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Pokemon Feels

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 05:39 PM ( #1 )

Well, in this topic you can tell ANYTHING you felt while playing any Pokemon game. 


For me, well...Okay, so I had gotten Zekrom on Pokemon White, and I knew the game was nearing its end, but I didnt want to think about it...I almost fainted all of my Pokemon when I was battling N, but I managed to defeat him (barely). And when Ghetsis (or whatever his name is) came in and started insulting N, calling him stupid and everything, I was just so mad, I didnt even care what he had said. I just skipped through everything he said until I had to battle him. Come on! All my Pokemon were almost dead! But luckily, I had a level 86 Palkia I hadnt used on N..so I used it on him! Killed his pokemon in a single hit each. But when N left, and the game ended, I started crying. Not as in 'boo-hoo, he's gone'...but I was bawling. I was hugging the DS and squishing my face to my pillow. I sat there, crying as the credits rolled by, for almost 2 HOURS! The game's end was so sad and dramatic, now I am DESPERATE to get Pokemon Black and White 2 for cheap! I want it SOO bad, my big sister said that N comes back! :D :D :D But anyways, when I heard that N really didnt hate Pokemon, he actually loved them, then I wasnt surprised! I knew something was up since I met him! But WOW....the game's end is like no other...but now there is absolutely NOTHING to do! I want Black and White 2 but I'll never get enough money..probably it will take me 2 years to save up... either way, when N said 'Farewell' then I kept it on that screen for a long time! Then I cried for 2 hours when the credits started...I will miss him..I cried for MANY reasons...because N left, I was probably never going to see him again, I had nothing to do now, I didnt have Black/White 2, and mainly because the game was over. If I had had Black/White 2, then the second I beat Pokemon White 1 I would stick in Pokemon White/Black 2!

Anyways..this topic you can talk about all your Pokemon Feels.  :')






03 May 2013

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Posted 25 May 2013 - 02:06 PM ( #2 )

Well... when I'm fighting a champion I feel super pumped to defeat him/her. And don't worry N comes back. You can ride the Ferris wheel with him on Fridays and battle him every month after the story ends.

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