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The Life of a Tamagotchi

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Posted 05 June 2013 - 05:27 PM ( #18 )


Hey guys, Katsu went to tamatown, Masao went to my field trip with me, and Tenshi evolved!



Masao woke up at 9:00 bright and early today.

He had his morning cereal and orange and then brushed his teeth.

I'm hungry now.

Shh, I'm narrating. Anyway, I put him in my friend's bag around noon because I was going to ride on a water ride, and I didn't want him to get wet.

Why can't I play in a pool? I wanna have fun.

You can't, Masao.

I know :(

He got bored and hungry, so he started crying. An hour after I put him away, I took him out of my friend's bag and praised him so he was happy again. I also fed him.

On the bus ride home, he went to a few sessions of school. He got mail-in total, one was from the robber, who took 400 points, two was from the king- money, around 600 points I think, and a shovel. He also got several stars.

I just saw him brushing his teeth and bathing now, but I couldn't get a picture. The next time I see him brushing his teeth, I'll get a pic of him!

I also let Masao play the first CD on his new stereo.

I love music!


Masao inserting Disc 1 in his stereo


KATSU (V4.5)

He didn't get mail so far, I still don't know why he won't go to work.

I think I just haven't gone to school enough. I wanna go to work!!

Alright, stop wining, I promise I'll let you go to school more often. Maybe you're just not old enough, Kat.

Whatever, I hope so.

Anyway, I took him to Tamatown today!

It was so much fun!

First, he went to the arcade to play a few games, then we went to the movies. After, we went to the food court where we made pizzas and got a soda.

Next, we went to the travel agency to look at all the plane tickets-

I wanna go to New York so bad!

I do, too. We went to Katsu's school and he played a word search.

Finally, he went to the shopping center where he found a gold record and had enough money from the arcade center to buy a guitar!

I love my guitar so much!

Yea, he even got to play his guitar!

Here are some pics of Katsu recently:


Katsu rocking out on his guitar


Brushing his teeth-what a good boy!

Katsu also turned 4, he's so old, I remember when he was just a little baby.

Mom, you're embarrassing me...



Tenshi evolved!

Yayy! I'm not a stupid toddler anymore! I'm a teen!

Yea! I'm really proud, Tenshi.

Thanks ^_^


Here's Tenshi in his new form now.

Yay! Tenshi, I told you that you'd evolve! Look at you now

Yea, nice job, Tenshi.

Thanks so much guys.


That's all for now. Thanks for reading!


Bye-bye everyone




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Posted 06 June 2013 - 08:39 AM ( #19 )


So, today was the last day of school, but I didn't feel good and I also didn't feel like going to school, so I just called in sick.

Lauren! How irresponsible!

What? I was sick...

Yea, sick :P :P

ANYWAY, Tenshi woke up at 8:00 today.

Bright and early!
Katsu and Masao didn't wake up until 9:00, those sleepyheads.


KATSU (V4.5)

First of all, Katsu finally got a job.



I think it's a gym, because his job is to jump on a trampoline and pop balloons.

I picked it cause I thought it looked like a castle, but whatever.

The judges gave him all O O O, which is awesome!
And you said I wasn't doing good in school, hmpf.

I never said that! The king gave him what looked like a beach ball to me.



He just got his salary this morning, around 1500 I think.

Katsu spent his money on a pair of jeans.

He also went to Tamatown, just to look for some souvenirs, and he got quite a lot! Milk, drill, dumbbells, ladder, brochure, ID tag, treadmill, a smoothie, and a hammer.

Here is a pic of him in his bath, it kinda looks like he's cooking in a pot.




Masao is still a Gourmetchi, though he will evolve around 4:00 today.

I can't wait!

He went to school this morning, his teacher said he's doing really good in school. Nice job, Masao!

Always the tone of surprise.

You're funny. Anyway, I was scrolling the items to give him and accidentally clicked on the ring. As much as Masao liked gazing at it, the ring had only one use which I felt I kinda wasted, he didn't even put it on!

Well, I'm a guy.

True, I think the tamagotchi had to be an adult girl to put on the ring. Oh well, it isn't like I wasted any money because I think it was a present from the king when Felix was a toddler.

I also let Masao open a treasure chest, and he found a cuckoo clock, which is awesome because they cost like 3000 points, and the chest it came out of was only around 200.

Don't we already have a cuckoo clock? I saw one in the basement yesterday.

We do, so our new cuckoo clock can be a present or we can use it when we use the other cuckoo clock. Okay?

Yeah, seems pretty legit.


Masao just visited Katsu, they sang together!

Aren't our voices beautiful?
Of course!!!




Tenshi is doing pretty well.

I wanna visit Masao and Katsu!

I'm sorry, you can't, the device you are in doesn't enable to, Tenshi.

Can I move to another device?
It doesn't work like that. Look, you can still talk to them in the log.

Yeah, I guess. But I still don't get to go to work or school like they do.

Listen to me, Tenshi. You're device is special. Don't tell them this, but you cost more than Katsu and Masao combined.


Yeah! You're very special, Tenshi, and don't go moping around thinking you aren't. I love you just as much as Katsu and Masao.

Thanks :blink:

I noticed when Tenshi evolved, he slept on a cloud, rather than before. It's really cute!

He just turned 4 (did I already tell you that?) and he now has 45 AP's which is good- the more, the better.

Okay, that's all for now, bye guys!



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Posted 06 June 2013 - 04:16 PM ( #20 )


Yup, Masao evolved!



Masao evolved into a Simasimatchi!

Great, I look like a bumblebee AND I'm fluffy...

I feel your pain, Masao.




For a present, I let him play with Maracas.


Why were you frowning while playing the Maracas, Masao?

Wha-? Oh, that's just my determined face.

Er, anyway, earlier today I gave Masao fries and it turns out it was his least favorite food. How could you not like fries?

How could you like fries? It's disgusting.


KATSU (V4.5)

Nothing exciting really happened with Katsu.

Stuff's always happening with Katsu.

Oh my god *facepalm*



Today, a few hours after my recent log, I checked Tenshi and noticed the screen was blank. At first, I thought the batteries were out, but that was strange because I just put new ones in Monday, when I got Tenshi in the mail.

I suddenly wondered if she like, ran away or something, so I decided to hit the bell icon because maybe it calls her back? A few seconds later Tenshi appeared. She had sneakers on, was carrying dumbbells, and was all sweaty,

as if she'd been jogging. I looked it up online, and it turns out once in a while, the angelgotchi goes out for a walk and returns once the bell icon is hit, which I did. That's so cool!

Yeah, I go out for walks all the time when you're not looking.

Haha, very funny.



Katsu and Tenshi are 4, and Masao just turned 3. This means the day after tomorrow, or two days after tomorrow the matchmaker will come for Katsu.

So, we still have a lot of time together, huh?

Yep. I'm thinking Tenshi will evolve tomorrow. I think she will act a bit like the P1, she will leave after, let's say, she's 6, and if I took really good care of her, she will leave an egg. Just my best guess, I don't know much about the Angelgotchi, and I know I could just look it up online, but I think it will be a fun experience to learn as I play.

That's all for now!


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Posted 06 June 2013 - 07:38 PM ( #21 )



I did, I did, I did! YAY!

Earlier than expected! My brother said Tenshi evolved into a perfect care character!

Say that 3 times fast


Care character!

We can't get sidetracked, Tenshi! We have important news!

Oh, yea, me evolving.

We already said that.





Yea, you do. But Tenshi, you're actually supposed to be in bed right now....

(Katsu) Yeah, TENSHI.

(Masao) YEAAAA

Oh, sorry! Good-night!

Night night.

Mwa ha ha, we get to stay up until ten!

Whatever, that just means I get more beauty sleep than you, and therefore, I am more beautiful.

*Sigh* guys, stop, or I'm sending you all to bed!

Looks like I've got nothing to lose! Look who's laughing now!

Where were we? Oh, yes, Tenshi evolving. My brother also told me that if I take really good care of Tenshi, she can evolve into a rare character. Either that, or he's just messing with me, but he seems to know his stuff.

Oh, speaking of my brother, he reset Iris, who is Masao and Katsu's friend.

NOOOO! Why!??!

Iris, NO!

Well she evolved into this guy---> :tarakotchi: and my brother was mad so, yeah.

It's really ironic because he is making the same mistake with Iris- he isn't taking good care with Cooki, his new tama, I had to take care of poor Cooki.

You need to save her, Lauren!
I know, I'm going to try to take care of her while my brother isn't.

Anyways, my brother also said I will keep on taking care of Tenshi until she eventually dies, something like that.

Could you take care of Tenshi forever?

Technically, maybe, but I wouldn't be able to do that, Tenshi will eventually want to go back to Heaven.

Like me going back to Tamatown? Cool.


This was just a short update on everything that's going on, although now I made this post rather long, oops.

Here are some pics:








When I look at this pic from far away, Masao looks a bit demented O_O

What's that supposed to mean?
Nothing! Nothing...


That's all for now, bye guys!


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Posted 07 June 2013 - 09:45 AM ( #22 )


Mine is!

Ours is! Yay


What does that mean?

That means we're really popular! Thanks everyone for reading my log!


Yup, we're almost at 300 views.



Masao now has his training bar full! He still hasn't graduated from school yet, so he can't get a job.

I'm gonna miss school, it was so much fun, I'm almost done with it.

Good, because we really need money. You only have 820 points!

I know...

Masao hasn't turned 4 yet, but he will soon.

Anyway, today he got a letter from his parents- Felix and Amelia. Here's what they wrote:


Dear Masao,

We heard you evolved into a Simasimatchi, congratulations! We're both so proud of you.

Make sure to work hard in school so you get a nice job, though I bet Lauren already told

you that. Life in Tamatown is great, in fact we are going on a vacation to Paris in 3 days,

Amelia has already started packing! Speaking of vacation, have you used that old plane

ticket I left you? You really need a vacation, take break, you know? Anyway, how's Katsu

and Tenshi doing? Lauren told me Tenshi evolved into a perfect care character. Please

write back and visit whenever you'd like-except next week, we'll be on vacation, as I've

told you. Stay safe,



Just right now Masao got mail-ugh, it's poop.

I hate poop!


KATSU (V4.5)

Katsu got his first salary early this morning, it was 2000 points!


He also got a heart in the mail, looks like someone is already interested in him.

Since today was the first day of summer and Katsu's inventory was full, I let him

have a chocolate muffin.

I like muffins, yum!

I do too, Kat. He's 5 now, one or two more years and the matchmaker will come!



So this morning, while I was eating my breakfast, I heard a beeping from Tenshi. I immediately thought she was going to evolve into a special character.

When I looked at her, she seemed to be waving a wand, casting some sort of spell?



Later on, I wondered if she was doing a deed! She might've been, or maybe she does that once in a while. She hasn't taken her walk yet, I think she does it a few times a day.

I managed to get her AP up to 80, but I can't get it any higher. I really want that special character!

Tenshi also turned 5.




This morning, I got a Morino, though I don't think I'm going to put it in the log- I'll put it in the Father's Day Group Hatching if you want to see it though.

It should arrive next week, I can't wait!











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Posted 07 June 2013 - 07:26 PM ( #23 )


OMG so much new stuff happened!



Masao got a job!



I just had to post this. It's Masao's feet as he flies off to his school to get his new job.


He though an Amusement Park looked good to work at, so he applied for that job.

My little Masao got O O O!

Thanks Lauren, but I'm not your Little Masao -_-

Sorry, I'm just so proud!



The king gave him some balloons as a tool for his job.


Masao did awesome on his first day of the job, he managed to get a "GREAT".

Woohoo! Better than Katsu, right?

Now now, Masao, no need to compare...


KATSU (V4.5)

The matchmaker came early! At 8:00, I checked his stats and saw that he had turned 6! I changed the time to 10:29 and when it turned 10:30, the matchmaker was there!


He came with a pretty Uradebatchi named Paris.

The matchmaker let them have dinner together so they would get to know each other better. Here was their conversation:
Paris: Pink      Katsu: Red

Hi, my named is Paris.

My named is Katsu.

Katsu. What does that mean?

I'm not sure, but it was after a tama-go Lauren owned before.

That's cool. I was named Paris because I was born in Paris unexpectedly while my owner was on vacation.

Wow, that's really cool!

Thanks. *Blushes*

Where were you from originally?

Oh, Virginia.

So we're not too far away, huh? I'm in PA.

That's cool.

*Waiter comes with 2 plates of spaghetti*

Oh, here's the food, I'm starving.

Me too, it looks good.

*Katsu and Paris begin to eat*


So, that was just a tidbit of their date, they really liked each other and ended up marrying.


The wedding was short, as Paris had important plans at home and had to leave very soon.


After, they had a baby girl. Paris only had a few days with the baby before they had to depart.


Do you know what you're going to name your daughter, Katsu?

Me and Paris had some ideas, but we're not absolutely sure yet.



Nothing much has happened with Tenshi, though she did the thing with her wand again. The weird thing is, she used to have 3 deeds, but now she has 0! It's really weird because I'm paying much more attention to her than I normally do. I really don't want her to turn into a devil!


That's all for now, bye guys and thanks for reading!









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Posted 08 June 2013 - 03:54 PM ( #24 )


Today has been a bit boring, though Masao caught up with his father, Tenshi turned 6, and Katsu has been thinking of some names for his daughter.



So this morning, I was playing around with Masao's icons when I decided to check Felix in the history book. I looked through his info, and on the last page,

it said "CELL PHONE NUMBER" and a series left arrows, circles, and right arrows.


I entered his number into the phone and at first it didn't work, so I checked the number and realized I pressed a wrong button. After trying a second time, the screen divided into two halves. On the top half, was Felix,

and on the bottom was Masao! There were little dots and I realized Masao and Felix were talking to each other!

Yeah, I told Felix about my new job, he was really proud.

He also got his first salary, it was around 1000 points, then visited Katsu. Katsu gave him sunglasses. After, they played with a ball.

Here are some pics of Masao:





KATSU (V4.5)

Like, nothing happened really, though Katsu also got his first salary, it was around 1000 points too.

Ohh! Ohh! I've also been thinking about names for the baby girl.

Like what?

Well, some japanese names, since that is where we're from, like Natsu, means summer in japanese because she was the first of us to be born in the summer.

What do you mean, "Of us?"

Like, me, Masao, and Tenshi.

Oh, okay, cool.

I've also noticed she really likes gardening like me when we go out to the backyard to tend to my plants, so Shido is another name I've been thinking about; it means seed in japanese, and Dojo, which means soil in Japanese.

Those are nice names, Katsu. I really like the name Shido.


 I'm really gonna miss you, Katsu. You're leaving tonight, aren't you?

I think so, at midnight.

I'll probably stay up to watch you go-

No no, really you don't have to...

It's summer, I'd love to stay up until midnight, really, it's fine.

Thanks, Lauren.

Here are some pics of Katsu.


Nice hat, haha


Katsu really likes the robot.



This morning, I think I finally realized what Tenshi was doing with her wand-thingy. I noticed that after every time she does that, she always has poop on her screen. So, this time, I hit the tiolet icon. Unfortunately, it didn't work, so I hit the bell, or attention icon and she was really happy. She went on what looked like a little rubber duck, and then pooped. She gained 3 deeds after that! So, every time she waves her wand I'll do it. I'm really glad I figured it out.

Here is a pic of Tenshi's charm that I described to you a few days ago.


Unfortunately, she still hasn't evolved into a special character.



I got some batteries for a REALLY good price yesterday, I got 8 LR44 batteries (for the Angelgotchi) for only 2 dollars, and 4 CR2032 batteries (for V4.5 and V4) for 2 dollars. Normally, it would cost 6.

Cooki, my brother's tamagotchi and Katsu and Masao's friend, evolved into a Ringotchi. I feel liked there's something else I have to tell you guys about Cooki, but I can't remember. Oh well.

That's all for now!





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Posted 08 June 2013 - 06:45 PM ( #25 )


So, like two minutes ago Katsu got a choice to either keep his job or change his job. He changed his job to a baker!

He basically had to grab whatever the person order with a giant mechanical claw. On his first day of the job, he delivered

a total of seven pastries to customers. Nice job, Katsu.


Hana: Neon Green

Yay good job Katkat yu do good!

(Katsu) Thanks, Hana.

Um, Hana?
Yeah, it's my daughter's new name, it means flower in Japanese.

Wow, she can actually spell words?

Not terribly well, but still, I've been teacher her.

Yeah I spell words!

She's good with her spelling, but a bit rusty on the grammar.

*Sigh* I'm really gonna miss her. You, too.

Don't worry, Katsu, I'll take real good care of Hana.

I'm not worrying, I know you'll take good care of her from experience.

Haha, that's true. I just wish you had more time to work for your new job as a baker.

Yeah, I didn't really like my old job, this one is so much fun!

Y'know, I think my first tamagotchi ever (who unfortunately was a masktchi because I was really bad at taking care of tamagotchis) worked as a baker!

Cool! Was he a V4 too?

Yep, on the same V4 your in.

Wow, I didn't know that.

That's all for the log now, I really have to go.



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Posted 09 June 2013 - 08:06 AM ( #26 )


Katsu left! I'm so sad...



Masao got mail this morning-just a star. I gave him a muffin (then bought one at the store) and he went

to his job. He got his first salary, it was around 1500 I think.



So yeah, Katsu left. Since I was up anyway watching King Kong I stayed up until

midnight to watch him go. Sorry about the pic quality, flash was on because I was

nearly sitting in the dark in my room taking the pic:


Masao woke me up at 9:00 with his mail, though I didn't actually get up until 9:10 to

take care of Hana. She was crying, asking where Katsu was, poor thing.


I named her Hana, just like Katsu asked- it means flower in Japanese, because

when Katsu was still with Hana, they'd go to the backyard to tend to their plants

and Hana loved watering the flowers.



She should evolve very soon now, she's still a little baby.



Nothing has really happened to Tenshi. This morning, I saw a poop on her screen,

so I'm guessing she did the thing with her wand again. I just wish I'd caught her in

time, so she could get more deeds. From now on, I'm going to look at her much more

so I don't miss anything.



That's all for now!



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Posted 10 June 2013 - 09:11 AM ( #27 )


Yay Masao found love, Hana evolved TWICE, and Tenshi evolved!



The matchmaker came for Masao!


He came at 10:30 today and brought a beautiful Ponytchi named Sarafine.


It was love at first sight, and they married then had a baby girl.



As a present for everything that happened, I gave Masao a cuckoo clock, but it didn't do anything.


Anyway, Masao got payed 1500 dollars this morning, yay! He also got a shovel at the store.


HANA (V4.5)

First, she evolved into a Kuchitamatchi like Katsu!



Then, she went to pre-school! She's very good in school.

Course I am, hehe.


Then, today at around 10:10 she evolved into a Urayoungmemetchi.


Yayyy I'm so pretty!

She is still in pre-school, though soon the pre-school teacher will come to tell her she graduated from pre-school.

I'm going to pick Mr. Canvas as my teacher like daddy!



Tenshi evolved into the rare Angelgotchi twins!


Ten: Light blue    Shi: Cyan

Yay, I evolved!

I evolved too!

Wha-? What the-

Yes, we are the twins!

Wait what?

There's two of us now, Lauren, because we have evolved into the Angel Twins!

Wow. I never expected this to happen.

Me either!



Sorry I didn't post on the log last night, me and Masao were at a party.

Why did you bring me?

I dunno, you were the oldest, and I thought you'd like it.

You barely checked me!

Yea, right. You got sick off that candy, and I did too.

Okay, that candy was really good.

*Smirks* Anyway, Hana just got a [!] in the mail which means elementary school!


Masao, Hana, and Ten-Shi (I guess she's two people now) all had birthdays.

Masao turned 6 last night just as he went to bed. Hana turned 1 this morning, and Ten-Shi also turned 8 this morning!


That's all for now!


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Posted 10 June 2013 - 04:18 PM ( #28 )


Yay my tamagotchi Morino came a day early! But first before I tell you guys about that, I'll tell you about some stuff that happened with Masao and Hana.



So today I took out Masao, Hana, and Ten-Shi to Panera Bread, yum! I gave them all a little treat since we were at a restaurant.

Masao got some mail from the king-900 points, and the king also gave him a present-a ball, I think.

I wanted the King to give Masao something better so I had Masao donate 850 points to the king.

About a half hour ago, Masao got a choice to change his job! I really didn't like his old job, so he chose to be a cook.

I wanted to wear the chef's hat, it looked so cool>.>

I let him write with a pencil as a little present for his new job.



HANA (V4.5)

This evening, I saw that there was a mirror in the store! I knew if I bought it, Hana would be able to use it for her make-up, so I fed her snacks so she would get fat and then she played games to earn money.

Eventually, we got 4300 points-enough for the mirror, but I fed poor Hana so much snacks she got a cavity. I had to take her to the dentist. I guess there;s a first time for everything.

I HATE the dentist! Never feed me that much again!

Sorry, Hana, I don't like the dentist just as much as you do. Anyway, as I went to the shed to get the mirror out and put it in Hana's room, a bunch of new shovels fell out of it.

I remembered how much Hana used to love gardening with Katsu, so I took out the shovel and me and her went to the backyard and dug holes for some new plants.

While she was digging, Hana found some money! Nice job, Hana!

Thanks, Lauren. I wanna garden some more! I love gardening!

Here are some pics of Hana:




Bath time



Nothing has really happened with Ten-Shi. She had did that thing with her wand again, so I quickly hit the bell and now her deeds bar is half-full.



So yeah, I got my Morino! I'm going to be starting it for the Father's Day Group Hatch, so I won't be logging it, as I've told you before.

I'll get a pic of it next post, it's in really good condition, it's never been used!


That's all for now!




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Posted 11 June 2013 - 03:05 PM ( #29 )


So, I messed up...



So, today I was going to go out for a few hours so I turned all my tamas's times so they would fall asleep. When I came back home I realized since I changed the time, it had passed midnight so Masao left his daughter.

I named her Natsu which is Japanese for summer. I just started her like ten minutes ago. She's doing fine, though she is missing her father very much. I can't believe I'm already on the third generation.

I played jump with her twice. Sorry I can't post pics, my phone isn't working for some reason. Right now, I just bought a chest in the store and one of Natsu's plants grew into a pretty sunflower.

Natsu: Pink

I'll post pics of her next post!


HANA (V4.5)

I think I already told you this yesterday, but Hana went to elementary school and her teacher is mr. Canvas. She is doing great, she has strait A's! To celebrate, I'm gonna give her a present. Today I think we will go to tama town so she can visit her father.

Yay we can visit dad! I can't wait!



Ten-shi reached a full deeds bar today! I'm so proud of her!

Woohoo we did it!

Sweet! High five!

*Ten and Shi high five*



I got my Morino to work, yay! One of the screws on the back of it was stripped so while I was out I brought it to a jeweler so he could unscrew it, and he did it in about a minute.

That's all for now!



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