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Posted 29 May 2013 - 07:31 AM ( #1 )

First Entry (29.05.2013)


Hey, guys.


Since I can't write about my P1 (really, it's broken  <_<), I'll start a new log for my Tama-Go, and maybe my V3, too. My Tama-Go's batteries died (for, like, the FIFTEENTH time anyway lol) so I put the new AAAs in (as you do) and accidentally clicked on 'reset' instead of 'download' for some dumb reason.


Right now I'm listening to Castle Of Glass by Linkin Park - such an inspirational song, I love LP - and hangin' out with my cute lil' Mattaritchi buddy, Zingy (if you've heard of EDF Energy, you'll know what I mean).


He's so CUTE! Ahem, sorry. (Just me going mad over black and white pixels... again.) He's only 1 year old. And weighs 20LB. This is Gen. #1 of course, because of that time I screwed up and reset this thing. Nevermind. I think I'll go play Shoot The Bug or Long Jumper to keep my mind off things. (With I'm Not OK (I Promise) playing in the background, of course.)



I didn't mention 

Training points!

Oh, noes!


Well, Zingy has 5. Bye for now.  :lol:



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29 May 2013

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31 May 2013


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Posted 30 May 2013 - 02:09 AM ( #2 )

Zingy Evolves (30.05.2013)


Hi again!


Yesterday Zingy evolved into a cute Kilalatchi! I'm hoping for a ShimaShimatchi, Kuchipatchi, or KuroMametchi (I have been treating Zingy well, ALMOST full Training Bar so yipee!).


We went to the Park earlier together and met up with some Tama-Friends; Urutchi (Wooltchi), ChaMametchi, Grippatchi, Kuchipatchi and more. V3 is done for, so I'm going to buy a new one tomorrow (icy blue with white bubbles or maybe the Union Jack design?). This is what they look like:


$(KGrHqNHJE4FG!,ryk-WBRoOfeKESQ~~60_12.J   $T2eC16hHJH8E9qSEYPG(BRmmTkUFZ!~~60_12.J


I wish I could get BOTH, but y'know, I can't right now. I'm going to treat myself to a new Tamagotchi because I did something I'm extremely proud of. I got a place! YAY! Nevermind lol.


Zingy did a poop this morning (everyone does, I suppose), and I trained him a little. He currently weighs 20LB because although I do feed him, we play games a lot. WHAT?! They're fun! Sorta...  :nyatchi:


Bye! I hope you enjoy my log so far!

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Posted 31 May 2013 - 12:52 PM ( #3 )

OMG! KuroMametchi (31.05.2013)


Yay! Zingy's now KuroMametchi! Just the usual Tama stuff occured today. My sister's going to see Green Day live tomorrow (the JEALOUSY I am experiencing XD lol!). I ordered another V3 off eBay - the Union Jack design! Yay! I was wondering... should I start up my Devilgotch again? I need some new batteries, but I was thinking about creating a Devilgotch picture log or somethin'?


~ Siro

(PS: Sorry, short post!)

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