1

Training: 5/9

Funny: 23

Beauty: 32

Spiritual: 36

Points: 29,260


Today Buffy evolved into a UraYoungMarotchi teen, which is what her mama Laura was. If she's not careful, she'll end up a UraZukyutchi as well. Not that I'd be too terribly upset, but still...it would be nice to get something different. Thankfully Darla became a Kuchitamatchi child instead of a Hitodetchi which Buffy and Laura both were. 


Darla: *jumps up and down* Mama? Mama? Who are you talking to, Mama?

Me: Darla, I'm not your Mama, I'm your human. Although I hatched you from your egg, I am not your Mama. I don't know who your Mama was. And, I am posting in my Tama diary on TamaTalk.

Darla: OHHHHH. Hi everyone!!  :) 

Buffy: So...so loud!  :o 


Clearly Buffy and Darla are total opposites. Buffy, quiet and shy, Darla bouncy and outgoing.


Darla: Uh huh! *bounces some more*

Me: Just wait till you get to come with me to work tomorrow...you will love it!

Darla: Oooooh...work?!?!?!

Buffy: *shudders*

Me: Oh come on, Buffy, today wasn't that bad. Today was a fun day.

Buffy: I...I did hear a lot of laughter.

Darla: What were you laughing about, Mama?

Me: *sigh* I am not your Mama!! And well, lots of things. Sean poured water down my back, Yvonne and I were being silly, and well, I can't really remember everything, but it was a really laid back day. Oh! And today was cake day.  ^_^ 

Darla: CAKE?!

Me: Yeah. Once a month the whole dealership gets cake to celebrate the employees' birthdays of that month.

Darla: Mmmmmmm  :blink: 


But honestly, it was one of those days where I couldn't really think straight. I still can't think straight. I think it was because I went to bed kinda late last night and didn't get as much sleep as I am used to getting. I'll have to make sure I go to bed earlier tonight so I can feel more clear-headed tomorrow.


As for a Sean/Vinny update, well, I think I am pretty much ruling Vinny out. He kept asking me a bunch of really personal questions today that I did not feel comfortable answering. And when I told him this, he got pretty defensive, saying he didn't know how else to get to know me. I dunno...I feel that process should happen naturally, not through a game of 20 questions. So I'm back on Sean again, although I'm not feeling as angsty as I was yesterday. I do like him very very much but if we were to actually date, I don't think I would be any happier. So I'm kind of just cooling it for right now. Although there is this technician Jerry whom I have been talking to a lot recently. I wouldn't mind getting to know him a bit better either.  :D


Anyhow, sorry for rambling. Have a good night y'all!


Darla: Awww, we're going already?

Me: Don't worry, we'll be back tomorrow.  ^_^ 

Darla: Oh, okay. Bye-bye! *waves*

Buffy: B-bye, everyone.  :mellow: 


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Posted 26 April 2013 - 04:42 PM ( #6 )

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry, I didn't get a chance to update yesterday. I hung out with my friend Danielle last night and after that I pretty much went straight to bed. But, without further ado, let me update you on the progress of my Tama Spawn!  ^_^





Age: 3

Training: 9/9

Funny: 39

Beauty: 52

Spiritual: 42

Points: 34,410





Age: 1

Training: 6/9

Funny: 34

Beauty: 18

Spiritual: 26

Points: 5,100


Buffy is an adult Tama now and I'm really happy that she turned into something different than what her mama is. She's a Tsukkomitchi, and she pretty much looks like she is karate chopping all the time, which is pretty fitting considering who she is named after.


Darla is a teenager and a UraYoungMemetchi now. She's really cute if you ask me, although she did give me quite a scare this morning. I got to work and took my Tamas out of my purse and Darla was frozen! I pushed all of her buttons and all combinations of her buttons and nothing happened; the screen stayed the same. So I pushed the reset button. Nothing happened. I pushed it again, and it beeped and there was an egg on the screen. I was so upset! I thought I had lost her. But then I pressed the A button and it gave me the option to download or reset. I chose download and Darla came back. I was so relieved! 


Darla: Me too! I thought I was gone forever!


So that's all that has happened in my Tama Spawn's lives since two days ago. As for me, well, I have some updates with my own personal dramas. Yesterday Jerry, the technician I mentioned in my last update, took me out to lunch! We went to Red Robin (a burger restaurant for those who are unfamiliar) and had a great time talking and just hanging out. He paid for my meal so I think it was a date. So today I asked him if he wanted to hang out this weekend and he said yes. I'm really excited; he is a nice guy.  ^_^


Darla: Whoot whoot! Go human!

Buffy: But, but...what about Sean? You guys were so...magical. *sighs* 

Me: Meh. There was definitely chemistry there between us. And I liked him a lot. But he was too hot and cold. One minute he would act really into me. The next he would be mean to me. I don't like roller coaster rides. Plus he has clearly stated to me many times that he does not want to be involved with anyone. Whereas I am pretty sure that I do right now.

Darla: Oh come on, Buffy. Jerry's hot.  :D 

Me: *hisses* Oh, don't you dare, Darla. 

Darla: I can look, can't I?  :P 

Me: *glares*

Buffy: Oh...oh dear.  :o 


So yeah, that's that. I'll be around sometime tomorrow with another update. Until then, Ciao!


Buffy: *waves*


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Posted 27 April 2013 - 02:13 PM ( #7 )


Age: 4

Training: 9/9

Funny: 45

Beauty: 52

Spiritual: 54

Points: 38,310



Age: 2

Training: 9/9

Funny: 44

Beauty: 30

Spiritual: 32

Points: 6,900


Hello everyone. Not much has happened today. Both girls got chests from the Gotchi King. Buffy's gave her building blocks and Darla's turned her into Otokitchi, which she didn't appreciate very much. Otherwise, nothing else is really new with the Tamas except for the fact that Darla should evolve into an adult sometime this evening. 


Darla: I can't wait! It will make up for that stupid chest I got!

Me: I can't wait either. I wonder what you'll be?  ^_^ 

Darla: I bet I will be a Memetchi since I am a UraYoungMemetchi right now.

Me: I think so too, but we'll have to wait and see!!

Buffy: Memetchis are so pretty...I'm jealous. *pouts*

Darla: Hehehe...you should be, Buffers!

Buffy:  :( 

Me: Now, now...Buffy, I think you are very cute...and Darla, you don't know what you'll be yet so shush.

Darla:  :P 


Those girls. Not much has happened in my day yet either. I left my phone charger at work yesterday so I had to go get that. I got to see and say hi to Jerry, whom I am supposed to be hanging out with tonight, but he hasn't texted me yet. I hope he does soon.  -_-


Darla: We get to come along, right??

Me: A big no. You two are staying home.

Darla: Aww, come on now! What fun is that??

Buffy: Darla...she can have some privacy for one night. We'll be fine.

Darla: I know WE'LL be fine, but I want to see what happens!!

Me: NO.

Darla: Just for that, I'm going to poop all over the place and make you clean it up!!

Buffy:  :o 


Oh dear. I guess I had better get going and calm her down before she gets out of control. I will see you all tomorrow!


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Posted 28 April 2013 - 09:29 AM ( #8 )


Age: 4

Training: 9/9

Funny: 45

Beauty: 58

Spiritual: 60

Points: 39,210





Age: 3

Training: 9/9

Funny: 56

Beauty: 36

Spiritual: 32

Points: 8,100


Yep that's right! Darla turned into a Purimatchi! 


Me: So ha! You were totally wrong about the whole Memetchi thing

Darla: I'm still pretty though!

Me: Yeah, yeah...

Buffy:  :rolleyes: 


So, last night was really awesome. We went mini golfing, but we didn't keep score because we both suck. We went out to eat afterwards and then we just drove around and talked. I definitely let my weird/silly side come out though, so if he still likes me after seeing that, it will be a miracle. At the end though he did say he had a good time, asked if we could do it again, and then we kissed...so we'll see!


Darla: AHA! I knew it! Whoop whoop! Go human, go human, it's your birthday, it's your birthday!

Buffy:  :o 


I haven't heard from him yet today though, which makes me a little nervous. I do trust what he said last night though, and I know he is not a big phone person, so I am not too worried. I think.  :D


Buffy: Don't worry...he will totally talk to you today. The day is still young. Just give it time.

Darla: Yeah, yeah!

Me: Thanks, girls.  ^_^ 


So today I was supposed to hang out with my grandma, but she just cancelled on me. So I decided that since it's so nice out, I may just spread a blanket in the backyard and watch Buffy (The TV show, not my Tama) on my phone and get some fresh air.  ^_^


Darla: Outside, outside! Woohoo!

Me: Oh Darla...calm yourself.

Buffy: Oh my...  -_- 


Take it easy everyone! Talk to y'all later!


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Posted 30 April 2013 - 05:30 PM ( #9 )

I apologize for not updating yesterday. I wasn't really feeling up to it.  -_-


I also have decided to keep my Tamas at home and on pause while I am at work. I felt like last week they were distracting me a bit too much, and I don't want to get in trouble. Luckily doing this has not affected their growth at all. I do miss not getting to play with them all day, but I guess that is what the weekends are for. 


And so, without further ado...



Age: 6

Training: 9/9

Funny: 54

Beauty: 58

Spiritual: 66

Points: 40,110



Age: 4

Training: 9/9

Funny: 62

Beauty: 42

Spiritual: 38

Points: 9,500


So, as I was typing the above, the matchmaker came for Buffy and hooked her up with a Mukimukitchi, and she had a baby boy...who I'm going to name Angel, after Buffy's vampire beau in BtVS.  :D  Darla is the same old Darla, nothing really new with her.


As something fun, I'll post pictures of who my Tamas are named after.  ^_^




^^That's Darla, the first ever vampire to make an appearance in BtVS. She dies in the first season, though.




^^And this of course is Buffy! So pretty....


Hehe, so those are my girls' namesakes. They're super special to me. Although they're being rather quiet tonight because well, I think they are mad at me for abandoning them during the day now...


Buffy: *cough*

Darla: *growls*


*sighs* They'll get over it, I guess.


So today was a crappy day at work, which I don't really want to talk about. I did have my 90-day review though, and it went really, really well, so that sort of made up for the negative bits. Oh and Jerry and I? We are officially dating. I'm planning to go visit him this weekend (he lives about a half hour away from me). I'm really happy, and excited to see where things may lead with him.  ^_^


That's about it for now. Until tomorrow, everyone!  :wub:


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Posted 09 May 2013 - 04:21 PM ( #10 )

First and foremost, I am SO sorry for not updating in over a week!!  :o 


Life has really been keeping me busy, lately. Hockey playoffs have started, I've been doing stuff with friends, and especially, having fun with my new boyfriend Jerry. Tamas took the back burner for a bit, but now I'm ready to dedicate time to them again. 


In the time I've been absent, I decided to make some changes. The main one being, I've decided to only run one Tama at a time. It is unfortunately too much for me to run more than that at once. This way, I am still able to take that one Tama to work and concentrate on my work at the same time.


Also, I've recently ordered two Tamas off of ebay--a P1 and an Angelgotch. I'm really excited for them to arrive and to start playing with them.


So, my plan is to run a 4.5 for one generation, pause it, then play an ancestor for a lifespan, then play my other 4.5 for a generation and pause it, and finally play the other ancestor for a lifespan and then repeat the cycle. I think it sounds pretty manageable, and that way none of my Tamas will get left out. 


I'm continuing with my 4.5 Asian Invasion for right now, and it is currently on Generation Three, which is a boy that I've named Angel (from BtVS, of course). He is a one-year-old teenage kujakutchi. Here are the rest of his stats:


Training: 5/9

Funny: 32

Beauty: 31

Spiritual: 24

Points: 47,910


So that's about all for now; things are going decently. I'll let Angel make an appearance in the next update, since this one is getting a bit lengthy with all of my rambling. See ya later! 


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Posted 11 May 2013 - 06:37 PM ( #11 )

Hi all! *waves*


How's everyone's Saturday going? Mine has been decent. Angel evolved into an adult this morning! 




He's a Celebtchi! Total cuteness! 


Angel: Yeah, real cute.


Ehh, he's a bit of a brooder, like his Buffy character counterpart.  :P 


Angel: *mopes around a bit*


Heh, anyhow...here are his stats!


Age: 3

Training: 8/9

Funny: 44

Beauty: 37

Spiritual: 54

Points: 51,410


Which, I'm not really sure how he became a Celebtchi, since his Spiritual stat is higher than his Funny stat...but whatever, I'm not complaining!


Angel: Yeah, you might not be...

Me: Really? What would you have rather been, Angel?

Angel: ...UraTogetchi.

Me: *rolls eyes* Should have guessed. Looks like a bat, and they only come out at night time, are associated with vampires, yada yada yada....Maybe this just means you are more like the Angel with his soul restored?

Angel: He's still broody and a creature of the night, though

Me: Alright, fair point...


So, my day was really nice. I finished watching Season Two of Buffy this morning--


Angel: I died.

Me: YOU did not die. David Boreanaz Angel of BtVS died.


Jerry came over and I got some shopping done. Now I am watching the Pittsburgh Penguins play the NY Islanders. Hopefully they win! I am ready to see them move on in the playoffs. The Penguins, I mean. 


Angel: They will lose.

Me: Okay, Angel may be broody, but he's not negative!

Angel: ...

Me: Okay, maybe he is a little. But I prefer to think of it as he has a hardened, more realistic outlook on life than most. That doesn't always necessitate being negative.

Angel: Well, I'm going to be negative, dammit.

Me: Okay, okay! Fine! Whatever you want!

Angel:  :lol: 


Well, that is enough for tonight, I think...see you all later!


Angel: *disappears*

Me: *rolls eyes*


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Posted 12 May 2013 - 03:48 PM ( #12 )

Happy Mother's Day, everyone! 


Angel: I killed my mother a long time ago--

Me: Oh will you STOP it! You are not really Angel!! You are just named after him, for goodness sake!


Anyways!! Today has been another good day. Right, Angel?


Angel: Besides the torture within my soul, yes, it was nice and peaceful

Me: *rolls eyes*




Age: 4

Training: 8/9

Funny: 50

Beauty: 37

Spiritual: 60

Points: 52,310


So yes, Angel is another day older, another day wiser, and another day emo...er. Or maybe just psychotic. Who knows.


Angel: I heard that.


As for me? Well, the Penguins did win last night (take that, Angel!), so now they move on to the second round of the playoffs. Today was just spent relaxing, along with visiting my grandparents. My grandpa was found with a Bingo ball in his mouth--I guess he thought it was candy. Other than that, it was a nice visit. I got my mom a hanging basket of flowers, and we had a pizza from Pizza Hut for dinner. Now I'm about to settle in for the evening and watch some Buffy.  :lol:



Me: *sighs* Yes, yes you do. (In the last episode I watched, BtVS Angel returned from the Hell-dimension Buffy had sent him to at the end of Season Two)

Angel: So tell me which mortal needs my protection! You just say the word and I'm there!

Me:  :o  Did-did you just quote Mulan?

Angel: *shifty eyes* Maybe...

Me: Oh dear...you really ARE crazy.

Angel:  :P 


See you all later! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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