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how to get tarakotchi on the v1 connection?

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Posted 21 June 2013 - 04:41 PM ( #1 )

The title pretty much says it all. The tamagotchi wiki mentions on the connection v1 page that you can get a tarakotchi, but the tarakotchi page doesn't make any mention of its appearance on the connection v1. Another interesting point is that most growth charts I've seen of the connection v1 have tarakotchi off to the side on his own, implying that even/odd generations can both get him. Has anyone obtained him on the connection v1? How did you do it?






21 Jun 2013

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Posted 21 June 2013 - 04:54 PM ( #2 )

Tarakotchi is a Good Care character

which means don't get too many care misses but make sure you do get care misses


Check out the second post made by Ra on Tama-Zone, http://tama-zone.com...showtopic=17860


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Posted 22 June 2013 - 03:42 AM ( #3 )

I've found on the V1 that Tarakotchi is a character from average to poor care.  I downloaded a chart on raising V1 characters from TamaSquare (no longer exists on line I think).


Can develop on odd or even gens from any of the teens

Keep on top of your teens food, health and discipline = Keep food levels topped up and cure it within 15mins of being sick with medicine,

Use Time Out/Punish if it calls you for no reason.  Try to get at least 20 hurdles on Jump game.


Don't worry too much about your teens Happy hearts - snacks or game OK to keep it happy but don't rush to fill the Happy hearts as soon as they empty.

Don't turn the lights out when it goes to sleep, don't praise it if you see it crying.


Don't try to catch them when you see the "wiggle" dance - let it go on the floor and clean up so that the happy heart doesn't fill.


That's roughly the kind of care levels you need to get Tarakotchi.  No guarantees, but it has worked for me.