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WarOmnimon's virtual pet log of whatever...

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Posted 06 June 2013 - 05:08 PM ( #1 )

6/6/2013 - First entry
Figured I'd start a log here at TamaTalk, considering that I have been keeping my signature updated with what I'm raising.  This will be a more "casual" log than the one I'm keeping at Tama Zone, and probably won't get updated as much.  I will also use the English dub names for the Digimon evolution levels here... but not the dub names of the Digimon.  :P

First of all, I'd like to introduce everyone to two of my current pals, specifically Pekopekotchi (Tamagotchi P's) and Dorimon (Digimon Unlimited app for Android).  I'll introduce my Imotchi (Morino Tamagotchi) when I can actually get a good photo of him in the morning.


Pekopekotchi has all four of her puzzle pieces already, while Dorimon has a few care mistakes piled up - hopefully enough for him to evolve into a Dracomon when he wakes up in the morning.  I will be keeping Pekopekotchi around for a few more days, as she is growing on me.

My plan for Dorimon - should he evolve into Dracomon - is to raise either of the Coredramons (Blue or green), then get him to his Mega form.  (Slayerdramon for the blue Coredramon, Breakdramon for the green Coredramon).  Then he will be DNA Digivolved with the other of these two Megas (Hopefully someone online has one!) into an Examon, one of the Royal Knights.  Should I have allowed a lower number of care mistakes and end up with Ryudamon, I will be going for Ouryumon, and then DNA Digivolving with an Alphamon (Another Royal Knight!) to get an Alphamon Ouryuken, a Digimon whom I have raised several times on the D-Spirit 2 and therefore am very familiar with.

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06 Jun 2013

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16 Jun 2013


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Posted 11 June 2013 - 10:49 PM ( #2 )

Firmware update on the tablet, so I had to restart Digimon Unlimited.  I redownloaded Androgochi (A paid app from the same programmer as Digimon Unlimited) which I had previously purchased while I was at it.

Right now, I have a Mametchi (Tamagotchi P's), Keramon (Digimon Unlimited), and the water Step 3 character who resembles Pukamon (Androgochi).  The Imotchi I mentioned recently was well on his way to becoming a Helmetchi, but died instead of coming out of his second cocoon successfully.  :(

It should be noted that you get a 10% evolution chance boost in Digimon Unlimited for Ultimate and Mega if you buy and have Androgochi running on the same device.  This is the main reason why I am running Androgochi alongside Unlimited - that, and because some of the cosmetic changes and original characters in Androgochi are pretty clever.  For example, the Pukamon lookalike I mentioned has an antenna and larger eyes in Androgochi.

I am personally hoping that my 30+ trainings for my Androgochi end up counting towards a special evolution (Which would be to one of 26 characters randomly).  It is actually possible to obtain BlackAgumon, BlackGabumon, or BlackGuilmon via this method, and those three are not raisable in Digimon Unlimited as of yet.  If I get BlackAgumon or BlackGabumon on here at some point, you can bet I'm going all the way to Omegamon Zwart.  :)


Second Update
On Digimon Unlimited, Keramon evolved into Chrysalimon, and my little seahorse on Androgochi evolved into the Androgochi version of Chimairamon.  In Androgochi, the Chimairamon type character is an extremely difficult one to obtain, so I'm very happy that I got him.  Now I should work on improving Chrysalimon's win ratio - I am going for his evolved forms of Infermon and Diablomon and then will Jogres (DNA Digivolve) for Armagemon.  :)

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Posted 16 June 2013 - 09:16 PM ( #3 )

Yikes, I should really keep this log updated a bit more often.  :P

I decided to hold off on running Digimon Unlimited and finishing my Androgochi run until June 21st, the day that I will be running DU for a group hatch at Tama-Zone.  I am still running the Tamagotchi P's though, and currently have a Maimaitchi with the intelligent personality.  This time, I am going for Rightchi or Nandetchi, depending on the care mistakes that may or may not have built up.

Earlier, I started my Digimon Pendulum Cycle V10 up for another run, as I haven't had a good run with it in a while.  This is a fun Digimon v-pet in my opinion, because they can get to the Mega level in under a day, but they go back to Rookie at night before bed.  In my opinion, this is actually a good thing as it allows you to go for a different evolution chain the next day.  :)

My Digimon on the Cycle is currently a Caprimon (In-Training), and should be evolving into a ToyAgumon, Kokuwamon, or Hagurumon tomorrow.  Personally, I am hoping to get Hagurumon or Kokuwamon so that achieving my goal of raising an AncientSphinxmon at least one day on this run is much easier than it would be with a ToyAgumon.  This is considering that I have already raised AncientGreymon at least twice, and AncientGarurumon once.  The three ancient Digimon that I just mentioned are the secret characters on the Pendulum Cycle V10, and are obtainable by Jogres only... but the actual connection signal is so close to the battle signal that you can fool it sometimes, even if you don't have another Cycle.  (You still need another Bandai America or Bandai Asia Digivice to do so, though.)  Proven fact that I tested with success when I raised two of the ancients.  :P

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