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tamaninjacat's Tama Log of Ninjacat Awesomeness!

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Posted 15 January 2014 - 10:33 PM ( #86 )

The other day John evolved into a Mametchi and Hannah evolved into a Chanotchi. (I don't think that's how it's spelled. She kind of looks like a girl Mametchi. Someone please know what I'm talking about cause I don't. :P )

That's ok Ninja, nobody EVER knows what your talking about.

I never know what anyone's talking about.

We're well aware of that Paisley.

*Runs into room* Guys, GUYS!!!


I'm a Mametchi!

I'm one of the smartest tamas ever!

We already know that.

Well I got... umm... Ninja, would you step out of the room for a minute?

Suuure. :huh:  *Leaves room*

Anyways, what's the news?

I became a TD!

A TD?!

That's great!

What's a TD?

Tama Detective!
Oh. Cool!

I got to go to my first case. Remember, DON'T TELL NINJA! OR ANY HUMANS! *Leaves*

Hey Ninja! You can-

*Covers Flynn's mouth* I don't think Paisley quite understands what just happen.

I can take care of that... *duct tapes Paisley's mouth shut*

Now you can come back Ninja!

*Comes back* Ok... what happened?

... :unsure:

*Hannah and Flynn together* Nothing! :rolleyes: 


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Posted 19 January 2014 - 06:58 PM ( #87 )

GO 49'ERS!!! Big game today, 49'ers vs. Seahawks! I bet you can tell who my favorite team is! I stopped running my V2 and Music Star and started up my purple Tamago. His name is DJ. He's a Acorn type... thing?

GO 49'ERS!!!

Yeah, go 49'ers!!!

Go... Seahawks?

GASP! Your in 49'ers town girl!
No. If anything more people around here like Seahawks.

She's not wrong.

*Comes into room covered in ashes* It turns out... I don't know how to defuse a bomb.

Why would you need to defuse a bomb?

Why WOULDN'T I need to defuse a bomb?

Because your a tamas and tamas don't defuse bombs.

Well NOW you tell me. Ha.. ha... I got to go get cleaned up. *Leaves*

I feel like he's hiding something.

He's... not.


I feel like your all hiding something. :P



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Posted 16 February 2014 - 10:19 PM ( #88 )

I'M BACK!!!!

Excuse me, WE'RE back.

Yes, we're back. I can't believe how long it's been! I stopped running my Tamago and Paisley and Flynn got married and had two twin boys! Ken and Ben.




Well I'm sorry. I haven't been playing with you lately because I haven't really been into tamas too much.

GASP! Does this me you don't LIKE us anymore?!



Hey, I didn't say I hate you guys. I said I haven't been into tamas lately. Don't worry I'll come back around. ;)

Well that's better.

Yeah. Thanks for clearing that up.

I think I was pretty clear the first time.

No, no you were not.

I thought she explained perfectly.

Thank you, Hannah... HANNAH?!?!?!

What is she doing here?!?!?!?

I'm here to deliver you a massage...

Well what is it?


We already know that.

THEN MY JOB IS DONE! *Disappears*

Well that was weird. o.O

It was a perfect way to end our first post in awhile.

Wait. The post is ov-

*Clicks post*


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Posted 18 February 2014 - 06:54 PM ( #89 )

Hey everyone! Our log is now "Comments ok" so feel free to post some feedback! Ken and Ben also evolved! (BTW Ken is on my iD L and Ben is on my P's. I forgot to mention that. :P) Ken is the teenager with the leaf on his head and Ben is Cosmotchi. Also I stopped running John and started up my V4.5 I got for Christmas. I downloaded the character I had on it. His name is Abram. He's the adult that kinda looks like a girl. (I know it's mean but he has a butterfly mask on).

Hey! Don't call me a girl! It's not my fault I was raised like this!

Ninja, tell everyone where we're going tomorrow!

Yeah! I can't wait!

Oh yeah! My and my family-

And US!

Yes, and you guys, are going to the beach tomorrow!

Ok. Now that that's out of the way... Ninja, go.


Just go!

Ok, OK! *Leaves*

What was that all about guys?

John left you a note.


Yes. I'll read it. Dear-

Hey, I can read! *Takes note from Ken*

Dear new guy (or Ken or Ben if Ninja doesn't start up anyone new),

I am a TD. Since Ninja is going to take my battery out I need someone to take my place. (Insert name here) you are now a official TD!

Sincerely yours,


I'm a TD now?! That's so cool!


He also wrote down your first case.

*Reads first case to self* Well it looks like I'm going to go to my first case!

Can we go with you??

No. It's too dangerous.



... Do you notice when we talk together it looks like Christmas colors? :D

Hey your right... wanna go get a pizza?



Hey guys?! Can I come back now?! GUYS! -_- 


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Posted 19 February 2014 - 08:18 AM ( #90 )

Good morning Tamatalkers! It's 6:00a.m. and I just finished breakfast! Already heading to the beach. B) I'm on my phone so no colors today. :(
Hey guys, wake up. We're on our way to the beach!
Ken: Five... more... HOURS! ZZZZZZZZZZ
Abram: Ninja, don't bother me! ZZZZZZZZZ
Ben: I'm not getting up! ZZZZZZZZZ
Note to self: Tamas are mean in the morning... or anytime. Sorry for the quick update! As I said I'm posting from my phone and it's not the easiest thing to do. :P

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Posted 06 March 2014 - 08:01 PM ( #91 )

Sorry for not updating! I visited my aunt's house last weekend and I forgot to post! Ken, Ben, and Abram all got married. Abram had a baby girl. Her name is Carly. Ken had a baby girl named Diamond.  And finally Ben had a son named Rapza. (I used the Tamatalk Tamagotchi Name Generator for his name).

Nice name, Rapza.  :D 

Thanks. <_<

I kinda like it personally. It makes me think of a rapper with a lot of pizzas.

I'm not a rapper and I don't have a lot of-

*Doorbell rings*

I got it! *Answers door*

I'm here to deliver thirty pizzas to a Rapza.

And who are you?

Pete from Pete's Pizza.

Cool! *Takes pizzas*

I'm going to need the money in-

*Slams door in face* Look what I got! There all for you Rapza!


Now you have a lot of pizzas!

And where did you get the money to pay for the pizzas, Diamond?

I have to PAY him?

You didn't pay him?! What did you do, slam the door in his face?!

That's EXACTLY what I did!

I'll go pay him. :P *Opens door* How much do I owe you?... ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?... Umm... *Slams door in face*

So... how did it go?


Here have some pizza.

*Eats pizza* Mmm... this is good.

Now we can forget about the money I owe.

No... your going to work at Pete's Pizzas till your debt is worked off.


*Let's pizza guy take Diamond*

Well that worked out nicely.

Yeah. We got pizza and we won't be seeing Diamond for awhile! ^_^


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Posted 15 March 2014 - 12:22 PM ( #92 )

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting. I'm sick today so I got nothing better to do. I started up my V5 celebrity again. I forgot who was on it last but when I hit download there were three babies waiting for me. Two boys and a girl. Dory is a Belltchi, Spyro is a Mousetchi (?), and Simon is... a toddler with a big beak? I lack so much knowledge when it comes to tama names. Carly also evolved into a Young Uravioletchi. Rapza's battery is dead so he can't post. And FINALLY I forgot to mention that Diamond the toddler with a fishbowl on her head and I forgot what Rapza looks like.

Wow Ninja, you must LOVE to hear yourself talk.

Yeah. Are we going to get a turn saying boring stuff?

I actually can't hear a lot of stuff. My ears are clogged... along with my nose. :P I hate being sick.

Can you hear ANYTHING we say? *Gets right by Ninja's ear* NINJA THIS IS DIAMOND, CAN YOU HEAR ME?!





YOU GUYS CAN STOP YELLING I CAN HEAR YOU JUST FINE! Ow. That hurt my throat really bad.

Well that's what you get for yelling at us.

<_< I'm going to cough on all of you.

You can take the children but SPARE ME!


Don't leave us here with this sack of disgusting!

Thanks for taking good care of me when I'm SICK guys. <_<

No problem.

That's what we're here for. ;)

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Posted 16 March 2014 - 02:16 PM ( #93 )

Diamond and Rapza evolved! I can only assume that everyone knows Rapza got new batteries. Diamond is a cactus and Rapza is Cosmotchi. (Did I spell that right? Probably not). Also I think I should mention that the characters on my V5 will be trading out daily. Just like I did it last time I ran them. 

And it's my turn today! Why did I get such an ugly green color? Can't I change it to blue?

No. You have to type in the horrible colors Ninja picks for us.

Hey! They're not horrible! I just keep running out of colors. I'm pretty sure I've done yours about 3 times now, Diamond. :P

Well I guess you really aren't that creative then.

Not when it comes to colors for you guys.

Lets change the subject!

That was... random.

I know, I'm like that.

The start of spring is tomorrow! Right?

I'm pretty sure.


Uhh... you kinda were.

If you have to tell yourself that.

Ok. Your acting weird today.



Alright, you guys obviously have something to work out. Sorry for the crummy update. I'm still getting over my cold and I still don't feel that great. :P


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Posted 17 March 2014 - 09:41 PM ( #94 )

HAPPY ST.PATRICK'S DAY!!! And thank you Bella6328 for liking one of our posts! And thanks for over 2,000 views! ^_^ Yesterday Diamond became a Flowertchi (or Violetchi as some people prefer :furawatchi:). And Rapza became a hot chilli pepper, just like his dad.

Thank you, I know I'm hot. *Strikes pose*

No, not like that! Anyways, Carly evolved into an ice skater. And Dory, Spyro, and Simon evolved too. Dory is a Chamametchi, Spyro is a mini Mametchi, and Simon is a Kikitchi. (By the way I'm going to change Simon's color because I didn't realize that it was really close Dory's color).

Look at me! I can skate!

Lucky! I wish I could! :furawatchi:

Uhh... what's with the emoticon?

It's my new trademark! :furawatchi: 

Cool! I want to do that! :gozarutchi:

What makes it mine is the fact that I'm using my beautiful face. :furawatchi: 

Beautiful, no. Ugly, yes.

Hey! My face isn't ugly! :furawatchi:

You have flowers sprouting from the top of your head.

It's called natural beauty. :furawatchi: 

I don't know about you guys but I find that a little unnatural.

I do.

Me too.

Same here.

Ninja! Your suppose to stand up for me and say that all tamas are different in a special way! :furawatchi:

Ok, ok... I just can't. It's just REALLY weird.

Thanks for nothing, Ninja! I'm going to end this post before all your insults get worse! :furawatchi: 


*Clicks post*


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Posted 23 March 2014 - 09:51 AM ( #95 )

A lot has happened since the last time we posted! I woke up one morning and I had pink eye! It was probably just from my cold but we've been treating it and it's pretty much gone now. ^_^ It's the reason I haven't been posting. :P Anyways, Diamond and Rapza got married and had twin baby boys! Pancake (iD L) and Toast (P's). Pancake is now a Sunopotchi and Toast is a Takutotchi. Carly also had a boy named Digze. (That name has been brought to you by the Tamatalk Tamagotchi Name Generator). Dory became a Chanotchi, Spyro became a Mametchi, and Simon became a Kuchipatchi. Simon got married yesterday and a two baby boys and a baby girl. Lemon (Ahirukutchi), Lime (Mattaritchi), and Sprite (Belltchi).

Are you done yet?!

That took you long enough.

I'm sorry. Don't you want people to know who you are?

I don't! I'm going into the Tamagotchi Witness Protection Program!

Is that even real?

Oh it's real alright.

Who are you?!

It's me! Lemon...

What happened to your face?

The Tamagotchi Witness Protection Program is what happened!

But isn't the whole point of it to make sure no one knows who you are?

Yeah. And no one does!

Lemon, we know.

WHAT?! How did you figure it out?!

You just told us who you are 30 seconds ago!

I did? Well then, I'm getting another new look! *Leaves*

And we must go too! My mom's birthday is today and my dad should be coming back with breakfast any minute. ^_^ Bye!


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Posted 25 March 2014 - 06:50 PM ( #96 )

Digze became a Kuchitamatchi last night. Lemon, Lime, and Sprite evolved last night too. Lemon is a Kikitchi, Lime is a Mamekatchi, and Sprite is a Ichigotchi.

Ninja! What's with the pausing us lately?!

Yeah! All last week we were unpaused all day!

I was on Spring Break last week. And yes, I was sick right up until school started. :P

School? What is this school you speak of?

How come you guys don't know about school?

Oh it could be anything really. The weather, video games, dogs, tacos, the fact that we were all BRON DURING SPRING BREAK!

I forgot about that.

Well we should learn what this mystical school is!

Yes. But how?

We should go to one of them!

There's an elementary school right up the road! Let's go there!

Uhh... I don't think that's a very good idea-

HUSH! We are going to the school now! TAMA VANISH! *Tamas vanish*

*Everyone appears in school*


This place is HUGE! HUGE... HUGE... HUGE... HUGE.

What are you doing?

Trying to make an echo! Echo... echo... echo... echo...

Stop that! Hey look, an open door! *Goes into room*

Look at all the books and desks!

Eww! This desk has gum under it!

And this book has way too many numbers in it! What does 2+x-7+1= 4 mean?

It's a math problem. But why would they just give you the answer? That's stupid.

This one's just filled with maps! Why would any one need to use these?

Is it a map of the city? Maybe someone would use it when they're lost.

Nope, it's a map of the entire world!

It's a map for when your half way across the world from where you live!

Cool! But how could someone get that lost?

Fall out of a plane?

...That's got to be it!

People fall out of planes all the time!

Do you think this map could help us find our way back home?

Nope. But this can. TAMA VANISH!

*Everyone comes back home*

There you guys are! So how was school?





<_< Glad you learned something new.


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Posted 26 March 2014 - 06:36 PM ( #97 )

Digze evolved into a diamond.

Shine bright like a diamond. SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND!

And I'm going to take my V5's battery out and start up my Music Star. But first I thought I'd let Sprite say a few things.

Ok. I'm Sprite. I look like a strawberry. I love dancing and singing and I'm the best out of all the characters on Ninja's V5. Don't let them make you think otherwise!


Lemon, not your day.

I know but if I use this cross out thing you can't stop me because it's like it's not even there!

<_< Yeah. I'm going to take your batteries out now.


*Takes batteries out and puts in Music Star*


Everyone welcome back Hannah! For the 100th time. :P She's still a Chantotchi.

Hi Hannah!

Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you too.

How long have you been around?

Since summer time.

Whoa! That's a long time! How old are you now?!

Only 4 years.

How is that even possible?

Trust me. I've been wanting to leave for awhile. :rolleyes:

Me too.

Me three.

Ok, ok. I'll marry you two after the post. And I'll marry you whenever I can, Hannah.


Let's go now!

What about the-


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Posted 27 March 2014 - 06:59 PM ( #98 )

Last night Pancake and Toast got married. Pancake had a daughter named Glitter. She's a Kingyobotchi. And Toast had a son named Cloud. He's a Mitsumarutchi.





M&M'S! *Throws M&M's at everyone*


What's with the M&M's?!


Duck and cover!

SKITTLES! *Throws Skittles at everyone*

That's it! give me the rest of your candy!

Reese's Pieces! REESE'S PIECES! *Throws Reese's Pieces at Hannah*

Where did you get all this candy?!

It's driving me crazy!

I got candy in my ear!

We should probably go now. I need to wash candy out of my hair. :P


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Posted 29 March 2014 - 01:32 PM ( #99 )

So Digze evolved into a Celebtchi (guy with butterfly mask) just like Abram. :P Glitter and Cloud evolved too. Glitter became a Sabosabotchi and Cloud is a Cosmotchi.

Ugh! I want to get this stupid butterfly mask off!

Then why don't you just take it off?

I can't! It's stuck to my face!

No it isn't. *Grabs mask and starts to pull* You... just... need... a little... elbow grease! Ack! *Falls backwards* 

I got something! *Pulls out crowbar* MWAHHAHAHAHA!

No, NO!

Here. *Gets butter and rubs on Digze's face*

That didn't help.

It wasn't suppose to help. I just wanted to rub butter on your face.

Gee. Thanks. :P

Why don't you just accept the fact that you have a butterfly mask on?

Not only is it girly because it's a butterfly, it's also pink!

Oh! I really got it this time! *Paints mask black and red*

Yay! It's a little less girly! Sorta...


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Posted 30 March 2014 - 11:44 AM ( #100 )

I really love this log! I love how you give your tama's their own personalities and my favorite tama was Survivor!

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Posted 30 March 2014 - 04:33 PM ( #101 )

Thank you kayori101 for following our log! And thanks for your awesome comment! Survivor was a really cool tama. Anyways, Cloud is a Kutchipatchi and Glitter is a Perotchi. She looks like a desert. And Hannah is marrying a Kuromametchi as we speak! They had an egg. It's... It's... a girl! I don't know what to name her though. Any name suggestions would be great. Feel free to leave comments or PM me about her name.

What's her color going to be for now?

How about this one?

Sure. It's nice. But why do I need a color?

It's for our log on Tamatalk.com.

tamaninjacat's Tama Log of Ninjacat Awesomeness.

Hey... why is the log named after Ninja if it's more about us?

That's true.

This is unfair!

We should rise up against her!

*All tamas together* Yeah!

Now just wait a minute guys. Can't we talk about- ACK! *Is knocked over*

I got her hands! *Ties hands up*

*Ties up legs*

*Duct tapes mouth*


The log is ours!

We should call it, Hannah's Tama Log of Hannah Awesomeness!

No, Glitter's Tama Log of Glitter Awesomeness!


Ahem. *Is holding rope and duct tape in hand*

How did you get out?!

You guys are tamas. Everything you have is very small.

Oh... can we still call the log Cloud's Tama Log of Cloud Awesomeness?

No. The log name stays the same.

*All tamas together* Aww man!


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Posted 30 March 2014 - 05:55 PM ( #102 )

Name the baby Lola or Bella!

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: comments ok