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~Maraquan Rayman: A Life Story (Neopets)~ by Chama

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Posted 14 June 2013 - 09:40 AM ( #1 )

Author's Note: This little story takes place in Krawk Island, as I am a Zafara, my sister is a Yurble, and my Mom is also a Zafara. And the little fish was found outside of Maraqua, by the way. Oh, and a little lullaby is at the end. It's a bonus for reading.



Long ago, in Krawk Island, I went to the beach,

I played in the sand, I collected shells.

But as I was about to get into the water,

There was a fish, a small little fish,

Flopping on the sand, gasping for air.


I told my sister to get me a pail of water,

so I put the little fish in, and it swam happily,

But it was no ordinary fish.


The fish looked up at me, smiling,

As if it thought I was its mother.

The fish chirped, "Kyuu..." in a cute way,

A cute way that no one could understand him.


I asked my mother if I could take the little fish home and raise it,

And my Mom answered with a resounding "Yes, you can",

So, we got back home with the new fish.


The fish had a familiar look to it, as it had a big snout,

Seperate curly dorsel fins,

A blue fluke with yellow stripes,

And bright yellow flippers for hands.


It looked outrageously adorable,

And more fishy than expected.

I remembered I used to play a video game series,

"Rayman", I recall.


The fish looked like the main hero,

Except that this fish was born in Maraqua,

But it had an outrageously cute noise.


A very happily sounding "Kyuu" came from the little fish,

As he was swimming around in a little fish bowl.


I decided to name it "Maraquan Rayman", or MaraRay for a nickname,

The fish happened to like the name, and let out a happy squeak.

I put my hand against the bowl, and the little guy went up to my hand, nuzzling it and purring.


The purring noise was soft and quiet, but it got louder as I pet his head,

Giving him a warm welcome.

My Mom and my sister laughed, as they went over to pet him,

But he hid into his cave, 

Making scared noises and shaking.


He seemed scared of my sister and my Mom,

But he wasn't scared of me.


I called, "MaraRay!" at him, and he answered with a "Kyuu?",

Which meant, "What?" in his language.


He never knew how nurturing I can be with species like his,

But Maraquan Rayman was my little pet,

And he will stay that way.



~Maraquan Rayman's Lullaby~


"Let the waters carry you,

The sun gives you light,

I shall take care of you,

My fish you will be."

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14 Jun 2013