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Black & White Pixels

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Posted 25 May 2013 - 01:21 AM ( #1 )

Black & White Pixels - Chapter 1


Hi c: As you know, this is a Tamagotchi log of my Tamagotchis. I'm proud to be back logging again so you can read it! So, the first Tamagotchi I'm going to be running is the orange and purple Music Star. 


For some reason it feels like the egg can talk...:P


WAIT A MINUTE! My old Tamagotchi, Lilly, is stuck in there! Let's get her back, shall we?


Someone isn't happy. 

You probably haven't seen Lilly yet, so let's see her stats! :D


Here she is. Cute little Lilly.


So...That's it I guess. Sorry for the small post, it's an intro and I just wanted to do a quick revision of Lilly.

Lilly here! I'm one of the Black & White Pixels that you'll be seeing here. Remember, I'm much more than a black & white pixel c: I'm a Tamagotchi with LIFE! So thanks for coming here and reading our stories. :3

We'll try to make this log as fun as possible for you.


Pictures, fun facts, and news! We have it all! Since you viewed this log, keep viewing and the more funner it gets, the better! I have to go now, my baby is crying.


Right now I have Lilly paused but I'll unpause her later. Thanks for reading! :)


~tamatown123 and Lilly~







25 May 2013

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