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A cow's log.

cow log pictures

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Posted 18 August 2013 - 04:24 AM ( #35 )

WB :)) Oh wait, this isn't TamaChat? Okay then...

Let's continue then!


~ P's ~

He turned into a Kuchipatchi! I fed him 3 Tower Burgers so he turned into Kuchipatchi.



And I'm guessing mom messed up my P's 'cause when I went out I saw this:



And I was like woah. So I used several cleaning items to find out that:




Anyways, He went to the park and saw this girl! Kuchipatchi, don't. No girl will ever accept a man with a permanent duck face and pouts their lips better than their wife.



He also had a part-time at the Music Cafe. He got a thousand Gotchi Points too! He has now complete puzzle pieces and I'm gonna let him marry tomorrow!

Current Stats: 0/4 Hunger Meter, 1/2 Happiness Meter, 94 grams, 44790 Gotchi Points.


~ Keitai Akai ~

So Redd got married! He got married to a Debatchi. What an odd pair. They had a baby boy! This time, his name is Melon! 'Cause the inside of a watwermelon is red. duh. Notice that all their names are red-related stuff ^_^




And it seems like Redd is still the baby huh. What about Melon? :< You love your stuff toy more than your son! You should've placed Melon on an adaption center instead. You are a bad parent.



Also, I donated more than a thousand Gotchi Points to the Gotchi King and I got this code and this cute item! It really has no use though.



Current Stats: 2/4 Hunger Meter, 0/4 Happiness Meter, 80 Gotchi Points, 61 grams.


And my cat stole the two of them. Actually, no. I had a hard time taking a picture of my cat with my tamas 'cause she was sleeping and I disturbed her just because I want her on my log. Cats can't steal tamagotchis. Would you even believe that. Wait, where's my Tamagotchis... oh well.




Well, that's it for now! PM me for comments and suggestions!


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Posted 20 August 2013 - 06:34 AM ( #36 )

Hey :))

OMG 1000+ views :o I didn't even know that was possible on my log :o Thank you for everyone who's been reading this and for the 9 people that follow this topic which are BigDaddy46, Dazzilitchigirl, Hayden, Tamatown123, Nyle9009, ksh12july34, Tamacass, Tamastar133 and of course one of the newest guides, ichiro malfoy! Thank you guys~

And because of that, I'll add two more Tamas :3 Two EnTamas ^_^


And the pictures might be a little dark because it has been raining non-stop here. I had no classes today and yesterday 'cause of the rain and tomorrow is a national holiday so there's no classes as well. We had floods here up to the chest but luckily, we're far away. Look at that photogenic raindrop. I mean, he's up close. Or maybe by chance I have pressed the C button and he came towards the screen.



And these are two little ones I'll add cause my mom bought me batteries ^_^




Let's start!

~ Keitai Akai ~

Nothing much happened to Melon. Redd left him and turned into a Kuribotchi. Now he's a cute little Young Mametchi. I'm trying not to really take care of him 'cause I want to have Urutchi and have Wooltchi cause I never had Wooltchi in my life :3



Current Stats: 4/4 Hunger Meter and Happiness Meter, 3 Training Bars, 270 Gotchi Points, 87 grams, 2 years. old


~ EnTamas ~

Let's start with my favorite Tamagotchi shell of all time, my white EnTama. Her name is Yuki! The Japanese word for snow. She hatched into a Mamekotchi. As usual, she grew into Mimipetchi after an hour. I'm aiming for Mimitchi.




Current Stats: 2/4 Hunger Meter, 4/4 Happiness Meter, 14 Intellegence, 0 Style, 0 Kindness, 370 Gotchi Points, 24 grams, 1 year old.


And to my red and blue EnTama, I got a Kuchiotchi. His name is Umi. The Japanese of Ocean. So a male and a female ^_^ I can let them marry each other too. And like Yuki, he grew into a Kuchibotchi after an hour. Hopefully, he'll turn into Nonbiritchi because I never had a special character before. Not even an oldie!




And Umi decided to visit Yuki as well. They were shy to each other but I know they'll get along with each other when they grow up. Umi gave Yuki a small cake that Yumi ate. They also had a battle. Like the ones on The Voice. They sang a song and guess who won... Umi!



Current Stats: 2/4 Hunger Meter, 4/4 Happiness Meter, 0 Intellegence, 0 Style, 11 Kindness, 150 Gotchi Points, 24 grams, 1 year old.


And for my P's check out my next post :>

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Posted 20 August 2013 - 07:05 AM ( #37 )

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back.


~ P's ~

The color for the text on my P's has now changed because my text color on my EnTama is similar to my older color so I had to change it to avoid mix ups. Anyways, Mr.No Name has finally got himself a girl. And who's the unlucky girl? ChouChoutchi! And they got married instantly! And yet another odd pair.





And they had a baby girl! Her name is Popuri. Popuri from Harvest Moon. I think I'll get a Jeweltchi or Furifuritchi.



Actually, when I had Mr.No Name, I had unlocked the beach location but I haven't shown it to you guys yet so Popuri and I decided that we will! In the Beach, you get to meet this clam guy that challenges you to a race to get the flag. In this game, you have to mash or press the A button repeatedly until the timer runs out. After that, your character and the clam guy will race. If you have mashed it a lot, you have a higher chance of winning! Luckily, Popuri won! This is, so far, my favorite game on the P's. Oh and to unlock the beach destination, you need to have 10 TamaTomo stamps.





Little did I know that if you perfect this game, he gives you a little something! I have one 2 kinds of items and I don't know if there is still other items to win. If you don't perfect it though but still won, you will get money. I got a Beach Ball ^_^



When Popuri went home, she immediately used it. It was sunny on the beach but it was rainy at home :/



She later evolved to Puchihanatchi.


Current Stats: 0/4 Hunger Meter, 1/2 Happiness Meter, 13 Grams, 26640 Gotchi Points, 0 Years old.



Well, that's it for now! PM me for comments and suggestions!


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