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abokado's log

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Posted 13 May 2013 - 07:34 AM ( #1 )

Heya, this is my log. I'm running a V5 Familitchi right now.
[snipped due to too much pictured in this post]
Well, yeah, I'm not sure about the format yet, but since my babies are already adults now I'm gonna do a quick history story. You know what I mean.
Hello, my name is abokado. Well, alright, it's not my real name, but you can call me it.
I want to tell you a story. Not just any story, a story about me.
One day, someone knocked on my door. It was a man. A man I have never seen before. He looked quite sad - and very tired. Worried, I asked him, if he needs help. He just shock his head and pointed to a basket that was on the floor next to him. In the basket were three egs. Really big eggs. I wondered if they were ostrich eggs, since those were the only big ones I knew of.
But I can honestly say, I never expected something like this to happen. He asked me to take care of the eggs. "Of.. what?", I asked, confused. Don't peopl like, eat eggs? And what's up with this basket and blanket, anyways?
"Those are special eggs. Babies are inside of them. I need you to take care of them", he told me. I laughed. But only a made. That man was making me a bit nervous. He wasn't quite right in the head, was he? "Sadly.. I can't take care of them. I am always working overtime, sometimes I don't even come home. I just can't take care of them..", he almost whispered at the end and I swear, he was about to cry. "But.. that.. what? Babies? Birds? I don't.. what am I supposed to-", but before I could even ask him, he turned around and ran. Yes, he just ran and left me, standing there in a daze.
You know, it's funny. I very clearly remember my childhood. A lot of times I would take an egg from the kitchen, wrap it in a blanket and put it in a little basket. I was hoping to hatch it. Suffice to say, nothing ever hatched. So.. I don't know why I did that exactly, but I picked up the basket, looked for all the lamps I could find, put the basket next to the heater and turned on all the lamps so that the eggs would have it warm enough. It just.. seemed like the right thing to do, you know? I didn't really believe his story, but IF there was something living inside, I couldn't just let them leave there out could, could I?
(Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of them back then, so I drew one.. badly.)
To my surprise I found baby bottles and even a.. well, a puppy sheet in the basket. You know, the thing you use when you have a puppy that doesn't know yet not to pee indoors. What the heck is going to hatch!?
But that wait was rather short and soon the egg shells cracked and...
(Again.. forgot to make a picture, I was just too busy with them!)
Those came out. I have never in my life seen such things. The kinda look like Digimon, don't they? You know, those little digital monster things from a TV show. I quite liked that. I even could perfectly imitate the voice of Gabumon. Gold ol' times. 
But the babies don't have much for nostalgie and soon started to cry like maniacs. And poop. Boy, it was so much poop. They made poops that were bigger than them, I kid you not. So I hurried in the kitchen, heated some milk and got a lot of tissues and trash bags and gloves because they... made a real mess. It was insane. First they didn't want the milk and spit it out back right at my face while pooping and they rolled around and one of them almost fell out of the basket and I don't even know how because he can't walk and ugh.
But I somehow managed! They were fed, clean and rather easily entertained with dangling a cat's toy in front of them. Kinda cute.
Soon they changed. I didn't see how it happened. I was watching TV while they were sleeping, when I suddenly heard noise and checked on them. And they.. uh..
(Sorry for the bad quality!)
Looked interesting.
Fortunately, it wasn't as bad anymore. They would be all whiny when they wanted to poop, so I could put them in time on a little ducky toilet, they ate almost everything I offered them and even liked everything.
I called the.. blobly one Ichirou, since it means something like first born son in Japanese, the one who looks like a mochi was obviously Sakura and I simply called the last one Derpy since he is.. a bit derpy. He is always the one to fall down, or spit his food out. It's kinda funny.
While I was confused about them in the first place and didn't quite know what to do with them in the beginning, they soon grew on me. And which each hour I got to know them better. Sakura for example REALLY loves the big mirror we have in the hallway and she would always cry at me so I would bring her to the mirror where she would.. look at herself, I guess? She is either vain or highly entertained by the funny faces she makes, I don't know. Ichirou on the other hand really likes dancing. Like, really. 
I'm pretty much always listening to music and he would always bop and jump with the rhythmus. Since he is also beginning to understand the human language he really loves KARA's song "Jumping".. since this is what they do the whole day. THE WHOLE DAY. Are the never getting tired? Crazy.
Derpy on the other hand.. he really likes his sister and brother, so he always tries to be with them whenever he can. But since he is so clumsy he just ends up hanging out with me when they are busy jumping and looking into mirrors. He is quite shy, actually and not needy at all. He is happy enough just sitting on a blanket on my table and watching me doing stuff. I guess it's fascinating him? He especially loves to see animal videos. I really loves cats, it's weird! But I love watching cat videos, so we have something in common, I guess.
A few days went by and we happily lived side by side. One day it happened again. And again I wasn't with them when it happened. I was working on an essay when I suddenly heard little Ichirou crying out and calling for me. Like the worried parent I was I immediately jumped up to see if something happened.
Something certainly happened..
He looked like a completely new person. I was so astonished, I just stood there in the door, staring at him and couldn't believe it!
Soon he started to cry. He cried because he was so happy, no relieved. I didn't quite catch everything, but he said he was so happy not to be ugly anymore so his mommy could be proud of him.. which caused me to cry aswell. Not because I was happy he wasn't "ugly" anymore, but because I felt utterly horrible. I know I praised Sakura a lot because she was so cute - but was I such abad parent that I made my other son feel like he is ugly and not loved!? I hugged him, crying, and told him that he was always pretty and that I loved him very much and that would never change, ever.
(Chamametchi looks so bad, I'm so sorry. My pen broke in the middle of drawing and I couldn't draw her proportions properly since I'm not really good at it. )
My other two babies changed as well - Sakura became even prettier and Derpy just kinda stayed how he was, wasn't he? But I told them that I loved them all very much. None of my children should ever think they are ugly or not loved by me!
And in return, the told me the love me the bestest. We cried some more and everything was fine.
Today I woke up earlier than them. But I since I was still tired and didn't want to wake them up I just got back to bed and tried to cuddle with them, when someone told them I was crushing them. It.. sounded different. Who was that?
I picked up my glasses and turned on the light and..
They changed again!
I noticed how they were getting bigger and bigger each day and learned extremely fast. They started out as little babies who could only poop and cry, became toddlers and slowly learned to walk (or rather jump) and make other noises, became children and could properly talk, walk and play with me and now.. now they are grown ups. They told me so themselves, but I'm not quiiite sure. Of course they wanted to prove me otherwise and started making breakfast. Sure, it was only toast but my little Ichirou made me tea!
I mean, I don't like tea, but how could I have told him that after all his effort? I smiled and drank it nonetheless.

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13 May 2013

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Posted 14 May 2013 - 06:33 PM ( #2 )

So, well.. something weird happened today. I don't know if I should talk about it. It's kinda embarrassing.
I was coming back home earlier than I was supposed to do, some class fell out and stuff. I was being very quiet with unlocking the door, taking my shoes off and everything to surprise my little babies. I opened the door to the living room very quietly and I.. uh.. well, I saw Ichirou.
He was, uh, well. He was watching the dating channel. I accidentally dropped my bag, he noticed me and we stared at each embarassed.
We didn't talk about it afterwards or anything, I think I said something and went to the kitchen to make some food and Ichirou is now more or less avoiding me. Kinda. Sitting in his room, reading books and stuff.
Man. What am I supposed to do? I am so confused. He is just a little child! What is he watching the dating channel for!? Is he.. thinking about... MARRYING!? No way. Just no. No no no no no no no. He is my little baby. He is WAY to young to do any marrying stuff. Gosh.
..but is he, really? They grow so fast, it's unbelievable. It just seems like it was yesterday when he was pooping and barfing all over the place and I would need to get him some milk and sing to him so he would sleep. And now he is already so big.. and watching the dating channel. I don't know what I should do.



Yeah.. talk about awkward..



Another thing I have been always wondering about - you see, sometimes when I go to the bathroom I happen to find my babies. Yes. ALL of them. In the bathroom. Together. Watching each other poop. What the heck is up with that!? I asked them what they were doing recently, but.. well.. 



Just look at them! It's ridiculous.



That's.. good for you.



Though they didn't explain why. But I don't think they know why they are doing this. It's moments like these when I remember that they are not actually humans but something different. They are weird. But I still love them.

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Posted 15 May 2013 - 06:08 PM ( #3 )

Oh boy.. today was such a busy day. So much happened!
I just don't know what to feel right now.

My little boy married. He got himself a lovely wife and married. My other babies left me. They said it would be too much with them and the newly weds... especially since they got babies! Two of them! Can you believe it, I am a Granny! They are so cute! I just want to kiss them and cuddle with them and love them. They are so darn adorable. But they eat SO MUCH. I swear Ichirou didn't eat that much when he was a baby.
Uff. I'm exhausted. The wedding, the moving in, the babies.. so much happened in a single day. It's crazy. I'm gonna show pictures of the wedding and my cute little grandchildren tomorrow!
I miss you, Sakura and Derpy! Remember to call your mom once in a while. /sniff


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Posted 22 May 2013 - 07:19 PM ( #4 )


I'm too lazy to find my cam, so pictures of the wedding have to wait. Well, since I was really, really busy with stuff and the two little babies had their parents around I thought it would be fine.. guess what, my little Ichirou is too busy himself! That kid. Well, I somehow managed to raise both of them, though I feel sorry I had to bribe them with sweets instead of playing with them (Uh, you want to play tea party? But, I'm in the middle of a raid.. oh, wait, you know those cookies you love? There are in the shelf above the stove! Go get them!) they still became some wonderful cute little children and now are proper adults.
The little girl, Saki, looked exactly like her aunt when she was a little toddler (Sakuramotchi), while the boy, Saeki (Ichirou named them, I swear) looked like a cute little mouse (Mousetchi). They grew up to be very cheery children (Bakutchi, Ichigotchi) and are now adults, soon to be married! (Mumutchi, Onputchi.) It's crazy how fast the grow up!
My little girl expressed a desire to marry a handsome young man and since Ichirou doesn't really object to her marrying that early (I would have argued against it.. but I guess it's in the family since Ichirou also got himself a cute wife so early!) we're gonna go on a omiai. Went shopping with her and everything since she insisted to look as cute as possible. Guess she comes after her aunt. I wonder what kind of boys she likes! This is exciting and I am eagerly awaiting babies! Gosh, I'm gonna be a great-grandma.. time flies by..


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Posted 23 May 2013 - 10:23 AM ( #5 )

My Suku came, yay!
And it's great fun. I love the games!

Since I like explaining and describing stuff, I'm gonna just do it. On the upper row are 5 little icons, the first one is a meter, there you can see your "ninki", which is a bit difficult to translate, but something like how they are doing/feeling, you know and you see how many students you have,. When I started my suku the four ninki hearts were empty and I have currently 7 students.
Oh, yeah, at the beginning there was a little welcoming animation (there were balloons with "welcome" on it and other stuff), I had to put in the date and time (I made it the same time as my familitchi which is currently 10 am while it's 5pm here.. I stay up late and wake up late, so I guess it's fine to set their time accordingly) and my name which was annoying because I had to go through the whole hiragana alphabet to know that there are no katakana and I had to use hiragana for my name. Though I could've figured, since everything tamagotchi related is in hiragana (the word tamagotchi is in hiragana) even though they should be in katakana, I think, but it's for little kids that probably only just learned hiragana.. yeah.. uhm, where was I?
Right, on the next page you can your scores on the different subjects, 15 in literature, 3 in math, 1 in science is what I have after trying out each game. After that you can see how your class is, mine is a "mada mada" class which means.. I still have a long way to go. There I can also see my points, which I have 870 now. The last screen is my name plus sensei and the icon of my subject, which is a book.
Yeah, the other symbol is a little folder or something (class book I guess) where you can see all your students, their names and what score they have in their favourite subject I think. My "main" student is a little shippokotchi (it's ko even though it should be go I think) which has a score of 46 in literature. Or national language, I dunno what the book symbol exactly means.
Then there are 3 symbols for the different subjects. Since this is the first suku I have literature, math and science. Under each icon there are two games and they are great fun!
The literature has a little crossword kinda thing? For example I could see: Bo _ shi. I had to insert an "u" so that it would become boushi which is a hat in japanese. Good think I know a bit of japanese! I won 4 times and got 200 points (4 times because I was too slow.. it's hard to distinguish the japanese characters on the little screen). Fun. The one after that is "library" where you give books to shippotchi and DON'T give books to the little yankeetchi (I don't know what it's called but it looks like the yankee [delinquent in japanese] version of a tamagotchi). Pretty easy.
Under math there is first "number catch" (I first red it as nanpa catch which would mean flirt catch and was confused..) and it's a bit difficult. You have to catch the numbers in a order, means, first 1 then 2 then 3 and you should not catch the poop. Because who wants poop. Now I lost because a number I needed appeared on the right side, I was on the left and in the middle was poop, I couldn't get the number because I would have gotten poop instead. A bit difficult.
The coin catch game though is pretty easy. You wait until the coin is above the hole and press the a button, I did this 23 times before I lost netting me 520 coins. Wow! In comparison to V5 where I can win 20 times and only earn 100 points..
Under science in the first game you need to press left so that you fill your good chemical in the bag and press right to throw the poison away. Pretty straight forward and easy. The second game is a butterfly catch game where you need to use all of the 4 arrow keys. I bit tricky since I'm not used to them yet.
In the second is a heart for connecting with Ura and Entamas, a smiley for.. I dunno exactly, items I think because I couldn't select anything, the one after that memory book or something, couldn't access it either and the coin symbol is a shop, or two rather. The first is the "normal" shop where you can buy books for your subjects, some kind of roulette (?) and a biscuit. Oh and gymnastics wear. The other shop is seasonal where you can get.. stuff. I don't know what it is, honestly.
Oh, wait, there is an item list in the manual! Right now I can buy a "tane", the little ball which is a seed and a "teruteru bouzu", if you've watched ANY anime I'm sure you know what it is. (Tip: It looks like a little ghost puppet and people make them and hang them in front of windows to get rid of rain, it's quite a cute custom I think. :) )
The last symbol is a little hand which is the attention icon. It blinked just now and my little shippotchi came very close to the screen and asked me a question. I'm not 100% sure but I think he asked if 1 plus 1 are 2, I said that's right and he told me that I'm great and was happy. Aww, kids are so cute!

Yeah, that's it for now. I'm gonna get my little granddaughter to the match maker and then I'm gonna be busy cleaning poop and feeding babies!
Oh, something happened right now! A little kuchipatchi and the hand symbol blinked and it had a little speech bubble with 3 dots in it and I pressed the a button I think and the little urakuchipatchi was all happy and said "yoroshiku" which mean nice to meet you or something like that. That's nice! Oh, wait, now I have 7 students. So I guess urakuchpatchi came along and is now my student! Nice. :3

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Posted 24 May 2013 - 04:59 AM ( #6 )

So, my little girl is married off and handed me three very hungry babies to care for. Sigh, those crazy kids, getting married! Well, I handled them somehow, but it's kinda exhausting. How can they eat so much? They eat more than they weigh, I swear!

I also read the school (why does everybody call it suku? It says suku-ru on the package which just means school, idk) manual in bed and it's very interesting. So, if a student is on the screen and the hand blinks you have to press one of the arrow keys and there is gonna be a different reaction, it can be happy or sad or something.
Also, your students can ask you different question. Either questions about uh school stuff, like 1+1 or other things. You can answer the question about other things as you like, I think, if you have a school question and you answer correctly, no, wait, if you don't answer them, i.e. ignore them their hearts will go down.
Sometimes students from other schools will come to uh observe your class and if you press a button they will transfer. I guess you wanna do that to have them all. Btw, I thought the little number next to them in the class book was their score.. it's actually their number (seating number), like ichigotchi is number 2 and not stupid, lol. I'm sorry Ichigotchi I ever thought that!
Oh yeah, sometimes those students who come to observe give you stuff which you can access at the smiley which is called "recreation".
And when your ninki hearts are empty and you don't do anything about it your students will transfer to another school.
So, is there something else.. oh yeah! (I think) Everytime you reach a new class rank the tama kind personally will come, say how great you are and introduce you to a special student.
There is also something about the class mark.. I don't quite get it. Something if you match the textbook something good will happen.. dunno.
Hmhm, there is stuff about the class representative, but I don't really think there is any difference in which once you pick. Each student has it's own speciality and there are even some who are "allmighty" indicated by a star. I wonder if it matters which class representative you pick on how fast you earn the points in the different subjects. Have to try that out.

Oh, yeah, more about the games:
If you win the crosswords puzzle game completely (6 rounds) ALL of your ninki hearts get full and you get 500 points. You have to win at least once to get a heart and gochi points and at least 2 times to get your national language score up. (It is national language, btw, not literature)
In the library game there are 30 rounds in all where you get full ninki hearts and 500 points. It's required to win 3 times to get a heart and points, 10 times to get language points. (The yankeegotchi is btw just a thief lol.)
In the number catch game there are 27 rounds in total, same as above. 3 times winning for heart and points, 10 times for math points.
piggy bank game has 30 rounds in total for full hearts and the points depend on how many coins you got since there are 2 different types. the coins are worth 10 points and the bags 100 points. you need to win 3 times to get a heart and you get money as long as you catch some lol. need to win 10 times to get your match score up.
the doki doki experiment game has 30 rounds, full hearts and 500 points. 3 wins for heart and points, 10 wins for science points.
butterfly catch game 6 rounds total, same as above. one win fr heart and points, 2 wins for science points.
and if you don't play the games for a long time your scores will get DOWN, so you have to take care to play regularly.. which you will probably want to do anyway since the goal is to have the best class and you want that, don't you?

about the item categories: normal, seasonal, from students (when one transfers to your class and has something for you) and connection items.

oh and on the last page, page 37 there is a little students newspaper! it's really cute, there is for example a category "tama kinds wise words" (or something), there is something about the essay contest which mamechi won (he wrote that he wants to be a scholar like his father, there is a story on how a school day looks like for mamechi I think, like he is the first at school and greets everyone(!), how he always cleans up before and after school and there is a rumour how there is someone in the classroom at night when you knock or something (there is a picture of the ninja tamagotchi, I tried pressing all buttons at night, nothing happened, so it's probably not in the game).

yeah, that's about what I got from giving a quick read.

my stats for now: full ninki hearts (I try to be a good teacher!), 12 students. 30 points in language, 36 in match, 2 in science. I got a boost 15 math points when I used a teru teru doll yesterday, I also changed my class mark to math so that's why I got points in math. I tried using it again but it didn't work (the rain stayed where previously it went away and a rainbow came!), but I read that these events are random. 1860 points, since I bought the dolls which are 1200 dolls for 3 of them. still a "way to go" class.
my students are: ichigotchi, urakuchipatchi, urazukyukotchi, uradepatchi, uratoketchi, urafurawatchi, kuchibotchi, shippokotchi, tsunokotchi, haneotchi, mamebotchi, memepetchi. yep, that's it for now! but the day only started and the max amount of score points is 999 (ugh) and there are more than 130 different students.. I'm gonna be busy for a while with the school. :)


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Posted 24 May 2013 - 04:06 PM ( #7 )

Ha.. Ha.. I've finally plugged in my cam and I have 69 tama pics. Oh boy. x_X
Guess I'm gonna start slowly.. with the first 15!

Let's start waaaaay back when Ichirou got married.

How embarrassed he was~


But he fell in love at first sight with this lovely girl!


And she was pretty happy about that, too!


I quickly covered my eyes, can't those kids wait? :P


And they transformed!


And had two eggs!






Their parents gave them something to eat.


It was a smart family. :3

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Posted 24 May 2013 - 04:19 PM ( #8 )

Tama School

Part of the welcoming animation.

I had to chose my class mark.


and the class representative.

There he is, walking in front of the black board.




Ad you may have read I soon got Saki, my grand daughter, to an omiai party and there she met a nice fella.






Her parents left..




As did her brother.




The uh wedding "ceremony". :P




Aaaaand the circle of life...




Guess who is hungry in this picture? Tip: All of them.


Already my 3rd generation! It's going so quickly! Now they are Ahirukutchi, Belltchi and Mattaratchi. And sleeping tight because it's kinda late.


All the other pictures are of my new P's Melody Land! Gonna put them in here soon. :3 But I can already tell you that a daughter was born and I named her Nana - and I absolutely adore her!

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Posted 24 May 2013 - 05:43 PM ( #9 )

There it is!!!1
It was here quite fast even, I think. I ordered.. when was it... uhh.. 13th of May. It came on the 23rd.. so only 10 days after ordering! Quite fast.
SO PRETTY! <3 So many colours. You can clearly see the screen without having to switch on light! It's fantastic.
And here is my first egg! They living room is cute. :3 
Soon my first baby girl hatched! It's a pinkubotchi and she is SO ADORABLE
I went with her to the park, but nobody was there and she got all sad.. (I accidentally put the wrong time in.. I wanted it to be 13 o'clock but instead I made it 1 am.. the am/pm system is confusing for someone using the 24 hour system, derp.)
I call her Nana. My little Nana-chan is eating rice with nori (seaweed) on top of it. LOOK AT HER TINY LITTLE EYELASHES! SO CUTE! 
Doing pretty good at a game.
I have two games currently, amida catch and rope jumping. Rope jumping is VERY easy and fun because you can see a lot of characters jumping. Since I started watching the anime I actually recognize some of the characters which makes it even better (I LOVE Spacytchi <3 He is too adorable!). The other game is a bit more difficult because you have to be quite fast to get the food, but it's fun too.
Here is the package with the tama. I was actually really surprised when I held it in my hand.. it's so tiny! It always looks so big on screenshots but the package is as big as my hand. And the tama itself is smaller than the school.
This is how I keep it. This little pink bag is from.. uh... oh yeah, there was a necklace in it my parents bought me when they were on a vacation. It fits right in!
More later, including Nana-chans first evolution! :3

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Posted 24 May 2013 - 07:15 PM ( #10 )


Nana-chan taking a little nap.


In all the times I've gone to the park with her she either met a pet or this tama. From what I've understood it's always giving tips like, take a bath now and then, you can find interesting stuff with your pet in the garden.. stuff like that.


A little doggie! I think.


Nana-chan loves rain. She is just like me. :D


..and after a while she transformed into terubotchi. I've already told you about them in the tama school part. It's a doll to get rid of rain.. which is a bit ironic since she was just dancing in the rain. Is she maybe evolving into it because she was in the rain while a baby? I don't know.


I went with her to the paint room and painted her in pastel colours. I like it.


But she took a bath afterwards..


And was clean again!


Which is why I had to go to the paint room again and painted her. I like the yellow the best though so I changed her again. Kinda got used to it. :3


Then I decided to plug in my melody land pierce!
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Posted 24 May 2013 - 07:20 PM ( #11 )


Ohh, pretty.

I went to the "tama reform". You know, the funny thing with Japanese is, it uses a lot of english words. And sometimes it uses those words wrong. Reform is an example. They use reform but actually mean renovation. Since a reform is a political change from the government. It has nothing to do with changing stuff about your house. :3


The guy means to say: "Bon giorno(?)! We have awesome renovationoptions!"
I pick a background for the living room (after playing the game for a bit.. I already had some money but used it so buy the cleaning stuff) and the handymen came.



Afterwards I went to visit the Melody Land. There was this dude..


He was basically explaining that there are new items in the restaurant and café and tama depa.


Then those little guys made some music.


And this woman aswell! It was nice.

Yep, that's for now from my P's. I wonder why I can't play the melody land games (I know there are some.. but how do I access them?), but yeah.
The P's is A LOT of fun and I simply love it. It's awesome. Though I'm bit sad because the sound isn't very loud.. like at all. I can hear without problems when my V5 is taking a poop while playing, listening to music, playing a game, etc., but I can't with the P's. It's way too quiet and it seems there is no way to turn the volume up. I'm always gonne miss when she takes a poop.. I hope it has no consequence on her evolution. :(

Oh and from my school:

After I got to the next rank the tama king came and introduced me to a special student. Bagubagutchi, which is basically a dog and has the "all mighty" specialty.


This was when I used a seed.. it didn't sprout and it got sad, aww.

Wait, I thought I made pics of the P's in comparison to my other tamas.. guess it was on my phone. Oh well. good night!
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Posted 25 May 2013 - 07:30 PM ( #12 )

Uggh, I wrote stuff but accidentally closed the tab. Well, shortly now: About the Tama School: If you win a game and your class mark/representative are the same as the game's subject then your score goes up by 15. If both are different and you win the game you only get 10 points. So changing the mark/representative before playing a game is worth it!


Now to my P's.


Jump rope game. I like it a lot.



Amida catch game. Oops, forgot to resize it.



Met that dude in the morning.. he told me it's too early for Nana-chan to work and he's right.



As you can see my Nana-chan is interested in fashion. I wonder what kind of adult it becomes, since it probably depends on the character trait.



The info screen, her name (Terubotchi), first generation, girl, 5g, 1 year old and gotchi points.



My profile! I'm a girl, 22 years old, my birthday, star sign (sheep) and hobby (computer.. as in surfing, playing games).


Sometime in the morning there was a little animation with a birthday card with a cake on it telling me it's Gotchimotchi's birthday. When I went to the restaurant he was there and Nana said congratulations.






Free birthday menu, yay!




Eating something different.



Going to the game center.


More tomorrow.

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Posted 26 May 2013 - 05:08 AM ( #13 )

Suddenly my original write up was here.. oh well, here it is:

I made some interesting observations today!

First, about my School. I raised my language score to 125, math to 103 and science to 124. I currently have 24 students and 12360 gotchi points lol. I wish it was so easy to make money on my V5..
Well, you know about the class mark and class representative? And you know that it depends on your score how many points your subject goes up if you play a game, right? So, today I found out that if you set your class mark to the subject of the game your playing (math if you're playing the piggy bank game) and pick a tamagotchi with the specialty your subjects score gets higher than if your mark/representative is different! So I played the library game a few times, with the same mark and representative I got 15 points and with different in both I only got 10. So it's always worth to change your mark/representative before playing a game. :)

Yeah. My V5 babies transformed into Korokotchi, Shelltchi and Bakutchi. I've been messing up their training and haven't been caring good enough for them, ugh. :( I'm just so busy and honestly.. I don't really like the games. I've done the tea thing like thousand times and don't wanna anymore, the tv surfing game is too hard and the other two games DON'T RAISE HEARTS EVEN IF YOU WIN. I don't understand, that's so stupid! Bah. Guess they are gonna be medium care adults again.. I'm thinking about stopping them, because I've seen all the babies and toddlers by now and yeah, since you have three at once you see three adults at once and when they grow up I already saw 1/3 of all the adults.. not much incentive. Though I want a Kuromametchi.. I'll think about it.


Seems like I cut off right at the important part! My Nana-chan evolved into..

Nokobotchi! Isn't she cute? :3 I tried painting here, but I didn't like how.. oh, my school is starting! When I woke up the school was closed and Nana was (is) sleeping though my family was already up and hungry.. how can I feed them when I'm sleeping? They don't sleep long enough. ><


A close-up! Not.. that it is any different lol.

When we got outside there was some weird lady wanting to buy our mop. Sure, we thought, gave it her and she gave us 1000 gotchi points.. which is the amount you can buy it for in tama depa. Isn't she allowed to get in there or what? Weird.

I also let her go to dream school!


Teacher: All you good kids, good morning!


T: All you good kids, let's play today merrily! (something like that... lol)


Aw, she drew a picture! :3


And her new friend drew a picture of her! Look at how happy and shy she is! :D

When we got home Nana wrote into her diary..

"In day care we were all drawing! I want to show it to Alina!" (my name) Well, she already did.. but fine. :3
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Thanks Hayden for liking my log! :)


So, where was I?

Oh yeah, we went to the park and met a lot of interesting animals!



"furi, furi, furi~"



"doya~, doya~ (something about television lol)"



My girl learning to fly..



No, not really! She found a coupon! (If you press bess and chose the first option you will go to the game center and earn twice as much money! I won and got 400 points instead of 200. [My girl had to find a few those before I figured out how to use the coupon, lol.])



There was also another weird guy in the garden, buying stuff from me. Are there so many people that won't go into tama depa?



Ah, this is what I was talking about! My girl told me again about Gotchimotchi's birthday so I quickly went to the restaurant..



And got a free meal! Ehm, I meant, where we celebrated Gotchimotchi's birthday. Yeah. And free food. (Which increased all her hungry and happy hearts, uhh!)



Eating at the music cafe~



You know how I said the she likes fashion? I think that's her fashion animation when you press the C button. Cute! So that was it from yesterday, updates from today (Is she gonna turn into an adult today?) either this evening or tomorrow!


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Posted 26 May 2013 - 04:52 PM ( #15 )

Ah.. I'm so tired. I was quite busy today so I let Nana work today for a bit.. though I felt bad since her hungry and happy bar got quite low. :<

As you can tell she is an adult now! I'll show you tomorrow what became of her. She is quite cute if I can say so myself, as her mother. :3


I didn't play much with my school - since I was so busy - but I bought a few items and got my scores to 165 language, 174 math, 169 science and I raised in class rank! I think the mark is 150 or 160 or something like that, not sure. The king came again, said his congratulations and introduced me to imotchi! Cute! Oh and my rank is now "mama" which means so-so. At least the board doesn't look broken anymore, hehe. Funny thing, I thought my school had a glitch or didn't work properly and hurriedly bought new batteries and everything.. but the black board is supposed to look all broken when you're starting. :D Have I actually said what my previous rank was? It was beginner and unlocked at.. 30 points I think? Not sure.

I have 27 students now and they came a few times but mainly wanted me to teach them stuff. They do this instead of asking questions. I guess it's because I neglected them so much and didn't play with them.. sorry..

So, about the seasonal items: The seeds increase the.. uh.. I forgot lol. Well, the seeds and the rain doll raise math or science points, dunno which was which, so I had to buy  language books from the normal shop to keep the scores the same since I'm pretty sure I will only get another rank when all subjects have the same score.


More tomorrow!

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Posted 27 May 2013 - 08:09 AM ( #16 )



Yes! I got a Himespetchi!

(And now I know why.. seems like you get her if you win a game 20 times. good to know, or I would get her and Knightchi on every generation. >_< Guess I have to fail them in future generations. :<)



Knightchi is talking a lot..



But she agreed on a date anyway. She even paid the ice scream! What a nice girl.



Getting fancy sunglasses!




going to dream school.




Sitting in robotics class with Mametchi.



P.E. class with fireguy.




Music class with whatshername.




Failing at the singing test.. woops.



A diary entry: "Today we learned about robot mechanics! Those machines are a mystery."

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Posted 27 May 2013 - 06:26 PM ( #17 )

I didn't really took many pictures today.. only one, lol. I was mostly busy and left my girl to work for 10 hours.. with breaks to feed her and play with her, but still. Poor girl! She is still 3 years old, so have to wait a bit for the last stamp. But I have to keep her working for at least two more days anyway lol.

My third generation on the V5 grew up! I got a Nemutchi, Yonepatchi and Furikotchi! I love nemutchi, so cute. <3 I know him from the anime, so that's even better. Too bad there is no ice rink here. :P
I actually decided to play a bit longer. I raised now 3 generations of the 3 different uh character trait family, so I want some secret characters too! Namely Kuromametchi, Makiko and the Ninja family! It looks cute.. and I think I won't have a problem to neglect them. v.v Since you get both of the secret characters by worst care characters and the ninjas by not playing with them.. I feel a bit bad.

Nothing really interesting happened in my school.. it's pretty low term, though it was beeping for me in the middle of the raid because all the hearts were empty. ): But I used the smiley roulette and they got filled up, woo! It's a good thing you can earn so much money. I have 33 students, scores are 226, 235, 255.. maybe I'll push to the 250 for every subject, dunno, it's getting pretty late.

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