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Posted 28 May 2013 - 01:16 PM ( #1 )

This song was originally written by whoever wrote Call Me Maybe, then SupahCow made an alternative version which I then edited so it applies to me. The bits by SupahCow are in black.


I was new on TamaTalk, I didn't know anyone,

I barely even talked, but then I met some random person

They were so mean to me,  and then I felt sad,

I always went to the chat just to see them for some reason


But then the mean people left

And I was not new but still didn't know anyone

Then I had new friends but they were also mean to me

I'd never go on chat because I got banned from it by my parents.


Then I got allowed back on chat and met tamatown123

I think I talked to her at 6 AM on my 11th birthday

And there was some joke about smoothies and oreos

I can't remember but it was way better than people being mean to me


Then I met EMF and Doomer and all my other friends

And nobody was mean to me any more

Instead lots of people liked me and I went on chat lots

Now I can ignore people who are mean to me


You're so fun to be with

Sunrise till' my computer time is over or I have to go to school

I'm in front of our laptop

I want to spend time with you guys!


Hey, I already know you, and this is crazy, but go to the chat, let's talk about stuff

It's hard to be me, being alone, I need to talk to, people like you


It's not even meant to be good (well, not the bits I made up anyway) it's just random. :P PURPLE DOLPHINS! :D


EDIT: Call Me Maybe is my second LEAST favourite song after the one that goes "BABY BABY OH BABY BABY" until the sun explodes. I don't think SupahCow likes it either.

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28 May 2013