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i just got my first tamagotchi


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Posted 30 April 2013 - 11:32 PM ( #1 )

hi i just got my first Tamagotchi its a Tamago and i don't really know use it :huh:  if you could help me can you tell me about it, tricks, and what  is the red light thingy is on the top?please :D






30 Apr 2013

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01 May 2013


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Posted 01 May 2013 - 11:17 AM ( #2 )

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Posted 01 May 2013 - 01:05 PM ( #3 )

Well, the red thing your talking about is so you can connect with other tamas. To connect you have to scroll down to the heart using the A botton. Then press the icon using the B button. You can select tamago or others. "Tamago" allows you to connect with other tamagos. "Other" lets you connect with different versions.(Mainly V5-V6). Now when working the tamago the A button (or the first button) allows you to scroll through your options. To select an option, press the B button. (Middle button).  Your options (In order from top to bottom) are Status, Feeding, Toilet, Door, Tamago topper, Praise/ Time out, Medicine, connect, Friends/ Memory, and Attention. "Status" is were you can check on you tama's hunger and happiness. To scroll through "status" press the A button. To back out of "status" (or anything else) press C. (The last button). "Feeding" is where you can feed your tama meals or snacks. Meals fill up your tama's hunger and they gain 1lb. Snacks fill up your tama's happiness and they gain 2lb. (I recommend playing games to make them happy instead of feeding them just snacks). The toilet allows you to clean up the poop on your tama's screen. Also, if you see them wiggling you should go to the toilet because then that makes them go to the bathroom on the toilet. Then that bumps up their training. (Training found in status). The door allows your tama to either go play games or go to the store. Two of the games are Shoot the bug and Long jumper. To play shoot the bug you press the B button and try to shoot the black front of the bug. In long jumper you have to jump over the spaces. The A button gives you a short jump. The B button gives you a medium sized jump. And C gives you a long jump. The tamago topper icon only works when you put one on. It basically gives you extra games and shops. Praise/Time out is to be used when you catch your tama about to go to the bathroom and you make it go on the toilet.(Praise). Or when your tama calls for nothing. (Time out). Friends/Memory allows you to look at the tamas you have connected with. Or look at the tamas that have left you. Finally the attention icon lights up when your tama needs something. Hope I helped! ^_^ . (Wow I wrote alot! Sorry if you already knew most of this. :rolleyes: .)


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Posted 01 May 2013 - 06:24 PM ( #4 )

The red light is the infra-red "eye". It allows it to connect to other Tamagotchis.


Because I have no skill in creating guides, I've compiled the icons and what they do. Also, the left button (A button) selects stuff, the middle (B button) confirms, and the right (C button) cancels, or does close-ups when nothing is highlighted.


Icon 1: The status screen. Shows your Username, character stats, training, age, weight, character, generation, and money.

Icon 2: Food. Meals tame hunger, while snacks make them happy, at the cost of raising their weight.

Icon 3: Toilet. Pretty self explanatory. Selecting this icon when the Tamagotchi's about to poop will raise it's training by 3.

Icon 4: Door. Here, you can play games (lowers weight and raises happiness) buy food or remodel your home, go to the park (raises friendship) or use the PC. (Website's gone, too bad.)

Icon 5: Figure. You can play games, use items, or eat exotic foods if you have a specific figure.

Icon 6: Discipline. Time Out is when your character calls you despite having full stats, and praise is when it breaks down and starts crying. Successfully using these functions raises training.

Icon 7: Medicine. Use when your Tamagotchi is sick, has a toothache, or has become fat.

Icon 8: Connect. Tamagos can only connect with V5s, Music Stars, or themselves. No V1s - V4.5s.

Icon 9: Friends and Memory. Memory is parents or dead Tamagotchis, and Friends are those you connected with.

Icon 10: Attention. You can't select it. It becomes highlighted when it needs you or calls for no reason.

Friendship and Training are different from Hunger and Happiness. Training changes how nice your Tamagotchi will be to others (lower = more prone to be rude to other Tamagotchis) and allows it to be potty trained in the Tamago. Friendship is basically it's life meter. If it's empty, it's more prone to die.


I hope this helped?

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Posted 01 May 2013 - 08:01 PM ( #5 )

thanks again everyone!!

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