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nerdbot's nerdy robots!

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Posted 01 August 2013 - 09:48 PM ( #18 )

It's been nearly a week since I've last posted! I've been busy... Kind of.


Shelltchi transformed into a Hotteatchi while Kokorotchi became a Kuchipatchi. They were so cute! Unfortunately I did not get any pictures.


I've improved quite a bit compared to the last few generations - I managed to get their bonding to 90%! It took a lot of games and activities to reach it though. I can't begin to count how many times they played with the Lucky Poo!


Kuchipatchi ended up marrying a Yonepatchi, where together they started an Easy Going family. It was interesting to see two baby Futabatchis running about my screen! About an hour later, I ended up with a Mattaritchi, and a Totorotchi. Again, these are both pretty adorable.




Today they both evolved into teenagers - a cute Bakutchi, and an Ichigotchi. They are at a low 20% bonding rate, and currently they are now again a blended family. I wonder if I'll stick around long enough to see a pure family - currently I feel like activating another Tamagotchi instead. I was maybe thinking the V3 actually... we'll see!


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Posted 11 August 2013 - 11:26 PM ( #19 )

Well now. It's been over a week now. I've been out of the loop (as are you!) so let's get cracking! Lots have happened since! There is going to be quite a bit, so please bear with me. You might notice a few words that have been hyperlinked - those are old photos that I've taken, but are certainly relevant to this log today!


I decided to tab up my V5. I felt that it was time for a small hiatus! I had been meaning to run my OsuMesu pair once more, and I guess that prompted me to put Bakutchi and Ichigotchi on pause. Last time I did not log this experience - instead I simply posted pictures on Tumblr.


The first time around, I managed to get both Pyonchitchi and Pyonkotchi on my first try. They both had Tsubutchi shortly after they became adults, who grew to become Hyunutchi, before finally becoming Hikotchi and UFOtchi. Unfortunately because these two were on pause so much, I ultimately ended up tabbing them - a fate that ends up to at least 70% of my Tamagotchis! (oops?)


Shortly afterwards I left my V5 in its slumber, I pulled out the tabs out of my OsuMestchi with screwdriver in hand expecting to put in batteries, until I heard a beep. To my surprise, I had left my batteries in the Tamagotchis - normally I do not do this in fear for battery corrosion.


After setting the time, the eggs* hatched shortly afterwards. Immediately they hatched into Kuritchi. These guys look like little poops! The baby stage is like every other - only lasting for an hour, constantly beeping for attention. I must say that I am quite found of the flag game - it reminds me of the one on the V3/V4, which happened to be my favourite! 


*This is a picture of my entire OsuMesutchi collection. I'm running the white pair right now! Yes, they are a little bit faded... but that's how I got them for a bit cheaper!


Not before long, they transformed into MohiTamatchi! They called for discipline a few times during this stage - it wasn't long before the bar was filled all the way. These guys are one of my favourite toddler Tamagotchis. To me, they seem so simple, but they're really not!


About two days passed and they became the good teens - Obotchi and Ojotchi! One thing about these Tamagotchis is that growth is very slow. I guess I'm a bit impatient, but I quickly lost interest because of this!


I decided that I would neglect these two just to see what sort of characters I would get. Part of me was aiming for Kikotchi/Kiwitchi, but I just wanted a different set of characters. What I got was a total surprise to me. I took great care of Ojotchi, but only cared to discipline her once. Obotchi on the other hand was neglected quite a bit, but I disciplined him up to 50%.


At age 5, they finally transformed into the adults. I ended up getting these little critters here:




Bunbutchi and Kankotchi!


These characters were a complete surprise. I guess discipline really had an impact on a Tamagotchis growth! The animations were quite cute. Here a few:


97417329-b38f-4b67-9663-cd15cc7fe051_zps 4b673e45-ddf6-4c3c-a6dd-0991d68fbd68_zps 8903cebd-2273-40c2-ac9b-70dabe806842_zps


I did not keep these guys for long. I ended up mating these two a day later! Mating was a bit difficult because I did not hold these two together hard enough during their courting. It took me about three tries before they were successful with children!




Out popped a Teletchi! I decided to let these guys run for about two days before tabbing them. I'm quite baffled as to how long the next baby stage lasts - after the parents leave (about 48-72? hours later), the babies do not transform into the toddler stage until about a day has passed, if I recall correctly. Luckily the babies are not needy, but it's still quite strange staring at screens without the attention icon harassing you every five minutes!




About a month ago, I also won a Yuki Penguin! I believe I bid on this virtual pet for about $8, not expecting to win. I had bid about few days in advance, yet no one outbid my measly $8.00 bill! It only arrived two days ago. Naturally, I hatched an egg as soon as I got home!




I had a Dinkie Dino when I was a toddler so it was really nice to hear all the jingles! They are a bit needier than I remember - it's a bit annoying when they become sick and all their stats become empty! What I do love is the fact that they gain happiness even if they lose the game.


I have been feeding my penguin fish - I wonder what character I'll get? 


I forgot to mention that I FINALLY bought a Digimon on eBay. Watching Season 1 on Netflix certainly did not aid my self-control, but luckily I got a NIB 1997 Digimon (V1) for $60. Quite the deal, I'd say! I bought it from an American seller too, so hopefully it'll be here within the next week or two! I just hope I get a nice taste of the Yuki Penguin before he gets here, because otherwise my attention will focus solely on my Digimon!


And so for now, that is all! See you soon!


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Posted 15 August 2013 - 12:28 AM ( #20 )

So a few changes from last log!


I ended up tabbing the OsuMesutchi pair. I'm too accustomed to Tamagotchis that change pretty frequently - the babies would've left on the third day of being alive, so I put them on pause. Having said that, I started up my V3 due to the fact that the baby stage is also a Teletchi! :)


So although the pair was put on pause, it's almost like I continued them on a separate Tamagotchi. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of the baby or toddler stage, but I was able to get the teen stage. 


Meet my Patopatatchi!




This Tamagotchi looks a little bit like an adult to me, but she is still pretty cute. I love that I am able to play Flags and Heading - both are my favourite games! Currently I haven't found anything neat in the store, but I plan to buy some pretty neat stuff soon, hopefully.


Right now discipline is about half full. I'm hoping to fill it up to the top, but I can't promise anything. I've already had to pause her a few times, so she should be transforming in the next few days or two. I might have some luck!


My V3 wasn't the only critter to gain a beak though. Look at my penguin now!




I wasn't able to play with guy long though. Clumsy me dropped it on tile and unfortunately the pet reset on its own. So I have it filed away for now to be resumed another time.


I couldn't bear just having one Tamagotchi running though. So I started up my Ocean again! I'm contemplating writing a guide so I can reference it for myself, while also share my knowledge. Right now, I have an Ototochi. I'm planning to get Kujiratchi again, since last time the batteries ran out.


I feel like Ototochi is the easiest tamagotchi to raise on the Ocean. The hearts seem to go down at a very reasonable pace - not like Kuragatchi! I swear, sometimes the jellyfish eats as much food as I do! I can't say that my happy hearts go down at the same rate though.


I just have the worse luck with everything, don't I?


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Posted 23 August 2013 - 03:13 PM ( #21 )

As school approaches, unfortunately my updates are slowly being posted further and further apart from each other. I do apologize!


So, Papatopatatchi transformed into an adult! 




I guess I took pretty bad care of Patopatatchi for her to transform into one of the worse characters out there. She had full discipline, but as it turns out, I neglected her a bit more than I thought! I was secretly aiming for a Hanatchi - but I guess next time I should keep better track of the hearts. I should maybe pull out my V1 again - that's how I'll get one for sure!


Hanatchi was one of my favourite Tamagotchis on the V1. I still remember buying my lime green matrix Tamagotchi at the grocery store. I was out shopping with my aunt and my cousin, and we decided to stroll in the toy area. I remember hearing about how Tamagotchi was making a comeback, but little did I know that it was already released! It was such a surprise when my aunt decided to buy both my cousin and myself a Tamagotchi. 


My first Tamagotchi was a Mametchi. Her name was Rinoa, and if I remember correctly, she ended up marrying a Kutchipatchi. The following generation was a boy, who later became a Mimitchi. I think at one point I had about 29 generations. Unfortunately my original save data did not transfer over. Luckily I still have it kicking around!


Anyway, enough stories from memory lane.


Remember how I started a Tamagotchi Ocean? He's doing quite well. He made a few Digimon friends along the way!




I started up a few Digimon to help me bear with waiting for my Digimon in the mail. I dug out my D3 and my V2 Digimon Mini. Notice the egg? My mini ended up hatching into a Pabumon, before shortly transforming into Motimon! Long story short, after once again digivolving into Tentomon, he finally ended up as a Kentarumon. I definitely neglected this guy, but I wanted someone other than a Kabutarimon for once!


As for Otototchi, he eventually became a KeroPyontchi!




Unfortunately, he didn't strick around for very long, hence the angry expression. I kind of tabbed him as soon as my Digimon arrived


My Digiegg became a cute little Botamon. 




I decided to take a little photoshoot with him. He's been doing great! After about an hour passed after hatching, he became a Koromon. I did neglect him a little bit so he could become a Betamon. I woke him up during bed and let him call for help a few times! I'm a terrible owner... I'm aiming to get Darkmon!


When I woke up just today, he Digivolved!





There he is in all of his glory. I made him battle a few times with Patamon on my D3. After draining his entire energy bar, he had a win rate of 50%. I wonder if he'll become a MetalGreymon?


I'll have to update you all if that ever happens! ;)


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Posted 28 August 2013 - 11:55 PM ( #22 )

A short but sweet update:


Once Betamon became 5 years old, he became this little guy here:




I'm quite happy that I was able to get him on my first try! Despite how evil Darkmon is supposed to be, he's actually quite cute - he's actually quite smiley! Don't let that distract you though - in battle he has yet to lose. 


He wakes up at 9 AM every morning and sleeps at 9 PM. Quite convenient, I must say! He attacks with his fists, but isn't all that scary.


As of right now he is 8 years old. Let's see how long he'll stick around!


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Posted 07 September 2013 - 10:06 AM ( #23 )

Today was a sad day for me. 


Darkmon had his code reorganized into a Digiegg. He left me at the age of 16...




Currently I am too sad to start something up. We'll see though!


EDIT (About 3 hours later...)


I've decided to restart my Digimon. I contemplating trying to hatch another Tamagotchi, but instead I have decided to try and get a Teddymon. I keep forgetting that Digimon don't really die - they always find a way to come back. Time for Darkmon to be reborn as a Botamon, and hopefully later as a Teddymon! :) 

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Posted 09 September 2013 - 09:38 PM ( #24 )

So far, Botamon has been doing well.


I guess I shouldn't refer to him as a Botamon anymore, hey? Shortly after his birth, Ex-Darkmon became a Koromon. As I said before, I was aiming to get a Numemon so that I would be graced with a Teddymon.




The strange thing is that I neglected Koromon MUCH more than before, and he digivolved into an Agumon? Quite strange. I literally just fed him vitamins and food, and didn't train him once. He was technically well fed, but I still let him call for help and sleep with the lights on!


Here he is in all of his glory so far. :) Hopefully he'll digivolve again within the next few days!




I'm also debating to start up my Angel again. They're so very easy to take care of - which is great because of how busy I have been lately. Agumon has been relatively low maintenance, so it feels strange to not have a Tamagotchi harassing me every 10 minutes! Ideally I'd be trying for a Kujiratchi... maybe next time. ;)


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Posted 20 September 2013 - 12:42 PM ( #25 )

I think it's been a little too long, don't you think? I'm supposed to be studying right now but... I thought this was a little more pressing. (Oops.)


Anyway, where was I last? 


Agumon ended up digivolving around 5 years old. He became a Numemon, as expected! 




After he changed, I immediately gave him the best care I could I made him battle my D3 quite a bit, but unfortunately he didn't win too much. I think he had a success rate of around 20%.


Luckily, he ended up changing! I think he was around 7 or 8 when that happened.


42916996-b717-4a7c-833e-e47a5a0df744_zps 3a99f43b-5f2d-488c-8ff2-60cf1be57c0c_zps 862558ee-8366-4bbb-8b39-6eaf0376f674_zps


Right now he is 12 years old. I can't believe that I've had him for so long! He's quite cute, as you can see from the pictures. He isn't really needy, and sleeps quite early at 7:00pm. 


Remember how I said that I wanted to run an Angel again? Well, that happened I think I wanted to aim for a Pukuten, but that didn't happen. I left him at home for two days, so he wasn't feeling that hot. Maruten became a Takoten, and to my surprise, I actually got a Debirutchi!




I've tried to get him before, but I think this time was just luck. That said, I don't think pure neglect is the key to getting this character. It was such a surprise when I got him, because he transformed as I was giving Takoten medication. Unfortunately at this stage, I think it's equivalent to your Tamagotchi dying, as you can't do anything but watch him dance.


I don't know how I have the time for all of this, but I also started up the Tamagotchi Life app. I saw a few pictures on Tumblr, and so I wanted to raise one for myself again. I was aiming for Mimitchi, but that didn't happen!


Tongaritchi became a Zuccitchi. I have no idea how, as I don't ever recall the hearts going down more than two. Even it being at half full was a really rare occurrence. I was expecting to get Pocchitchi at the least! I have noticed that even when the training bar is full, my Tama still calls for discipline. I wonder if that might be the case?


e8ac00aa-b9aa-4f66-840d-495932039a42_zps 2539bb06-8aba-4506-b861-1c0a471fcd46_zps


So I've taken it upon me to try and get a Zachi. I've never gotten a secret character on the P1/P2 before, and as a child, I always tried to get Zachi. So far everything has been going well, but I'm crossing my fingers! He's already at 100% discipline. :) Right now he's 9, so I'm hoping it'll happen soon!


Wish me luck!

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Posted 28 September 2013 - 05:40 PM ( #26 )

So there's been a few new changes since the last week!


First things first: unfortunately I did not get a Zachi. I don't know why, to be honest! I did notice that Zuccitchi called for discipline quite a bit, despite having 100% training. I can say for sure that I definitely missed quite a few of those. He also got sick twice, each separated by three days, but still he did not transform. Maybe I didn't get him because of that one time where he dropped to two hearts? Who knows.


Despite failing to change, he was really nice to have around. He's certainly goofy when he cheers for something! Eating time has never been so exciting for me before. Unfortunately, he left me at the young age of 15. I have no idea if that's typical for these guys, but I can say for sure that I definitely forgot about him on a few occasions, after I accepted the fact that he wasn't going to transform. Studying has been running my life!




I haven't started a new character since. But hopefully I will be able to resume my goal of getting a secret character some other day.


While I was raising Zuccitchi, I also started up my Ocean again. However, he didn't last long because I guess I fed him too many snacks? He was an Ototochi before he had left me. :( It's strange because I've had many good teens pass away on me, but I've only had one Kingyotchi leave me!


I was quite sad that Ototochi had left me, so I restarted my Ocean, and also started my Digimon again. Am I crazy? Yeah. I wanted to get a Kujiratchi and a Seadramon, but it didn't take very long for me to put them BOTH on pause. They both were in the toddler stage -  Koromon and a Kuragetchi - before I put them into their slumber.


I was awoken by strange loooong beeps. To my surprise, Koromon had digivolved into Agumon without my knowledge, and I found him dying! I felt really bad because I genuinely did not know that Digimon stop pausing after a while. I had made sure to pause him when he was asleep, but I guess that wasn't enough for him to stop the evolution process. Sorry Agumon! :'( 


I don't know if I've mentioned this in a previous log, but I took the plunge and ordered an ID-L. I was one of those lucky customers that snagged an english one for quite cheap - I bought a beautiful yellow one. It arrived sometime last week, and it has been such a joy to have so far. I was so excited to see a coloured Tamagotchi, and it was certainly a lot smaller than I had anticipated. Compared to the vintages it is HUGE, but it still fits comfortably in my jacket pocket. 


The only thing I was disappointed about was that there was no tab to pull! I guess I'm too used to the older Tamagotchis; it was weird having to put in batteries to get everything going. Having said that, it all changed very fast when I saw a coloured screen and an egg rolling around. :)




Isn't it pretty? After setting the time and entering my name, my egg began to hatch into a tiny little girl with a bow! Well... referring to the character chart, it would appear that both baby girls have bows... Specifically, I got a Momoirotchi. 


Unfortunately I was way too excited with my new Tamagotchi that I completely forgot about taking pictures. Even though the Tamagotchi was in english, I found that a lot had changed, and I could not pick up this Tamagotchi as quick as I originally anticipated. Even now, I'm still getting used to these things! But I can say for sure that I know how to at least operate it, for the most part. :)


About a very quick hour later, Momoirotchi transformed into a very cute swiss roll... or at least that's what I think she's supposed to be! She became a Rolutchi!




I was surprised at how early she went to bed and got up. She was very easy to care for, and I was surprised at the lack of discipline. I took her to Donut Park quite a bit, and bought her a few toys. She seems to always end up killing her test-tube plant every time she cares for it though. 


Looking through my pictures, I'm kicking myself a little bit. It would appear that I forgot to take a picture of Rolutchi as a teenager... Oops. She became a cute little cactus though - Sabosabotchi to be exact! Caring for her was quite easy.


In this stage, she managed to get a pet! I visited Donut Park quite often in the morning, and she would always interact with Bagubagutchi. Quite a cute fella! They played soccer more than a few times - I was actually a bit surprised at that dog's coordination!


Come about 24 hours later, my little cactus transformed into a Cupcake gal. 




I wouldn't have been surprised if I saw her on Wreck it Ralph! She has quite the personality though. She likes to call for attention - asking me to dress her up or to play games with her. I always panic because I usually see the attention icon lit up when this happens! It happened so much that I gave up and bought her a few accessories. So far, she has made me deprived of Gotchi dollars!




So far though, I am definitely enjoying the ID-L. I was initially apprehensive because there was a lot of connection models that I did not enjoy as much as I thought. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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