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Who remember's the OLD YTV? 1988-2005

ytvold retro miss it

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Posted 18 August 2013 - 05:56 AM ( #1 )

So who remember's back when YTV was actually worth watching? if you don't know what YTV is, it's basically the Canadian version of Nickelodeon.


Anyways, the thing I miss the most about the older YTV was waking up and hearing their version of "O Canada" before Hamtaro came on at 7 AM every morning. I stopped watching YTV in the morning's after Hamtaro got canceled in '04, I was so depressed that day when I found out. Which by the way, I'm still upset about! :angry: After that I just watched PBS Kids.


If you want to listen to it, go here and skip to 1:09...If I'm correct this also played on Treehouse at 7 AM. They stopped in 2006 probably cause it was getting old. But I clearly remember me getting up at 6:55, turning on YTV and seeing a weird show for about 4 minutes, then that theme played then Hamtaro finally came on after. I can't say how much I miss those days. :(


So is there anything that you miss listening/watching on the old YTV? I didn't watch YTV until 2004, but if you where born before 1998 please tell me the stuff you miss!

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18 Aug 2013