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The Life of a Tamagotchi

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Posted 28 May 2013 - 06:42 PM ( #1 )

Hi! This is my new log about my tamagotchi V4. His name is Felix, and right now he is a Zukyutchi. He is 3 years old-he just evolved today. Anyway, instead of me writing about Felix, he will be writing about himself.



Today, when I woke up, I found I was in complete darkness. The only light source was from a tiny slit above me. Finally, a hand reached down and grabbed me.

It was my master, Lauren's hand! She took me out of her pocket and smiled at me.  "Good morning, Felix! We are at my school right now, unfortunately you'll be

In my pocket for quite a while....eat some breakfast!" She then gave me cereal, bread, and and orange. which I hungrily ate. At lunch, I got mail-from the king! It

was a plane ticket, though I unfortunately couldn't travel anywhere, as I was still a feeble Young Mametchi. For several more hours, I waited in Lauren's

pocket until finally I couldn't take being left in there anymore. I started crying. Not a while later, Lauren took me out and frowned. "Don't worry, Felix," She said.

"You won't have to wait in my pocket anymore. School is over now." After she praised me, I felt much better, though suddenly very hungry. I moaned, and she quickly

fed me sushi, bread, and even a sundae for all my hard work. We bought a shovel at the store, and I used it to dig. I found a pencil! Later on in the day, I visited my

hometown, Tamatown. I played many games and visited various shops. I got fried chicken, a chocolate bar, and a helicopter. I even visited the king! After dinner, I

evolved into a Zukyutchi. Lauren was very happy. She said I looked very handsome :) . She let me play with blocks and draw with my new pencil. I took a shower

and then washed my teeth. That is all for now!


Hey guys, this is Lauren again. If only I could post pics, but I don't have my laptop anymore :( . I really hoped you liked my first log entry, and so does Felix :D :lol: :wub:



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28 May 2013

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Posted 28 May 2013 - 07:54 PM ( #2 )

Hey guys, I managed to get a pic of Felix from my phone! :D Hope this works:


I'll try to get more photos soon :blink:


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Posted 29 May 2013 - 04:24 PM ( #3 )

Felix got a job! I'm so happy for him! Alright, I'll let him tell you guys about it, But first, here is Felix's stats:

Hungry: Full

Happy: Full

Training: Full

3 years old

31 pounds

150 Points



Where I sleep :P

So, this morning I woke up, yet again to darkness. Though, this time I knew where I was, so it was much less scary. Around 10 Lauren checked

on me and fed me cereal. I chilled in her pocket, then at 12 I had lunch-sushi and bread, yum! Then I bought an omelet and cheesecake at the

store. Lauren does really good at school, she got a 100% on her History test! She told me there was 6 more days of school left and then summer!

Thank god, too, I hate waking up in darkness. Anyway, after school I got mail-a piece of poop :( . Before dinner, I donated some money to the king.

800 points-hopefully he will give me something in return, that's a lot of money! My dinner consisted of sushi, which I'm getting kinda sick of. I mean,

yea, it tastes good, but after eating so much...ew. Lauren says when we get more money we can eat other foods, I can't wait. Anyway, after dinner, I

got the best mail ever. It was a [!], which meant something exciting. When I opened it, it was a letter from my teacher. He said I graduated from school

and could work! I was so excited. After looking at the list of jobs, I found one I really liked-a job as a pilot. I could fly plains around the world :D


After I was approved by the judges, the king gave me a tool to use for my job.


I think I did pretty good on my first day of the job. After I get payed, I'll be rich!



Hello everyone, it's Lauren. Felix is pretty good at writing in the log! Speaking of Felix, the matchmaker might come tomorrow...I haven't told him yet, though I've given him some hints. Anyway, I'm planning on adding another tamagotchi to the log. I'm just trying to figure out what kind of tamagotchi, I only have one battery, but I'm in between a Music Star and Familichi. I also have a tama-go, though luckily I don't have to worry about batteries for him, I have tons of AAA batteries. That's all for the log!

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Posted 29 May 2013 - 07:35 PM ( #4 )

Hello guys again. Felix is still awake, but I won't let him run the log, this is just a little update. My brother and I connected our tamagotchis, and Felix played a game with Lily, who is an adult ghost-looking thing, but I can't remember the name. He lost. They both each have a little bed they are sitting in, watching The Voice. Felix's bed is pink, and Lily's is blue, which should be the other way around because Felix is a boy and Lily is a girl! Anyway, Felix went to work again, but he still didn't get a salary. He just  turned 4 about an hour ago! Happy Birthday, Felix :D :D :D . I gave him a hotdog for his bday and plan to let him play one of his toys. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I'm going to get a tamagotchi v4.5! I'm really excited, I used to have a clear green v4.5, but I lost it. The tamagotchi won't arrive until June 3 or 4th, which is pretty fast. The tamagotchi looks like this: http://i1204.photobu...v45abstract.jpg


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Posted 30 May 2013 - 03:04 PM ( #5 )

Hey everyone! Not much happened today, except Felix got his first salary of 400 points. I'll let Felix write now.



So this morning, when I woke up, I heard voices, as always. "Good morning, Felix," said Lauren around 9:15. We were going down a stairwell.

"We are going to art class. I love art, and I'm sure you will too!" I was taken into a room with many different colors. This must be the art room.

It was so unlike the black-and-white world I lived in. Lauren tucked me in her pocket again, then at 9:45 I started brushing my teeth. Lauren

took me out again. "Good job, Felix, you are brushing your teeth!" She said when she saw me in a surprised though happy voice. "Well, duh,

I know how to brush my teeth" I tried to say, but my mouth was full of toothpaste. She actually sat me at the art table, and I saw her  and 3 other

people at the table working on a picture. Then a bell rang, and she hastily picked me up and put me back in her pocket. It wasn't until 10:30 when

she took me out again and fed me some cereal, then quickly tucked me back in her pocket. For lunch, I had sushi. Again. I also got some mail, but it was just

a star. It said I had lots of money, a fair amount of love, and little strength-I need to get stronger. Around 1:30 it suddenly started to feel very hot.

I could hear birds chirping and realized I was outside. We went back inside for a while, but then came back out. Lauren took me out and placed

me on a picnic table. She was sitting there with several other people-all of them, including her was eating ice-cream. "I want some!" I said

enviously, and she laughed, and then fed me some ice-cream. We all sat there for a while, eating Ice-cream. It was nice at first, but then

it started getting really hot. Exhausted by the heat, I moaned. Lauren grabbed me, concern on her face. Immediately when she did, she

said, "Felix, you're overheating! I'll have to put you back in my pocket so the sun isn't beating down on you." So she did, and I felt a little

better, and for the first time, I was glad of the darkness-it was much cooler. The next time Lauren took me out of her pocket, I was super

hungry. She fed me, then we played Jump Rope so I'd burn off all those calories I got. Then I went to work! Though instead of working,

a mailman was there with a big bag of money. 400 points I got, not too shabby for a first salary. Lauren set me on the couch while she

did homework-she had a lot today! Then, we went to the kitchen where she had more space to work on her art project, as it was a big

piece of construction paper. I then got mail from the king! It was more money, money money :D :D :D . Anyway, Lily visited me again!  

She gave me a delicious sundae, yum! Dinner is soon, I can't wait, I'm starving. That's all for now, hope you liked it!



Hey guys, it's Lauren again. Wow, Felix wrote much more today! He was very excited about writing again. Tomorrow, there is a slight chance the matchmaker will come, though It'll probably be the day after tomorrow. I might post some pics later on today too.


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Posted 30 May 2013 - 05:32 PM ( #6 )

Hello again I'm just gonna give you a small update and then show some pics of Felix. He had bread for dinner(because he kept complaining about the sushi) and then bought fish and a kebab at the store. Also, the king gave him 400 points!

                                                   Felix at his job



                                                     Oh no!






                                                   Bath Time



That's all for now.


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Posted 31 May 2013 - 01:25 PM ( #7 )


Yay, this is my last Friday of school! School ends this Thursday. Aren't you excited, Felix? You won't have to wake up in total darkness anymore and chill in my pocket for 7 hours!

Felix: Blue

Yeah! BTW, I get to do the log today, right?

Er, sorry, I kinda wanted to do the log today...

Awww I was looking forward to this all day!

Sorry, Felix. Anyway, we're almost at 100 viewers!

That little?!? I thought we were in the thousands!

Felix, this is only the 6th or 7th post..


So, I'm not really writing what I usually write today, I just wanted to mix it up a little. This morning, I didn't get to check on Felix until about 10:00. He pooped, and had one empty hungry

heart. Since it was Friday, I fed him something special-an omelet.

Yea, thanks for that! It really tastes good.

No prob, Felix. He also had a star in the mail, that said he had 2 stars for love, strength, and money, which is what we want-equal everything. For lunch he had the usual-bread and


Ugh, sushi. Even saying it disgusts me.

How about tomorrow, you have something special for lunch?

Oh, yes yes! Thanks!

Speaking of tomorrow, the matchmaker might come tomorrow!

You said that yesterday and the day before.

I really mean it this time, if you're 6 by tomorrow, there is a possibility the matchmaker will come.

Did you tell the readers that I turned 5?

Oh, I forgot! Felix turned 5 yesterday literally 2 minutes before he went to bed(which is 10:00). So yeah, today I didn't check on Felix much, only at 1:30 in the bathroom, and my

resource class I fed him and he played jump-it was risky, but my teacher was looking at other student's projects the whole period, and he didn't even glance at me so I decided to

take the risk. Felix got a letter-it was a robber! He took 300 points, but it was okay because 5 minutes later the king gave him 400 points.

Yeah, I have connections with the king, we chill out sometimes too.

That's great, Felix. I guess that's it for now, put I'll post pics later of Felix!

Bye Guys!





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Posted 31 May 2013 - 03:59 PM ( #8 )

Here are some pics:


Felix Brushing his teeth


Fishing Time!


Felix reels his catch in! He got money-1000 points


Playing Jump

Felix still didn't turn 6 yet. On the other hand, Lily, Felix's v4.5 friend, got married! She had a girl.

Congrats Lily!

That's all for now. As you saw in the pics, Felix got 1000 points from fishing. He got some food at the store-milk and corn, and got paid for his job again, I think it was 400 points. I also got some special items like the slide, playhouse, cell phone, and steak.

Yum! When do I get to eat the steak?

I dunno, last day of school maybe?

But I'll be gone by then!

Oh yeah..maybe I'll give to you as a marriage/baby present.


That's all for now!


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Posted 01 June 2013 - 07:50 AM ( #9 )


So, I just checked my log today and saw that I had 100 views! Thanks so much everyone for reading my log!

Anyway, Something really awesome happened today. Around 9:20, when Felix woke up, I decided I couldn't wait until 10:30 for the matchmaker to come so I just changed the time and...


I was so excited! The matchmaker brought a lovely maidtchi by the name of Amelia.

She is soo pretty

WARNING: these following pics will be really blurry because my phone was being stupid


On the left is Felix, and the right is Amelia


Now kiss!


Yay Fireworks!

Then Felix and Amelia had a baby. It was a boy!


*Sniff* *Sniff* I can't believe this happened...I'm so happy

Congratz, Felix. As a baby/marriage present I gave him a pen and a hat. I tried to take pics of him with the hat, but it was super blurry


Luckily, I got this pic of Felix writing with his new pen

So yeah, that's all that happened, right now Felix is brushing his teeth.

Just trying to look good, you know, with the new baby and all...

Speaking of that, what are you going to name him?

I have no idea, I need some time to think about it.

I understand, Felix.

Before I go, there's one more thing I gotta say: I got an angelgotchi, it should come the 5th or 6th of June, not sure if I'll put it in the log yet. My V4.5 should come Monday or Tuesday, can't wait!






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Posted 01 June 2013 - 12:47 PM ( #10 )


Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! I got my V4.5!! It came super early, it wasn't supposed to arrive until Monday!

Yay! I'm so happy! I get a new friend!

Yep, that's right! But first a few pics of Felix.


So I was playing on tamatown today, and I saw a Zukyutchi and Maidtchi(AKA Felix and Amelia) right next to each other in one of the shops! I had to get a pic of it.


A poorly drawn photo of Felix with his family.

Oh god, I miss Amelia.

You were together for like a minute...

A minute to you, a few weeks to me!

ANYWAY, now on to my new V4.5! I must say, it was in excellent condition, props to the person I bought it from.


It's a boy! I named him Katsu, after another tamagotchi I had, I actually think he is in one of my older logs I did a year ago.

(Sorry about the picture quality, I used my 3Ds to take pics because my phone was crapped up)


Katsu playing climb


After an hour, he evolved into a kuchitamatchi.

He hasn't gone to pre-school yet, but when he does, he'll be able to talk in the log.

I visited Katsu too! We sang together.

Yeah, you guys are pretty good together.


Since he is a kutchitamatchi, according to the character chart, he will either evolve into a:







I'd really like a Hikotchi, because I've never had that character before.

Yea, me too.

How's the baby, Felix?

Henry is good, except for the fact that he poops. A LOT. It's like he's pooping more than he's eating! But he is never hungry. Did I poop that much when I was a kid?

Hm, I can't remember. You decided to name him Henry? Cool name.

Yeah, maybe, but if I think of a cooler name then I wont name him Henry.

Okay, nice. So that's all for now!

Later guys!



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Posted 01 June 2013 - 06:57 PM ( #11 )


Katsu: Red


Katsu went to pre-school today, I'm so proud of him!

*Grins modestly*

He wasn't exactly great on his first day of school...


*Sniff* *Sniff*

Er, no! But you still did good!

Thanks ^_^

Katsu and Felix played some game where they stacked blocks, and Felix's pile of blocks toppled over first, so Katsu won 200 points.

Well, excuse me for not being skilled in the art of block-stacking! I was so stressed about Henry, he's a nice kid and all, but he's so needy!

It's okay, Felix, I'm really proud of you these past few days.

Thanks, me too, I'm so tired...

I'm pretty sure Felix is going to leave tomorrow night, we have only one more day together starting tomorrow!

Yeah, I know, time flies.

Katsu got some food at the store and even a little plant that he keeps next to his window, he waters it every day. He's gotten really responsible, he's growing up to be a nice kid.

Little Katsu is asleep right now, the day tired him out. He was asleep by 8:00. Nothing else really happened, except Felix went to work again and got 2 packages in the mail-one was a stupid piece of poop, and the other was a pencil from the king.

Who Keeps on sending me poop and snakes! Seriously, someone really hates me...

Don't sweat it, Felix, everyone gets that. That's it for the log, bye guys!




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Posted 02 June 2013 - 08:41 AM ( #12 )


I slept in today, both Felix and Katsu had to wake me up.

They both had mail-just stars. However, a few minutes later, Katsu got a letter! It was a heart, maybe someone from his pre-school likes him?

Why did I never get a heart?

No one liked you.

You shut your trap hole!

GUYS, break it up, Felix, not everyone gets hearts, and Katsu, don't talk to your brother like that!



Lily, Felix's friend also went back to tamatown today and left a little girl by the name of Iris. She was really cute! I had to take care of her because my brother was busy. She played with Katsu(who lost a game of Pop The Balloon), and I was about to introduce her to Felix when she ran out of battery!

Poor thing.


My brother is insisting to go to the store now to get some batteries. Anyway, Katsu now has 3 thriving plants.

I love my plants!

Well, one of them grew, and sprouted money!

And you said money didn't grow on trees.

It was 10 points, Katsu, but I guess they actually do grow on trees now.

Katsu went to pre-school a few times-

A few? You sent me like 10 times!
Well, I just wanted you to have a nice education and grow up to be really smart, and the pre-school teacher says you aren't really trying to work or make progress, Katsu. Maybe if you started working hard, I'll stop bringing you so much!

Okay, fine, I'll try harder

That's the spirit. So, Felix went to work today and got the mother-load of money: 1500 points. Nice job!

Thanks, I really like working as a Travel Agent, too.

This means he now has 4000 points! You could get something really nice at the store, maybe even a plane ticket if you reach 5000 points and there's a sale.

Yeah, or a drum set or piano, or mirror. Though, I probably won't be able to buy that stuff since I'm leaving tonight, Masao could though.

Erm, Masao?

Yeah, another name I'm thinking of for the kid.

Cool name, it's Japanese, right?

Yeah, it's pronounced MahsOW

Nice! So yeah, that's it for the log, here's Felix and Katsu's stats:



Hungry: 4/4

Happy: 4/4

Training: 9/9

6 years

30 pounds

Gen: 1

Points: 4470



Hungry: 4/4

Happy: 2/4

Training: 3/9

0 years

12 pounds

Gen: 1

Points: 250



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Posted 02 June 2013 - 02:23 PM ( #13 )


YAY HE EVOLVED! He didn't evolve into what I expected him too, though! He evolved into a daiyatchi!

He is soooo cute!

*Blushes* Thanks, I'm so happy!

That's a nice character, kid.

Yeah, Felix visited Katsu and they played ball together. They're really getting along.

Well, this is my last day here, so I want to make it memorable. Lauren, make sure to write to me when I'm at tamatown and tell me what Katsu evolves into.

No prob, Kat. Anyway, shortly after Katsu evolved, the pre-school teacher came to tell him he was graduating to elementary school! I'm so proud of him! He picked Mr. Canvas.

He seemed like he really knew his stuff, and I'm going to work hard in school like Lauren told me to.

That's the spirit! As a present for his evolving and graduation I bought Katsu a soccer ball. Right now he's in the back yard kicking it around.

I'm going to be a soccer star one day!

Haha, you're watching too much of the sports channel.

*Sticks out tongue*

*Sigh* and just when I thought they were getting along...

Katsu got something in the mail today, also. It was his first poop. Oh! I almost forgot, I figured out what Felix's favorite food is: Pizza! I gave it to him today, and he liked it so much he did a happy dance.

I want more, more! I LOVE pizza!

Anyway, unfortunately, tomorrow is Monday, and I still have school.

I hate school. You're going to hate it, Kat.

Oh no!

Katsu, you will be going to school with me tomorrow. Trust me, I don't wanna go any more than you do, I still have a bunch of work to do, and there's only 4 more days of it left.

Do I have to go?

You can learn a lot from school! Trust me, you'll like it, Felix is only trying to scare you.

Whatever, I guess I'll go

So yea, Lily is also doing fine, we went to get batteries today so she's playing with Katsu and Felix.

Do you guys think I should let her talk in the log sometime? Though, she's not mine, she's my brothers...

Yea, once or twice, she's really friendly.




Look who evolved! Katsu


Werk it


Werk it some more


Haha look at Katsu! *Duck Face*


Yay, you picked the right one!


Katsu playing with his new soccer ball



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Posted 03 June 2013 - 03:01 PM ( #14 )


Oh my god! So much happened today!



Felix left last night :(  I set the time so little Masao wouldn't wake up until 3:00, when I got home.


I named him Masao(MUHS-OW), just like Felix wanted me too. He looked so sad and helpless without Felix, but I reassured him. Soon, he was happily eating some bread and playing jump.


So, I fed him fish, and out of all the things I could've fed him, of course fish was Masao's least favorite food -_- .


Masao got sick, but with some medicine he got better.


At around 4:00, he evolved into a Putitchi! I love Putitichi, I'm really happy :D


He still hasn't gone to pre-school yet, so he can't write in the log.

Masao: Purple


Haha, that was just his attempt to write in the log, he insisted he knew how to write.


KATSU (V4.5)

Nothing really happened, though I did take him to school today,

Okay, so it wasn't as bad as Felix told me it was.

I told you!

I saw a lot of people! I didn't know there were that much...

Trust me, there's MUCH more people than you saw.


Haha, anyway, Katsu, woke up at 9:00 today and a quarter before 10 he was brushing his teeth!

I don't like the taste of toothpaste, but it sure makes my teeth look white!

Same here, Kat. I got to check on him in science and math, just to pick up some poop and feed him.

He got 2 pieces of mail from the king- one was a shovel, which Katsu loved, because, as you know, he loved gardening and tending to his plants, so now he can put them in the ground!

Speaking of his plants, one of them grew, and er, it wasn't nice; it attacked him.

I though it would give me more money!

I wish it gave you more money..

The other piece of mail was money- 1500 I think.

Katsu also got several pieces of food and make up-sure, it won't be too helpful now, but if Katsu ever has a baby girl, he can give it to her.



I got my new angelgotchi!!!!


I named her Tenshi, which means "Angel" in Japanese.


She is quite a needy little Angelgotchi!

I didn't know much about the Angelgotchi, so my brother helped me take care of Tenshi. After an hour, she evolved. She didn't look very different, she was just a bigger angel!


I still think Tenshi looks adorable, I'm not really sure when she will evolve again.

The Angelgotchi came with a cute charm that was a pink jar with a heart on it also.


That's all for now, here are some extra pics:


The last pic of Felix *sniff* which shows him with his new sunglasses on


A pic of all my running Tamas:

Tenshi(Left), Masao(Middle), and Katsu(Right)



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Posted 03 June 2013 - 06:43 PM ( #15 )

Hey guys! Everyone is asleep right now. Masao went to preschool!

Yayyy! I liek preschule!

Work on that spelling, Masao...

Sory. ill practice, and be reelly good at mie spelling!

Anyway, me and Masao are missing Felix, so we might visit him in Tamatown today or tomorrow.

Here are some pics!


Masao on his new slide



Make sure those teeth are squeaky clean, Katsu!


Masao has good balance!


Oh no, don't fall!

Masao on his first day of school


Good job!


Katsu taking a bath


I bought a lion plush toy for Masao, but he didn't seem to be entertained by it.








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Posted 04 June 2013 - 03:29 PM ( #16 )


I'm so happy!

Me too!

Me three!

Tenshi: Mint blue

Me four!



He evolved!!! Masao is now a Gourmetchi.



I look SO fat!

Oh, stop that fat talk, you look fine.

Whatever. Look, I'm better with my writing!

Great! Anyway, as a present for all his hard work, I gave Masao a shovel.


After a while of digging in the back yard, he found a piece of cake! Yum!


It tastes super good, which was surprising because I found it in the ground.

A few minutes ago Masao got mail- a [!] which means he's going to go to elementary school.

I'm really nervous!

It's really easy, Masao.


KATSU (V4.5)

Katsu also evolved! He evolved into a Uratogetchi!



Ugh, I'm really fluffy, it's so annoying.

No, you're fat.

I am NOT!

Masao, he's fluffy! Stop making your brother insecure-

Wha-? I'm not insecure!

That's just what an insecure person would say.

BOTH of you STOP right now or I'm sending you both to bed!


Fine, whatever.

Anyway, I let Kat play his soccer ball again. He really likes it!


Okay, I figured out I can't be a soccer star, but playing soccer as a hobby is nice.



He didn't evolve, I don't really know when he will, like I said before, I don't have much info on the Angelgotchi.

*Sniff* *Sniff* I wanna evolve like Masao and Katsu! I don't wanna be a stupid toddler anymore!

It's okay, Tenshi, I'm sure you'll evolve soon.

Okay, I hope.

I really need to give Tenshi more deeds, or else he'll turn into a devil (that's what my brother told me)!




Tomorrow I'll be going on a feild trip-

Awesome! When will we be going? (Katsu)
What? No, I'm going with her! (Masao)

Guys, please stop fighting! I'm going to flip a coin, Okay?

Alright. I call heads.

I'm tails, a guess.

Okay, here it goes!
I got heads! Sorry, Katsu.


Yay! Tough luck, Katsu.

Anyway, me and Masao are planning to visit Felix today, so I'll post pics in the next log post.

That's all for now!










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Posted 04 June 2013 - 06:37 PM ( #17 )


So Masao just went to tamatown today, and he did many things like visiting his father, Felix.

First he gave Masao 100 points.

Here's how it went:

Felix: Hey Masao! Lauren! Wow Masao you've grown so big! Teenager already?

Masao: *Grinning* Yeah, I just evolved into a Gourmetchi today while me and Lauren were at school.

Amelia: How are you doing in school Masao?

Masao: I just graduated to elementary school today. So far, I have a few A's and B's...

Me: and Masao has one C, but he was still better than I was in elementary school, I think. I can't really remember it much.

Felix: Wow, he was better then me too.

Amelia: By the way, how's Katsu?

Masao: He also evolved today, into a Uratogetchi.

Felix: Man, time flies.

Me: Well, we really should be going.

Amelia: Okay, bye, Love you Masao.

Felix: Love you Masao! Please visit again.

Masao: I will! Bye, Love you!



We also visited the king.

He just thanked us for our donation.


Next, Masao and I went to Masao's school. He greeted all his classmates and played spelling bee.

First place baby!

Masao won, and got a 200 point prize.


We celebrated by going to the movies. The first one was about a rice-eating contest, and I think a memetchi won, but she was so fat she ended up being sad and huge.

I really liked that movie.


Here were the other contestants in the rice-eating contest


The second movie was a love story about a boy tamagotchi who fell in love with girl tamagotchi, but the girl tama was in love with a mimitchi. The boy tama thought if he drank enough water, he'd evolve into a mimitchi, but instead he just ended up being really fat.

Didn't like that movie as much. Why do all movies end up with the main character being really fat?


After that, we played in the arcade and got anough money to buy a stereo, so now Masao can listen to his CD's.

While we were in the music shop, Masao made his own song.


My song was beautiful!

Sure it was. *Yawn* I'm tired, I'm going to bed.

Me too, night Lauren.

Night, guys.



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