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story novel atlantis

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Posted 28 June 2013 - 07:48 AM ( #1 )

So, I've been writing this story called Atlantis.

Jack Falson's father has been researching strange carvings and scriptures, each tying ancient cultures together, as if something, or someone, had aided in their creations. Jack, after learning of his Father's untimely death in Mexico, embarks onto a journey to continue his father's research, discover the secrets to why Humans are here, to learn of where we came from, and to discover why all the signs point to somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle- a lost world known as Atlantis.


Here's the Prologue:


Atlantis: Prologue




          I was asleep in my bed, dreaming that I was running through meadows of illustrious colors unimaginable. I looked into the distance, and I saw a boy, who was reaching for an apple in the tree in front of me. I was going to help him, but then the tree moved, yes, moved! 3 I thought to myself, ‘Funny. A giving tree,’ and then flew off into the stars.

          I lay down softly on a bed of nebulas, as the world evolved around me. I watched asteroids fly by, and I saw little bursts of lights- almost like fireworks- from stars exploding into oblivion. It was terrifying, and yet, majestic. As I watched this spectacle transform, a woman joined me in observing the phenomena that is our Universe. I looked into the woman’s eyes, as she did into mine. She had illustrious emerald eyes, and flaming orange hair. I gently caressed her cheek. It was soft. It felt as if it never aged a day from birth- as if it never felt sorrow, or stress, or any of life’s poisons. We lay there for what seemed to be hours, just us two, floating in the vast reaches of Space. Sadly, even the longest sleep must come to an end.

          I had awoken to a loud explosion far off in the distance. I got out of my bed, groggy, and approached my bedroom window. In through the window shone this bright orange and yellow light- like fire. I looked outside, and all seemed to be fine, until I saw it. I squinted my eyes, and, with horror, I looked into the distance on the horizon, and saw a mushroom cloud of dust and dirt and whatever it had pick up in it’s path. It seemed far enough away at first, yet it was growing in size fast. Soon, I saw houses only 20 blocks away being torn apart like paper and cardboard. It got hot fast, like someone turned the heater to the max- even hotter! The burst of dust and debris grew close fast, and only grew closer with every passing second. “So… this is how I die?” I questioned, as I sat on my bed, writing my final goodbye note. I knew the blast was far enough away that my house would be destroyed, and that I’d be killed as it fell on top of me. That’s why I wrote the note- so that should anyone find it and read it, they will know about my legacy. They’ll learn about the secrets hidden for so long from the world- the secrets of Atlantis, and our Ancestors.






28 Jun 2013

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