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It's not over until ITS OVER

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So I wrote this in 2011. So it won't be amazing but its not that bad.

Chapter 1

      “Come on Kevin! Hurry up packing,” his mom yelled to her son.

 Kevin replied cheerfully,” Okay Mommy!”

       Kevin was euphoric. Today he was going on a surprise vacation, but his parents wouldn’t tell him where. Kevin was excited, if not more, than any other nine year-old boy would be. He was just as curious as he was excited.

      “When are we going?”

      “As soon as we are done packing,” his mother replied. Kevin asked another question.

      “Why aren’t you packing?” His mother replied with annoyance,

      “Um…We I packed last night, now you should pack all the stuff you want to bring.” Kevin asked yet again another question.
      “Where are we-” His mother had finally had enough. She snapped at him.
      “Enough! Just go and pack!” Kevin cringed and left his mothers room. He could tell she wasn’t in a good mood and didn’t want to bother her anymore.
      Kevin went into the family room. He plopped on the couch, and checked around for the clicker. He found it and powered up the T.V. He flipped through the channels but he couldn’t find anything good. I might as well get some rest.

      Kevin walked to his room and scrambled onto his bed. He head was buzzing with different thoughts. He tried to picture where his parents were taking him. London England? California? Japan? Oh, I hope its Japan!

      He closed his eyes for a moment. He knew if he went to sleep the trip would come faster. With all the chaos all that was happening today he luckily made it to sleep.


      There was a bump. Kevin’s eye shot open. His parents had carried him to the car and started for the air the airport.  Kevin glanced out the winder. Gezz… That’s a lot of traffic…HEAVY traffic…I guess everyone else is going on vacation too…

       With Kevin’s small attention span, after 3 minutes he got bored. He went through his bag looking for something to entertain him until the trip was over.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t find anything that he was in the mood for. He tried talking to his parents but they just blew him off. He could tell his mom was still mad at him. He tried talking to his dad but he just ignored him and pretended that he didn’t hear him. I might as well take another nap. Kevin once again drifted off to sleep but this time more easily and more peacefully.


      “Wake up bud!” Kevin slowly opened his eyes. It took him a moment to realize where he was. Then like a fire being to slowly burn it came back. Kevin exploded with excitement,

        “Yay!” Kevin jumped out of the car and got his bags. Where are my parent’s bags? He didn’t want to worry about. He pushed the thought into the back of his head.

        Kevin ran toward the entrance as fast as he could. He wanted to see where he and his parents were going. He waited impatiently as he went through all of the security. He noticed that the airport was just as crowed as the roads. He was curious why but every time he asked himself he answered with the same answer “They’re probably on vacation on vacation too” He parents stopped at a small stand. They got coffee and Kevin got lemonade. Perhaps since they hadn’t had their coffee yet was why they were grumpy? They had gotten up early in the morning anyway.

      In the distance Kevin in saw a sign and in big bold letters it read JAPAN. He tugged on his dad’s shirt and pointed to the sign. His father understood what Kevin was trying to ask. In reply his father nodded slowly. A big grin widened on Kevin’s “YAY!”

      Kevin had wanted to go to Japan for a long time. He even devoted leaning Japanese and he now knew it fluently. Kevin and his family had went and sat down at the flight gate. Everyone was silent. Kevin was ready to burst and thank his parents and so much but his mother and father’s attitude toward him convinced him not to.

      Kevin’s father took one ticket and handed it to Kevin along with his passport. Kevin asked his a father, “Why are you giving these to me?” His father gave a glance to his wife. She nodded. Kevin asked again with worry in his voice, “What’s going on?! Why wont you tell me?!” tears of frustration began to cascade down Kevin’s cheek. Both his parents look sorrowful down at their son. Kevin’s father replied to his son who was now crying hysterically.
      “It’s for you own good Kevin…” Kevin’s mother continued for her husband. She went to Kevin and bent down to be eye-to-eye

       “We’re sending you to Japan to live with your uncle for a while.” Kevin began to put together all the pieces of the puzzle. That’s why they didn’t pack…that’s why they only got on ticket. Kevin questioned his parents once more.

      “Why? For how long?” People began boarding the plane. Kevin’s mother did resound. Tears began dripping down her face. She shoved her son into the plane he was resistant but she had gotten him on to the plane and told the flight attendant to make sure he stayed in his seat. Kevin began to cry again. Japan won’t be any fun if my parents aren’t there with me!


      Kevin feel asleep again hoping that when he woke up he would be back home with his mother and father but disappointingly he awoke to the sound of the planes P.A. “ We will be flying over Nevada shortly, please have your seatbelts fastened and stay in you seats, thank you.” Kevin glanced out the window. He only saw water and huge waves crashing. Liar! We’re miles out to see already. Why would he lie!? Kevin became curious but there was nothing he could do.

       Kevin became bored. He didn’t want to go to sleep again because if he did he would just dream of being with his parents laughing and playing. He’d then be taken away by a strange man. He would try and get back to his parents but he couldn’t. He would than wake up all sweaty realizing it was a dream.

      He went through his bag. There was nothing he wanted to do. After a few seconds of rummaging threw his bag he found a package. It was a gift wrapped in wrapping paper. His eyes were still wet and they blurred his vision. He got a tissue from his pocket and wiped his eyes. There was a note attached to it. It read To Kevin- Love Mom + Dad.

        He unwrapped and in it was a Japanese to English dictionary, a book and an Itouch. This lifted his spirits a little. At least he would have something to do during the plane ride. He looked through the dictionary to refresh his Japanese. After once he was sure he knew all the words and phrases he powered up his new Itouch. He put in all his settings and began to play with all the little gadgets on it.

       The P.A. spoke again “We will be landing shortly until then please stay in your seats, thank you.” Finally. During the long ride Kevin adopted a new feeling about the trip. It’s not like it was that bad. Actually when he thought about it nothing was really bad. He would go to Japan and he got a new Itouch. He could also get to practice his Japanese on real Japanese speaking people and then before he knew it he would be back home with his family. He got off the plane and got his luggage. He then looked for his uncle. He finally found him, but something was different. The last time Kevin saw him had a smile filled with warmth but now all he could see was sadness.
      Kevin ran up to him ad with a big smile on his faces he said hello to his uncle,”Konnichiwa! Ohyou gozamasu. O-Genki desu ka?” His uncle replied lowering Kevin’s high sprits,

       “Good morning and I am fine. Speak in English. I’m tired of this foreign language.” Well I guess I’ll have to find someone else to practice with. Kevin replied in an eager voice

       “Ok…So where are we going first? When we go back to your house can I call my parents? I miss them?” Kevin’s uncle replied crushing Kevin’s sprits.

        “Were going home,” he snickered “your parents? I guess they left it for me to tell you,” Kevin’s eyes widened. This must be why they sent me here with my…uncle! “Let me tell you this shortly and simply. Your parents…are dead” Kevin flinched and screamed,”WHAT!?” Kevin started to freak out. It was all too much. He blacked out.



      When Kevin woke up he found himself in an unfamiliar place. He stared blankly try to remember where he was. It all flooded back into his mind. He had been shipped away to Japan to live with his uncle never seeing his parents ever again.

     He wanted an explanation. He wanted to know why his parents had to die. He wanted to know why they couldn’t come with him. There was only one person where he could get these answers from and that was his uncle.

     He scrambled out of his bed, and he staggered for his balance regaining his stability.

     “Uncle!” he called out, “I want answers now!” Kevin heard booming footsteps from above him. The sickly body of his uncle appeared in the door frame.

      “What ya’ want!?” Kevin replied “I want answers. Like why couldn’t my parents come with me here!? And why did they have to die?!” tears began to well up on his face.

     “Stop yer’ crying, and let me explain. An enormous tsunami hit the States. Everyone tried to flee and the flight prices went way up. Your parents only had enough for one ticket…and they put you on that flight…”

     All the remaining anger of his parents, that Kevin had deep inside, seemed to disappear. They…Gave up their own lives…For me…Kevin fell back onto the guest bed.

     “I guess I’ll leave you be...” Kevin’s uncle left the room showing some compassion.  Kevin cried to himself wishing that his parents would come and comfort him but they never did and they never would again.       






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Oh... I kind of just realized that he is 9 years old and he taught himself fluent Japanese xP Oh my what was i thinking!