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Guide to Choosing a Tamagotchi

choose right tamagotchi guide

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Posted 05 August 2013 - 06:12 AM ( #1 )

Guide to choosing a Tamagotchi

Do you want to add another Tamagotchi virtual pet to your collection, but you cannot decide which Version suits you most?  This guide will make choosing your next Tamagotchi easier!  I have only included versions I own so I can properly evaluate them.



                An ideal version for those who think simple is best.  There is only a small variety of characters, one game, and no items or shop.  It may not sound very exciting, but it is good for those who want to raise a Tamagotchi but don’t have much free time on their hands.  It will also be enjoyed by fans of vintage Tamagotchis.  It does not feature infra-red communication.



                Another simple toy, this is more like a charm to decorate your bag or backpack than a Tamagotchi.  There are lots of designs to choose from, but most are girly.  It has even less characters than the P2, but they are modern characters.  Babies evolve straight into adults, and there is only one game but it is in my opinion more fun than the P2 game.  Good for those who want an extremely easy-to-care-for Tamagotchi but do not like vintage characters.  Like P2, it cannot infra-red communicate with others.



                This is a pedometer, but it can be a virtual pet as well.  Your UFO has crashed and you must travel around the USA, meeting Tamagotchi characters, collecting parts of your UFO, and visiting famous landmarks!  You can choose from Mametchi, Memetchi, or Kuchipatchi, and you can feed them and play some fun games with them such as fishing.  You repeatedly shake the toy to make your character walk, and you can buy bikes and cars to make him or her go faster.  The character only gets hungry or unhappy when it walks a lot so it is a good version for anyone – people without much free time, or people who want a Tamagotchi full of fun!



                This is a little bit like a vintage Tamagotchi, but with more features such as the ability to connect, marry, and have generations.  There are two games, some more characters, but no shop.  I love the feeding animations!  It is considerably more entertaining than P2 but not quite as good as version 2.  Choose this if you cannot decide between a P2 and V2!



                This has lots of rare, unusual characters and unlike the previous versions I described, there is a shop where you can buy items and food. However, everything in the shop is pretty expensive and the games give you hardly any Gotchi Points.  All characters can be either gender, and Mametchi’s sprite is his vintage one.  There are four mini-games, all are straightforward to play but difficult to actually win.  If you want a simple Tamagotchi which has more features than the P2, look no further.



                An overall decent version with iconic characters and new items.  All characters can still be either gender, but now Mametchi is his modern sprite.  The six games are all very enjoyable and give you a reasonable amount of Gotchi Points.  The items and food are easy to afford, and there is more of a variety for more fun.  This is a great version for anyone, lots of fun without being too complex.



                A fantastic version with more features, but not recommended to those who have little time to play mini-games because you need to earn Skill Points in order to become successful.  There are heaps of new items, new characters.  And new mini-games; when your character is an adult, you can get a job and there are so many different ones!  Teens and adults now have a specific gender.  There is even a mailbox in which you can get mail.



                This is like the Version 4 but the games are more engaging, in my opinion, and has quirky and unusual characters.  Fans of Ura characters such as Ura Mametchi and Purimatchi will love it, but if you prefer more familiar characters, go for Version 4.  This is one of the most attractive Tamagotchi versions, coming in great shell designs and has a star on the aerial.



                This version is okay.  It is simple in some ways and complicated in others.  The Tamagotchis don’t have age or weight, which makes this version pretty easy, but it is also challenging because you must answer the Tamagotchis’ attention calls at certain hours of the day in order to increase the bonding.  It’s good for those who want an easy Tamagotchi but have the time to check on it frequently.  There are only two games (four if you  have Parent characters), but to make up for that, you can look after up to three characters at once as well as Parents, and there is a wide variety of beloved characters such as Kuromametchi and Chamametchi.



                Even though they are similar, I love this version a lot more than V5!  There are 4 strangely addictive games (6 if you have parent characters) and they give you plenty of Gotchi Points.  There are all sorts of fancy food and items, and there are lots of unique “celebrity” characters such as Rosutchi and Pharaohtchi.  Great for those who want a version like V5, but is more fun.



                A remarkably exciting version packed with features, the fun never ends with V6! (Music Star.)  There are popular characters, challenging games, and fancy items.  You can earn mail and go to school like in V4, but you can also form a band and collect Instruments and Toys for your Tamagotchi!  You perform concerts of various music types and earn awards!  As fun as it is, it is also very complicated and needy.  If you do not have heaps of free time, you might find the version difficult and annoying.  You need to keep playing mini-games to earn Music Skills, and you can only get money either by being a successful musician or by receiving small payments in the mail.  Excellent for those who are ready for a challenge, but it would not appeal to those who want a simple version.



                Tama-Go is amazing!  It is kind of like the Tamagotchi P’s, except it is cheaper and not in color.  It has characters to suit anyone; well-known characters such as Mametchi and Mimitchi, new characters such as Lovelitchi and Necktietchi, and even Pipotchi, a vintage character.  You can buy separate Gotchi Figures which are cute figurines of characters that can plug into the Tama-Go and unlock new games, shops, items, and locations!  You can put clothes on your Tamagotchi, grow various plants, travel to restaurants and other places… you can even change the room theme of your house and toilet train your Tamagotchi!  Not only that, you can customize your Tama-Go with faceplates that you buy or make your own.  Despite the fact that a lot of people complain about its bulky size, this could be the best English version ever but isn’t as exciting without Gotchi Figures.


                iD L

                Awfully girly and in Japanese (however, there is an English version available), but has lots of features and new characters.  You can find your character’s favorite things and unlock new locations.  You can dress your Tamagotchi up, grow plants in your garden, and adopt a Tama Pet.  There are various rooms in your house to remodel, and you can vacuum when they get dirty.  This version is in color but the screen scratches really easily.  It only comes with two games.  You can download more games, clothes, items, and room themes but you need a special USB infra-red cord or mobile phone to transfer them to your Tamagotchi.  A fun version full of features, and even better if you can get downloads.


                Princess Spacy iD L

                This is a lot more girly than iD L, but I kind of like it more because it has more interesting locations and it based upon Himespetchi, admittedly one of my favorite characters because she is in love with Mametchi.  It only comes in a pink shell design and has some different items and clothes.  Pompomtchi, Bokutchi, and Shoototchi have been replaced with Himespetchi, Akaspetchi, and Pipospetchi.  Its two mini-games are both girl-oriented, unlike the iD L games which are appealing to boys.  Nonetheless, this is another lovable version if you do not mind the atrocious pinkness and girliness. :P



                It looks girly, but the actual content is less girly than that of the iD L, in my opinion.  The games are fun and gender-neutral, and there are just as many boy room themes, items and clothes as girl ones; maybe even more.  It is like the iD L but in this version you can take your Tamagotchi to school and get a job, although there are only a few jobs and they aren’t mini-games.  You can connect with 4 P’s at once, and like the Tama-Go you can buy things to plug in and unlock more content.  The tragic thing about this version is that so many characters who have featured in Tamagotchi for years, such as Gozarutchi and Violetchi, have been eradicated forever and replaced by characters as ugly as heck.  It is a fun version, don’t get me wrong, but if you get nostalgic this new version with only Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi as characters to remind you of your childhood is enough to make you cry.


                Here they are in order from what I like most to what I like least.

  • Tama-Go
  • Music Star
  • TamaWalkie (but I do not have mine anymore…)
  • Princess Spacy iD L
  • iD L
  • Tamagotchi P’s
  • Version 5.5
  • Version 4.5
  • Version 4
  • Version 5
  • Version 3
  • Version 2
  • Version 1
  • Nano
  • P2


Good luck!

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05 Aug 2013

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Posted 05 August 2013 - 03:19 PM ( #2 )

Thanks for the info, but wasn't Mametchi's modern sprite added in V4?


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Posted 05 August 2013 - 05:20 PM ( #3 )

id like to add for the tamagotchi p's the accessories to unlocking more content are known as the "Deco Peirces" as they hook right into the front of the tamagotchi p's instead of on the top like a tamago and are not as big and bulky in my opinion, well EXCEPT for the "dream to change deco pierce" that ones huge lol...the deco pierces are listed below and all have exclusive characters, or characters changes tha you can ONLY obtain by purchasing the particular deco pierce...


love and melody deco pierce

melody land deco pierce

tama star circus deco pierce

royal change deco pierce

fairy change deco pierce

berry sweets deco pierce

baby change deco pierce

feat aikatsu deco pierce

dream coffret deco pierce

feat sanrio deco pierce

feat ciao deco pierce

dream to change deco pierce


and four others have been announced to be coming out from sept-december of this year which are:


marutchi deco pierce ( probably isn't spelt properly sry bout that)

anniversary deco pierce

Disney deco pierce

feat aikatsu vol 2 deco pierce


all of these pierces have exclusive items, foods, desserts, games, characters/changes, wallpapers, and destinations <3

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Posted 05 August 2013 - 08:34 PM ( #4 )

Thanks for the info, but wasn't Mametchi's modern sprite added in V4?

No, I have a Version 3 and Mametchi looks normal. Version 4 is just when he became the mascot. :newmametchi:


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Posted 06 August 2013 - 12:13 AM ( #5 )

Mametchi is not his modern sprite :newmametchi:

I assume that is his modern sprite but in the v3 he still looks like the classic Mametchi. :I

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Posted 06 August 2013 - 04:49 AM ( #6 )

Mametchi is not his modern sprite  :newmametchi:

I assume that is his modern sprite but in the v3 he still looks like the classic Mametchi. :I

o____o N-no... Both my V3s DEFINITELY have this Mametchi :newmametchi: Well, I live in Australia so maybe the Australian V3 is different from the V3 in your country? Weird... but cool! Mametchi's sprite improved in Australia before everywhere else!


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Posted 06 August 2013 - 09:59 AM ( #7 )

Mametchi is not his modern sprite  :newmametchi:

I assume that is his modern sprite but in the v3 he still looks like the classic Mametchi. :I

Actually his modern sprite is on the V3. There's a V2 growth chart found here: http://tama-zone.com...showtopic=15081 Mametchi is his vintage sprite.

There is also a V3 growth chart here: http://tama-zone.com...showtopic=21520 Mametchi is now his modern sprite.

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Posted 06 August 2013 - 02:07 PM ( #8 )

I have music star want the newer ones but missed out buying them but they had music stars in Walmart last year that is where i bought mine. I really want the t a m a go and the iD

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