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Hayden's Tamagotchi P's Log

haydentchi hayden log pictures

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Posted 11 July 2013 - 03:01 AM ( #1 )



Hey guys, today I will start a log for my P's 

My aim in this log is to get all the characters in my book :)

I hope you rate my log, like my posts and maybe even follow, Thanks!


Right now I have a Himespetchi on my P's!

 She should get married soon, maybe tommorow

Today, we just hung out around the house :D 



Just chillin' in our house but then it turned dirty, so I cleaned it up :P



The occupation guy came and offered us a job at the TamaMori!

We accepted and Himespetchi worked hard and served Yumemamatchi and Mitchi Sensei!

With the money she earned, she bought some glasses and she thought she looked so pretty!



We then played with our TamaPet,  the Furilabutchi

We then realised that she hadn't taken a bath so I put her in the bathtub 



Near the end of the day, we went to the park and met the Music Teacher

We then went outside and we randomly saw a rainbow at night

Before she slept, we went to the Music Cafe and ate some Deluxe Pudding for Supper. 

She should be getting married soon and I'm hoping for another girl 



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11 Jul 2013

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Posted 11 July 2013 - 09:59 PM ( #2 )

So today, Himespetchi received her fourth and final puzzle piece! 
I was so excited and she was saved in my book. I decided to get her married,
But before we do that, we went to the new destination we had unlocked :D
We arrived at this Forest and Himespetchi randomly jumped inside a tree
It started to get foggy and then we saw the Principal wearing a mask. Great disguise **Claps**
Anyway, we rushed to the Dating Place and first was an ugly Doyatchi.
Next was a nice, charming Rightchi! Himespetchi thought he was the one...

Until she saw the man of her dreams, GIGAKYUN. She thought she was dreaming!
Guess who she picked? Mametchi of course!
Then they kissed and fireworks started!
A while later, they argued, like all couples in life... 
Later, they got over it and loved each other again!

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Posted 11 July 2013 - 10:14 PM ( #3 )


The Marriage continued and fireworks set off!

Later on, Himespetchi told Mametchi to come to the Music Cafe

Mametchi came and got a big surprise! Aren't they adorable together?



They continued their marriage and headed to the Wedding Chapel

They are so cute together in the second picture!

They kissed again and drove away in their car!



Himespetchi had a baby and Mametchi randomly disappeared and left Himespetchi to take care of Pinkubotchi

Himespetchi dressed her up, played with her, read her a book and put her to sleep and left her



Here is my cute little Pinkubotchi calling for attention

After an hour of care, she grew into Puchihanatchi!

I will update next time so stay tuned :)



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Posted 14 July 2013 - 02:50 AM ( #4 )


Anyway, yesterday, she grew into a pretty Neotchi!

She is a really cute teen who kind of looks like a mouse



Earlier this day, she grew into a glamorous Yumemitchi!

I decided to dress her up but she looked better in her normal clothes



Also, we used some items like this weird thing which I don't even know what it is and a Furby



We also had a look at a cookbook. Too bad she can't cook



Near the end of the day, we went on a date with Spaceytchi

I don't really think Spaceytchi is her type though

I also noticed that Yumemitchi rides a Pink Limo to everywhere she goes

Probably because her family is  rich in the anime and I know for a fact that Baatoratchi is the driver


I guess that's all for now and in the next update, I will be posting pictures of Yumemitchi's Puzzle Pieces and her marriage

Until then,



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Posted 19 July 2013 - 05:33 AM ( #5 )

Hey guys, I'm back with updates with Yumemitchi

Today we worked on our Puzzle Pieces



First was the Karaoke and she sounded Magnificent

So that was her first Puzzle Piece completed!



Next was a Tiara from the KiraKiraTamaMori which cost quite a penny but it was worth it because she loved it 

She looks so cute in it but I decided to take it off because the pink little bow suits her much better



I had trouble figuring out which food she liked but i eventually found out that it was the Dream Pudding

She even ate with her mother! They ate it really quickly. I really love this feature on the P's!


I have another post as I have reached the photo limit, so stay tuned!



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Posted 19 July 2013 - 05:26 PM ( #6 )

Hey guys, I'm back with Part 2 which will include Two Major Events!



First, We finally got our last Puzzle Piece!

She connected them all perfectly and we earned another piece for the map!



I had a lot of fun with Yumemitchi but I wanted to start a new generation  

We drove to the date place and saw three boys...

Kochimotchi was cute, Mametchi was her father so that would be really weird but Karukutchi suited her the best!



Aren't they cute together? They smooched and went to the chapel to get married!



Later on, Yumemitchi gave birth to a beautiful Blue Boy

She read to him, and then left him in my care


I'm hoping for him to grow into Takutotchi but you never know who I'll get

Until next time



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Posted 20 July 2013 - 03:40 PM ( #7 )

Today, we had a lot of events happen so I decided to make a post when he was a teen as well!



So yesterday, my Aokumotchi grew into a Mitsumarutchi and then into a Cosmotchi!




It was the 20th and I knew it was Spaceytchi's birthday!

We were greeted by the owner and he told us to go to the Private Birthday room!



We saw Spaceytchi and greeted him a Happy Birthday!

Spaceytchi was so kind that he let us eat with him!

It filled up his Hunger Hearts and Happy Bar all the way!



Next, we realised that the Eco-Triplets were at the park today!

We helped cleaned the park with Ecousatchi O  

There are 3 of them and the first has E on its head, second has C on its head and the last one has O which spells 'ECO'

Anyway, she thought we did well and she gave us a Token to put in the spinner!



Cosmotchi inserted the token and the wheel spun quickly and slowed down and...

He won an Eco Scoop! Well, he already has one and I really wanted the Eco bag or Eco Car but i doesn't matter


Hopefully he will evolve into an adult soon and when he is an adult, I will work on his happy Symbols

When I get 4 characters in my book, I think I unlock something so stay tuned to my log!



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Posted 21 July 2013 - 08:08 PM ( #8 )

Today is one of the saddest days ever

I'm almost depressed now because of one thing



My Cosmotchi grew into an ugly looking Doyatchi

My life is ruined and its not worth living anymore

I'm glad his face is not too powerful to kill me though



I took him to the park and asked the man what jobs he could have

No one wanted him so he got a terrible job as a Park Ranger

Nazotchi littered an Apple core and Doyatchi scared the soul out of him



Nazotchi had been killed by ugliness when he was out of the CCTV Camera

The next victim to de was an Aokumotchi who was captured by the horrid Doyatchi

I felt so terrible for not stopping him when I came back to check on him



I was so angry at him that I dressed him up in girl clothing

He actually liked the clothes, well, no surprise if two of his happy symbols are for girls

I bought a bow from the TamaMori as I had enough money from the last generation



So I made him wear a bow and he threw a major tantrum

That's actually the first time Iv'e gotten him angry so I rejoiced in real life


I can't wait to marry him off but I would feel guilty for marrying him to someone

No one deserves to be married to him except Coffretchi but I don't have the Coffret Pierce

Maybe Furifuritchi if she keep's being mean to everyone

Anyway, I can't wait for him to go...



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Posted 24 July 2013 - 02:19 AM ( #9 )

Today was one of the best and worst days ever!



First of all, my Doyatchi was in depression! I was so happy but the next child might not be born if he leaves

I cured him though so I could marry him off but first I had to get all his happy symbols and they were all girly

Oh, and if you realised, I got a new background as I forced him to get a job at the park to get enough money



First it was, a Maid's Hat, he probably stole it because I don't remember buying it

Next was the Beauty Set but no one wanted to be treated with Make-up so he just randomly applied it on Otokitchi who is the matchmaker in Tamatown so he probably hijacked her plane to go to Dream Town so he could get a puzzle piece, which is good, so I can get rid of him!

His last Puzzle Piece was the Minestrone Soup which I find disgusting and poor Yumemitchi had to eat it as she is his mother

Later on, we got our last Puzzle Piece later and he was saved into my book. I wish I could hide it on the back cover or something



We were ready to get married and we had three girls who were probably forced to go there

We wouldn't marry Yumemitchi as she looked like his Mum

Marrying Kiramotchi and having a baby with her would be like teenage pregnancy

But there was a snobby, selfish Furifuritchi and he thought she was perfect

The other two girls sighed with relief and Furifuritchi was taken away



Furifuritchi pretended to be happy as their marriage contined

She later gave birth to a beautiful Aokumotchi who is scarred for life with two ugly parents


He will have a great future though because I am here to the rescue!

This time, I will aim for a character that's not Mogumogutchi because he looks freaky

Anyway, Ciao people



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Posted 27 July 2013 - 05:32 AM ( #10 )

Right, today is one of the happiest days ever! My Tamagotchi P's first grew into a Mitsumarutchi and then into...



Maimaitchi! The cute little snail guy! I decided to paint him the pastel style and he sort of looked like Young Mametchi!



A day later, he evolved into an amazing, handsome Rightchi!

I am really excited to get this character and I want him to stay with me for longer than I usually do!

There he is playing in the rain but his TamaPet wasn't there for some reason



Then we went to the park and saw Chabitchi and Shiromotchi



Along with the Music Teacher from Dream Town who talked a lot

And a Pekopekotchi, who we agreed to go on a date with at the beach to have a swim!



After all, she wasn't as nice as she looked and splashed him in the face! 

That's what I call a rude person because he was upset for the rest of the day!


Poor guy, anyway, I'll be working on his Puzzle Pieces and getting him into my book so hopefully he will cheer up!

I want him to get married in a few days and I hope I will get a new destination soon like Eco Town or the Amusement Park

Thats it for now and watch out for new updates

Meow Meow Meow



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Posted 29 July 2013 - 04:03 AM ( #11 )

Selamat Datang, which means hello in Malaysia as I am in Malaysia right now :P

I almost forgot my P’s when we were leaving and I’m glad I didn't  



I was a bit busy so I had to send my Raitotchi to school                        

He had a surprise test at singing but he failed to pass the test

I guess he is more of a smart kid who does robotics rather than a singer



I got his Puzzle Pieces which were the Space Food, Personal Computer and this pilot hat (??)

I later on got his last one and went to the Forest and since I had four characters in my book, they built the first part of the rocket but sadly I can’t complete it because I do not have enough P’s to get the connection characters Shiromotchi and Harptchi



After that, I thought it was time to let him go and marry him with a beautiful woman

We went there and saw three girls, Harptchi, Chouchoutchi and Yukinkotchi


He had  a big decision that would change his life and decided to marry Yukinkotchi

The had a wedding and she gave birth to a healthy pink girl


I realised that we also unlocked a new destination so I made a little GIF of her on the Merry-Go-Round along with Pipospetchi and Akaspetchi

That’s it for now guys and sometimes I might not post as often because I am on holiday


Selamat Jelan (Goodbye)




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Posted 05 August 2013 - 03:55 PM ( #12 )

Sorry for not posting forever but I'm really busy on my holiday 

I also ran out of batteries so I had to take batteries out of my electric toothbrush :P

Anyway, I might postpone my log for a while because I need to enjoy my holiday while I can 



So first she grew into a Puchihanatchi and then into a Neotchi! I really think she's one of the cutest teen characters

We celebrated Patitchi's birthday and had a giant platter of food which filled all her hungry and happy hearts!



A day later , she evolved into an Amiamitchi! I swear I didn't take bad care but I don't mind because she's cute

There she is in the backyard with her sunflowers and in the bath getting clean after she played outside



So I worked on her Puzzle Pieces and first was the Sewing Machine

I knew it was the sewing machine because of her appearance

Next was this cake of some sort. She even ate with her father, Rightchi

Last was the Kings Crown but I kept on using the Tiara and thought it was a glitch :P



At the end of the day, we played some games

I love the second game because its quick, fun and easy

The first game is long and a bit boring in my opinion


Anyway, I'm gonna take the batteries out of my P's and postpone the log

I hope to get her last Puzzle Piece and then I'll marry her off soon

Anyway, until next time guys



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