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tinkeepie's tamagotchi log

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Posted 06 August 2013 - 03:26 PM ( #1 )

Hi! I've decided to start up a tamagotchi log when I got my Princess Spacey iD l yesterday. This is just a simple log about tamagotchis that I hope to keep up for a long time.


Anyway, yesterday I got a brand-new Princess Spacey in the mail! It was my first colored tamagotchi, so I was pretty excited. After carefully removing the packaging, I popped in the batteries and started it up! After filling in all the information(which was pretty confusing because it was all in Japanese), an egg appeared on the screen. A pink blob with a bow tie hatched from it, so I assumed it was a little girl. I decided to name her Kirlia, after a very pretty Pokemon. For an hour, I took care of the very needy pink blob until she grew into what looked like a light brown pastry with whipped cream on her head. In celebration of her new evolution, I gave Kirlia a new wallpaper which she seemed to like very much.


That night, Kirlia went to sleep very early: 7:00 PM. Instead of sleeping in the room with the bubble wrapping paper, she was in another room-her room, and I gotta admit, she looked really cute.

The next morning, Kirlia took a bath right when she got up. She was really happy afterwards.



Then, she went out to eat for breakfast. I can't remember what exactly she got, it was sort of like a bowl of rice and green stuff. It looked like sushi maybe, but whatever it was, Kirlia really liked it.

On the way home, Kirlia went out to the store and got some seeds, a microphone, and some other stuff. I didn't really know what the seeds were are first, but my brother, having experience with the Princess Spacey, told me what they were and how to used them. So Kirlia went out side and planted the seeds.


A few hours later, Kirlia went out to the store again and got a golden tree(Christmas tree?), a book, and a jump rope.

She went outside to play with her new jump rope, and a few other tamagotchis noticed  her. Soon, they were all outside playing with the jump rope. Kirlia had some new friends!


After a while, Kirlia decided to go to the park. There, she met a cute, white dog. The dog started talking to Kirlia, but I didn't know what it was saying because it was talking in Japanese. After talking to Kirlia, the dog grabbed a ball and they tossed around the ball for a while. Then, they both departed and Kirlia went back home.


Just a few minutes ago, Kirlia evolved into a cactus with a flower on her head! She got 500 dollars for evolving, and we celebrated by going out to eat. Kirlia spent her 500 dollars on some yummy steak.


Right now, Kirlia is just bouncing around on the screen. That's it for now!



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06 Aug 2013

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15 Aug 2013


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Posted 07 August 2013 - 09:52 AM ( #2 )

Thanks tamastar133 for liking my log!


Last night, Kirlia fell asleep at 7:00 again-very early! I managed to capture a picture of her sleeping in her room.


This morning, when I woke up, Kirlia was already awake. She must have been for a while, because she had pooped and was starving! I took her out to the Tama Cafe and got her some Tiramisu cake, which she really enjoyed.


When we got home, Kirlia was still hungry so I fed her some more food. She was pretty fat after that, so I played some games with her. Afterwards, she had a nice bath because she was starting to smell a bit.


Kirlia then went outside to check on her plant and a pink berry had grown from it! Kirlia picked it and it appeared in the food bin, so I guess it was some sort of fruit that Kirlia could eat.


Then, Kirlia planted some more seeds in the backyard since there was free space available.



Then, the seed sprouted! Kirlia was really excited.


Later on in the day, Kirlia pooped once and dropped to 2/4 in her hungry meeter, so I fed her and played more games until she weighed 10 pounds.

Kirlia felt bored, so we went to the park and there was a yellow kuchipatchi-looking tamagotchi there! She then talked to Kirlia.


She must've been offering to buy the pink fruit from Kirlia that she'd picked this morning because after talking to her, this happened.


(I have posted the maximum of pictures so I will continue this on the next post!)

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Posted 07 August 2013 - 10:00 AM ( #3 )

(Next post continued)

I though 150 dollars for the little pink fruit was a good deal, so Kirlia sold it to the lady.

On the way home from the park, Kirlia decided to go to the store and get some items. Here's what she got:

2 Packets of Seeds



This brown thing. I don't really know what it is, but I guess I'll find out!


Kirlia also just turned 2! We'll have to celebrate. That's all for now!

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Posted 07 August 2013 - 03:54 PM ( #4 )

Kirlia evolved! Kirlia evolved! Kirlia evolved!

But before that, I have some things to discuss.

First of all, I managed to re-size the pictures so they weren't as enormous. However, even though I re-sized them, some of them were still huge, which really sucks.
For lunch, Kirlia went to the bakery and had some bread.


Then, she went to the park and talked to this kinda weird-looking tamagotchi.


At around 2:30, Kirlia decided to try out that brown thing from the shop. It turns out it was some sort of loofah for showering!


At 4:00, Kirlia wanted to go to the park again, and when she got there, there seemed to be a market set up where people sold items for a discount!


At the market, Kirlia bought a tiara and a wig for when she evolves into an adult.

At around 5:30, I was watching Pokemon 4Ever when I heard a beeping noise coming from Kirlia. I checked her, and she had evolved!


My brother told me that this character is really rare and I'm lucky to have gotten it, but he could've just been messing with me. Still, I'm really happy that Kirlia evolved into this.

To celebrate, I dressed up Kirlia in a tiara and we went out to eat-she got steak.


Anyway, now that Kirlia is an adult, she'll be able to get a pet! I was told that I could get a pet by going to the park a lot, I sure hope it works. I can also dress up Kirlia now, which is awesome.

That's all for now!


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Posted 08 August 2013 - 08:22 AM ( #5 )

Thank you tamastar133, Tamacass, and Murotchi for liking my most recent log post!

Before I start anything, I have to say that when I checked the pics on my recent log they were all back down to normal size.

I guess photobucket is just being really weird, but at first when I posted them, they were still huge.

Whatever, I hope that they work this time, the huge pics really lag up the log and make it longer than it should be.


Last night, at around 6:00 Kirlia went to the park like fifty times to look for a pet. After a while, FINALLY a cute green blob thing with ears offered to come back home with Kirlia, and of course she said he could because he was just so adorable. Seriously, though, I'm pretty sure everything in the Princess Spacey is freaking adorable. Kirlia said she wanted to name the dog Toaster. Don't ask.


Kirlia's dog stays in his little dog house(left pic) outside, and when Kirlia comes outside to check her plant, she gets to hang out with Toaster. Toaster also walks with Kirlia when she goes to the park, shop, game center, etc.

At 10:00, Kirlia went to sleep. I was happy she went to sleep later because it was really boring when she went to bed at 7:00. It was also adorable how she kept her tiara on the ground when she was sleeping.

The next morning, I was surprised to see Kirlia still wearing her tiara. Usually, when a tamagotchi wears something, he/she takes it off the next day. I guess I can't be complaining, though!


I don't really know when Kirlia woke up because when I woke up(9:30), Kirlia was already up. Poor Kirlia, she had pooped, was hungry, and had zero happiness. I tried to feed her the only food the game gives us without me having to grow it or buy it, which is a rice bowl, but she made a mad face and got sick. I guess when she evolved into an adult, she no longer liked the bowl of rice. I guess Kirlia is going to the cafe to eat from now on!

Since she couldn't eat anything in the fridge, we went to the shop and I got Kirlia the most expensive thing on the menu since I felt bad for giving her the rice, which made her sick.


She seemed to like this better than the rice bowl.

After going to the shop, Kirlia went to the backyard to check on her plant an a strawberry had sprouted from the stem! Kirlia picked it and placed it in the fridge.


She then planted some more seeds in place of the strawberry plant.

At around 10:00, Kirlia was starting to look really bored, so I gave her a microphone and she immediately starting singing into it.


Kirlia also turned 3, which is awesome. Kirlia is just bouncing around her screen, watching Ellen(she really likes that TV show). That's all for now!




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Posted 08 August 2013 - 05:14 PM ( #6 )

Thanks Tamacass for liking my most recent post!


At around lunchtime, I was busy for an hour or two, so I left Kirlia in my room. When I checked on her, she was right in front of the screen, talking to me in Japanese.

I noticed her attention icon and decided to check her stats-she had full hunger, but zero happiness! I quickly fed her some snacks and played games

with her, and she was okay. I wonder what she was talking about.....


I also took her out to eat at the Tama Cafe for a little treat in apology for leaving her for so long.


On our way home, Kirlia went to the shop and got this really weird toy. I'm not exactly sure what it was, but Kirlia

seemed like she really wanted to get it, and it was only 500 dollars so I bought the little trinket for her.


Right when we got home, Kirlia took out the trinket and started playing with it in the backyard. A ringotchi noticed her, and soon they were both playing with the toy together.


For a few hours, me and Kirlia just hung out, watching TV. She lost 2 hungry hearts and pooped, so I quickly cleaned up the poop and took her out for some bread-Kirlia REALLY likes bread.

She looked quite bored, sitting there on the screen, so I let her play with the book that I got from the store a few days ago.

Kirlia seemed to like it! It turns out it wasn't really a book, more like this case with a bunch of items inside. Maybe it's a diary?


Kirlia liked this so much that she maxed out her happiness bar! When she did, this happened.



Kirlia gained her first Happiness Piece! Only three more to go. Her Happiness Bar now looks a bit different; I don't really know why.


That's all for now!

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Posted 09 August 2013 - 08:28 AM ( #7 )

Thanks Murotchi for following my log, it means a lot to me.

And thanks tamastar133 and Tamacass for liking my most

recent log post!


Holy crap, oodles of things happened!

First of all, this morning I woke up to a VERY dirty Kirlia. She was just covered in dirt. I felt so bad!

In fact, EVERYTHING in her house was dirty too! Well, everything except Kirlia's shiny tiara.


I immediately sent Kirlia to the bathroom to take a bath. When she came back, she was sparkly clean! Still, her house wasn't.


I realized I had to get a vacuum or mop from the store to clean up the house, but I didn't have enough money.

So, I was about to go to the gaming center for Kirlia to collect more money, but I noticed that Kirlia was now 5, so that meant the

dating center could be open! I checked, and it was!

Kirlia and Toaster immediately went there.


She was given 3 guys to choose from, and was immediately fascinated by the one in the middle.


It was love at first sight! They got married and had an egg.


The egg hatched into a cute baby boy! Kirlia named him Shadow.


Shadow was very bright and playful. When he saw his mother, they both started playing ball.


(I have hit the maximum amount of pics in this post, I will continue next post)

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Posted 09 August 2013 - 08:52 AM ( #8 )

(Last post continued)

Eventually, Shadow fell asleep and when he did Kirlia left.


He was very scared and worried but I fed him and that seemed to calm him down.

Shadow proceeded to go outside and check on his plant; it had sprouted and

a blue jalapeno was attached to the stem.


After picking the blue jalapeno and placing it in the fridge,

Shadow planted another seed and it soon sprouted.

I noticed the house was still dirty, but I couldn't go to the shop because it wouldn't unlock until Shadow was at least a toddler.

For the next half our, Shadow has been pooping about fifty times,

he got sick twice, and lost at least a dozen hunger hearts. Boy,

is he needy! And fat...(sorry, Shadow)

Shadow still hasn't evolved, but he should

any moment now.

That's all for now!


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Posted 09 August 2013 - 02:51 PM ( #9 )

Thanks tamastar133 and Murotchi for liking my log!

Someone also rated my log 5 stars! Thank you so much!


Shadow evolved into a toddler earlier today, a few minutes after I posted my last post.

He looks like a cute little cowboy, aw!

The first thing I did when Shadow evolved was go to the store and get a vacuum cleaner.

I couldn't stand the place!


Luckily, after this, the place wasn't completely brown anymore. I then let Shadow play with a jump rope outside.


At around 4:00, Shadow said he was getting pretty bored with the wallpaper and it was too girly for him.

I completely got why he didn't want the girly wallpaper, so I took him out to the interior shop to get a

new wallpaper.

After looking through dozens of choices, Shadow finally found one he liked.


He immediately wanted this wallpaper, so I bought it and some people came over to 

remake his house. Shadow was really excited.


They told him it would take a while so he waited outside for about a minute and finally, it was done!


Shadow was uber excited about the new wallpaper, and I gotta admit, I thought it was pretty cool.

I mean really, it had a huge TV with music note wallpaper, 2 lounge chairs, drinks, a laptop, AND

a disco ball on the ceiling. The place looked ready for a party!

Anyway, care-wise I've been ignoring Shadow for a few hours.

The reason I've been doing this is because if he gets 2 care misses or more, then he will evolve

into a Bokuhoshitchi(if I spelled that correctly), which should look like this:
20120606624.jpgIf I'm correct, if I raise THIS character to have 0-1 care misses, it will grow into a Kuchipatchi! I seriously want this character!

That's all for now!

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Posted 10 August 2013 - 11:13 AM ( #10 )

Thanks tamastar133 for liking my most recent log post!

Shadow evolved into just what I wanted-a Bokuhoshitchi.

So now, if I take next to Perfect Care of Shadow, he will evolve

into a very cute Kuchipatchi.


He went to the park at 10:00 and met a very odd-

looking tamagotchi. It kind of looked like a cell phone.


Then, Shadow went out to shop a little, but didn't

find anything he liked.


He pooped once and lost 2 hungry hearts when I checked

on him at 12:00, so I picked up his poop, and took him out

to eat.


Shadow wanted these things that looked like doughnut holes

with some powdered sugar on top.

We also checked on his plant, and it wilted!

Sorry I don't have any pics of it, at the time my phone went

missing. Shadow was very sad, so he planted some more seeds.

Shadow was also feeling very dirty by 1:00 PM, so he took a little bath.


He was sparkly clean after that!


That's all for now!

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Posted 10 August 2013 - 08:25 PM ( #11 )

Thanks tamaster133, Tamacass and Murotchi for liking my most recent log post!

Also thanks to Tamacass for following my log!

And I can't believe someone else rated my log

5 stars, thank you so much.


Nothing majorly important happened to Shadow. He should be evolving

tomorrow morning into a Kuchipatchi! I'm really excited because I've never

had a Kuchipatchi before. Anyway, all night it was raining, so me and

Shadow spent most of the evening sitting on the couch, watching

shark week. Ironically, it was also raining where Shadow was. Coincidence?


I played tons of games with Shadow to earn money. Then

he went to the store and got a car.


He had a really fun time playing with it, too.


The Tama Market was

open at the park again. The park always seems to be open at around 3-5 PM.


Shadow got one thing: this red hat with wings on the side.

He really seemed to like it, so I got it for when he evolves tomorrow.

I also let Shadow play with this Christmas-tree thing, which he liked.


Shadow fell asleep at 8:00. He missed Megaladon on

Shark Week! That's all for now!





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Posted 12 August 2013 - 10:17 AM ( #12 )

Thanks tamastar133 for liking my most recent post!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I went to the pool with my friend all day,

and when I got home, me and Shadow were really tired.

Anyway, Shadow evolved! Just what I wanted, too.


Right when he evolved, I had him put on his red hat with

wings, but it didn't look good on him, so instead I let him

put on a nice jacket, and it looked nice on him.


He also got a pet named Angel which you can see next to him.


This morning, Shadow's plant sprouted and there was something

hanging from the stem-but this time it wasn't a food.


The item instead appeared in Shadow's items icon so

he decided to see what it would do.


For a second, it didn't do anything.


Then this happened!

Oh no! It wilted!

Shadow also didn't like the rice bowl from our fridge-

just like Kirlia, so from now on, he can only eat food from

a cafe-preferably bread, because it's only 50 dollars.

Anyway, other than Shadow pooping at least 10 times, nothing

has really happened.

That's all for now!



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Posted 12 August 2013 - 01:51 PM ( #13 )

Thanks Murotchi for liking my log!


Today, at lunchtime, Shadow said he wanted to get some sort of

hat to match with his luxurious coat. We had around 2000 points, so I

said, "Why not?" We went to the store and Shadow just fell in love with....

an Afro. He immediately wanted to buy it.


So, Shadow bought it and he and Angel headed on home.

When he got home, Shadow tried on his new wig in his room.


Shadow loved his new look.

I gotta admit, he looked FABULOUS.


Anyway, Shadow was starting to stink, so he took a bath.


When he was taking a bath, I noticed the bathroom was

covered in dirt! I tried mopping the place and vacuuming

the place, but the bathroom was still dirty. Then, I realized

that loofah that Kirlia used once was actually supposed to

be a sponge to clean the bathroom! Shadow used the sponge,

and after that, the bathroom was sparkly clean.


At around 1:00, Shadow decided to go outside to visit

Angel(his pink cute-looking pet) and noticed it was very

cloudy. There looked as if a storm was coming. He planted

some seeds in his little garden, also.


Shadow watered it


Then, the plant grew.


After about ten minutes of playing with Angel,

Shadow went back inside. He was bored, and decided to

go to the Tama Depa.

Turns out, we bought ALL the toys there! All except for one....


Shadow wanted to complete his wide collection of toys, so he

bought whatever this thing was.

I have reached the maximum number of pics, I will continue this

next post.

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Posted 12 August 2013 - 01:52 PM ( #14 )

Last post continued


Shadow played with it, but he didn't like it very much....


Anyway, for the past few hours, Shadow hasn't done

anything except for eat and poop. Seriously though, this guy gets

hungry ALL the time. I guess it's because he's a Kuchipatchi.

I always take him out to get bread. That usually ebbs his hunger.


That's all for now!

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Posted 15 August 2013 - 07:59 AM ( #15 )

Thanks Tamacass for liking my most recent post!

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in forever, I was just so busy

 with my school summer work and getting ready to go back

to school, I couldn't do my log.


I can't believe I haven't posted since the 12th! First of all, Shadow had a kid-

a boy. He named him Leo. This morning, Leo evolved into an adult.


Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have, because for some reason Photobucket just isn't

uploading any of my pics. This has always happened with Photobucket, so I'm going to try to

find another website so upload pictures from. Leo really likes his hat! He also got a

strawberry from his plant this morning, and planted some more seeds. Leo really

wants to get a pet, but right now I can't because the TamaMarket is set up at the

park, so we'll have to wait. Leo also had to take a bath this morning because he was

covered in dirt! Anyway, that's all for now, I'm sorry about the short post!

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