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Endless Ocean/Endless Ocean 2

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Posted 23 May 2013 - 11:01 AM ( #1 )

ENDLESS OCEAN IS THE DOLPHINNIEST GAME I EVER PLAYED! Maybe dolphins aren't the main theme of it...but scuba diving is! Just don't use the diver in the game as any kind of example if you learn to dive. The virtual diver doesn't equalise their ears and they dive on their own. And they breathe really slowly. Anyway, if you haven't heard of Endless Ocean, here's what it is: a game for the Wii (don't ask me what type or whatever, I don't know) where you control a virtual scuba diver to explore wrecks, research sea animals, take people on tours and complete missions. And if you get to know a dolphin, you can adopt the dolphin, name it, train it and take it on dives with you! You unlock new equipment by achieving stuff like information about sea animals and good reviews from people you took on tours, which enables you to dive deeper, eventually allowing you into a crevasse with deep sea creatures and new items to discover.


I got this game when I was 6 or 7. OK, maybe I did spend an hour learning how to control it, maybe I did get an F on my first tour, but I got the hang of it in the end. I completed the basic point of the game but afterwards I carried on playing. I kept getting creepy virtual "emails" about something weird, which kind of scared me away from it. I would've come back when I was older to complete it, but my brother accidentally deleted all my progress and I couldn't be bothered to catch up.


I got Endless Ocean 2, the sequel, for my 12th birthday yesterday. I haven't done much yet so I don't know that much about the plot of the game, but you get to dive with a virtual buddy, a good safety improvement :D . The first mission you have to complete is rescuing the buddy from a dangerous place where she's dived alone to find a pendant she lost as a child, and also to recover the pendant. You get a tool that tranquilises dangerous animals and heals sick ones, I spent ages going around healing random fish. I don't know what happens next but it looks really fun.


The game is also educational, as you get access to true information on different sea animals once you've interacted with them. It doesn't have a very realistic approach to scuba diving (skipping the training, descent and ascent, the worst bits) but it's still fun. :D


So, does anyone else play Endless Ocean? If you don't, I recommend it to...EVERYONE! Especially people who like dolphins, sea creatures or anything like that. I think it is rated 7+ because of "fear" (creepy emails) but they shouldn't be a problem for anyone old enough to read this post. :P

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23 May 2013

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