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My Tamagotchies Generations

v4.5. related and family

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Posted 30 April 2013 - 06:38 PM ( #1 )

So that everybody knows this is in order of how it went. Please don't judge me this is my first time doing this so please bare with me. I'm only going by my knowledge on how to type this. This will not be like how everybody write their Tamagotchi posts, but I will try my very best. Thanks for everyone who understands me!!!! 


Tamagotchi V4.5. (Blue):

1. Boy: Lucky

2. Boy: Sam

3. Boy: Jack

4. Girl: Patty

5. Girl: Mia

6. Boy: Oreo

7. Girl: Topay  (Her name was suspose to be Topaz, but i accidently pressed the wrong button and it came out to be Topay instead of Topaz.) (I had to start over on her).

1. Girl: Sasha 

2: Boy: Kyrio

3. Boy: Pepsi

Let me explain this to get this clear to everybody.... The numbers are the generations of how far i have gotton. Next, is the genders of what gender my tamas were. And finally is the names of what i named my tamagotchies. NOTE: I have exotic, unknown, and odd names for my tamagotchies. I like to make up my own names and I'm very creative with names. But feel free to use the names as for your tamagotchies. 


Tamagotchi V4.5 (Purple):

1. Girl: Nina

2. Boy: JoJo

3. Girl: Misty

4.Girl: Kiwi

5. Boy: Mario

6. Boy: Jelly 


Tamagotchi Old V1:

1. Girl: Deja

2. Girl: Coco

3. Boy: Mike

4. Girl: Lola

5. Girl: Lily

1: Girl: Tamar (I had to start over on her).


Unfortunely the V1 toy I don't have that one anymore. I gave that one away to the clients at my job. 


Tamagotchi V6 Music Star (Piano):

1. Boy: Yoshi 

2. Boy: Jordan

3. Girl: Jetta

4. Boy: Dragon

5. Girl: Odessa

6. Girl: Oomah

7. Girl: Byriah 

8: Boy: Delitrio

9. Boy: Kyrorian

10. Girl: Dyrittah

11: Girl: LuLu

12: Boy: Argari


Tamagotchi V6 Music Star (Dark Blue and Silver):

1. Boy: Mesuki

2. Boy: Deegan

3. Boy: Jones

4. Boy: Kylian

5. Boy: Tysanio 

6. Boy: Chibori


Tamagotchi V6 Music Star (Pink & White):

1. Girl: Pinky 

2. Girl: Princess

3. Girl: Ahkelah

4: Girl: Nazaliya (since their is only 8 letters for the V6 her whole name is spelled like this Nazaliyah.)

5. Girl: Gemini

6: Boy: Dyami 

7: Girl: Diamond

8. Boy: Tarzan

9: Boy: Akeeva

10. Boy: Kydah

11. Boy: Woojah

12. Girl; Annakiyah 

13. Girl: Tyrikah 

14. Girl: Peachy

15. Girl: Kyani

16. Boy: Koosani (Jr.) 

17. Boy: Debo

1. Girl: Kyobi

2. Girl: Khalilah

3. Boy: Rohani

4. Boy: Cheerio

5. Boy: Seedrian


Tamagotchi V6 Music Star 9 (Black & Grey with Headphones Design):

1. Boy: Simba

2. Boy: Sonic

3. Boy: Rooney (Died)

1. Boy: TeKay 

2. Boy: Fooshi

1. Boy: Lexavier 

2. Girl: Foofah

3. Girl: Kaloosha

4. Boy; Jelani

5. Boy: Alvario

6. Girl: Cybriah

7. Boy: Moochi 


Tamagotchi V6 Music Star ( Pink Lullaby):

1. Boy: Kyjani 

2. Girl: Zelliyah

3. Boy: Soriano

4. Girl: Zeelah

5. Boy: Giambi

6. Boy: Jyreo

7. Girl: Amriah

8. Boy: Tychi (Died)

1. Boy: Gilbert

2. Boy: Jubyro

3. Boy: Tyro

4. Boy: Shakai 


Tamagotchi V5 Familitchi (White):

1. Love Family: Two Boys & a girl

2. Wolf Family: Two boys & a girl.


Tamagotchi V5 Familitchi (Blue Spaceships):

1. Sunny Family: Two girls & a boy.


Like I'm having trouble trying to figure how I'm going to keep up with the Familitchi toy and what to write down.








30 Apr 2013

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30 Apr 2013


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Posted 30 April 2013 - 08:06 PM ( #2 )

Lucky and Coco kids are Sam and Mike. Sam kid is Jack. Mike kid is Lola. Jack and Lola kids are Patty and Lily. Lily didn't get a chance to have a baby or babies because the battery died. Patty kid is Mia. Nina kid is JoJo. Mia kid is Oreo. JoJo kid is Misty. Oreo kid is Topay. Misty Kid is Kiwi. Sasha kid is Kyrio. Kiwi kid is Mario. Yoshi kid is Jordan. Kyrio kid is Pepsi. Mario kid is Jelly. Jordan Kid is Jetta. Pinky kid is Princess. Princess kid is Ahkelah. Ahkelah kid is Nazaliyah. Nazaliyah kid is Gemini. Simba and Gemini kids are Dyami and Sonic. Sonic kid is Rooney. Dyami kid is Diamond. Rooney didn't have any kids because he died. Diamond and TeKay kids is Tarzan and Fooshi. Tarzan kid is Akeeva. Akeeva kid is Kydah. Kydah kid is Woojah. Woojah kid is Annakiyah. Annakiyah kid is Peachy. Peachy kids is Koosani 1st and Kyani by two different Baby Daddies. Kyani kid is Koosani Jr. Koosani Jr. kid Debo. Love Family is the Wolf Family. Lexavier kid is Foofah. Kyobi kid is Khalilah. Foofah kid is Kaloosha. Khaliah kid is Rohani. Jetta and Mesuki kids are Dragon and Deegan. Kaloosha Kid is Jelani. Rohani kid is Cheerio. Dragon kid is Odessa. Deegan Kid is Jones. Jelani kid Alvario. Odessa kid Oomah. Jones kid is Kylian. Oomah kid is Byriah. Kylian kid is Tysanio. Kyjani kid is Zelliyah. Alvario kid is Cybriah. Zelliyah Kid is Soriano. Delitrio kid is Kyrorian. Soriano kid Zeelah. Kyrorian kid is Dyrittah. Zeelah kid is Giambi. Giambi kid is Jyreo. Jyreo kid is Amriah. Amriah and Tysanio kids are Tychi and Chibori. Cybriah and Cheerio kids are Seedrian and Moochi. Tychi died and didnt get a chance to have kids or live thru a full life. Dyrittah kid is LuLu. Gilbert kid is Jubyro. LuLu kid is Argari. Jubyro Kid Tyro. Tyro kid is Shakai. 

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