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Guide to drawing using ArtRage (with pictures)

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Posted 25 May 2013 - 02:49 AM ( #1 )

NOTE - I have not yet added pictures but I will later today.


I have no idea about the difference between versions of ArtRage, but if your version has the "ink pen" tool and the "smoothing" tool, you're fine.


So, this is a guide to making anime-style drawings on ArtRage, preferably Tama characters. I assume you already know how to use ArtRage (it's a pretty simple program). Here's the guide to drawing with ArtRage!


1) Select the "Ink Pen" tool.

3) Select a width of the lines you'll draw. I recommend 7, 8 or 9 for simple anime-style Tama characters.

2) Click on "settings" and set the "smoothing" tool to 100%.

3) Draw a zig-zag line. It will become smoothed out. Press Ctrl+Z to undo, deleting the line. If you think the first part of your character that you want to draw should be smoothed out this much, keep it on 100%. If you want to do a more complex shape, lower the percentage. You will have to experiment to find the right setting. For some complex shapes, smoothing will not be needed, but for most it is very useful.

4) There's really not much to say except: Draw your character. You will have to change the smoothing settings or line width for more detailed parts of it. However, leave out the eyes and mouth - it's better to draw them after filling in the face.

5) Once you've finished drawing, use the fill tool to add colour to your drawing. Make sure to fill in everything that needs to be filled. Still do not draw the eyes and mouth.

6) Use the pen tool to shade your drawing however you want. Decide which way the light is coming from before shading to get a better effect.

7) Now draw in the eyes and mouth or any other features on the face.

8) Re-draw all the black lines. Shading might have partially covered them. Skip this step if you want, but it does make your drawing look more professional.

9) Add any extra detail to your character using whatever tools you want.

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25 May 2013