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A Day in The Life

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Posted 03 June 2013 - 03:42 PM ( #1 )

Hello everyone! My name is Christina. But everyone calls me Ti-Ti (Pronounced Tee-Tee) Okay, anyway. I'm going to start my tamagotchi log. I've done this before but I'm determined to stick to it. Well I have a version 6 music star tamagotchi. and right now her name is Aria and she is an-


Ichigotchi! I'm an Ichigotchi! And proud to be one at that! 


Yep. Well thats Aria for ya. 


Hi HI HI everyone! I am so glad to FINALLY meet you! Oh, i just have so much to tell you about, um I'm 2 years old, and OH! my band! Okay so I'm in this band you know like its super fun and-


Woah woah woah slow down girlfriend. You're gonna freak them out. Just slow down...


Okay, so I'm in a band, were called GO CRAZY, its me and my Ringotchi friend Thu, she's a girl by the way and a my Chamametchi friend, Elaine. I'm SO happy in in a band with them. Cause they're so awesome! 


Are you gonna tell them what you play?


Yeah! So I play the trombone and Thu and Elaine both play the keyboard. And we're considered a R&B band. Like we don't really have a bunch of fancy stuff because we don't really have that much money. 


I know, It's kind of a bummer. But I really hope you can make it as a big shot one day. I really think you can!


Really Ti-Ti? Thats so sweet! i just want to get older and turn into a Mimitchi. I want to be one soooo badly. 


Maybe, but dont get your hopes too high.




Oh door, I got it, i really hope its not poop again. Man am i sick of getting that. 


Hello, Mailman here, delivering all your mail needs! 


Yeah yeah I know, what do ya got for me?


Are you Miss. Aria? 


Yes I am, you can just give me the mail dude. 


Delivery from the King. Gift. Have a wonderful day ma'am.


What the heck? YOU got a gift from the king? Come on come on, open it! I wanna see what you got!


Noodles. Noodles. The King took alllll that time to send me Noodles. Thanks dude. 


Aria! Be happy, how much do you think those noodles cost? Probably a lot. Just be grateful. So what were you saying about wanting to be a Mimitchi and all?


Oh yeah, well I want to be a Mimitchi. Like really bad. They're just so cute and smart too. And I want to have a kid. Thats why I work my butt off so bad. So when I have a kid he can be all happy and have whatever he wants. And he doesn't have to work as hard as I do. 


I gotcha Aria. Well are you hungry or anything?


Nah, I'll take these noodles to go though. I gotta go practice with the band. Ill be back later though!


Okay, Be safe! 


-XOXO Christina & Aria  :ichigotchi:  

                    PS: How do you like it so far? Let me know! And if anyone has some codes that work for version 6 let me know please! Since now that tama town is down and all, love you all! 

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03 Jun 2013

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Posted 10 June 2013 - 01:04 PM ( #2 )

Well hello everybody. I know. I know. Man have I been gone for quite a while. I was in Nashville for the CMA music fest. Okay but anyway, back to Aria. She's been good lately. I had to pause her cause I didn't have any time at ALL to watch her. But she has evolved! But I'll let her tell that story.


Ugh. I SO don't want to talk about it. 




Cause Ti-Ti. I'm not a Mimitchi. I'm a boring old Violetchi.  :furawatchi: 


Are you kidding me? You look great girlfriend! 


I guess. It just is such a bummer because I wanted to be super popular and super famous so that my kid can get whatever they want. But I doubt that now, our ranking is 999th and my entire life is just falling apart. And I'm a wreck.


Sure sounds like it. It'll all work out Aria, no worries. How about you go to the Bakery and get some points and buy something that you'll like. 


Nah, I'll just eat all the ice cream we have in the house. 


That works too. So, any boys in mind?


Really? I'm having a MID LIFE CRISIS and all you care about is when I'm gonna get married?


Oh, this isn't a mid life crisis, you haven't even had kids yet, that happens later on in life.


Dangit, you're always right. 


I'm just wondering, I'm sure you and GO CRAZY are gonna be super popular, and you're gonna get married to the cutest boy out there and have a cute kid. I want you to have a boy by the way. 


Thanks Ti-Ti, maybe. I'm gonna go practice, I'm 4 so once I turn 5 I'm an eligible bachelorette.


True, well be back soon, if anything happens we gotta post it! We are gonna stay on top of this. 


Okay dokay! See Y'all soon!


She thinks she's country, its really funny actually. Byeee! 

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Posted 10 June 2013 - 01:15 PM ( #3 )

Hey everyone, Aria here. I snuck on here real quick before I went to practice, Ti-Ti was super sorry that she had to be gone for the couple days, but she loves you all! And 87 views? Thank you! So does everyone like it? Does everyone like me?  :) Yeah I know im just so funny. Anyway, tell us what you think about this log! And any suggestions to help me get famous? Cause I wanna be RICH! Okay, love you all, bye!  :furawatchi: 


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Posted 10 June 2013 - 03:29 PM ( #4 )

Ti-Ti!!! We did it!!!


You did what now?




Really?!?! Thats incredible!!!! I'm so proud! Now you don't have to worry about your kid later in life.


Yeah! And right when they agreed to be our manager they gave us each 10000 G! Thats..hmm... lemme see..


30000 G. Math never was your strong point.


Nope! But WE DID IT WE DID IT WE DID IT. And I went to the store and bought a bunch of junk!








I bought a Latin CD, I don't even have a player for it but what the heck, maybe my kid will use it.


So you really wanna get married huh?


Now I do! All my worries are gone. I am stress free. And when I came in I heard you on the phone with someone, whats that about?


Well, I want to get another tama soon. But I can't decide. Which version? Where should I get it? And were moving soon so I don't know if my moms gonna do it. Keep our fingers crossed though! 


I hope you get one! Maybe a v6? So they can get married?  ;) 


Thats what I was thinking, anybody out there got any suggestions? Pm me. please.


I'm gonna go buy more stuff!


more food?


yeah. Bye everyone!! Talk to you soon!



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Posted 11 June 2013 - 02:22 PM ( #5 )

Annnnnd hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of: GUESS THIS POST!


What are you doing?


What will this post be about? Who will be in it? Any guesses from the audience?


You do know that it's just you and me here right? 


Man, you just kill all the fun. 


Sorry about that, so hows GO CRAZY going?


Oh ya know, were doing pretty good, I need to get paid again though.




I want a car really bad. But I just turned 5 today, so maybe I'll be able to get married today!


You're already getting married? It seemed just yesterday you were a little baby. 


Ti-Ti, please don't get all sappy about this.


It's sad! I don't want you to leave! You're so sweet


Thanks, well putting all the sappy crap behind the bands doing good! Were getting pretty popular, like some tamagotchi at one of my shows asked me to take a bite of her pizza and give it back to her. 


Creepy much?


That's what I said! 


So you're really gonna get married? You're gonna go through with it?


Yeah, I know some tamagotchi's want to stay as log as they possibly can before they leave but not me, I'm HOME FREE!


I don't think you use it like that.


I try. I'm gonna go to tamatown and not work anymore as soon as I can! *dances around room*


You're not making me feel any better about you leaving. 






Me and the band wrote it. you like?


I do. Okay, go practice or something. But if the band manager comes then tell me cause we have to post about it!


Fine fine fine. Byeeeee!!!!


Over 100 views? Thank you everyone!!! We love you all!!

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