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Posted 04 August 2013 - 12:55 AM ( #1 )

Alright. Before the 6th gen comes, im gonna prepare a new team with serperior in it (already had emboar and samurott) . Here is my current team:

Servine (female, level 27)
Yamask (male, level 22 and still catching up)
Palpitoad (male, level 25 i think)
Darumaka (male, level 25)
Whirlipede (female,level 26 i think)
And woobat (female, level 25)

But when i reached nimbasa city and caught a gothita, i felt like i wanted to use it, and yet i have used gothitelle before. Should i switch my woobat for this gothita for the elite 4, or just keep using woobat?

Ps: not all of marshal's pokemon have stone edge right?

Edit: now im confused where to put my archen.... -_-

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Posted 06 August 2013 - 03:18 PM ( #2 )

I've heard that Gothita and its evolutions are better than Woobat/Swoobat. When it evolves, Gothita's stats make it a contender with the other good Psychic types, Espeon and Sigilyph. Now, I haven't used Gothita or any of its evolutions, but I have used Swoobat on my very first White play through, and gave it a variety of special attacks. She's nothing too special, but she works darn good in-game, and that's all I'm looking for. But stat-wise, Swoobat's on the low side, so Gothita will be a stronger choice. So I, and others in the know, would recommend Gothita over Woobat.


Initially, in Black/White, three out of four of Marshal's Pokemon have Stone Edge. Again, another reason to be cautious if using Swoobat, as it'll be weak to Rock attacks, which Marshal's Pokemon all have to cover their Flying weakness.


Don't know about Archen, as I've never used one, so I don't know how well it'll work and how helpful it'll be. Just know that you aren't the only one to have too many Pokemon to use on your team! It's hard to narrow it down to just six!