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I'll miss you, Jenny.

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Posted 18 May 2013 - 05:52 AM ( #1 )

Tamagotchi Name: Jenny(Pyonchitchi)


Tamagotchi Age: 8 Years(Both Tama-Years & Human years... I used pause a lot)


Date Of Birth: Somewhere in 2005. 0_0


Date of Passing: May 18th, 2013


What Generation? 1st


Other Information? She left for Tamagotchi Planet in the middle of the night, leaving her baby behind...


Comments? We've been through a lot, me and the little V2 tam. She also survived some hard times, such as the time she went without food and being clean for a week because I lost her. But now she's gone. At least I still have her child to carry on the lineage... Love you, Jenny. And I'm forever sorry about that horrible week. :)

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18 May 2013