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Kero's Log! :)

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Posted 19 August 2013 - 11:50 AM ( #1 )

Hi, TamaTalk! Guess who's BACK :lol: But yeah I'm not going to bore you with my story on why I havent been active on the site, but I've missed logging so much! And all you awesome supporters out there! I had over 1,000 views on my old log, hopefully I can get them back on this one! But lets start this thing up already :D


Yesterday I felt like starting up some Tamas again (I havent since my last post on the old log) so I started up my Skittles v4 and my Rock City Music Star. Here are the seperate update section thingys for them ^_^


v4 (Rio): Rio is a 2 year old Gourmetchi. Im trying to get him to be a Togetchi, all I need to do is keep his beauty Skill Points up ^_^ So far today he had a sandwich and a cupcake, played Flag and Mimic, and then bought a ball from the shop and tried to balance on it. He fell :P That's really it for him so far. He shouldn't evolve until tomorrow or Wenesday.


Music Star (Pace): I always name my Music Stars unique but epic names haha. Pace is a Kuribotchi :kuribotchi: The one that looks like a Hershey's kiss. Or poo. But we'll stick with Hershey's kiss. He's still 0 years old but he should be evolving at around 5-7pm today. I really hope I get Kikitchi so I can get Mametchi. Pace's genre is Pop Music and his instrument is a drumset, and his toy is a helicopter. his skill points are all around 120 (Im too lazy to get them up :P) The preschool teacher just came by to his house and gave him a scooter. That's it for Pace.


Hi people! It's Pace!

And Rio....

Awww come on guys! I was going to have a big intro to the part where I let you talk! I turn my back for two seconds....

Too bad how sad.

Well then <_<


Wow, suprisingly... I think you're the first Music Star I've raised that can actually play their instrument!

You mean... I actually might have a chance at Pro Debut!?

That's debatable... I mean, you play horribly but you're still better than any other music star I've raised.

And... how bad were the other Music Stars?

Oh here, I have a CD of Taylor's song called " Magical boxes!"

Wait... you raised Taylor? As in THE taylor? The MAIDTCHI?

Wow. Her 'music' is actually popular?


Well here's what i had to listen to about 400 times a day. WITHOUT autotune.



Hey, where's Rio?

I dont know.

What did you do with him!?


Im right here....

What were you doing?

Watching from a distance.

Thats great.

Kero! Can I go skydiving?

No. But I think we should end the post.

Ok. Bye guys!!!! :wub:

Yeah, I think I'll do another update today if/when Pace evolves. See you guys later! I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing! Im so happy to be logging again :D

B-bye Tamatalk!








19 Aug 2013

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Posted 20 August 2013 - 11:23 AM ( #2 )

Hey guys! This is going to be a quick update because I dont really have time to log today. Pace evolved into what I was going for: Kikitchi! :lol: After he evolved the music teacher came by and gave him a violin.Then I looked in my instruments and I had a guitar, drumset, and violin. That's weird, this is 1st generation. (You only get two instruments per gen) But Im not complaining ^_^ His band members are a Ringotchyi and Chamametchi (I forget the names and the Tama is all the way across the room Im too lazy to get it :P) Hs band is called One Way (I dont know, a parody of One Direction?) And thats really it for this post. Rio is still a happy little Gourmetchi, I dont know for sure when he'll evolve but I'll post a full log post if he does.


Thanks for reading! Bye!!

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