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Posted 18 June 2013 - 10:40 PM ( #1 )

Hi friends :) I thought I'd post a log so I could share my daily surprises and also archive them at the same time. 


Unfortunately I am in the middle of a few Tamagotchis, but better to start now then never, right? :D... 


Anyway. Here are the three friends I'm raising now: A P2, V4*, and an Umi no.




Unfortunately most of these nerds are sleeping right now. I currently have an Otototchi, an adorable Harutchi, and a Tonmarutchi. I'll be sure to post a picture once they're all awake!


I'm hoping that my "V4" survives. Originally I bought it as a V4.5 to replace a V4 I bought from Hong Kong. Unfortunately the paint rubbed off on the original V4, so I bought the V4.5 and basically played surgeon and switched the insides. Having said that, I've already chipped it some paint somehow! Let's see how long I can keep this guy maintained before I box him up! 


As you know, my V4 is a Harutchi. His name is Poof, and has one training bar. I have no idea what he'll become next, as I barely remember raising my V4. I'm excited!


My Ocean has been with me for the last two months. I can't seem to put this guy away. I've always wanted one as a young whippersnapper - I suppose it may be a reason why I can't let go of him! So far I've gotten a Keropyontchi, Kaitchi, and Ningyotchi. I'm aiming for the whale next, but I'll be happy with whatever he becomes! I've been letting him become a bit rebellious by ignoring his many discipline calls, so hopefully that'll impact what he becomes.


My P2 is a Tonmarutchi named Merkle. I hatched him along with the Father's Day Group Hatch that I started. I have hopes for him to become either a Mimitchi or a Nyatchi. He has been very easygoing so far! 


That's all to report now. :) If you're still reading, thanks! See you all soon!



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18 Jun 2013

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28 Sep 2013


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Posted 20 June 2013 - 06:20 PM ( #2 )

Friends! A few changes so far.


I am set back a few days for my V4. Unfortunately it kept on randomly shutting off. I opened it up and cleaned a few things around. I did see evidence of corrosion on the circuit board, and cleaning it out has seemed to make a huge difference. No shutdowns today!


If you have been keeping up with the Father's Day Group Hatch, you would've saw the news that my Tonmarutchi changed into a Tongaritchi. You can read more about him there.


Here's a picture of my three friends from yesterday! :) Notice my Harutchi?




They are all pretty low maintenance, surprisingly.


Poof changed into a teenager today. He's now an adorable Young Robotchi. I thought Young Mimitchi was cute, but now I'm having second thoughts! 




Currently, he attends school with Mr. Turtle. He only has two bars of discipline right now, due to the constant restarting. Let's hope I can raise it!


Ototochi has been doing pretty good too! He's been rather quiet. The random polar bear attack here and there, but otherwise no beeping. I'm trying to keep his discipline as low as possible, but it's proving to be a bit difficult due to his rebelliousness. If he doesn't eat, he'll starve!


That's all I have to share today!

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Posted 21 June 2013 - 02:54 PM ( #3 )

I don't have much to share today (so far), but my Ocean became an adult today!


Meet my new Taiyakitchi:


ba5e51d0-5574-4b21-b3cc-0e78878b84c3_zps 8f2398b8-a0c6-4d35-b6ef-1d01a2dad8e3_zps  4f818bdf-a60b-4753-ad72-5d27fe9bb7d3_zps c3f4e473-fbbe-493d-97d1-2cc0e9b5b3c9_zps


I must say that this Tama was a bit of a surprise! I was neglecting him to get a Kujiratchi. Apparently I didn't neglect at all, as somehow I've gotten the second best character for the Umi No.


It's strange because if I recall correctly, he actually weighs less than an Otototchi (8 g compared to 10 g), and his happy animation has some of the same sprites in his sleeping animation... Also, I find him a lot more needier than an Otototchi! His hearts seem to drop multiple times within the hour, as opposed to once or twice. 


Merkle has been rather quiet. He has 75% discipline right now, and I plan to keep him that way. I'm trying to get a Nyatchi! He should change when he becomes age 5... Crossing fingers! The same can be said for Young Robotchi!


That's it so far today!



- I decided to tab my Ocean. He was far too needy for me in the adult stage, so I thought I'd put him on the sidelines for the next little while.

- My V4 does NOT like me. It hasn't restarted on itself recently but apparently the batteries are low. I ended up missing out on 9 hours of aging. *sigh*



Yes, I know, Poof. It does suck. Quite a bit!

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Posted 23 June 2013 - 12:47 PM ( #4 )

This is slightly a repeat post, but I wanted it for my own archives. I've posted a timeline of Merkle!


Speaking of Merkle changed into a Mimitchi today! I was trying to aim for a Nyatchi, but Mimitchi is just as adorable. I think this is another testament to how much I am terrible at neglecting... which I guess is not really a bad thing? :S


I'm still debating if I want to tab him though. It's pretty tough especially when I have them paused all the time!





870c333b-31ee-41b3-b890-76224e003f2c_zps 2317bc37-b2a7-4d6b-b238-ed7b664490f4_zps 74cdd7f0-fca0-449c-a37b-bde7a2fd75ba_zps




Poof is still doing well. He (finally) aged to 2, now that his life seems to have stabilized. I ended up putting some foam inside the back so that the battery would be pushed down with a little more pressure. That said, it seems like he is no longer in elementary school, and all of his skills have reset! I hope that it doesn't impact him a lot in the future...


Well, that's all for today!


EDIT: I realize that I didn't really post Merkle when he was a Tonmarutchi... At least there's always next time!

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Posted 01 July 2013 - 11:14 AM ( #5 )

Oops, it's been a little bit too long!


I've been busy with school - the last week is always killer. I bought my mentor teachers a few gifts, but they were a pain assemble together.


Tamagotchi wise, I decided to tab Merkle. I felt that I ultimately paused him for too long and just decided to let go. Our time was fun together! I'll try for a Nyatchi again next time.


Poof has been doing well. I switched the battery, and for whatever reason, taping the battery down really helps. He hasn't restarted himself since! *for now*


He finally became an adult - a Zukyutchi! He aged a little earlier than I expected, at 2 years old. This character was a little bit odd to me, but I liked how different he was compared to other Tamagotchis I've had before.


It wasn't long before he found love, and became married. He had a little girl whom I named - Fizz.

c2bb21f0-00cf-4468-9855-c9651261ce54_zps b4fb7a78-1616-4c4b-b4ab-127ab89dfec5_zps


He left a few days later and left Fizz in my care. She eventually grew to become a Puchitchi - a character that I recognized from the Mesutchi Osutchi series. She is quite cute! She'll be a teenager later today.




Since school is finally out, over the weekend I decided to resume my tabbed V4.5. Originally I had an Ura Mametchi, who quickly had a child. He was graced by his baby girl, Poof!


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get as many pictures as I wanted. But Poof grew to a Hitodetchi, later becoming a Ura Young Marotchi, before finally becoming a Horoyotchi.




I must say that she is quite an interesting character! I had my fun with her, and again I decided to tab her up. Only for now though! :) I'll probably resume her again when school starts.


For the July 1st hatch, I decided to whip out my Tamagotchi Angel. You can read about it there. I'm aiming to get a Sabotenshi! Wish me luck!


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Posted 03 July 2013 - 11:50 AM ( #6 )

Fizz transformed into a Young Memetchi!




She has been doing very well. Except for the fact that I keep forgetting to put her off mute, so I'll miss her discipline calls. This morning I slept in and forgot to turn on the noise. I woke up with her begging to me and sick! :( I'm an idiot.


She has 6 points of training right now, and she excels in the social skills, at a whopping 53! I anticipate her changing later today.


On eBay, I managed to win another Morino! I finally have all four colours. That said, the one I bought doesn't have a package... oh well! It was part impulse buy, but I got it for $12 + shipping. That said, I also lost SEVERAL Digimon auctions... people keep bidding way too high or they'll snipe me at the last moment. -_-


I have a V5 on the way though! I'm quite excited for that. I'm not too sure if I'll run both the V4 and the V5 at the same time, but we shall see!


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Posted 06 July 2013 - 02:44 AM ( #7 )

For once, I feel like I have quite a bit to share! 


Once again, Fizz has transformed. She has become a lovely Fuwatchi! She also graduated from school... but she's currently unemployed for whatever reason. Currently, she is 4 years old, and weighs quite a bit. I'm still debating if I want to buy a few accessories for her or not... She seems to be pretty picky with what she has. She definitely rejected an action figure that I had previously purchased... Oh well.


Tomorrow she should be seeing a Matchmaker. I'm excited to see what her mate will be like! ... Just as long as he treats her well, that's all that matters. ;) I'm excited to see what the next generation of Tamas will be like! I must add that the only thing that I don't really like about the V4 is how growth doesn't really seem to be affected by care mistakes. I have been very lazy with this Tama, yet I get "good" characters because of their skillsets. I miss the old classic methods of getting characters, but I guess Tamagotchi must adapt somehow?


If you're keeping up with the Group Hatches, you'll know that unfortunately, my Tamagotchi Angel Flow has left me. Flow was a quite little Taraten, and was five years old. She has QUITE the set of teeth that was intimidating!


I was a bit surprised by her leave, as I was planning to get the Cactus. I guess I didn't neglect her too badly, as I was left by a 'Thanks!'. She left on good terms, I guess...


She was super fun to play with. Here's a quick snapshot of her life.


e8e13c0e-e126-44f4-b292-8f08e23deae8_zps d6056aa3-78af-40ea-b616-391fbd181157_zps


b1bb4967-9d26-4259-b0f3-3f3bbd1c68dc_zps 8dffd46e-cce9-4ccb-8d01-9a6e86ff0dc4_zps


She'll be missed!


Feeling a bit sad, I decided to run another vintage Tamagotchi. I was debating whether or not I wanted to start up a Morino again, or if I wanted to give my Ocean a try.


Ultimately, the Ocean won. This time I was feeling a little bit gutsy, so I decided to pull out my prized purple Umi No.


9498bb63-1c9c-4f90-ab0b-ba6641b462ca_zps d573a29b-1685-4f0b-9b1e-2fa561df54db_zps


I hatched a cute little Planktonchi, who soon after became a Kuragetchi after about an hour. I'm always a little bit lazy during the baby stage, so I fed him a LOT of ice cream. Hopefully he won't get too big!


As a jellyfish, he's already called for discipline. I scolded him accordingly... I had troubles debating whether or not I would let it slide. I'd like another Kingyotchi, but I'm still debating whether or not I want to try for a Keropyontchi, a Kaitchi, or even a Kujiratchi. I haven't had the whale before, but the froggie and clam are absolutely adorable.


Well, that's all I have to share for now! It's getting a little late, and my Tamas are sleeping. I should join them!


Until next time. :)




I lied. I'm going to try for the cute whale. Please PM me if you have any tips! I'd really appreciate it.

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Posted 07 July 2013 - 07:06 PM ( #8 )

My cute little Kuragetchi transformed today!


efef3489-56bb-4158-bb50-2927c20f845d_zps ca4b0a80-ef9f-4a3e-8056-295297dd5f24_zps cb16c489-d816-4524-b824-d9270e0c2441_zps


As planned, I got a Kingyotchi, one of my favie faves. He went into the evolution weighing about 25 g, and 100% discipline. His discipline dropped to about 25% (as planned), but his weight has magically dropped to 10 g. Oh well!


I don't know how people can getaway without disciplining their fishies, because I'm always too scared that they'll starve to death. It's a scary thought for me! But what I've found is that if you take good care of your Kuragetchi, it'll become a Kingyotchi if you leave the water quality dirty and neglect to turn off the lights at night. Unhealthier characters are harder to get because negligence has much more severe consequences on an Ocean!


It took about 22 hours (2 years!) for my Kuragetchi to transform, not including sleep time. I'll be timing how long it takes to grow into an adult as well! I find that pausing an Ocean and advancing the time seems to delay growth.


Luckily as a Kingyotchi, he is slightly less needier than as a jellyfish. I'm not filling as many happy hearts so that he can gain weight - I've read that higher weights are key to getting a Kujiratchi. As of right now, he weighs about 16 grams... Lots more to go.


As for Fizz, I unfortunately had to tab her. I believe I got a defective, as this V4 likes to randomly shut off on me. :( But I had a fun run! She was about 4 or so, and did not have a job. The Tamagotchi failure has also brought all of her skills down to 0 for whatever reason...


I'm debating if I want to have another Tamagotchi running. It's kind of easy with just the Tamagotchi Ocean, so I'm debating if I want to run a Morino on the side - something relatively low maintenance. My V5 probably won't arrive for another two weeks at least, so at least I'll have something for the time being! 


Thanks for reading!

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Posted 08 July 2013 - 08:49 PM ( #9 )

I don't have a huge update for today thus far. But Kingyotchi has been doing quite well!


I AM slightly concerned because he's been sick about three times? I swear, one sickness took about 10+ injections... I'm sure he didn't appreciate that.


He has been in this stage for about 9 hours, and is at 75% discipline. He sleeps at 8:00 PM, and wakes at 10:00 AM, which is a nice break. Kuragetchi likes to sleep at 7:00 PM, while getting up at 9:00 AM. That hour difference really does make a huge difference!


He is currently 3. I anticipate on his transformation when he is 5 years old... That will come quick, I bet!


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Posted 09 July 2013 - 01:02 PM ( #10 )

Unfortunately, Kingyotchi passed away...


I'm assuming it's because I fed too many snacks, but I'm not entirely sure. I'm so sad to see him go. :(


Even though my heart is broken, I will try again! You will be missed, my dear Kingyotchi.


I hatched another at 9:00 AM today... Let's hope I am more successful this time!




So far, my new Ocean has been doing very well. He's a Kuragetchi at 5 g, with 100% discipline on the first day. Looking good, I must say!


I avoided snacks so far like the plague. He hasn't gotten sick yet, either! But raising Happiness hearts prove to be very difficult. The Octopus keeps arriving and it's quite frustrating! I wish they made it like the Angel, where you had time to "scare away" the crooks by utilizing the touch function. 


I guess Oceans are meant to be difficult for a reason though...

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Posted 12 July 2013 - 12:05 AM ( #11 )

I had quite an eventful day today! 


As I was bussing to school, I felt that today would be a good day. And I can truly say that it really was a great day!  I was productive, I napped, and I even exercised. But onto the main point.


My Familitchi arrived today! I was so excited - I wasn't expecting this little guy for another two weeks at least!




I liked the shell a lot more than I thought I would. Originally as I was looking on eBay, I couldn't find anything I wanted. But seeing it now, I definitely think I made a good choice!


I pulled the tab, and found that these Tamas sound a little different than the other versions. I haven't had anything new past a V4.5, so it was definitely a nice change! The "bigger screen" definitely has a nice touch. It reminds me of the vintage Tamas for whatever reason!


After about one (very very long!) minute, I was graced with these three little buggers here:


7a394c74-14ba-4081-9d68-842c98c0b96b_zps 7677f3b6-ef17-42b7-830d-2e88d2d5477b_zps


I haven't researched much into this Tama, but I started off with a Blended family, consisting of Mimifuwatchi, Omututchi, and Futabatchi. I was in awe with how cute they were!


Initially I didn't like how the these guys were animated, but I can definitely say that I've grown to like them a lot regardless. Although these guys were babies, they were relatively easy to take care for - after raising an Ocean for several generations, other Tamagotchis seem a LOT less needy! Or maybe it's just me... 


What surprised me was the fact that you could send them to the bathroom even in the first stage. I'm quite used to them dropping poos just out of nowhere! Lots of nice changes.


After about an hour, (unfortunately!) my three babies changed. I was graced by a Ahirukutchi, Sakuramotchi, and a Tororotchi!


f90cf944-d894-47de-9073-6f2faa11747b_zps 248286d2-4544-43d9-99ca-728f1437061e_zps 47d59956-a1aa-4e35-b8ce-d2684b622b50_zps


These guys are just as adorable as the baby stage. As you can probably tell, I'm really liking these guys! It's nice to see such a diverse range of characters. I must admit that these guys look a little bit more like teen characters, but they are original nonetheless.


Unfortunately I didn't get to play long with them as they fell asleep shortly after they transformed, but I did see them showering together, yawning together, and dancing together. I hope these siblings get along!


I can't wait to see what's in store for tomorrow.


Round two of my Ocean has been doing well so far! Hopefully I don't jinx myself.


My dear Kuragetchi became an Otototchi, despite me keeping the water quality poorly maintained and "forgetting' to turn the lights out.




I was kind of hoping for a Kingyotchi again, but I guess I was really quick to discipline this guy. I certainly didn't want this one leaving me too! He has been quite easygoing - he hasn't been attacked by many polar bears, and he hasn't been sick once! He's pooped a few times, but I guess that's nothing unusual.


He has been in this stage for close to 6 hours, and he is already at 75% discipline. I'm still amazed by how much this guy calls for attention! It's especially crucial in the earlier stages sometimes as it can mean life or death if he's not fed!


I really hope that I get a whale this time around. But we'll see!


That's all I have to report for today. I hope tomorrow is even better! 

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Posted 13 July 2013 - 05:39 PM ( #12 )

Um, I had another surprise today!


But before I talk about that, let's go over the events of my Familitchi. :)


My trio has been doing great. They are barely needy, but they do call for support every now and then. I've managed to bring their family bonds up to 20%... I hope that will steadily increase! I also seem to be getting better at the games. Though, I find that the Gotchi Point output for every game is really low. Or, I'm just lying to myself and in reality, I suck! Who knows.


Tororotchi always seems to like raiding the fridge. I don't know if it's for her character in particular, but it seems like that's all she ever wants to do! I'm not starving them, I promise!


I was playing around with the little TV icon at the bottom and discovered that I could send my Tamagotchis off for a vacation. So I did! I was surprised that it didn't cost any money though. I had them go out for a mere 26 minutes... I didn't realize that it would seemingly go on indefinitely until I called my family back. Maybe I'll experiment later and see exactly how long they'll be gone for!


I did take a few snapshots of their trip though, however. They went to many different destinations, but after a while it began to loop. Take a peek!


In no particular order...


64363da7-6318-453c-b943-0e1935d0a685_zps 418d3391-561c-43bd-a0f7-716198a15e02_zps 43729914-35e7-4e79-8a17-0ff1f9744995_zps e3cd5e3b-ce46-4a73-b6c5-c59acc1bb0d1_zps


It would really seem like they all went for an adventure! Or at least that's what I'd like to think.


So far, these guys should be around 2 years old. I believe they should be changing into teenagers soon, but I could be wrong.


Because I was definitely wrong about my Ocean!


Say hello to my Keropyontchi!


a2be8044-6f99-45bc-bda8-12ab2441a3dc_zps a8272abb-b5c7-4fbb-b1f2-caa78cc7b1e4_zps 36c4c5f2-3ea3-4e2c-8804-4158cf08ae3c_zps


I've been taking care of Oceans for quite a while now, but I guess I never really measured the time it actually took for the transformations to take place. I was honestly expecting my Otototchi to change tomorrow, so it was quite a surprise for me to hear the familiar changing tune when I was getting some work done!


Otototchi was 4 years old, had a weight of 15 g (I think!) and had 100% discipline. Seeing how Keropyontchi is at the top of the chart, technically he should be quite easy to get! To my knowledge, I never once let a predator attack him.


Seeing how he transformed into a teen at age 2, I would say that he was an Ototchi for about 21 hours total. I'll have to remember that for next time, for my third attempt of getting a Kujiratchi!


I debated for a little while whether or not I wanted to simply just reset my Ocean, but I decided against it. Keropyontchi was my first adult character (after two Oceans later...) so he has a little spot reserved in my heart for him. His animations (as you see above!) are just plain adorable.


While I was typing like a crazy person, my V5 decided to change as well! It was been quite an exciting past hour for me.


Tororotchi became an Ichigotchi, Ahirukutchi became a cute Bakotchi, and Sakuramotchi transformed into a Shelltchi!


I am very very impressed with this Tamagotchi so far. With every transformation, I seem to get so excited! I spent a little bit more on this Tama, but I'm glad that I am enjoying it so much thus far.


8e90f9f8-a7fd-491d-b2bd-827395bc977a_zps 9fc8f6b9-5bf4-4c47-954d-8ad3fed5d738_zps d20686fe-521a-43c3-8950-acb5542cf6da_zps


Well, that's all I have to share for today. If I keep typing, at this rate I am going to be late for meeting up with my friends later today. Whoops!


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Posted 14 July 2013 - 01:54 PM ( #13 )

Just a quick update.


It has not been good for my Ocean! While I was at a restaurant the polar bear managed to attack him. For whatever reason his attack was successful, despite me tapping the side of my Tamagotchi. It was kind of traumatizing to see! Shortly afterwards, unfortunately my Ocean's batteries died... so Keropyontchi's stay with me was quite short! :( He will be missed. 



That said, now I have a Kuragetchi hanging out with me. He has been well so far. I've disciplined him twice already, bringing him up to 75%.

In terms of my Familitchi, I feel like a village idiot! I did NOT realize that going on vacation was equivalent to pausing your Tamagotchi. Oops.


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Posted 15 July 2013 - 09:11 PM ( #14 )

That was fast. My Familitchi have all evolved!


Meet Watatchi, Uhyotchi, and Love-Zukintchi!


7a3b5b43-fedb-401d-9575-3968fc5dfa57_zps cc0ad54d-59a3-428a-8e01-c910e47f0dc2_zps f9defcea-ef22-4f93-8a8d-a5b34393669d_zps


(Wow, these pictures came up a lot larger than usual. Sorry)


This transformation was a complete surprise. I guess I never know what to expect on this Tamagotchi, right?


Unfortunately I did not get to play with them long before they fell asleep. Their bond increased to 30% today, though! A lot lower than I'd like it to be though.


I'm a little bit busy tonight, so I'll continue this log tomorrow when I get to know these adults a little bit more! :)


Thanks for reading!

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Posted 20 July 2013 - 01:53 AM ( #15 )

This blog is well overdue for updates! Lots have happened so far.


Kuragetchi has had a lot of adventures. I've brought him to 100% discipline, saved him from countless bear attacks, and tirelessly took care of him. My work paid off, as he became a lovely Ototochi!


This time around, Otototchi was very easy to take care of. His hearts barely dropped, and very seldom got attacked by a polar bear. I did discipline him during those times where he called for unneeded attention. I didn't get many pictures of him in this stage, however. Most have been repeats of what I've posted here in this blog and what I've seen in the past. That said, the strangest thing happened.


I guess Otototchi REALLY had to go to the bathroom, as he had two poops! I've never seen this happen before on an Ocean - I always thought that the maximum was 1 poop per screen, and then the water quality would decrease. Apparently not...




Other than that, he was normal. I kept my eye on him, but he was quite relaxed compared to his previous stage. I guess that discipline really worked, huh? Following the same evolution trends, about 3 hours to his adult transformation, I stuffed him with candy. Why? I wanted to get his weight all the weight up to 99 g. I can gladly say that all of my work paid off!


Look! He's here in all his glory. I present to you: Kujiratchi!


07277759-d68d-4bf4-a013-2b527e770a9b_zps 3f3f76d0-d535-4694-85a4-83c32936c03d_zps 50810164-54c0-4a4e-a699-f3394bffa773_zps 18a5604e-0064-423b-94dd-d55a9ba5dbfd_zps


I love all of his expressions! I wanted to take a snapshot of him eating as well, but unfortunately my phone died. I managed to upload these pictures at least! All I can say is that his mouth becomes absolutely gigantic. 


Right now he is at 75% discipline, and weights at 99 g. His weight doesn't seem to decrease. He initially started with 50% discipline (like many adults), but he has only called once so far. He has been even more relaxed than Otototchi... I like it!


I know that Keropyontchi likes to stay for about 7-8 days... I hope that I have better luck with Kujiratchi. I'd really like for him to stay for as long as possible.


As for my Familitchi, a new generation has started. Before that, I was able to get the family bond to about 40% until it dropped back down to 30%. I guess I'm missing way too many opportunities if this seems to happen! That said, they were comfortable enough to shower together... most likely because they were never separated at birth! 




Later, the trio had finally reached the age for starting a family, so I took them to the dating channel. Initially I brought Uhyotchi, but I wasn't able to find a suitable match for him. Watatchi was a bit luckier. First she was paired with a Hatugatchi, but unfortunately was declined. Then she had met Furikotchi, and they had started a family together.


Unfortunately, that meant leaving Uhyotchi and Lovezukintchi alone. They weren't too pleased about that!




Before hatching the new eggs, together the happy couple became parents.


ca3278c5-beec-4740-b6e5-9d645587d89c_zps ad55aee6-0678-4454-a9fd-a89c34bc53be_zps


They had three children: two Mimifuwatchis, and Omututchi!


After about an hour, the kids had transformed into another Ahirukutchi, Sakuramotchi, and a Mousetchi! It seems to appear that they are getting along well. Their bond is at about 30%.


It's really neat seeing this Tamagotchi continue its generations. I thought it was a very nice touch when you see the parents interact with the kids! The two new games (golf and shoe organizing) are quite fun, but for whatever reason they don't fill up on happy hearts. I guess they are saved for another purpose? Maybe it's for bonding? Who knows.


I will post a more current picture when I can within the next day or two. Hopefully I can capture them as a toddler before they become teenagers! 


Well, I'm sure most of you have lose a few braincells after reading my log. I will not apologize. But I do really appreciate you reading up to this so far! I'll see you tomorrow, hopefully!


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Posted 23 July 2013 - 10:56 PM ( #16 )

Looks like tomorrow came... close to four days later! Oops.


Life has been a little bit busy for the past little bit. I've been taking a summer course and unfortunately I've had to put more work in than I anticipated! Hopefully it'll pay off.


Anyway, on to the lives of my robots pals.


So it would appear that my baby toddlers are already adults! I guess it's been that long since I've written last. 


abdb7622-7577-459d-ac70-d8b0254a1576_zps b3560458-4f54-4116-a290-2f7b9b4a0f6f_zps 8348feaa-138c-4764-8088-6873bcf7341b_zps 8cdd1b57-fea1-41c4-99cb-2d4772b50ea9_zps


For (apparently) two days, I got the chance to spoil a Mamekatche, Chamametchi, and a Bakutchi (again!) Also, I think the parents are quite proud... look at how they are celebrating! Hahah. ;)


These guys were great. I found out a few things about what TamaTown used to be, and since then I've been redeeming points. I found that the games would yield next to no points, so I'm glad that some lovely folks out there created a little chart with codes on it.


It wasn't long before they transformed. Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed, as I had received a few repeat characters. But no matter; they are still pretty adorable!


Here's someone new: Hatugatchi! And welcome back Lovezukintchi and Uhyotchi! I guess the other two siblings took after Watatchi's uncle and auntie. :) 


63b3e02f-6b1f-4683-8f44-4df32f7573d7_zps 6787007e-6b5d-46f2-8df4-626431c4a316_zps 0de1b24d-6ff0-4781-b0b5-446595e7737a_zps


When these guys changed, I went to do a little research. I'm used to having Tamas that are different every single generation. But it looks like that it doesn't apply here - there's no such thing as even or odd generation Tamas! The V5 operates to what sort of games you choose for them to interact with, and their bonding level. I've always struggled a little bit with bonding level, but I now know better. I had a bond of 40%, but unfortunately I let one training opportunity slide. It dropped back down to 30% before it changed.


No matter! These guys will actually get married tomorrow morning. I'm still debating if I want to aim for a pure family. I think I will! I also plan to consistently choose one particular activity for my robots to do during training time. I know there are charts online, but I would like to be surprised with what I end up with!


Kujiratchi has been doing very well on the other hand. His hearts seem to deplete faster than an Otototchi, but it's still at a reasonable pace. He's not too needy - he seems to be empty in hearts if I don't pay great attention to him for about an hour and a half.


The polar bear seems to always target this little guy for whatever reason. On second thought, he's a whale. He's not that tiny! The Octopus likes to mess up our games too. I must admit it gets really annoying at times.


My whale has gotten sick about three times so far. There doesn't seem to be any pattern, so I'm not sure if it's a scheduled sickness. I know that they are not predator attacks either - I'm usually really conscious about that! Unfortunately I've lost one too many Morinos due to predators...




When he IS sick, it breaks my heart. This is what you see. Doesn't that make you feel terrible?


As with the injections, they are just as random as how often he gets sick. The first time he was ill, only one injection was needed. For other times, it's ranged from 5-7... I wonder what that means?


He is currently 6 years old. He seems to like to sleep around 8/9, and he gets pretty early too, I believe. I'll get an exact time for you when I pay attention a little better.


Well, that's all I have to report for today. I'll be sure to update once my Familitchi has babies! I haven't decided who I want to be the parent yet... I'll let you guys know! ;)


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Posted 27 July 2013 - 09:56 AM ( #17 )

Unfortunately the batteries for my dear sweet Kujiratchi had run out. I was left with this awful screen here.




I have decided to put my Ocean on pause again for the next little while. I miss it quite terrible though.


As for my V5 , I've been graced with a new generation has been extremely well.


Hatugatchi and his wife had two bouncing babies: Omumutchi (the cutest thing ever) and Mimifuwatchi! He had married another Watatchi - he must've taken after this mother! Maybe it's some sort of Oedipus complex? As always, they weren't in this stage for too long. I actually raised them in the middle of class! I didn't pay much attention to them unfortunately. But they are still doing well.


Omumutchi changed into a cute little Belltchi, and Mimifuwatchi transformed into Mousetchi. It's quite different only having two Tamas running on your screen! It reminds me of the rumour from what back when it was believed that you could get twins on your P1 Tamagotchi. I guess that's finally now a reality, huh?



Here's a picture of them all bathing together!


Not before long, Belltchi changed into a Belltchi, and Mousetchi became a Kokorotchi! They are both very cute. Nice to see a new character again!


e2140af6-aec8-49ab-85ee-5a71cf5ed269_zps 93d999a0-6dcc-4292-9015-71afc02456c2_zps 4558691d-a2c1-489b-ad51-5476038a1896_zps


This time around, I've been really keen about raising the bonding level. Right now it's at 60%. The animations are very cute - at 40%, they all run and trip together. Now they kiss each other and hearts fly and dance!


I've been consistently choosing the third bonding activity. I believe it has ranged to origami and crayons, if I remember correctly. I've also been playing with the Lucky Poo that dances about, and playing with the parents. I can never seem to win at golf, but matching is so easy (yet slow!) for me.


That's all I have to share for now. I'll be posting about my Morino quite soon! I started a group hatch log with webster04 and it begins tomorrow :) Hopefully I'll see you there too!

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