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Top-Secret Tamagotchi Diary!

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Posted 25 July 2013 - 04:43 AM ( #1 )

NOTE:  This log is not properly started yet! This is just a preview thingie.



Pssst!  Hey you, out of that chair!  Sorry for surprising you.  I bet you’ve never seen a real, live Tamagotchi before, or heard one speak.  The thing is… I’ve got something to show you, if you’ll promise to never tell a soul about it.  Can you keep a secret?  Good.

                Follow me, out the door.  Now, we just have to head down this street.  Don’t worry!  I’m sure we’ll be back before your parents notice that you’re missing.  Until we get there, let me explain to you what this is all about.

                Do you know Eternal Mametchi Fan?  I’m sure you do; I saw you browsing TamaTalk when I came into your room.  I’m one of her Tamagotchis.  Every day, me and my companions sneak away to meet in a hidden place.  We also have a secret diary that we write in; we all write about what we evolve into, what we do, how we feel, and how EMF cares for us.  Much like the logs you see on TamaTalk, except we’re the ones doing the talking!

                Okay, around this corner… this is the place!  It is a beautiful little garden, hidden under an old tree.  See all those friendly faces?  They’re other Tamagotchis who are being raised by EMF.  You are the first human to have ever seen this place!  Remember your promise about keeping this a secret!

The others should be here any moment now.  Then, the fun will begin...

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25 Jul 2013

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10 Aug 2013

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Posted 25 July 2013 - 08:23 PM ( #2 )

Okay, here they come!  Everyone will write in a different font color depending on what Tamagotchi they live in.


I live in a blue Tama-Go, and I'll just write in black.

I live in a fire V1!  I write in orange!

Hewwo!  Me wive in a gween V4 and me wites in gween.

I live in a black and purple Music Star.  I'll write in indigo.

I live in a yellow P's.  I write in gold.

We live in a royal V5.5 and we write in red.


Okay then, I am a Pipotchi and I am so glad you could come here.  Because I live in a Tama-Go, I get to choose my own name.  EMF never knows what we call ourselves!  I called myself Chrysanthemum.  I may be a bad care character, but that's because poor EMF has been ill and cannot look after us very well.  She played Shoot the Bug a lot with me.  It was fun, but I want to play Long Jumper some time!

Hello everyone!  I just hatched today.  Ooh, it's so cool to be alliiive!  I am a girl Marutchi on the first generation since my predecessor, a Gozarutchi, died.  I hope that doesn't happen to me!  I am called Hana, which is Japanese for flower.  Or nose.  But I like to tell myself EMF named me after flowers!  I love playing Jump and Dance with my owner!

Um, hi.  Me is Puchitchi!  Me is a girl on generation two and I am named Bra.  I do not know what a Bra is, but it sounds cool!  Me has 14 pencil skills, ten sparkle skills, and one fwower skill.  Me has one training point.  I almost pooped on the fwoor, but EMF took me to the potty just in time.

Hey dudes!  I am a Kuchitamatchi named Maxwell.  I love playing with my toy helicopter, but I have to remember to practice my intrument - a trombone!  All my skills are around 330 and my stress is at 4.  I love Asian music!  I don't have any Gotchi Points.  Now I can't buy those epic celebrity clothes I see in the shop!

Hi.  I'm an Amakutchi.  There's nothing much for me to say, but I visited the beach and had a race with some little blue guy.  I won!  It was so much fun.  Stupid meany-pants EMF won't get my Puzzle pieces because she has already had Amakutchi before.  At least I got to name myself.  I like to call myself Blueberry Pie.  Nice name, huh?

Hi!  I'm Chamametchi.  I live in the Gump family.  My brother is Mamekatchi and my sister is Ichigotchi.  Our parents are Papamametchi and Towertchi!  We are a sociable family with 10 per cent bond.  We had lots of Gotchi, so we bought a Home Theater.  Yay!  Now we can see old people kissing!


Okay guys, nice updates.

But what's a bra?

Uhh... it's that thing EMF took off when she was changing and flung at her Mametchi plush.


Now, we've got to go home before EMF notices we're missing.  You can go away too, human.  See you tomorrow!

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Posted 26 July 2013 - 09:18 PM ( #3 )

Hey, hey!  What's rocking?  Welcome back to our little Top-Secret hideout!  EMF is playing Scribblenauts Unlimited, so we can have all the fun we want until she is finished.  I'm age 5... feeling my years a bit.  Anyhow, Bra, would you like to begin?

Hiya!  Me evolved into Ringotchi!  Me am getting fat... EMF no playing enough games with me!  Me skills are the same as yesterday and me training is only two.  I hope me don't become a bad character!

Hey hey!  Hana here!  I evolved into Ichigotchi, yay!  I don't wanna evolve.  I wanna stay as Ichigotchi forever!

So much cool stuff has happened to me!  I evolved into a Nonopotchi and formed a band called Scribble with this cool Kikitchi who plays the drums, and a Hinotamatchi who plays the guitar!  Would you like to hear us play?

**Insert awful music here**

Ewwww!  That music sucks!  Anyhow, we are still the same as yesterday.  Oh oh!  Blueberry Pie, teach us Japanese!  You're a Japanese Tamagotchi, right?

Uhh... Okay.  Konnichiwa means hello, arigato means thanks, and sumimasen means sorry.  And chibusa means...

--ANYWAY.  That is quite enough, Blueberry Pie.  EMF is finished her game so let's scramble!  Toodle-doo, human!

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Posted 29 July 2013 - 04:41 AM ( #4 )

Hey again!  Somebody VOTED!  4 stars...?  Perhaps it is because we do not have pictures.  Perhaps we should add some, but 1. It's hard to take pictures of ourselves and 2. The camera is too heavy to carry so we won't be able to steal it from EMF's mama.

Anyhow, I finally got hooked to a charming Nonopotchi!  I love him SO much! **Eyes turn into hearts**

That's nice.  Me evolved into Hanatchi.  Boohoo!  Me no cute anymore.  Me wants to get a job.  Me played with some items!  First me played with a magic lamp.  Out came a genie!  But, he made it rain on my head.  So me bought a chest and inside was 500 Gotchi!  Lastly, me drew a picture of a runny nose.  Tee-hee!

H-hi every...one... **pant**

Hana!  What's wrong?  Get up!  Are you okay?

H-hungry...food... dying...


...What a devastating moment.  Hana died.  **buries her** RIP, poor little Ichigotchi.  Oh, that hobo EMF!  She NEVER lets her Tamagotchis die.  What could have happened?

I don't know.  This is terrible!  Boohoo, poor Hana!  Oh well, at least we have some happier news; I evolved!  I am now an Androtchi and my buddies evolved into Shimashimatchi and Togetchi.  We are now fans of jazz music.  We didn't pass the audition yet, but we performed a few concerts and they weren't bad!

Woohoo!  I evolved into a Chantotchi!  My brother and sister evolved into Mametchi and Memetchi!  Hm, I feel like going on a diet.  **goes on a diet**


EEEK!  Now look what you did; you evolved into the MODEL FAMILY!  Ew, you look like stick figures.

It's EMF's fault!

So it is.  Tomorrow we'll teach her a lesson she'll never forget.  Oh, and by the way, the P's ran out of battery power and that's why Blueberry Pie isn't here.  Hopefully EMF will return to being the friendly, responsible owner she used to be.  She's always too busy geeking out on her computer now that she has WiFi.

Time to go now!

See you next time!


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Posted 31 July 2013 - 05:44 AM ( #5 )

WOOHOO!  You're back!  Guess what?  I HAD A BABY!  It's a girl and she's a pain in the neck but hey, that's what we Tamagotchis have to do.  Lay eggs.  Anyhow, as much as we miss Hana, there is a new Tamagotchi who lives in the Version 1 we must introduce.  He's only a baby and he cannot talk, but let's think of a  name for him.

I know!  Let's use the TamaTalk name generator.


Wansu?  What sorta name is that?

Me likes it!  It has a nice wing to it!

Then it's settled!  What do you think, little guy?

Goo-goo gaga!

I think he likes it.  Anyhow, things aren't looking to hot for the band Scribble.  We STILL haven't passed the audition! AARRRGGHHHH!  On much happier news, I got married to a lovely Violetchi.  We had a baby girl.  **blushes**

Guess what?  Me got a job!  Me got a job as a TV news weporter.  Some watchers complain I don't talk pwoperly but me don't care!  Me also bought some funky sunglasses.  Me look epic in them!

We're still ugly sticks.  I missed the days when I was an adorable Chantotchi!

That's what you get for going on a diet.  See you tomorrow, human!

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Posted 10 August 2013 - 01:57 AM ( #6 )

This is a bad and annoying way of logging and I'm too far behind. I shall close it and start a new log. Again. :|


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Posted 10 August 2013 - 03:28 AM ( #7 )




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